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Supremacy [Rayquaza]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Supremacy [Rayquaza] Empty Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:44 am

Venus Rosé

Baska was a dull place.

Nothing interesting ever occurred here, yet, the townsfolk seemed to be satisfied with the peace and tranquillity throughout the town, and it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it was the sort of silence that her body came to crave somehow, after a strain of odd jobs that pushed her being to and from between places. The quest board was mostly empty nowadays, leaving her nothing to do for the remainder of the day, and thus, here she was – in the middle of the Baskan streets, wandering and searching for something that might pique her interest.

Over the past few couple of weeks, Baska had gained a huge number of tourists from over the country, including mages and the like. The streets were thriving with numbers, compared to how it was when she first arrived. The markets always attracted hoards of people who’d crowd amongst themselves as soon as the morrow drew its first sunrise. They’d bargain with the merchants to give up their coins for better prices, goods were shipped all the way from the high seas, and the temperament of traders gloated around as they load and unload their galleons. The stalwart process of give and take was busy as ever, and everyone lined up to keep it going, everyday, even on that morning, when a stranger with translucent silver hair gathered herself a crowd of stares as she passed by the stands.

Snowflake was no stranger to the town, although it seemed that people preferred to treat her face as a new and foreign one. Yet, the young woman paid no attention to the awkward stares but simply, decided to proceed onwards with her casual stroll. Unlike other people, she was dressed in her simplest outfit of the day; tight black jeans and a dark leather jacket on top of a white blouse, while others were all cuddled up inside their thick coats. Her attire would leave the onlookers with questionable glances, though none of it was any of her concern. The cold was something she had grown used to, to the extent that it wouldn’t have any effects on her body – not even when she was butt-naked within the vicinity.


It was of common occurrence to find Snowflake with her slicked back, high pony-tail in the most austere locations at the most random of times, and that wasn’t entirely made of her travel reasons. At best, the woman was a wanderer by accident – not because she wanted to, but it was almost as if her significantly awful sense of direction granted her encounters by chance. Her breath came out in white puffs as she exhaled, a weak whiteness flying towards the sky. The endless empyreans above was gloomy and dark that was evidently a foreboding warning to the trouble ahead, and when she tried to peek beneath the curling canopies of some decaying trees, all she could see was snow, snow and more snow.

Patches of snow crunched underfoot as she trudged through the freshly fallen blanket of snow and all that occupied her mind was wondering where the hell her feet were leading her to until she heard soft whispers nearby, and a low growl.

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Supremacy [Rayquaza] Empty Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:57 am

Venus Rosé

Above her was a stretch of sky, and though the gloomy grey colour was inviting in its own right, leering into it echoed nothing but forlorn thoughts, lost in the transition of cloud to puff to nothingness over the short span of a few moments. Fleeting was the process of dispersing clouds, almost like a veil above her, which Snowflake would easily compare to the fickleness of her identity, bit by bit, as she continued to wonder. It was an aimless bout, where the snowy beauty was considerably lost among the Baskan streets, though she knew she wasn’t the type to openly admit to her negligence that initially placed her there anyway.

Flurries of snowflakes swept past her as the frigid, harsh gales blew across the land of Fiore, so fast that she could hardly keep her eyes open as she squinted through the blurry scene before her. A faint vision of a group of people came into view, chattering amongst themselves and pointing at something in front of them.

What was happening?

Footprints were left on the snow, trailing behind her. The ground was spongy, like walking on foam and as she placed her full weight down on the ground, the earth seemed to hug her heels and gently release them with each step. With each passing second, the voices grew louder and louder, and it would only pique her curiosity.  

”We have to kill it! It’s too dangerous.”

”It hasn't done anything to us, would you just leave it?!”

And, there it was.

Upon the Great Baska Rock was a creature – almost too large for her eyes – curled up on the solid material. Snowflake blinked once, twice, before her eyes went comically wide with a gaping mouth to match. Unbelievable, and she had originally thought the demon within her was worse. The reason as to why the creature was located at this place never passed her mind, more so, she wasn’t even aware such beasts would exist on this planet and at the very least, encountering one was definitely not included in any of her options.

