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She ran down the murky streets of the dark and creepy city. It was already sundown by the time she entered the town limits. Wherever she had to go, she had to find it fast. She had to find help, but it seemed as if the streets were completely deserted.

"She coulda told me where to go." Sekiya thought to herself, but as the idea passed in her mind, she realized her own answer. Whatever Sekiya learned in that moment, the man would too. Wherever she was going, she had to follow her heart, her instinct, and her mind.

She would run through a graveyard, only eventually passing an old temple with the sick and dying outside of the doors. That wasn't the place, but with footsteps closing behind, she was left with no choice.

She had to chance it to this building. All she had to do was buy time. If it meant laying low and getting some rest, it was all she could do for now.

She ran into the temple, only to find two stone lanterns at the end of the walkway into the place.

It was no mistaking.  She was here. But what was she looking for?

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Sword in hand, he chased after the breathing as she did since exiting that horrid city. He couldn't see her through the winding roads of Dahlia, but he could hear she wasn't too far off. He would chase until his final breath. It didn't matter who saw him like this. He had to kill the Manji, and in this place, they were bound to be anywhere.

He would sprint after her, trying to catch up, only for her to duck though a graveyard and disappear from his sight. The only thing around them was a temple, and something that gave him bad memories.

This was the place, he was sure of it. He could see the sickly people, some were probably given as offerings when they finally kicked the bucket. It was sickening. He would push through the doors and find this girl, and soon, her life would be cut as short as his attention span.

He was going to end all of this here. No one was going to get out of here alive. Here was where his cursed story ends. He finally gets revenge on the Manji Clan. And soon, he can live a life of fame and peace. And maybe even win his disloyal crew back.

He will rule the world.


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He was there. He was right behind her. His presence was felt, and Sekiya reached out to anyone would cold help her. Anyone. She had begun to tear up, waling forward, the beggars and ill filling in the space behind her. She would hope that they would block her, but here and now, she had no more hope.

She fell before her god, her body erect but lifeless. Was this the power she wanted? No. She had to stop this man. She had to fight back.

"You did not take her totem."
the voice rang, like a calling, but it scorned her. It lashed at her. It was punishment. "You left my artifact behind." [/center]

She shook her head in disapproval. She had no idea of the totems importance. If she knew then maybe it wouldn't- . . .

No. She was killed too. She was taken just as she lived. The totem stole her living essence. No, this was how her deity fed. This was the power she wanted. This was not her life to live. In the next, she would be granted all she asked for. In this time, she had her own purpose. For now, she led this man here, and here he would die.


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■ 214 WORDS ■ "Everything comes to an end"

She had taken the evening to tend to minor things. She blessed the fabrics, she organized the jars of blood and the cases of organs sat preserved in the corner of the room. It was the most clean the room had ever been. Since Les's leave, Caitlyn had found herself with more time than she knew what to do with. Of which, he started to tend to prayers with the civilians as well as listen to their problems. She gave them little faith. She only needed to spare just enough for them.

After all, in the end, they were nothing but pawns.

But she could hear the footsteps from above. People were inside, and they were not from here. They would bring her misfortune, she was sure of it. With a great frown she made her way up the stairs

At the top of the hallway case she would open the door to find a few faces she had not seen in Dahlia. One gave her hope, while the other brought her anger. Both seemed to breed familiarity. but why? Who were these people?

Why did they give her these feelings, what made them so important? Why did they come here? All of these questions and no answers. What would really become of tonight?


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He watched her beg for mercy from that non existent god. There were fools, the whole lot of them. The Manji fed on fear and ignorance. No one dared challenge ideals from a clan born from war. None besides himself.

He would take his blade from the sheath that held it, he would laugh as he begun to storm forward towards the girl. He had the totem tied to the hilt of the sword careful to not touch it. He didn't understand the power behind it and he wasn't one to care about how. If it killed that girl so quick, maybe it would work this time as well.

He would take the end of the blade and plummet it into the back of the girl, it would pierce through her chest from behind, the blood would pour onto the ground. The people around them would part out of fear of his intentions, and it would only make him smile.

He was going to end the clan here and now. He would wait for her agonizing screams and her last grabs at her final breath. It was in these final moments that he would find pleasure. It was these moments that he found bliss.

He was in ecstasy.


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"Kill him, or find your soul forever parted from salvation."

The voice rang, and a pain followed. She looked down at her chest to find something foreign and didn't belong. She did not fear it, nor was she in pain. The only injury she felt was the sense of abandonment if she failed. She was not going to allow her soul to slip into the void. She had to win.

The sword's force pushed her forward, as the hilt hit her back, she stumbled forward, taking it from his grasp. She was going to end this.

She faced him, and she felt the sword tap at her back. Confused and in fear of her merciless god she reached back and pulled what had been touching her. It was right there. How could he be so foolish? She tore it from the tie that held it. With the blade in her chest and the totem now in her grasp she ran at the man, her blood dripping onto the ground. She would press it against his neck as she tackled him. The sword would pierce him, and in this moment, she would beg for forgiveness.

She would never disobey her god again.


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■ 202 WORDS ■ "Everything comes to an end"

Nothing could have prepared her for what she saw. Watching it, seemed like a play or a movie. It seemed staged, planned, as if they were puppets being manipulated. She watched the girl find herself gasping for air. She watched the man kill her, something that made her uneasy. It would have angered her, but to spill blood was to honor this place. If the god saw it unfit, it was your soul that would be-

"No. It can't be." She saw the girl turn with that little wooden object being tossed around. There was no mistaking it. Why was it here? Where was Les? Who were these fucking people? Why did they come here? WHERE WAS LES?

Caitlyn's eyes widened as she ran towards them both. She had questions. She needed to find out. She needed to know where was she.

