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Miracle Cure [Quest: Alice & Kon]

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A new day had begun announced by the rising of the sun and the bird chirping, the blonde haired mage however was unconcerned with the time back in the real world at least not yet. He still had time before he would need to return from his pseudo-dreaming finding it the only source of relief lacking the ability to sleep regularly. He “slept” sitting in a lounge chair parallel of the bed he and his partner Alice was suppose to be sharing, there he instead developed dreamworlds within his mind. It was only until the light of the room shifted past a certain point in which he returned to still find his fiance still resting in bed. Given what had occurred in the past few days with her family members and their ongoing employer, Doctor Gerard he would give her some time to continue sleeping assuming her slumber was pleasant which would be made clear from her facial appearance.

With the previous day’s activities having been adrious and him not having washed after they had finished their request for Doctor Gerard, Kon would have a length shower which he would invite Alice to join him if she woke as he rose from his chair and began to take off his clothes while walking towards the bathroom. The tidiness or the lack of it within the room didn’t matter for now as he could easily clean up once he had cleaned himself. Reaching the bathroom he was now just wearing some briefs opening the door he removed those as well before entering the shower and twisting both handles for a hot but not boiling stream of water. Lathering up and removing the sweat from yesterday, he spent a few minutes washing his hair before leaving the bathroom and patting himself dry.

Before he collected his clothes for today, Kon would do a quick once over with a razor and some soap over his face while looking at the mirror. His thoughts on his appearance were still pessimistic but with each day past he was becoming more okay with his position given that his fiance hadn’t left him as he no longer had his youthful appearance. By now Alice should have woken up by the shower had she not he would have rosed her with him asking her about breakfast. “Alice, it’s time to get up, do you want anything for breakfast?” Had she been awake he would talk to her in a similiar fashion. “Alice do you want anything for Breakfast?, I’ll go downstairs and get something.”


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Adelaide Sokolov
Perhaps she could use a real break but she didn't even want to admit it to herself. She was asleep at first, bubbling dreams of not much interest. She had difficulty with sleeping, this time not because of nightmares but because there was always something that made her rest annoying, which was basically the baby bump. Apart from that when she tried to lay down, she got a kick from inside, and another one and another one.. there would be a restless feeling and when she finally fell asleep it was short and yet it felt a sort of enough. She finally woke up for real when she heard the soft noise of the shower. Blinking a few times and looking left and right. She simply turned around for as simple as that was possible and covered her face in the pillow. She needed to get used to this heavy feeling again and tell herself that the longest time was already over. It wasn't even that bad, considering the first months where she couldn't smell anything or she would already puke.

With some effort Alice got up and looked at Hecate and Jupiter. But they didn't seem to expect anything yet as they were both curled up, though she noticed the golden eye of her Jolteon companion staring at her. She turned her own eyes to the bathroom door as it opened and she saw Kon, which made her smile immediately. She was glad to know that she could stay here, refresh herself and get some breakfast, "Only fruit is fine." she didn't need to eat more right?

She would support herself getting up and make an attempt to go to the bathroom herself to at least wash her face and brush her hair. Wondering if she wanted something else, "Oh and can you bring some yoghurt?" She actually felt bad for asking much but still it was a part of breakfast. She turned towards the sink and looked at her reflection, noticing that apart from looking tired she looked quite good and normal, minus the baby bump. There was no way to ignore it anymore and she wondered how the council had that in mind. But forgetting that past, since she was no longer a Rune Knight, she started to wash her face, and untangle her hair not much later from the braid to change it into a ponytail and go back to the bedroom part. Where she would try and sit on the bed without much difficulty to pick out her clothing and get dressed.

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“Fruit and Yoghurt” He thought to himself as his wife to be revealed her desires. With both likely there he replied before leaving their room and heading downstairs. “Sure, I’ll see what they have in terms of fruit, I’ll be awhile though need to get some coffee for myself and some other things.” He would at least for now leave his bulky weapon as he was after all only going downstairs and it would give Alice the perfect chance to finally have a proper look if she so desired. It was true she had always been the one who favoured weapons out of the duo, but perhaps it was to do with the fact that the Holy Knights had specifically given it to him that she hadn’t given it further inspection. This would not be on Kon’s mind though as he was purely interested in getting breakfast for the two of them. His hunger had been noticeable ever since he “woke up” with his stomach rumbling and his mouth watering at the smell of roasting bread.

