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The Clash [Kon][Zanto]

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Wanting to take a break from everything be it doing missions for Doctor Gerard or the affairs with Alice and her family, Kon had decided to take the day off by himself opting to go for a stroll to the Baskan hill with no-one accompanying him. The hills had been said to have wild life that was perfect for hunting and considering he had just acquired a gun he felt it appropriate to try it out on them instead of potentially innocence civilians. The weather for today’s activities were fantastic with a slight breeze coming from the east and not a cloud in the sky to otherwise indicate approaching rain that would otherwise bog him down. Even with it being promising he made sure to keep rugged up wearing a thick brown cloak over his regular attire as well as a hunting cap.

Considering the day would be a long one he had opted to set out early after setting up a breakfast for him to eat on the way there and a lunch for him to eat later on in the day depending on how well things went. Reaching the hills was significantly faster by himself to needing to slow down for others or take breaks in between. Eventually though he was at the peak of a hill, he looked out over the town with his rifle held in both hands handle with the right and along the longer portion with his left.



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The Hills of Baska was a pretty beautiful place and Zanto had just so happened to find himself walking in them. Every since arriving in the town, he had been doing quest after quest in order to further increase the amount of jewels he had, but he had come to grew more in boredom as he did the quests. He was a guy who preferred to work alone, but that meant in the long run his life would become pretty boring. His wishes of joining a guild would seem to amplify even more since now he wanted companionship. Moving his hand to the outer edge of his hat, Zanto would adjust it so no longer would the rays coming from the sun would be fully blocked.

Walking through the twists and turns, he would wonder if there was some other type of life out here besides his self. He felt as if he was being watched and he really didn’t like that feeling. Unknowingly t him, a man was sitting high up on a ridge with a rifle aimed down as he hunted for animals. Hopefully, Zanto wouldn’t get in his way and be mistakes as an animal himself.


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While the view itself was pleasant to look at the blonde haired mage had other priorities to attend to, so leaving his position he walked over to the edge of the hill and crouched down reducing his frame against the hill itself while drawing his rifle created in the shape of a cross up to his face. He began to look around for something to shoot, at the trees for the birds and smaller tree animals, the plains for the deer-like animal even the ground beneath the trees for wolves and the like. The prey that he would be hunting, however, was unknown to him as the patrons at the bar he spoke to the day prior had neglected to tell him what they were bird, fox, deer or somewhere in between.

Because him lacking such vital information, he would be on guard ready to aim and shoot anything that moved around him albeit with some forethought in between the two actions. Even though he wanted to take something back with him to have for supper he didn’t want to accidentally shoot someone unless of course he was forced to do so in the case of someone else attacking him. His choice of identity before killing would prove incredibly important as, during his hunt, Kon encountered another individual seemingly just taking a stroll. Had he taken a more violent approach to things the red-haired mage would have been on the ground painting it with his blood.

Of course, that was not the case as he merely allowed the man who was somewhat older than him based on his facial appearance to continue walking through the hills. At least Kon would have let him do whatever he was doing if he hadn’t scared away all of potential his prey. “God damn it…” He mumbled under his breath. “And on my day off as well…” Sighing to himself he looked at the man swiftly identifying everything about him from his physical abilities to the element of his magic. Nothing really stood out just a basic mage with basic physical attributes and a lightning-based moderately-sized mana pool.

Learning all he could about him from such a vast distance and with him currently only have the option to just shoot him, he left his position readjusted himself and began to walk his way over to the man forcing him off the hill and onto a path until getting within shouting distance. While his face showed little sign of annoyance or anger towards the man as he looked at him still clutching his rifle his words showed his real colours. “You know I’m half tempted to shoot you right now…” Assuming the man had noticed his presence and his comment he would continue. “See I was going to be hunting here but you seem to have spooked what I was going to hunt..” His words were venomous as he looked the man up and down. “So what are we going to do…about this situation that’s been created?”


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As he walked someone would come to interrupt his daily stroll and to say the least, he was quite annoyed. Turning around just after the man would say his last words, Zanto would only stare at him as he would squint his eyes. The man seemed to be clutching an object of some kind. A rifle if Zanto’s eyes were telling him right and that meant he had to be a little cautious. He didn’t know who this man was or if he was trying to kill him or not. Still staring at the man, Zanto would come to turn back around as he would hold his left hand in the air, as if attempting to wave. “Look my guy, I could care less about this being your day off. Go enjoy it somewhere else for all I care!” Said Zanto as he would wave the blonde haired man goodbye.

It had seemed like from that point that his day would get more interesting. Baska was a pretty boring town, but it had a lot of different type of people. Whether it was elves or just some random blonde haired fool who thought he could get in the red head’s way.


