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From Baska to Oak (Travel)

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From Baska to Oak (Travel) Empty Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:00 pm

Zanto would fix his fedora on his head as his travel to Oak would begin. Oak Town was a castle like city that hosted the infamous Dark Guild, Phantom Lord. For years, Zanto wandered the world. Being approached by many guilds both good and bad, but none had peaked his interest more than that of Phantom Lord. A Guild that fit him almost as perfectly as the hat on his head. He carried no supplies, only his hat and jewel bag. As those two items were the only things he needed as he would begin his small walk to the next town over. You would think with a Dark Guild situated only a few miles away that Baska would be a pretty terrible place, but it was actually quite fun and hopeful. As if it had no care in the world.

Finally, he would begin his walk as he made his way out of Baska. The rays of the sun shining down on him as he curved around the mountain range and back to the plains that had roads carved into them. His quest to become a strong and powerful mage was about to start now as he attempted the join of Phantom Lord.

(Travel to Oak Town)

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