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Exploring Baska [Open Social]

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#1Theo Kaguya 

Exploring Baska [Open Social]  Empty Sat Jan 06, 2018 5:56 pm

Theo Kaguya
As T.K made his way from the train station he felt as if he had made the right choice in coming here to look for Isabella. He started off with the local shops as they would have been the first of her stops if Vulpix didn't run around first, as he went from shop to shop it felt like he was getting somewhere but nowhere at the same time Why didn't I ask for a location before she left? he asked himself walking down the streets getting little clues of where she might be. The young knight stopped at bar in hopes of taking a small break from looking for his sister "Never thought looking for Isabella would be so hard." he said aloud crossing Baska off his search list.

For some reason, he felt as if someone he knew was around but quickly dismissed the feeling when the sweet smell of a freshly baked pie was brought out, he made his way over to the bar "Hi could I have a slice of that pie and one cup of milk." he asked as some of the men at the bar looked at him with confusion and anger. Once he received his order it lasted all but two minutes in front of him This is so good I could eat this every day if I had to. he thought still sitting a the bar.


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Syliph slid into the bar, he might as well spend the last few hours of him remembering anything here, it seemed a little sad, but y'know, he felt like it was semi-worth it to spend these last few hours here, he'd never been here so he wouldn't remember anything, which wouldn't make him innocent, but a whole lot less guilty if things went south. Walking up to the bakery he bought a cupcake, the red-velvet cupcake was iced to look like a white rose, tiny edible pearls were scattered along the rim. Looking out the window he peered down the street watching the people wonder by, he was so lost in people watching he hardly noticed the other customer walk in and order pie and a glass of milk. Syliph hadn't even bit into his cupcake by the time the other customer had finished his pie. To anyone looking at Syliph, he'd look like someone contemplating life and death, someone contemplating the existence of the universe, someone thinking deep thoughts. Syliph's sense of space had now become nothing but haze, all he saw was haze, he wasn't thinking about of anything, he. was. just. there

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#3Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
After finishing his meal he checked his bag for his notebook "This is going in the book for sure!" he muttered taking it out and jotting down the mini event. After that he placed the notebook back in his bag, The young knight pulled out his list and looked over it once more as he thought to himself when something occurred to him knowing Isabella she's with Vulpix in a spa or something I'll check for that next. the thought was something that he never really took into consideration but when he got up to leave he noticed someone that looked rather odd. The person looked deep in thought but almost as if he was worried about something so like the kind person that he is T.K made his way to him "Umm excuse me sir you look like your having a rough day, can I help in any way?" he asked with a cheerful smile on his face tapping the man's back. Just remember T.K if he's drunk just help him out him back to his home. he told himself just in case it was one of those days for him but the odds of that happening were rather slim.


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Syliph was utterly lost in thought, so much so that he barely felt the tap. The haze instantly parted and Syliph heard the stranger's words. "Oh, I'm fine, just lost in thought is all." Syliph responded. Syliph didn't really cared how this conversation ended, it was unlikely that'd he'd even remember it. If the conversation turned into a brawl, oh well. if the two strangers happened to become friends too bad. Syliph didn't really care at the moment, he was in a funk, so his only hope was to shove the stranger off, he didn't want to hurt the stranger in the long run. But whether or not the stranger was persistent was not up to Syliph, if he chose to stay, the conversation was going to be walking on new territory, if the stranger left, Syliph would sit there, lost in thought as he had been earlier.

Syliph sat there, finally taking a bite out of his cupcake, it happened to be one of the best confectionery treats that happened to exist, maybe he'd get to experience it twice?

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#5Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
For some reason, T.K felt as if the man was hiding something I could push the conversation but then he might get upset hmmm oh I know. he had made a sure-fire plan that could help the man "Sorry to ask but can I sit with you?" he asked the man in hopes he could help clear his thoughts "Umm...my-my name's T.K, wh-whats yours if you don't mind telling me?" the shyness within him started to show as he gave his name to the man. Even though he knows this might end up turing into a fight he would much rather try and help the man than leave him the way that he was, it's more of a personal thing than anything else, to say the least. If the man allowed T.K to sit next to him would order another pie but if he didn't then he would pull out a photo of him and Isabella to show him and get more information on her whereabouts. The young knight really didn't want to fight the man if it leads to that in any case.


