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Push to Start [Private/Christian]

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#1Ariel Myatzuki 

Push to Start [Private/Christian] Empty Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:24 pm

Ariel Myatzuki
Ariel was spending her day looking through the local shops in Baska today, looking through pointless things that she would never use. She didn't have much to do today, and she wasn't really interested in doing anything adventurous, as she just wanted to sit back and chill today. She browsed the shops pretty quickly, finding that there was nothing she actually wanted to buy there. She sat down in a nearby coffee shop and just ordered a lemonade, as she hadn't the desire to get all woken up just to be really sleepy later. She felt that there was no reason to do such a thing, and whoever chose to do it was just a complete idiot and needed lots of sleep.

She had waited for a bit before getting her drink and going outside, Only to sit on the nearest bench and take a sip from her lemonade. She watched all the people walk by, conversions all over the place. She wasn't sure how people could talk to others so easily, and not get bored of them as fast as she does. She looked around for a bit before noticing something just a bit different than the normal people, and she sort of wanted to attempt something that she never would have thought of normally.

Push to Start [Private/Christian] R7kthk

Push to Start [Private/Christian] Empty Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:40 pm

Christian wasn't always this out and about. Lately, he had been horribly sick and whatnot, causing him to often be in his bed. That being said, just a few days ago he had recovered himself at long last, and now was able to roam around the town of Baska as he wished. That being said, he had put on a tiny bit of weight, not enough to be super noticeable, but now he needed to burn it off to go back to his usual rather skinny build. So, he put on the best clothes he could think of for jogging in the winter and began to run down the streets of Baska. It felt a bit weird after having been bedridden so long, but he was sure that he would eventually get used to the feeling of heavy physical activity again. He made sure to bring a bottle of water with him too, as it was always important to stay hydrated, especially when he had just got out of sickness so recently. That being said, even the best have to take breaks. As such, he noticed there was a free bench, or semi free at least. There was a young woman sitting on it, but the other half was still free. In his still soft and somewhat quiet voice, Christian asked "Mind if I sit here?"

#3Ariel Myatzuki 

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Ariel Myatzuki
She took another sip of her lemonade and crossed her legs, just as the guy she had seen had asked if he could sit down next to her in a rather quiet tone. She lifted up her glasses and looked at him for a moment, making sure this was the person and then went back to looking forwards and she put her glasses down again saying, "yeah sure whatever, as long as you don't do anything annoying."

She couldn't believe that she was actually letting him sit next to her, as she hated people and she would have never let anyone sit next to her normally. Then again he was running when he came up, and she loved running, so there was no reason why she wouldn't let him lop around with her for a second. "So what are you doing today?" She asked softly. She wasn't planning on talking to him for long, just until she had finished her lemonade. She took another sip and scratched her head, still trying to figure out what she was going to do once she had finished her lemonade. Maybe talking to him for a bit wasn't going to be so bad, I mean she had nothing else to do anyways, so it couldn't hurt to hang out for the day.

Push to Start [Private/Christian] R7kthk
#4Ariel Myatzuki 

Push to Start [Private/Christian] Empty Sat Mar 03, 2018 8:13 pm

Ariel Myatzuki
Eventually she had finished her lemonade and had gotten up, throwing her cup away. The man had seemed a bit tired, and she figured that was why he hadn't answered her question. That was okay though, at least she had the conversation end before it started. That made it a lot easier on herself and the man, as she wouldn't have to be rude and possibly annoying and she could just go peacefully on her way. She had actually wanted to see this man again though, as it had seemed that there was something about him that wasn't like the rest of them. You couldn't tell physically, but she could feel something, something different, and she knew that this man would be important in some way, she just couldn't tell how... yet. It was certain that they would cross paths again, but she could feel that it wouldn't be for a very long time. Until that time came, she would be waiting and preparing for whatever he was to bring in the future. She grabbed the rest of her things and started to run off into the distance, already thinking about what was going to happen next. She hadn't expected to sense a part of her future today, but life never gives you what you expect. So who knows? Something more interesting could happen tomorrow.


Push to Start [Private/Christian] R7kthk

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