Albeit, for an enormous creature with an extremely threatening appearance, it appeared tamed as if it was owned by someone anonymous, until one of the men began thrusting his sword forward, taunting the serpentine creature out of fear. The action caused the serpent to rise up from its reclining position to hiss at his own enemy. People began panicking – some screaming their guts out and the others would remove their weapon from its sheath, only provoking the animal further – and she wondered, if they were frightened that much, why wouldn’t they leave the scene already? It was then silvery irises glossed over the gashing wound on the serpent’s neck. It wasn’t easily noticeable since the injury was hidden underneath, and perhaps, it was the reason why she did not feel any hostility from the creature.

”It’s wounded,” she began, approaching closer to the crowd and she’d notice the beast turning its head towards hers. Their gazes locked and it was almost as if it understood every word she’d said as Snowflake studied the creature carefully. ”I’ll take care of it, leave it to me.”

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Supremacy [Rayquaza] Empty Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:14 am

Venus Rosé

The people within the crowd threw her suspicious glances, though none of them dared to raise a question, which caused her to wonder if the features on her face were that fearful. Some of the men have already retreated but one decided to remain, giving her a long, hard stare.

”Be careful."

”I will. Thank you for your concern.”

With that, the last man walked away and disappeared into the thick fog with the rest of the group. Now, how was she to deal with a creature that could be insanely dangerous to her? For a moment, Snowflake questioned herself why she chose to do this, and to be honest, her decision was made within a spur of the moment. Although she was highly aware that this serpentine creature could be a threat, she didn’t want anyone to harm it either. Her eyes glided over to the wound across his neck; a large gash and it appeared fresh, as if it had been in a battle, or perhaps, the injury only came from an accident.

The Pegasus wizard was cautious when she approached the serpent, though it did not even stir from fear, almost as if it wanted her to come close. Mayhap, it sought for her help. Snowflake raised her hand slowly, her eyes immediately glancing upwards to lock gazes with the creature and when it showed no response; assuming that it didn’t mind having her around, she would let her hand graze against the body of the creature. Its texture was less slithery than she had expected, her fingers glossing over the dips and curves of its scales. It was very intriguing to her, and she couldn’t help but be amazed by the creature itself.

Having not brought any medicines or of any similar sort, she wasn’t sure how she should treat the serpentine beast – not to mention, she was neither a nurse nor a doctor. The least she could do was to cease the blood from escaping from the wound, otherwise it would only get worse if she chose to let it be. Snowflake glanced up at the animal once again just to see if it would react and slowly, cold vapour began to rise up from her hands, a white weakness flying towards the sky. The creature flinched, letting out a loud growl, startling her for a moment.

”I can’t treat you if you don’t remain still,” she began, retreating her hands back a few inches away from its body.

As if it understood her words, the beast reclined onto the rock once again as she pressed her hand against the bloody gash once again. With her magic, it was possible to completely freeze the bloody in the area, so as to prevent it from dying from blood loss. Once she was done, the woman heaved out a sigh of relief, content with her work. Despite feeling accomplished, she felt irresponsible for leaving it there alone and it certainly wouldn’t be a good sight if the rest of the townsfolk discovered that an enormous serpentine creature was resting on top of the Great Baska Rock.

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Supremacy [Rayquaza] Empty Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:47 am

Venus Rosé

Snowflake decided that it would be best if the creature remained unseen from plain sight, otherwise who knows how this might end up if people start finding out that there was some kind of monster in Baska. To top everything off, the master of Blue Pegasus had even joined to assist the beast, which would only make everything worse, for herself and her own guild. ”I think we should keep you hidden from people. Come, follow me,” she gestured the creature and began leading into the forest located nearby. It was still a few miles down the Great Baska Rock, albeit, it was one that she found quite secluded from the rest and certainly one that doesn’t attract too much attention either.

”Don’t worry, it’s safe.”

