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Crossing Swords [Raion]

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Here she was again... Ever since discovering this little Dojo Alisa strove to end most of her training sessions there, topping them all off with a little sword practice. Very rarely, she'd run into others there, yet none of those times had she run into one actually claiming to have learned from the Dojo's own master. Had all of them gone with the wind once their teacher was defeated? Or did they no longer admit to having once been a part of it? What she did know was, people still went there: Despite looking abandoned from the outside, the inside had obviously been tended to recently, with fresh tatami mats indoors and and intact test cutting posts in the courtyard...

At least that's what it looked like two days ago, who knew whether anybody might have turned the whole thing upside down in the meantime... No matter, Alisa could see for herself soon enough.

"Ara... Rain again?", she thought out loud, turning her hand face up, then quickening her pace as she felt lone droplets falling on her bare skin, washing away the thin sweaty film resulting from the light jog between the city and the hills surrounding it.

It didn't bother her at all, judging by any lack of motion to zip up her jacket or pull the hood over her head, with the zipper yet hanging low enough for any onlooker to identify the partially visible stamp on her midriff. And perhaps think to themselves if this woman was immune to cold or something of the sort... Indeed the chilly breeze flicked at her long hair and bit away at her bare skin - enough to numb nose and fingertips, not nearly enough to bother a norther woman - yet she already kept her left hand resting casually on the hilt of her katana, strapped to her hip.

Despite a calm, relaxed stance, that subconscious gesture made it clear she was obviously thinking about drawing it soon. And considering she was now climbing up the stairs into a Kendo academy, what she planned on doing there was anybody's guess...

For all her training, Alisa knew that alone wouldn't do... At one point she had hoped Finn would teach her more: Merely the small bit he did teach, made it clear she'd never get truly strong simply from learning techniques. With unarmed combat, she'd gotten by on sheer merit of her copious training. Alisa not only practiced it longer, but had several skilled masters to guide her way. When it came to weapons though, experience with one's chosen tool reigned supreme, and one could only acquire that experience by facing others, as strong opponents as she could find.

Perhaps she came to this place so regularly out of a misguided hope of finding one such sparring partner, or at least the swordfighting master she never had... And if she didn't, well, a solo training session never hurt anybody... Well, anybody competent at least. With that in mind, the sculptress opened the door to the dojo, looked around curiously, then walked in; the soft creaking of floorboards announcing her entrance.

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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Noel Raion


Noel was on a conquest. His vast ambitions had led him to this dojo, which was abandoned when he got here. The dust hadn't settled yet, the presumption was that something important happened a few days ago. Noel's conquest was quite plain, but it was very important to him, he hasn't spent a lot of time on this particular mission; the objective of his mission was to find the spiciest herbs in all of Fiore. When he arrived at this dojo, he expected to have found the pinnacle. Many stories stretched around the plains of this land. 'Yes, their spice will give you the ability to spit fire, if you catch my drift.' Noel at first glance assumed that this was a reference to some kind magical herbs. It wasn't until he tried it at a stall a few miles away from the dojo, that he felt truly touched. Well, the one part of his body that was physically touched by the herbs was his butt, more accurately -- he woke up on the toilet one day, passed out from what he assumed were the spicy herbs exiting his body in the substance of fecal waste. When he entered this dojo, it was deserted. No soul had been seen in here for what felt like ages. Normally, Noel usually would scrounge whatever he could find and make it into a tea.

No kettle here though, but oddly enough, what was left behind was a piano. In the middle of the usual fighting hall. He sat upon the seat, and let his fingers get used to a piano again. It was a very long time since he last played. The memories of his mother attempting to teach him the piano started to rise, he felt the emotions he felt from almost twenty-five years ago, when his stressful mother didn't have the patience to properly teach him, and instead hit his hands with a wooden ruler whenever he played a note wrong...

The music stopped when the doors of the Dojo were opened by a visitor.



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Behind wooden doors, under the soft drumming of rain, she scarcely heard the piano play within, and even if she had, she'd have wondered if she wasn't imagining things. But then she actually stepped inside: At first her eyes obviously settled on the great big piano in the room, widening softly in surprise... She'd been here before, and she'd most certainly remember if she saw such a thing here, alas, she did not. Bringing it here was perfectly possible, whether or not it was reasonable, well, she'd save that question for the one who'd done so, in the off chance she ever learned who. Maybe the man sitting there had anything to do with it?

It definitely filled her with a nudging sense of nostalgia; Alisa had played the Piano as a child, but whether she still could was up for debate. Both her artistic father and romantic mother felt it would develop the girl's own culture and artistic sense, and indeed it did... But once Alisa shed her youthful innocence, she seldom had time for regular practice anymore. She obviously still enjoyed listening to a possibly skilled musician, and thus a cool smile soon adorned her lips, concealing the disappointment at not having properly heard him play:

"Good morning.", she announced her presence the moment she spotted the man, eyeing him curiously. She'd walk up closer to the man, around two to three meters away: Close enough to hold a proper conversation, but not so close that a complete stranger might violently object to her proximity (or she to his), "You wouldn't happen to have been a student of this dojo, by any chance?"

For all those times she'd finished her workout here, she could count with her fingers the amount of people she'd met, and not one of those had ever answered this question affirmatively. True, it didn't stop them from lying, but they never looked the part either. And while it didn't look like it in this case either, she saw no harm in asking.

As for whether or not she knew this man... Alisa definitely held no recollection of his appearance, but plentiful friends and acquaintances had drastically changed their looks in the past - this happened sufficient times that she'd at least consider possibly having met him before. And while she did, she also lacked any present clues with which to arrive at this conclusion...

Regardless, at the present time it looked more like she'd just barged in on a man's private time than anything else. They wouldn't have had much time to talk, yet she still hoped sometime soon she'd have a proper chance at speaking to this man. He seemed interesting enough for instinctive reasons she couldn't quite place, and that was more than enough for her.

"Well, I guess I'll just leave you to it~", she'd look at him as she excused herself with a smile, stepping outside the dojo and closing the door after her. If the man went back to playing his Piano, she'd instead stay nothing at all not to disrupt the man's art, simply waving as she left him to it.


Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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