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The Elf and Rage (Liana)

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The day was quite elegant in the town of Baska as everyone enjoyed the peace within the region. Children played hide and seek, as their parents watched. Zanto himself sat on a bench in the town square as he looked around the place with a smirk. Tempting to tell he seeker where the kids were hiding, but the seeker was quite intelligent seeing as he had found all of them easily. Taking a look away from the fun and games, he would focus his eyes on the blue-jay resting on his finger. Birds were such peaceful creatures and with everything that was happening around him, his mind was quite as ease. It was as if he gods were pleasing him to the point where he could rest only a little before he went back to achieving his goal.

Even though he was at peace, Zanto was half tempted to stand up and cause some commotion so that someone would challenge him to his fight. His mind was challenging, even with the elegance of the place, he still craved the action of fighting. It was something that would forever be instilled in him and probably would never leave him.


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The Nature's Bonder
A morning jog.

It was what Liana had decided to do in such a beautiful day. After all, she can't slack on getting in shape, like she has been doing every single day, or at least trying. She would be wearing a white and green t-shirt, a knot tied at the bottom of it to help with wiping sweat daring to appear over her belly and waist, small green training shorts and sneakers of the same tones as the last two pieces of clothing. She'd be sporting some other extra accessories, like a wristband.

Either way, the elf smiled as she looked around, greeted as many familiar faces she could greet. After all, it had been quite some time since she has been in Baska, doing tasks here and there to make a living while she travels with her friend, Esperia, therefore meeting brand new individuals every single day as they go. It was a nice feeling and that was one of the things which made life interesting for her. That no one is the same and you are always getting to know different people everyday.

Eventually, she'd pass by the kids who were playing and then by the man sitting on the bench, enjoying a good time of relaxation. Even if she didn't know him, Liana would still offer him a brief wave, going at her own slow jogging pace, enough for him to have time to do the same at her if he desired, even adding a 'hello' or something of the sort.

Only thing she wouldn't do now was stop, unless someone told her to or actually wanted to have a talk with her. That can always be the case, maybe someone doing pranks or something. Or even to ask for directions. Seeing as the young Sylvaine was an helpful and generous person, she'd be prone to stop even for the slightest of things.
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As Zanto sat and watched, his eyes would come to wander across the street as he would come to view a woman who was as beautiful as a goddess. Though, one particular feature caught Zanto to the point where he had to shoo away the bird and come to readjust his glasses. Upon readjusting them, he would come to see that the woman’s ears seem to be pointed as if someone had shaved the edges of them. His mind would come to a conclusion that the woman was indeed an elf. He hadn’t encountered many elf in his life. Well, he had never seen an elf before in his life would be the exact wording. He was tempted to call the woman over to make small talk, but at the same time he didn’t want to seem like a pervert seeing as she had on quite revealing clothing and he was just sitting there on a park bench looking around at people.

Overcoming his inner self, he would come to face the woman who had ran pass him and would scream “Hey Miss! Could you come here for a second!?” His voice was elegant, but deep at the same time. Sounding as if thunder was cascading in the heavens above. He had hoped to gain the woman’s attention, so that he could ask her about herself. Hopefully, she had heard him and would turn around. If she would continue running it would have been quite unpleasant.


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The Nature's Bonder

She mumbles to herself upon listening to a voice calling out in her direction. It was not hard to realize it was actually aimed at her, since it happened right as she passed by. At least the elf didn't notice any other women walk past and therefore, she halted her jog to look to the side and spot a seated male, ultimately noticing by the look in his eyes that he was actually glancing in her direction and no one else's.

A welcoming and friendly smile quickly creeps up across her features, light steps taking her in the man's direction until she stopped in front of him, keeping an acceptable distance.

"Yes? How can I be of your aid, sir?"

Liana questioned, awaiting for a response of his whilst she stood in the same place. Even if she had only started her jog not too long ago, the young Sylvaine would still be visibly sweating and panting softly, attempting to regain whatever energy was lost.

Attached to the side of her training shorts in a strap would be a water bottle of sorts, the late teenager taking and opening it in her hands, before proceeding to down a few light gulps. Now that she had stopped, she might as well take the resting time given.
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Now, Zanto was never attracted to members of the same sex and that meant that he was quite attracted to women. Again, he didn’t want to seem like a perv, but the way the woman dressed seemed to throw him off. It was as if she had wanted the mage to hit on her. Taking in a slight deep breath, so that he wouldn’t be caught into the beauty of the woman. He would say “Well I hope I don’t seem racist, but I’ve never met an Elf before in my life and I’ve been wondering what you guys are like. I’m kind of a scholar, as I constantly want to learn new things. Is it ok if we meet up in the future so that you can teach me of your culture?” Asked Zanto in a serious tone. His eyes avoiding anything below the neck of the girl.

After talking, his mind had wandered off into an abyss as he did his best to avoid staring at the woman. It wasn’t everyday you seen someone so beautiful in the town of Baska seeing as the town was pretty normal and basic every now and then.