Was she alright? Who were they? Was this girl the one they sought? Where was Les? Was that the feeling she felt?

No, these were fools comes here to die. The both of them would find their end. Where was Les? It was going to be that way, surely.

Everyone was going to die. Where was Les?

Where was Les?


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"You dare defy my sacred ground Nobunaga? Then you die the snake you've become."

He heard a voice. It was strange, like hearing the cries of her your first born for the first time. It was so inviting, yet it pained his ears. He wanted to listen for more, but still he wished for it to stop. It screeched, but he wanted silence to hear it.

Then the girl turned. The little wooden totem was heading towards him. He didn't know what would happen. She was going to die anyways. He would reach up to grab hold her her hands and stop her.

"I will feast on your soul, just like Zeon."

That name. How did it know his name-

No. It couldn't be.

He froze. That moment, the wood touched his neck and he felt his body turn weightless. His mind would turn black and he would get the feeling of falling. It was endless. it was a pit. It was darkness. It was death.

. .  .

The sword would cut between the plates of armor through his flesh. A light would emit from his skin for a few seconds only to fade. The Totem would glow a faint red color, the sign it had done its job.

He was no longer the great assassin.

He was a victim to the Manji. Just as his father before him was.


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He was dead. Her job was done. She would be rewarded. Right? . . . Right?

She had made a deal with her god, but her god was nothing deserving of that title. She was a thief, a murderer, a cheat and scam artist. No one could ever know this truth, not even the true Manji bloodline knew this. Their god protected them, and they never asked why. They never asked the simple questions. They didn't care where they came from, they accepted it. Sekiya would never know the identity of her god, and perhaps it was for the best.

"I did it." she would said her words faintly as she fell her her knees, facing her fresh kill. The elderly and sick had given them plenty room. Many stood in shock, while others returned to their normal doings. "Please don't cast me away."

"You will have few minutes to make peace. Then you too will join me. I will allow you to be beside your father." her words were true, and it would be heard within the temple walls, but only Sekiya would understand it.  "You are a worthy Manji"

"Thank you raven haired woman." Sekiya would speak, tears flowing down her face. She could feel her lungs beginning to take her final breath. "I hope in our next lives I can return the favor."


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■ 202 WORDS ■ "Everything comes to an end"


It was the only word that ran in her mind. Front and back. Up and down. Side to side. It bounced around her mind as she held onto the fate that she held before her. She might as well have been the last of them, but her blood was impure, if it was to be even considered at all. That god spoke to all of them since they were born. They were chosen. She had only begun to hear her words this month.

"Fuck Fuck fuck fuck . . . "

She had watched two lives been taken before her. They did not kill each other, oh no. The god had decided their fate. While they may have accelerated their destiny by coming here, they were not in control of their fate.

But then she heard her words again. Caitlyn ran to the girl at her side and begun to lean her back and into her arms.

"R-Raven hair?" she could barely get her words out to the girl. "Namé Les? My precious Namé . . . . Is she alright? Is she okay?"

Caitlyn looked at this girl with so much fear, so much sorrow and so much hope.

But even she already knew the fate of what had happened to her late daughter.


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her vision had begun to grow blurry. It wasn't just from the tears, something was beginning to cloud her mind as well. She didn't know what it was, but at this point, she didn't need to know. It was all going to be over soon.

She could see a figure hold her. Her hair was an odd color, her breath smelled of death. She hated the scent she brought with her, but still it brought her peace in this moment. It would be all she would hang onto.

Behind her, she could see another woman dressed in all black, a smile over her face. She was odd, perhaps she too wished this man dead. Perhaps they were all to celebrate her. Sekiya wished she could stay and enjoy the party, but she was far too gone. She was going to leave. Maybe she would return, maybe.

"Namé Les." She repeated the name, her words clear, her voice unshaken, but quiet. She was losing breath. "So that was her name. Without Fear." she smiled, it seemed as if they would all live up to their names.

Sekiya smiled. "Old Faith will find her way." She lifted her hand, to the other woman, she seemed to offer something to her.

She reached out, and touched the end of her fingers with her own. A bright orange light covered her, and the next second she could feel her hands cover her face. Darkness. It was all black and dark.

And totem would glow a faint sunset color. It was done.

And the numbers were thinned.


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■ 202 WORDS ■ "Everything comes to an end"

She did not longer shed a tear. Her heart was filled with anger. She wanted revenge for a life that was already taken. There was no one left to kill, but still their numbers lessened. Caitlyn felt compelled for her mission. From this point on, her life would be devoted to this city and this Temple. She would serve their deity until death.

And it was then that the energy flowed into her.

"LEAVE, AT ONCE!" The voice boomed, and the sick and ill-minded left the temple in such a rush. No one dared question this place. But even if it was new and strange, everyone knew it would be okay. They would harbor secrets in return for their haven from Santos.

The hall would clear fast. Caitlyn would release the corpse from her grasp, letting her fall onto the ground. She had made her way to the body of the man, only to remove his helmet. She knew well who he was, even if she didn't, but she needed it.

She needed to see in face. And there it was.

Spilled Milk (无名)    2mqktvs

It was a symbol she was all too fond of. It was burned into flesh, tattooed poorly. His skin begun to rot and peel at the uneven colors. It was as if he tried to scratch it off. It brought her anger, but also joy.

For now she had someone to direct her feelings towards. Caitlyn smiled, looking down at the totem that claimed their lives. She would take the bodies to the basement and she would use the totem for the purpose it was designed for. She would offer it back onto the altar of the Nameless God, and from which her bloodline disciples would etch what was to be claimed from these collected souls.

"Chi, we will avenge her. If not for me, forr yourself." And with that she begun to take up the man's arms, dragging him away to the dark room below . . .

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