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Scold The Brat (Zanto-Quest)

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Scold The Brat (Zanto-Quest) Empty on Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:25 pm


All in a days worth. That was what Zanto was thinking while he palmed the bag of jewels in his hand. It had felt good to get some money in his possession and the villains of Oak Town had rewarded him quite nicely, more than he thought he would get from such an easy task. "Heh." he scoffed and continued to walk. He had finally moved out of the hotel and rented a one bed room apartment that would be of his use since he was now about to join a guild. And he would need a permanent place to live in if he was to join it. He would be a few streets away and he wanted to take a rest immediately. He had his rent for this month and warm food in his stomach. His boredom had diminished a little bit more now.

However, it must've been some kind of jinxing that happened after he thought about all this, because trouble would arise quite quickly. The cobbled part of the path, that while looked quite nice to the eye and was complimentary to the scenic, picturesque castle and wonderful house scenery, also made it hard for Zanto to walk because of his small feet. Small body meant small feed after all no doubt. He shook his head, trying best to not have a bad fall and embarrass himself in the middle of the street, he didn't need that.

So it wouldn't happen, but that doesn't mean he was safe from trouble just now.

A small gap in the path made him bend his foot towards right in order not to fall, causing the jewel bag he had attached to his belt to fall down. With quick moments he caught the bag midair, however a few jewels managed to fall out and rolled on the floor. "God dammit." he hisses as he squatted on the floor to collect them. His face getting pumped with blood because of embarrassment. He was a hard head, but he did have his comical moments to time. As he reached in to collect them however, he felt a wind, some short of fast, cold breeze that went past him, and the jewels were gone. "What the--" he stumbled to say and looked up. A small kid was running at an impressive speed away from him. The little rascal had stole some of the jewels.

With a face that looked as if he was going to cause some shorts of horrible murder, he tried to compose himself. If he ran after the kid, he would look stupid. He felt the pain of the missing jewels but bit his tongue in order to not get mad. He couldn't do it. Even if he wanted to.

"Hey you!!"

A sound came from behind him, which made Zanto turn around slowly in order to see who it was. He was met with the annoyed gaze of a shop keeper. With already in a salty mood, Zanto turned around to walk away, he was NOT going to deal with a petty man who got angry at him for no reason. What, he was mad because he stood in front of his shop or something? "Wait, I need your help, it's about that kid you see."

These words made Zanto stop. Looks like he was wrong. He considered the possibilities and more jewels shone in his mind, future jewels that he could turn this situation around to gain. He smiled before turning around. "What about that kid?" he asked and slowly walked towards the guy and his stand. "I saw what happened." the guy said while peeling an apple. Aonaka silently watched with squinted eyes as to the mannerisms of this guy was unnerving to a degree. "He is a problematic kid, that Jerr. He caused a me a good high amount of profit loss. You saw with your own eyes what he could do." he talked, continuing to peel the apple. After he was done, he threw it to Zanto who reflexively caught it. "That, and more jewels if you get him for us. He has a hideout, he lives there with some kids, with other orphans to be specific." the guy told him. Zanto was confused about how fast he was talking, as if he was mad, but also calm. "You are truly angry aren't you." he asked to the shop keeper. "What do you think?" the man asked showing his more bitter side, causing Zanto to smirk. "Alright." he said. "I will get the child for you. How much do you offer?" he asked and leaned on the display. "25." the guy said disgruntled. Zanto was pleased, in one day he could get two jobs done, that was something he could use greatly.

"Alright!" he said, somewhat excited. He couldn't hide it. Money was money indeed. The shop keeper leaned back to a house wall and looked towards his left. At that moment, it began to rain. "Follow this street." he spoke and pointed with a generous gesture. "You will see a yellow bricked house, turn left there and follow the road until you go outside the town. The small tent there is where they usually stand. But that doesn't make the criminal one any easier to catch."

And so Zanto started to walk. He wondered why the guards just didn't take one of the kids and forced Jerr to came out of hiding. Were they too "good" for this place? Thivery was still thievery and nothing could change that. It was disgusting, a child or not. Aonaka was slowly starting to turn this into a personal issue. The walk was longer than he had expected and he hoped the kid was in the tent. he didn't want to wait there.

Thankfully, he was lucky. Jerr was there.

"No!" the boy screamed at the sight of Zanto who was confused. He wasn't that scary after all, or so he thought. However, when the boy dashed of outside to the rain Zanto felt a vein boil and pop up in his mind. He turned around, his coat that hanged over his shoulder leaving a trail behind him, his hand raised quickly and he would flick his wrist in the air. A blue lightning bolt spurred from the air and onto Jerr, and its reflection could be seen from Zanto’s eyes.

"That’ll teach you."

As if he was a puppet, the boy dashed towards his left while screaming and smashed into a wooden fence, which he broke and roll over. Splinters etched in his knees, the boy looked at Zanto with fear and tears in his eyes.

If only the dark mage had a little more time on his hand..

The following steps were more lighthearted. Zanto would go receive the boy and dragged the boy by his collar to the shop keeper and forced an apology out of him. After that was done, he got the prize from the shopkeeper and let the kid go.

Had he forgotten to get his own jewels that Jerr stole from him? Or did he left them on the kid on purpose. Even Zanto himself didn't know the answer. As he had become 25k more richer in the matter of minutes.

WC: 1,300

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