Approaching the barfront which was during the day and a portion of the night used for ordering food he began to ask the bartender on hand for a menu. His appearance had gained the attention of partons to the right of him who were either seating or standing depending on the individual, he remained silent towards him only giving them the slightest gestures, a pleasant nod and a smile. He had no problem with them but they evidently did because of how they were reacting towards him ever since his clash with Alice’s sister, Lacie and the aftermath on his face with him now having a solid golden eye.

There were no hostile words nor insults thrown his way though as they had seen him not just with a partner but too with a weapon that looked like it could destroy a town. Able to order their meals in place, Kon waited peacefully ordering himself a pot of locally brewed cider in the meantime. It was an interesting blend with a particular taste that he was beginning to enjoy, eventually though as he was about half-way through his drink their meals were ready. The food and drink now placed in front of him, he left the half-full glass and carried their breakfast all the way back up to their room, now needing to knock on the door using the tray rather than opening it himself. As the door would open from the otherside by Alice he would give a nice smile and say in a happy tone. “Your breakfast and handsome husband to be has arrived.”


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Adelaide Sokolov
Ugh coffee. Alice was so jealous of the ability to drink coffee, since Gerard had said what three months ago that coffee could have bad influence on the little peach, she had stopped drinking it all together and she missed coffee! When Kon stepped out of the room, she would try to get up with that difficulty that she was lately experiencing but that would be over in a matter of time! She could hold on for so long, it was the last weeks of course that felt the heaviest but she ignored all of the ideas and simply worked on getting refreshed and dressed. She first got into the bathroom to take a quick shower from all the difficulties of falling asleep and the like, she could use a refreshment. Her hair was the most difficult thing, it was so long and now dripping wet that it took a while to dry with the hair dryer but as long as it stropped dripping little waterdrops on her body, she would let it be and wrap a towel around her, albeit with some more difficulty.

She would pick out some clothes, a soft sweater and a pair of jeans that she had specially bought with this baby bump. While she looked in the mirror, she felt fat and well not so pretty but she bit her lip, turned her heel and stalked back to the bathroom to fix the last bits of her hair and not complain too much. While she was working on tieing her hair up into a ponytail, she heard a knock on the door. Assuming it was Kon, she quickly walked over to help him, but instead there was a messenger, handing her a letter with her name and Kon's on it in an all too familiar handwriting; Doctor Gerard. Which definitely brought her into a foul mood immediately. She bid the messenger goodbye and shut the door. She stood next to the door wondering if she should open it or if she should simply ignore it because she didn't even want to go and meet the doctor.

Lost in thoughts for a couple of seconds she heard another knock on the door, assuming this was Kon, she opened it quickly and smiled at him, "I'm glad you brought my handsome husband to be along." It reminded her of the time when they met, flirting like that as well. It felt nice. She stepped aside to let him in and close the door behind him. She was actually hungry for breakfast and looked at the fruit and yoghurt; something she could eat. "Gerard send another letter. I haven't opened it yet."

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His humour had been matched with Alice’s own which did admittedly leave him feeling a bit self-conscious because of how she worded her remark. Wanting to downplay how he felt, he simply laughed it off wanting to move onto another topic, Kon looked down at the tray he was holding causing some of his fringe to fall and hover over it before looking back at her. “Well they did have some fruit though I’m not familiar with what type of fruit they’ve given us.” Placing the tray on the table, he picked one of the odd looking almost apples and examined it carefully. “Hmm, odd, here take a bit.” After taking a quick look he promptly threw the “apple” gingerly towards Alice. With his hands now free, Kon picked up his coffee still in its plunger and poured himself a boiling hot mug of black coffee, adding only a small amount of sugar. Taking a sip to get a taste of the coffee they served, he was surprised when he was met with a fantastic blend, smooth and crisp, truly a perfect way to start the day.

His enjoyment towards his drink was tainted somewhat by the reminder that Alice was not able to experience the same thing because of the pregnancy. Wanting to distract her from her inability, he lowered his mug back to its saucer before taking the letter she was previously holding it from none other then Doctor Gerard, their ongoing client for jobs and Alice’s physician. Opening the letter with a quick tear from the left side, he slid the letter out and quickly read the letter checking for anything worth of note. It was the typical stuff with him desperately needing their help.