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The response he received was less then he had expected and in all honesty he could it to be rather insulting. “Is this man seriously then naive about the situation he is or just dense.” He pondered to himself raising his rifle up pointing it just below the man’s feet. “Are you sure you want to take it down this avenue because trust me this rifle alone has put down people and monsters significantly more powerful than you.” His words were not just bravado but could be firmly backed with evidence from his previous fights. Looking at the man with a serious glare he did a quick assessment seeing he lacked both weapon or visible armour. “So be it then…” He spoke before opening fire with his rifle releasing a quick burst of 5 smaller calibre bullets initially on the ground below the man’s feet and shouting “Well are you going to just stand there? Either fight me or run.” Before raising up his gun further aiming his next shot nearer to his chest or back depending on his stance and decision to flee or fight.

Of course the calibre of round he’d use to shoot the man would be significantly different depending on the choice he made, had he opted to flee he would use a moderately sized shot to scare him away for good otherwise if he attacked Kon either head-on or from afar he would use something a bit more deadly using a far higher yield projectile while being light based.



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Now, Zanto hadn’t had a real fight and days. And the man was quite itching for one, so when he heard the multiple bullets being fired, he almost high tailed away as he was pretty rusty. Though, Zanto was a man of passion and his passion was fighting. He would turn around just as the bullets would hit the ground near his feet. He felt that the man was more powerful than him just from the vibe that he was giving off. So, he planned to use this fight as an exercise, rather than trying to kill the man. Staring the man into the eyes, Zanto would say “Don’t you think it’s a bit unfair to be using a rifle on a man with his back turned. If you want to fight me we can do it the traditional way.” Said Zanto as he bent his knees a little as he got into his fighting stance.

He wasn’t a master with Lightning Magic yet, so his spells didn’t have a really long range. From he stood, there were ten meters of space between Zanto and the blonde. And either Zanto or the blonde would need to close the distance for it to be a fair fight. He would hope that the blonde would do it himself due to Zanto’s taunt. The traditional style of fighting was up close and personal. Just as the red head liked.


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As it appeared the man had been truly a bit slow failing to take note of the round that had blasted into his chest while he was facing him. He instead opted to berate him for shooting at the ground as he positioned himself as if to attack Kon. The separation between his behaviour as well as actions towards what had just occurred was odd as the bullet shot at him would have easily pierced into him and played havoc with his insides. In all honesty, he wondered just how long it would take him to respond especially considering the round would have shattered his bones around the entry point and continued on as it past through the soft tissues of his lungs.

Within seconds of the injuries been sustained blood would begin to occupy all of the voided space and slowly pool in his lungs. As the crimson substance the man’s breathing if unaided would become more and more difficult with each passing moment. Soon he would not be able to simply stand let alone talk. The man now no-longer a threat from the shot alone, Kon would lower his rifle slightly and shake his head. “What a shame and here I was wanting to get some target practise, oh well at least you helped a bit…”


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It seemed as though Zanto had been slow to react, let alone avoid the firing on the fun as he had been hit with the full force of the projectile. Upon being hit, his body would fly back slightly as he would come to lay on the ground. His chest having caved in a little as the projectile had managed to go through his chest and puncture his lung. The man would think that he was going to die and that he wouldn’t be able to achieve his goal, but villagers who had a camp site near the area had heard the commotion and had come to see what was going on. Upon seeing the man who had helped the village countless of times, they would rush towards him.

There would be a lot of squabbling among the villagers as they seemed to shout at the blonde. There were three of them, so two would help carry him back to Baska while the other followed. They were going to attempt to save Zanto by getting him to Dr. Gerard. Time was of an essence and if he didn’t get to the doctor then he would probably die. Hopefully, the blonde would interrupt them as he had quickly taken care of the red head before.

Going into Recovery Topic


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It quickly became apparently that he could stand no more through sheer willpower with him falling flat on his back. The shouting and bickering had somehow managed to alert the some of the community who were on the baska hills hunting just as Kon had been. Wanting to see what the arguing was about, a group of them came to them rushing to the man's aid as they noticed the blood that was pooling around his stationary, unmoving body. Kon had completed his task of teaching the man a lesson and felt no need to remain there and ensure the well-being of someone who he had just shot with the intention of killing. Rather than facing the insults and harsh tones that would be thrown his way if he stayed there, he would instead draw up his rifle onto his shoulder and simply walk off as many of the citizens would be focused on keeping the injured man alive while the others would be too scared from the sheer damage that had been inflicted by Kon to approach him in the hopes to stop him instead shouting at him as he left. Now the real question would be what the heck was he going to d now with the Baskan hills unavailable for him to roam around in.


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