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Petty Theft (Zanto-Quest)

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Petty Theft (Zanto-Quest) Empty on Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:16 pm


It was yet another day in Oak Town, as Zanto’s meeting with those of the Phantom Lord Guild was soon to come. Every since helping Jerr steal food for his friends a couple of days back, Zanto and the kid had really hit it off. The kid promising Zanto more jewels if he would help him with yet another quest. For days, it had been quest after quest for Zanto. Whether it was picking mushrooms or something that involved getting rid of dead bodies. Whatever had been the case, Zanto had still done the jobs and got payed quite in full. So, he couldn’t just really tell young Jerr no. As he really wanted the jewels, if he ever hoped to get stronger. The jewels would come quite in handy to help him further reach his goal.

Walking out of his apartment, as he said goodbye to his animals. He would come to make his way down the alleyways of Oak Town. Looking for the kid who had been looking for him. Soon, the brown, almost orange hair of Jerr would come into view as he made his way around a corner. He was about to call out to the kid, but the child had caught sight of him so quick that Zanto weren’t even able to form his words.

“Old Man! Are you ready for the job!?” Asked the eager little fellow as he basically pulled Zanto to the end of the corner and pointed to a stand in the distance. “I need that bracelet. I’m sure you can figure out how to distract them so that I can take it.” Said Jerr as he would disappear from view as quickly as he had escorted Zanto to the end of the corner. Thinking of a quick and smart plan, Zanto would wait until the merchant put the bracelet in view. He would assume the other man was a polisher due to him having the equipment for it. So, it was only natural for the bracelet to be released. Easing his way out of the alley, he would make his way to the merchant and the polisher as he eyed the bracelet.

“That’s a prettt beautiful bracelet? How much does it go for?” Asked Zanto curiously as he would attempt to distract them both so that the brat could steal the thing from right under their noses. The merchant would come to state at Zanto as if inspecting him. He didn’t want to tell the price of the bracelet to someone who could have probably been a thief and was about to try and take right from him. A second or so had passed before the merchant had decided that Zanto could be trusted. “A cool 200,000 Jewels my friend. This bracelet bestows Great Strength onto the user as they wear it.” Said the Merchant as he held his hand out. As if to show off the bracelet that was suppose to be there. The bracelet had been gone in a blink of an eye as Jerr had quickly stolen it. The kid having moved so fast that Zanto himself didn’t even see him take it.

The merchant’s and the polisher’s eyes would come to look at the empty box as their eyes almost literally jumped from their sockets. “Thief!” Screamed the Merchant as he held a shaking finger at Zanto. “Give me my bracelet back!” Said the Merchant as his eyes would travel to a group of large men who seemed rather sadistic and quiet. Mercenaries? Zanto had almost gotten mad because he had been framed once again by the evil kid Jerr. Though, he actually wondered why the Merchant had assumed it was him. Zanto hadn’t even been standing within arms reach of the bracelet before it had been stolen. Though, it wouldn’t be long before his thinking would be his downfall. The mercs has gotten close to him. One of them almost landing a hit on him if it wasn’t for his agility.

Taking that as a sign to get the hell from around the area, Zanto would begin running as if his life depended on it and in reality it really did. He would make his way into the back alleys of Oak Town. The same alleys that had led him from his apartment and back to this very spot. Though, he wouldn’t actually go back to his apartment because that would be really stupid. The mercs would just sit him out and kill him in the dead of the night. As he weaved his way through the alleys of Oak Town, he wouldn’t rely on his magic as it would cause all sorts of commotion. So, instead of firing lightning at the mercs. He would rely on simple parkour. He would jump over boxes here and there. Knocking them to the ground causing the mercs to either fall or jump over them as well. Which had also slowed them down. Using this method, he had got rid of nearly all of them besides one. And that method wouldn’t be easy seeing as the merc was way behind him.

Jumping in the air over a box, Zanto would turn around mid air as his eyes would come to connect with the merc. He would wave his hand as a red streak of lightning would roar from the heavens and hit the man dead in his head. Paralyzing him for the time being, which gave Zanto the time to runaway. With all of the mercs back off of him. He would make his way back to his home and see Jerr sitting on the steps of his apartment. “Hey you little runt! Thanks for helping me back there!” Said Zanto as he waved his arms screaming at Jerr. The kid wouldn’t even reply though. He would only let out a cheeky laugh as he through Zanto a bag of jewels for a job well done.

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