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Surgery [Quest T.K]

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#1Theo Kaguya 

Surgery [Quest T.K] Empty Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:10 pm

Theo Kaguya
Waking up on time seemed to be getting harder and harder as the young knight's light night search had started to take a toll on him what would normally take a few minutes now takes an hour I'm getting close to finding her I know it he told himself splashing water onto his face fully waking him up. After forcing himself to leave his room at the Inn he walked around town looking like a zombie when he stopped by a dinner to get food "Thank you for the food." sitting down to eat was not the best option when only running on three hours of sleep. By the time he woke up again it was going on three o'clock Oh no did I fall asleep? he rushed out the dinner then rushed back in to pay his tab and then back out again, While he walked the streets of Baska he saw someone that resembled Isabella but was just another passerby Oh get it together T.K we can do this just need to find something to keep me awake, as he walked the streets he saw large groups of people heading towards the hospital which was a first for him as he never really had to go there except for yearly check up's. T.K asked some of the groups why they were heading to the hospital and the common answer was that they didn't want to get some type of super cold that was going around. The situation seemed to really bad so he made his way to the Hospital after getting more information about it.

When he walked into the Hospital it was just like walking into chaos it's self as everyone was running around from one room to the next with people still walking in seeking help with there medical needs 'Oh good you're here come with me I need help.' Gerard pulled the young knight by the hand "Oh glad I could be of help Doctor what do you need from me sir?" soon he saw exactly what he would need help with "Doctor I don't know if I can help with a heart transplant." as he spoke Gerard dressed him for the surgery "Well guess I am..." fear had started to take over the young knight as this was something they never trained him how to deal with You can do this just make sure you don't look at the heart. a true statement as he didn't want to faint during the operation or worst thing that could happen in a situation like that. He honestly didn't want to help the Doctor but his pride as a knight overpowered all the fear that had been swelling up inside him while he has been in Baska, once he was able to see the face of the person that he would be helping he realized that he needed to do everything within his power to make sure the young man made it through the operation no matter what. "Don't worry sir you couldn't have anyone better than Doctor Gerard helping you." T.K told the man just before they put him under with the sleep gas 'Now just remember you just need to clean all the tools I use okay?' he answered with a nod of his head, Gerard picked up the scalpel and began to cut the young man's chest open. As he slowly made his way down to the man's sternum blood had started to cover his hands while he separated the two sides from each other exposing the ribcage.

The ribcage still had some tissue still covering so T.K gave him a slightly thinner knife to cut it and once it was removed and he handed him back the knife he cut himself on the palm of his hand due to it slipping out his hand and he tried catching it. 'young man you will have to transplant the heart while I deal with this.' Gerard left the room to take care of his hand "Okay guess I just have to do this with a calm head and hands simple right?" the young knight said aloud starting up the bypass machine to keep the flow of blood. The heart looked rather damaged and old even though the owner of it was so young T.K removed the old heart and placed it in a metal bowl and opened the case holding the replacement you can do this just pick it up and place it right there he told himself, his hand began to shake as he reached for the new one 'You can do it just place it where the old one was and slowly attach the tube to it.' Gerard told him from the observation room it didn't change the fact that the smallest mistake could end up cutting the young man's life short. T.K calmed himself and focused on saving the mans life, the heart felt cold once it was in his hands Now all I need to do is reattach the tubes and stitch him up, a smile made it's way onto his face as he started to reattach the second to last three tubes. With the last two reattached he began to close his chest with an 'x' pattern to make sure that it heals correctly The amount of blood that covered his arm's made him look like he had just finished killing someone All done he thought to himself leaving the operation room and heading to the Doctors office. The young knight fell asleep in the doctor's office after having transplanted the heart. He woke up to find that Doctor Gerard had left a thank you note on his chest telling him to meet outside when he wakes, T.K made his way outside to see the doctor sitting on a bench thinking aloud about hwat could be getting everyone sick. "Doctor could you tell me when the man wakes up I would like to check in on him?" he gave a quick nod as the young knight left to enjoy the rest of his day.


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