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Medicare [Quest T.K]

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Theo Kaguya
The young knight got himself ready for the day with is list in hand and was going to start up his search once more and his first target of the day was the Bars even though he knows that Isabella would never go to a bar but it was worth checking out. As he walked in he found that most people don't like it when kids enter a bar that is clearly for adults that are there to get away from their kids and problems. He awkwardly made his way to one of the bartenders that was cleaning a glass "Hi umm I'm looking for this girl have you seen her around?" the bartender simply gave a shake of the head and the same went for the other bartenders. T.K left the bar and decided to go to the next place on his Baska checklist, made his way to the church and was about to walk in when a local doctor pulled him aside and gave him what felt like an on the spot examination 'You are a Rune Knight correct?' the man asked checking T.K's gums, "Yes I am sir how can I be of serves to you today sir?" the doctor took hold of his hand and rushed off to his office where he explained that he was short staffed and was in dire need of help

After receiving the bags with the medications "Let's the first name one is...KENT VERS!"  the name belonged to one of the oldest Rune Knights that was around during his late grandfathers time I don't believe it I get to meet one of my Dads heroes!!!, T.K could bearly contain his excitement which was something that finds hard after getting such information so with a burst of energy he made his way to Kent's home only to find that he's in a nursing home but that didn't stop him in the slightest as he walked in and asked the front desk Volunteer what room he was in. The trip to the room took less than a few minutes as he knocked on the door only to have it open with a magic tool "Hello Mr. Kent I'm here to drop off your medication?" no one responded right away but after walking in a few steps a young man walked out and greeted him 'Hi are you here to see my grandfather?' he asked with a rather worried look on his face "Oh umm I'm here to give him his medication and talk with him but if it's a problem I can go?" the man shoke his head as he took the bag from T.K and lead him to his room. The room was filled with metals and photographs 'He's a talker so be careful about the subject cuz once he starts he's not stopping.' the man left him in the room leaving the two of them. The young knight didn't know what to say as he inched closer to the man in bed "Mr. Kent...I wanted to ask you about the battle of-" Kent grabbed his arm tightly, at the exact moment he heard someone talking to him 'Sorry bout that kddo but I needed to tell a story in private if thats okay?' oddly enough The spell that the Kent cast was a simple illusion spell "oh..okay I thought I did something wrong but do tell me the story." T.K sat in the chair across from the bed as Kent told the story of the Winged Knight a story that his mother had told him once when he was much younger. Why am I crying? the story has a happy ending so why? he asked himself wiping the tears from his face. 'It's okay kiddo come back when you're just a bit stronger.' Kent punched the young knight lightly in the arm 'Ya know the last person you have to see could fill in the parts I don't remember.' he pulled out the note with the other name and address "Oh ya I still have to drop this off, thank you for the story." he told Kent leaving the nursing home.

T.K rushed over to the last address in hopes that he could talk to Rosa and have her explain the rest of the story that Mr. Kent was telling him before he went to sleep. When he arrived at her home he was shocked to see how big it was Is this what happens when you retire from the Rune Knights after obtaining the highest rank there is. his thoughts were plastered on his face while "Get it together your job is to give this to here and then hear the rest of the story!" the frustration within himself was laughable as he knocked at the door to see rather young women that didn't look much older than his own mother answer the door 'Hello there you must be T.K nice to meet you come inside and sit Kent told me you would be coming.' her voice was calm and soothing as she spoke. The two sat a small table 'Thank you so much for bringing me my medication have some tea it's still fresh and hot.' Rosa poured herself and T.K a cup I shouldn't ask about the story I need to find Bell and head back to Crocus. he thought "Sorry Miss Rosa but I really can't stay for long but thank you for the tea and letting me into your home." with a bow he was on his way out the door when he felt like he was forgetting something important once again. The young knight made his way back to the Doctor Gerard to tell him the news "Both patients are doing quite well Doctor." he told him with a bright smile on his face 'Thank you so much for the help Officer.' T.K bowed just before he left the office. While on his way back the inn he remember what he was forgetting "I should contact Captain Alice so see how she's doing." he said aloud opening his room door.

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