Sighing heavily, he held the note out for Alice to read for herself before commenting on the matters contained. “It looks like Gerard needs our help again, geez when is he going to stop needing it…” Wanting to cast aside the doctor for the timebeing he changed the focus back onto Alice and her wellbeing. “We’ll help him...but only for the timebeing once we’ve left Baska I don’t think we’ll be needing his help in the future is that okay?” Taking up his coffee once more he spoke once more before sitting down and nabbing himself a piece of toast. “Let’s just eat some breakfast so we can start the day on a good note.”


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She looked at the tray after having stepped aside and frowned as well when he mentioned the fruit. She would walk a bit away to lean against the chair's armrest, so she wouldn't have to completely sit down and struggle to get up, she was getting tired of that, as a figure of speech. However she did catch the apple and moved it around in her hands, the surprising soft yellow colour and so on made her wonder if it was an apple, she took a bite as Kon had suggested, she doubted a inn would give bad food to their customers and she frowned some more and stared at the apple, "It tastes as if they combined an apple and a pear." she looked up at Kon and held up the 'apple', "But it's a really nice flavour." ignoring the coffee as best as she could. If only she could take a sip, but that would make matters worse if she would believe herself.

She would watch Kon as he read the letter, scanning for any emotions or expressions as she continued to take little bites off the apple, she wondered what this would be about right now. She took the note from him not much later and read it as well. There was still nothing about the Cold Colliers but something about finding a cure, fine. Who was she to say no to finding a cure. Especially what the Cold Colliers had said, to get everyone to behave crazy against their loved ones and such? She looked up shortly at Kon when she reminded herself of that and looked back at the letter. "Yeah I don't mind that. I'm actually quite done but finding a cure is something important. I still don't forgive him for the danger he brought upon us, especially after I warned him but we can help the other citizens by having him make a cure." She gave Kon a short smile after suggesting to eat, and she took the little bit of yoghurt that she could eat. For a pregnant woman; she didn't eat so much.

Once they were done, she would this time take her spear with her, not missing out on that opportunity again as she had done with the last task but than again they would have taken it from her. She had left some yoghurt for Hecate and Jupiter was eating another piece of fruit in his human form, which seriously annoyed her for the time being. Mainly because Hecate didn't like it. But once everyone was done she let the companions out, and Kon, because well she assumed he would take the punisher and after that lock the door to go to the hospital and see Gerard in person to get more information about this quest.

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Alice shared the same sentiment towards Doctor Gerard as his own nodding as she spoke on about the helping both the doctor and indirectly the community. “Sounds like a good idea, I guess we can always do something about Gerard’s actions after we’ve helped him.” His anger towards the doctor was more prominent than Alice’s likely due to her needing him while he found him little more than a worm. Trying to detract his feelings towards him from the matter at hand, he instead finished off his coffee and waited for Alice to eat her own breakfast. After the two completed their meal, Kon left his seat and while Alice grabbed her spear, Kon took hold of his own weapon, The Punisher. As the gun itself was so large, Alice needed to open the door and allow him to leave first, leaving the room, he along with her companions waited as Alice locked the door to their room before their party left to the hospital. The walk to the hospital was slow with Alice needing to be careful considering she was almost 7 months into her pregnancy. In all honesty Kon didn’t mind having to take his time as a nice stroll with his wife to be was something he rarely got to do, they were always in a rush going to and fro but this was somehow different.

As they entered the Hospital it became clear that the community had even with the small amount of virus which got released had begun to experience their effects. It was made clear by the number of patients with violent tendencies to those not affected increasing by the day. Wanting to ensure that neither of them got infected he paid extra attention to everyone already in the building including the nurses who themselves were fully gloved, masked and suited up in a concerning manner. “Well this isn’t good…” He spoke under his breath towards Alice as they passed a nurse dealing with a sedated patient in a wheelchair.

Reaching the office, Kon threw open the door violently, frustrated by the fact that Gerard had indirectly allowed the gang to infect the community. Dropping the cross angrily, he charged at the doctor and pinned him to the wall. “I hope you realise you are responsible for this just as much as the gang is, if you had told us everything from the beginning this never would have happened you do realise that, don’t you?”


