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Golden Scissors (Zanto-Quest)

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Baska had been quite loud every since the mysterious illness had left the town. Everything had went back to normal and there was so much fun and joy that Zanto doubted mysterious forces didn’t control the town in secret. He wondered if he was actually trapped in a dream world? Anyway, he would begin to head towards a shop where he had been usually going frequently. You see every since he had met Fernando the man had given him a discount on items, which was quite amazing seeing as he didn’t have to spend a ass load of jewels now with each purchase. Walking into the shop, he would see Fernando happily going through his clothes and fabrics as he hand heard Zanto walk through the door. Walking behind him, Zanto would say “Fernando, you should really get the bell fixed. Wouldn’t want anyone sneaking up and robbing my favorite suiter.” Said the man as he made fun of the craftsmen. Fernando would jump a little as he didn’t know anyone was behind him.

“Jeez Zanto, you’re always scaring the hell out of me. If you keep doing that I’m gonna have to take back that sales discount I gave you.” Said the man who was pretty annoyed which Zanto had found quite funny. Laughing at the man, he would say “What’s going on Fernando? You seem to be pretty etched into those fabrics you’re looking at?” There would be a pause of silence as Fernando would run his hand over the fabrics. “Well, these fabrics are great. They are the ones you got me last time, but I won’t be able to perfectly knit them unless I have a certain magic tool.” Zanto would nod at Fernando as he would ask what kind of magic tool. “You see, there are a limited pair of scissors in the world that are golden and equipped with a charm that makes fabric knit itself perfectly. If I’m going to increase my sales and my overall popularity then I need that tool. Rumor has it that a traveling merchant is in town with it as we speak. And if that rumor is true, I can’t let the competition take hold of the magic item.” Said Fernando as he peered right into Zanto’s eyes as if he was looking at his soul.

Zanto would nod. “Look It’s morning and most markets aren’t even open yet. I’m sure I can catch the merchant before one of your rivals comes across the scissors, but it’s gonna cost ya.” Said Zanto trying to get the man to offer him some jewels. The salesman would nod as he gave Zanto some jewels to go buy the item and promised the Battlemage he would give him a lot of jewels if he brung the scissors back. Walking back out of the door, almost quickly as he had come. Zanto would make his way into the market area and look for the merchant. Seeing as most markets was getting ready to open, he was sure that he would find the merchant somewhere in the are. And his thoughts would come true as he would see a man with deep blonde hair, walking around the streets carrying a black metallic box. If that didn’t scream a rare item then he didn’t know what didn’t.

Walking up to the man he would say in a lay tone “Hey, please tell me you are the merchant carrying the Golden Scissors. I will give you a lifetime a jewels if you sell me it!” Said Zanto as he tried to sound excited. The merchant would simply look at Zanto as he would nod his head. “Yes, I carry the rare item, but I already have a buyer who came to me not even a day ago. I am getting ready to dust the item and clean it so that it can be on its way to his new owner.” Zanto would sigh as if sounding sad. He would walk away from the merchant as he held his head down. “That’s a shame. Fernando was ready to give anyone who sold him the scissors free clothing.” He could feel the change in the air as the man’s feet would sound as if they were running. The merchant would come to cup Zanto’s shoulder as he would say “Are you serious? Free clothes?” Asked the merchant whose face was currently filled with greed and envy. Zanto was a smart man and he knew almost the exact words to get someone to do something for him. Now Fernando wanted him to get the scissors at any cost, he was just gonna have to deal with the merchant as he didn’t know if Fernando would really give him free clothing, but if he wanted the scissors as bad as he said then he’ll do it.

Zanto would nod at the man as he would hand him a huge bag of jewels. The man would hand him the black box that seemed to be made out of obsidian. Not even opening it to dust the scissors as he was so excited about what he had just been given for the rare magical item. Zanto would wave the man off as he went back to Fernando’s Shop in order to deliver the care package. A couple of minutes would pass before he would come to enter the shop. Seeing Fernando standing there’s waiting he would say “I have the item Fernand.” Fernando would only nod as he would say “I already know Zanto. You’re a smart man and I was really sure you were gonna obtain it for me!” Said Fernando as almost literally snatched the chest front out of Zanto’s hands. He would give Zanto a bag of jewels and run to the back of the store without even thanking him. That would only smirk. It seemed like the man was only a busy body.

Taking his bag of jewels, zanto would walk out of the store and begin his journey once again.

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