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The Nature's Bonder
Unlike the man, she didn't realize the garments she sported were truly quite revealing, especially when her whole frame appears to be rather impressive, seeing she is very attentive to physical exercise and fitness, wanting to keep herself in shape and everything else. Additionally, genes gave her a rather voluptuous body too, one that a pervert would easily nosebleed at. It is only natural that the male feels the way he does.

Either way, Liana fails to notice the fact he was trying hard not to look down and only up at her eyes while he spoke to her. She listened to every single word of his, that smile of hers sending good vibes, so welcoming, so friendly, so caring-looking.

"Oh, it's not racist at all! I'm glad that you are interested in us. It doesn't need to be later either, I'm free if you'd like me to pass you my knowledge. No trouble at all, matter of fact, I shall use this as my rest."

She responds, giggling out a few times at her own words, normally not being the one to rest so soon, yet using this opportunity to cheat a little and stay absent from training. The young Sylvaine didn't imagine it would be for too long, either way. The man merely desired to know things.

"So why don't we both go and eat something while we talk? A meal is always the best company for any kind of conversation."

The late teenager suggests. She was indeed growing somewhat hungry, after all. It wouldn't hurt to sit down and fill up the stomach whilst trading words of knowledge.
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The Elf and Rage (Liana) Giphy

He was satisfied that the girl actually didn’t think that he was racist because it would have been quite a display if there was to be an argument. He studied the girl, she seemed to be so playful, energetic, and full of hope. He would actually wonder if she was a mage a not. Just because she was a musician didn’t mean that she necessarily had to be a mage. Looking over her body, though not in a sexual way. His eyes would come to lead him to her hips. A green symbol would be drawn on her left hip. A symbol that depicted a horse surrounded by a pair of wings. So, she indeed was a mage maybe? And a member of a guild no doubt. Blue Pegasus was a guild known throughout the whole world for their beauty, so he hadn’t found it surprising at all that the girl was apart of it. Her looks only made it seem even more natural.

“A bite to eat? I mean that’s a good idea, but I don’t even know your name. I’m Zanto, but you can simply call me Z.” Said the Mage as he gave the woman his name. Showing his signature smirk that would surely send chills out of her body. They wouldn’t leave just yet, as he would wait on the girl to give him her name. Plus, he didn’t want to pick the place to eat since she kind of suggested it.


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The Nature's Bonder
"Oh, right, how rude of me!"

She realizes her mistake at trusting people this much. Alisa had taught her well, yet the young Sylvaine keeps doing the same mistake. It was just to show how naturally kind and generous she was. Either way, a curt bow is offered at the man, a single palm coming to land above her chest before she ultimately proceeded to introduce herself.

"My name is Liana! You can also call me 'Lia' for short, if you'd like!" Once doing such, the girl's smile widens just a tad, his own smirk not at all sending chills across her body. It was just her nature. "It is nice to meet you, Zanto!" And with that done and over with, she looks around for a few moments, before turning her attention back to him.

"Do you have any specific place you'd like to go or are you new around Baska? I know quite a good number of cafés around here, if you prefer that I pick the one where we can have our meal."

Liana had a lot of names in her mind. It has almost been a month or so since she has been in Baska, surely she knows most of the town, if not all of it due to her like of exploration. For now, it was to wait for Zanto's response to her question. Perhaps he also had an idea of the town itself. Though, she must admit it's the first time she has seen him around, which raises some curiosity at the same time.
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Truthfully, everything had been going well. Zanto actually wanted to study this girl, to see what type of abilities she had solely from her race. But he felt as if he was coming on with something. As if a sickness was slowly making its way into his body and would come to take affect sooner or later. Maybe the Baska Illness had finally gotten to him and he was about to experience the drawbacks. Whatever it may be, he didn’t want to burden the girl to the point where she would contract the illness as well. “How about we take a rain check Liana? I’m feeling very sick to the stomach and if this is what I think it is then it is very contagious. You seem like a good person? Let’s vow to meet each other to the future!” Said Zanto as he held out his hand to be shaken.

If the girl would shake his hand, he would get up and go on his merry way back to his hotel room. Maybe to make his way to the Town of Oak as he really wanted to get out of Baska now. His path to success would finally begin.



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The Nature's Bonder
It was a shame.

She was growing hopeful that she was finally going to be able to share how interesting and beautiful the elven race is. Unfortunately, a sickness appeared to get in the way of all of that happening. Then again, it was understandable. While she didn't believe someone feeling very sick to the stomach would pass it to another, she didn't know that much about medicine either to successfully determine if it was true or not.

"Aww, I was hoping to talk to you about such a subject, but that's fine. You should indeed worry more about your health, mister Zanto. I'll be waiting for us to cross each other again. It was nice meeting you."

And with that said, she proceeds to extend out a hand of her own, accepting his for a shake before she solely observes him walk away. Certainly he wouldn't be the only one curious about what she is. Then again, this eventually allowed her to rest a little in order to resume her jog. That's exactly what she does.

With a smile on her face, Liana begins to pace herself forth once more, desiring to at least finish the exercise properly. Meanwhile, she begins to think about certain things, how the rest of her day shall go. The jogging shouldn't take any longer, and after it's time to rest a second time, it would probably be time to grab food for her and Esperia.

"I wonder what I should bring home for lunch..."

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