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The idea to sort of punish Gerard for what he had been doing was perhaps a bit extreme but if they did it to them, who to say that he wouldn't do it another time as well to someone else. She simply nodded to the statement and made sure to be ready to leave. She would rather leave everything behind for that matter, not Baska perse but Doctor Gerard, she should find another doctor, perhaps go back to Orchidia or so, she wasn't sure what to do but that didn't matter for now, there were options, there were places where she could go. There was a lot to do anyway, the wedding and she didn't even have a gown. Which made her stop in her track for a short three seconds before simply going on; it was not that important right now.

She wasn't the fastest walker at this point, she was easily tired and the pregnancy brought a lot of other frustrating points with for her and well as long as she could do jobs like this she was fine. When she first set foot into the hospital, she stared at the amount of people there and wasn't sure if she liked it to be here. She had more to consider than her own health at this point, so she ordered Hecate and Jupiter to wait outside for her and she would simply stay as far away from the people as she could, would she be sooner infected because of being vunerable? She wasn't entirely sure and she didn't feel the need at the moment to ask Gerard, she didn't trust his answer anyway.

She simply followed Kon, staying as far away from people apart from him as possible and entered the office after him. Sitting down and not blinking in surprise by her husband to be's reaction. Gerard had it coming after all. The Doctor seemed to tremble but nodded, she eyed him with a cold stare in her eyes, what Kon had said before, to take care of his actions after this line of quests, she was even more in about that now she had seen the many more consequences. She would actually want to say something but instead she decided not to make it worse for her, she didn't even want to hear him speak. "I know, I know but I have asked you to come here because I have made a cure but I need ingredients and as you can see I can't leave.", her eyes narrowed as she stared at him, he was a bit shaken and she couldn't blame him but she liked what she saw, "Anything to drink?" which made her roll her eyes.

"Consider yourself lucky, doctor. Because if it wasn't for the local population, we wouldn't have helped at all. After your inability to listen to other people their advice, you bring more people into trouble than that you are aware off." she said coolly because he didn't seem to understand at all. But she ushered him to go on and tell them which ingredients he needed, so they could be rather quickly done with this job.

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The tone that the doctor had taken from Kon’s assault towards him left much to be desired with him simply trying to evade the matter instead passing his remarks aside and simply getting to the matter at hand, even trying to get them to share a drink with. “Did he really not understand the situation that he’s in, by illumin….” He thought to himself still clutching the man’s collar. Luck for him Alice was here otherwise, Kon would have done significantly more to the man, with her choosing to remain calm in the situation which in turn caused him to release Gerard just before slamming him into the wall once more. “Gerard you have no idea what I would have done to you, if Alice wasn’t here, now tell us what we need before I change my mind.” Recognising the serious of the tone that Kon had taken towards Gerard’s actions he refrained from opening his drawer which he kept his brandy and instead handed them a list of items to get and responded to Kon’s threat. “Okay, okay, I need you to get three different items for me, the first of them is a magic crystral which you’ll be able to get from a nearby shop, I spotted it before when I could still leave the hospital but I couldn’t afford it nor will you most likely, so you might have to borrow it from them, you’ll find out something.”

Looking at the list again, he continued. “This item is a bit easier to get, i need a large amount of aerosol cans so we can spread the cure through the air, now you’ll need to be careful with this as there’s a well nearby so the community near there will likely be infected.” Pointing at the last one he stopped sensing the last part will annoy the overwhelming blonde haired mage. “Ah yes well uhh, for the last item, I need you to get a sample of the infected water and I need you to infuse it with your own magic.” His last request almost set Kon off again with him managing to control himself by clenching his teeth and nodding. “So you want us to get all this as the plague is spreading, can you provide us with some protective gear so we won’t get infected as well, we can’t risk Alice getting the plague you were in part responsible for spreading.” Head downturned by Kon’s constant blaming, he nodded slowly. “Yes, yes we have some more durability suits that should resist tears from those that have been infected, please follow me.”

“Finally…” He responded as the doctor lead the way out of his office opening the door for Alice, Kon and Alice’s companions. As they walked down the halls the environment became noticeably more violent as the Doctor spoke. “It’s true that we do have reinforced suits great ones infact only trouble is, is that they are in a sealed off section to the hospital where infected patients and staff have been placed once they become uncontrollable.” Kon’s tone was just that of annoyance and acceptance with the job needing to be done or the rest of the community becoming infected as a result. “Right so let me get this straight we or I in this case need to push my way through the infected in there to where exactly?”