Daring escapes, dread quests, and mightily contested battles had been witnessed by the silent trees. Foul creatures, mighty monsters, and base outlaws had all been fought and vanquished, often accompanied by the death of a great hero, with appropriate last words to his companions. The frosty maiden gazed at the woodland for a brief moment, enjoying the beauty of nature and perhaps the story behind its own before she finally turned to face the beast. ”I’ll return tomorrow with medicine. You stay here, alright?” She wasn’t sure if it would respond or not, but she simply hoped that it would understand her words, at the very least.


The market was bizarre and loud, and despite how she wished she didn’t have to return to this horrid place once again, she was only here to purchase medicines for a creature that she had accidently stumbled upon at the Great Baska Rock, and to see if there were any rumours about the recent sightings. Considering how no one was stirred with fear, it appeared that Snowflake may had been over-thinking things too much. The woman eased her bag filled with medicines and bandages over her shoulder and proceeded her way towards the forest, where she had hidden the serpentine creature.

Snowflake wondered if it had already departed, though that would’ve been none of her business, yet, after taking the responsibility of looking after it, she felt the need to take care of the beast until the very end. Though it was brief in reality, the journey there almost seemed to stretched on for eons as if her steps were a tad bit slower and soon enough, she would find herself standing in front of the mutual connection with the dragon. Speaking of which, she had yet to confirm whether it was a dragon or simply just a large serpent with wings attached to its body. Whichever it was, she decided to push the silly thoughts to the back of her mind and merely focused on what was at hand.

Silence filled the vicinity, apart from the whistle of the wind and the rustle of the dry leaves at her feet. Was she to enter the forest and search for it? The woman stood by the edge of the massive realm of woodland, battling her own thoughts until she heard twigs breaking nearby.

#5Venus Rosé 

Supremacy [Rayquaza] Empty Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:29 am

Venus Rosé

”Oh, you’re here.”

Darkness lingered between the spaces in the tress and the road she had taken was hideously matted with dead grass due to the wintry season. Somehow, she felt bad for leaving it out in the cold, barren place yet, it was not one that she could bring home either, considering how it was at least 10 meters tall. Snowflake hadn’t even informed her lover about her strange encounter and she doubted that he would have welcomed the creature home anyway. How could it possibly fit inside a building? Nevertheless, she felt delighted that the dragon had actually come out to meet her. Snowflake took a quick glance behind her to ensure that there was no one else other than herself in the area.

The snowy sculptress settled down her bag on the ground and approached the creature to see if the wound was infected. Unfreezing the area around the injury gave her the result and it seemed that her magic had been useful to an extent. She would apply a layer of cream in the area, recommended by the clinic that had provided her with the medicines before wrapping a bandage around its neck. She had trouble reaching up to its neck due to its immense height, and thankfully, it appeared to understand her struggles to which it later bent down so they were at least at each other’s eye level.

The woman stood in front of the dragon, studying its features carefully, completely mesmerized by the uniqueness of its own kind. Her fingers idly glossed over its horns that protruded over the upper part of his head and surprisingly, it didn’t react anything to her touch – more so, the creature closed its eyes as if it sought for another human’s coveted warmth. The animal flexed after doing so, and lowered its neck further in such a way that it wanted her to climb up onto its body. The woman gave the beast a rather questioning look, though she didn’t decline her offer, which only led to herself being right upon his neck.

With a swoop, the dragon dived into the air, almost knocking her back until she immediately grabbed the tendrils that sailed behind from its lower jaw. At that point, the snowy maiden had experienced the most blissful time of her life as she soared through the sky, higher into the clouds. ”Whoa,” was the only word that escaped her lips, completely in awe and taken by surprise. From above, she could see the town below, and the townsfolk appeared as if they were ants to her, the buildings like the ones from those doll houses – everything looked minute to her – not that she was disappointed by the sight.

A large grin made its way onto the curve of her rosy lips, and her hair flew behind her as the wind whipped against her visage, billowing out her clothes. They took a good fifteen minutes in the air before the dragon finally settled down to where they originally were. Snowflake gave a long, good look at the creature and it was then she finally noticed of her attachment to the animal – she knew she couldn’t leave him, not at this place.

”How about I welcome you home, Draco?”

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