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Syliph nodded his head when the stranger asked if he could sit down. He then introduced himself as TK, Syliph responded quietly with not even looking that much. ”my name is Zear.” TK ordered another pie as he set next to Syliph, who still silently stared out the window and took small bites out of his cupcake. The silence was awkward as the two sat there, TK seemed like the helpful kind, he seemed like that selfless person who would see a homeless man and give him all his money. What would Syliph be like when he lost his memory? He continually asked himself that question over and over.

Finally he finished his cupcake and stood up for a moment to throw it away before he sat back down. Deciding to strike up a bit of a conversation he asked TK a question. ”so why are you here in Baska?” he said. And while it was a rather simple question, there were many answers to be given. Syliph had wanted to be somewhere new, somewhere with little memories, and Baska happened to be just the right place, he’d never been here so what was he to lose?

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#7Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
T.K ate his pie in two bites and didn't then realized he could have offered Syliph some Focus T.K your here to help him! he told himself as he was asked his reason for being in Baska "Well I'm looking for my older sister...we kinda went our went off on our own and I haven't heard anything from her for quite some time now." talking about his sister made it seems as if she had gone off the deep end and he needs to help get back on track, the young knight pulled out a photo of the two of them and showed it to Syliph "That's us on my birthday. You haven't seen her around here have you?" the more he talked about her the more he felt something bad has happened even though he knew she could handle herself. T.K wanted to put a smile on the man's face and it felt like he was getting close to brightening his day but even if its just a little. Okay I did not think this out too well. he thought placing the photo back in his bag and putting a fake smile on his face.


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Syliph raised an eyebrow as T.K pulled out a picture and showed it to him, it was supposedly his sister and he was looking for her here in Baska, which seemed kind of odd, but people chose to go to places like this all the time, even though it made very little actual sense to do this, but Syliph didn't really mind. T.K obviously wanted to find her, so much he had trouble hiding it on his face, Syliph needed to find his own sister, Elexia, but at the current moment he had no idea what was going to go down after he lost his memory. "Sorry, I haven't seen her,
I really hope you find her. If you're a mage there a plenty of tracking spells you could probably find."
Syliph mentioned, then thinking harder, he spoke again, "And if you're not a mage there are plenty of mages around who will gladly make you some sort of tracker, but it'll probably cost a decent amount of jewels for them to make it for you." Syliph looked out the window, maybe this wouldn't be the worst, goodbye conversation.

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#9Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
T.K laughed as Syliph gave him advice on what to do "I'm sorry but it just I wanted to make you smile but it looks like my plan backfired." which was true as he felt better and hopefully so did Syliph. The young knight wanted to know what weighed on his mind but at the same time wanted to make sure that when they parted ways that both of them would part in high spirits I should get back to looking for Bell and maybe try out what Mr. Syliph suggested, he thought getting up and to check the time.

He ordered two more pie's and asked for them to be boxed up "Mr. Zear I would like you to have these as a token of our meeting and for giving me advice." he was happy that he was able to meet someone so kind and helpful. T.K smiled as he handed the pies to him, this meeting had helped him see knights can do more than just enforce the law and protect everyone.

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TK had tried to give Syliph something to smile about and apparently it had backfired. ”oh, you actually made me feel a lot better, thanks TK. “ He said. TK even went as far as to give Sylioh our as a parting gift, Sylioh smiled, taking the boxed pie in his hands. ”your small gesture was greatly appreciated TK, even though it’s been nice getting to meet and know you, I have to leave but I’m going to ask you something. If you ever cross my path again I would like you to start up a conversation with me, I probably won’t rwmwmber you, I hope we can meet again one day TK. “ Syliph smile and exited the shop. Even though the part about how he was going to lose his memory was a Lie, he was hopeful that TK would cross his path again one day, and he hoped their conversation happened to be brighter and friendlier.

Even though Sylioh hated the holy and rune knights, he had just unknowingly made friends with one.


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#11Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
T.K thanked the server for the food and allowing him hang around for so long when they were packed with other customers. After hearing what Syliph was going to do he felt like he was going to lose someone that important to him even though they had just meat less than a few minutes ago Maybe next time Bell will be with me and then we can all have pie and cake, he thought when something reminded him of a watch list they went over but couldn't fully remember what it was about so he let it go. Once Syliph left the young knight soon followed "I hope we meet again as well and next time I'll have more pie." he felt happy that he could help someone out of a bad day. With that, the young knight went back to looking for his sister around town Today has been a good day. he thought walking to the nearest inn "Hi room for one please." and with that, he had a good hour before he continued his search but more than likely would wait until the next day. As T.K laid in bed he crossed off all the shops that he visited today and made small notes next to them.

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