Scratching his chin, the doctor looked at the bloody wall before wiping clean a portion to reveal a map and pointing to where they were kept. “There….” The equipment was in perhaps the worst possible position directly in the middle on the second floor, where Kon couldn’t use magic to get it out with his summons. “Great, just fucking great.” Shaking his head, he nodding and looked towards the sealed off entrance. “Okay, I’ll do it, unlock it and if I don’t come back close it in 15 okay?”


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The doctor seemed to be a bit chaotic, and she doubt it was coming from Kon pushing him against the wall, he simply knew he was wrong and he wouldn't want to admit it and perhaps he was having a half panic attack because the solution for them to fix the issue was a bit troublesome as well. She stared at him with a cold look in her eyes, because she was definitely not happy about it and a small smile crossed her lips for a second when Kon gave the doctor another warning. She remained seated and crossed her arms in front of her chest, simply looking and listening about the item list. They had to convince a person to give them a crystal to borrow? This man was insane, as they indeed couldn't spend their jewels because there was a better purpose: their wedding. And she wasn't willing to offer some jewels to a man like Gerard, no matter the cause. She was about to ask that he, an apparently famous doctor in Baska, who worked a lot in a big hospital had not enough jewels to buy such a thing? Perhaps if he stopped requesting people for the smallest things but organize the nurses and doctors here, they might keep some jewels apart from their salary. But she wasn't here to complain about all that. She simply took a deep breath through her nose to let the doctor know she didn't like that as well, but that wasn't even the worst.

Her golden eyes were simply darting between one to the other and she didn't like it, they needed to get cans near possible infected and the infected water. They indeed would need more protection than just their own clothes and so on. She stood as soon as the doctor seemed to go out of the office and albeit with some difficulty, she would get to the point of getting up quicker. Her eyes shortly gazing at Kon as she walked past him to follow the doctor, she didn't like it. But she had said they should do it for the citizen of Baska, was it selfish to refuse for your own protection and safety? She placed her own right hand on her baby bump and brushed it shortly before removing it, she had someone else to protect as well.

They stopped in front of a section and she didn't listen anymore after Gerard had explained the basics, which Kon summarized. She stared at them, how the doctor removed some blood to show a map and she became quite pale, she had gotten the message that she wouldn't go with him. But this was ridiculous, "No wait, why not let the doctor go?" she said in a hushed whisper with a pleading tone, he couldn't do this right? She felt very selfish but.. what if something would happen?

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Understandably Alice refused and plead for Kon to make the doctor to go instead, but Kon knew there was no point in trying to send him out as he’d just get infected as well then everyone would be doomed. Wanting to appeal to Alice’s mood, he touched her left cheek with his free hand. “Alice, Don’t worry I can always use the Punisher or my magic to deal with the infected individuals.”  Removing his hand from her cheek he then raised it to point out his statement. “I’ll try not to kill anyone of course.” Nodding once more, he readied himself as the doctor simply submitted to the plan seeing in pointless to make any remarks or stop them. Moving further to the door, the doctor got ready to open the door for Kon, creating a space just enough for him and his weapon to pass through, as he crossed the border from the safe area and the sealed area the door suddenly closed behind him, both at the shock of himself and the doctor. He rushes to the door he tried to push it open while the doctor tried on the other end to pull it, but there was no give to the door even when he smashed his fist into it, nor the protective glass that gave him the vision to the other side.

Fortunately, they were still able to talk through the door as the doctor shouted to him with Kon hearing him muffled and dampened. “You’ll have to find another exit, careful not to make any that the patients could leave through as well, the roof is probably your only option as the ladders have been barricaded, We’ll see you outside.” Nodding as a response as shouting back wouldn’t be viable without drawing the attention, he turned back around and made his way to the suits. The pace to them was slow with him needing to crouch down while walking and avoid hot spots with dozens of patients and nurses linger around. He only had to deal with one of the infected, a staff member under the name of Dr.Peterson recognisable from his nametag. This staff member forced his hand as he was in front of the only stairway not blocked off to the second floor.

