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From Oak to Baska (Travel)

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From Oak to Baska (Travel) Empty Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:39 pm

And almost as quickly as he came he had left. For a while during his stay in Oak Town, Zanto had debated if he wanted to attempt to join Phantom Lord or not. He weighed his options on joining a Dark Guild and the benefits were pretty slim. So, at the moment, he would only roam the world and continue back to the place where he had started. In the Town of Baska where he would train until he became one of the most powerful Mages. Already he had became a C Rank Mage that had become quite versatile in his own magic. A Lightning Type Magic that he was soon going to throw away as he needed something more better and powerful.

His mind had grown over the last few days and his eyes had set sight on a very powerful type of magic that allowed the user to turn into that of a demon. It was a powerful magic, but it was also very pricey. Seeing as he needed a quite amount of jewels in order to by the book from the local library of Baska. Starting his walk, he would begin his journey back to the town of Baska.

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