There were several elevators but they would have likely only attracted the attention of the infected, his plan to avoid attracting the infected was less than successful as when he moved to the doorway to the second floor he was meet with a face slamming into the door’s screen signifying the presence of an infected. “Well, that’s not good…” He said under his breath, checking the door it seemed weakening against the ever-increasing slamming on the door. Rather than being in an awkward position, Kon went up half-way to the third floor and waited until the door fell open from the strain of the blows. Bent ajar the infected man now changed his focus to Kon ignoring the door still holding him in place. Needing to get the suits and leave as soon as possible, Kon promptly and without hesitation repelled the infected with a slight of hand gesture before slipping through the busted door.

The second floor seemed to have fewer infected members and even some still lucid ones surprisingly which allowed Kon to pass through the floor to pick up the suits putting them in a duffel bag. The third floor was ignored entirely with him simply using the same stairs to gain access to the roof which had a large wire fence running across the entire border. Unable to fly himself or climb down, Kon without hesitation cast Seraphiel directly in front of him and climbed onto him awkwardly. The flight was brief as there was little distance to cover rather than having the summon linger around Kon cast it away immediately after he touched the ground.

Reaching the ground he would be met by the doctor and presumably Alice, he would don his suit just as she and they would obtain all the required materials for the doctor. Returning to the doctor, he immediately went to work creating the cure before promptly testing it on an infected patient. Receiving the goods and them working to his needs the doctor once again apologised before paying them handsomely and giving them the cure as well.



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There was a very bad vibe about all of this, if they couldn't send the doctor than why not some nurse or anything, not Kon! She jumped up when the door slammed shut and she took the few steps forward and stared at the door that didn't open, the glass that didn't break. It worked great for the people that shouldn't break out but now it didn't work properly! She stared at doctor Gerard with the angriest look she had ever given him. He gave Kon instructions and they would go outside and try to keep up with the doctor who might feel her anger radiating off her, if it wasn't her solar magic. "You know that if anything happens, you don't only have to fear him." Because it had been the threats from Kon's side but she didn't need that only. She was absolutely done with this guy and the mistakes he made.

But he was lucky, Kon was fine and she hurried off with him to find the items and not talk about the incident that happened, because she didn't feel like it. Without any need to pay from their own pocket they got the crystal that the doctor needed. She was not in the mood to sweet talk anything so she either didn't or let Kon handle it. She would pick up the aerosol while the others distracted the shop keeper and she let Jupiter help her because obviously she couldn't simply carry it in her state, next was the water infuced with either of their magic and that made it a lot more nasty than she actually liked. She didn't understand why it was either of their magic or magic in general and she stared at the bubbling instant in the hills. The climb was taking its toll on her and she had no need to actually walk back. She had to remind herself that it was for the citizens of Baska and not Gerard and that he was only a pawn in the play of finding a cure for this ridiculous plague. She still couldn't believe that they had not arrested the Cold Colliers and she wasn't to blame, neither was Kon for that matter but they should have just done what they believed was right.

As she sat next to the water, she stared at it as it turned a fluorecent blue and only lifted her eyebrow, "Now that looks at least pretty." But she didn't plan to touch the waters or anything, she wasn't that stupid but now the two or actually four of them had to walk back. She sighed softly, not wanting to have Kon worry about her but this was absolutely ridiculous in general, that they still agreed to do this. She looked at the water sample again before they finally decided that they would have to leave the hills and walk back to the hospital. But they weren't done yet, once they arrived at the hospital Gerard told them that he needed help with mixing the ingredients and actually making the cure.

It is for the citizen of Baska, she told herself again and again for she felt annoyed and angry and tired of course. But she would go on and once they brought in a patient, she had to stay very far away from it of course, she was happy a bit to see that it did work and that the doctor paid them both so they could leave. That's exactly what she needed: Rest! But she stayed a little longer to see the longer effect of the cure, and now everything was done, she could sit and let it go. Forget this doctor, find a new one and stay in Baska without much further ado.

She was glad to be able to walk to her own inn and probably do nothing more than sit up and read a book and eat for example. She had walked around enough and she tried to not tell Kon how much t actually hurt because she didn't want to be a whiny person. The end was near.. of this last trimester and that was a good thing, definitely.

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