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Fantastic Fabrics [Sage|Quest]

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#1Sage † 

Fantastic Fabrics [Sage|Quest] Empty Sat Jan 06, 2018 1:42 am

Sage †
Sage was walking under the cold morning sun, he just had his breakfast and he was happy as a 15-year-old boy can ever be. The fresh air around him build a 'mood' in him and he felt like doing something new, something he had never done before. Sage happened to cross the town's quest board. Sage then decided to take a look at it and he noticed a really bright pink flier that surely no one can avoid looking at it. Sage's hand was in the pocket as it was cold, really cold as it was winter. Sage took his hand out of his pockets and reached the pink flier, they are copies of the same fliers all around him so he guesses that it is ok just to take one out of all of them. Sage read the flier and it says that someone named Fernando who is a boutique owner is searching for someone to do something for him and there's also rewards awaiting people. Not holding back, Sage knew instantly what he should do and where he should go. He has to go to the boutique and the only problem is that he doesn't know where the boutique is. Then Sage noticed that there is a picture of the boutique in the flier, now that he has a hint, Sage started moving. He got back to the main street and as people are passing him by, Sage tried to ask them if they have ever seen a boutique like those in the flier. Sage stopped a man with unique fashion clothes because it was obvious that the man should know every single boutique in Baska.

"Would you kindly show me where I can find this boutique mister?" Sage asked the man while pointing his finger at the boutique picture in the flier. Looking again at the man in the eye, Sage hopes that he knows where the place is, Sage was silently praying that he knows. "Oh yeah, I know that place, just head down that road and turn left and you'll find it there." Sage heart leaps with joy he hugged the man, probably shocking him, Sage then leaves and run down the road. He hasn't done any quests for awhile so this made him feel very excited to do one. At a corner, Sage turned left like what the man told him to, Sage isn't running anymore and he was tired of those running before. Sage walked slowly towards the boutique, he could see it not far from him, maybe a couple more steps. When Sage was in front of the boutique, he pushes the glass door open and a heat wave hit him, it was warm, so warm that Sage forget it was winter for a second. Sage entered the boutique and closes the door to stop the heat from escaping. As Sage was about to take off his jacket another man did it for him.

WC: 501/1000

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Sage †
As Sage turn around to see who took off his jacket for him, he said "thank you." and he could see someone dressed in pink and his fashion sense is like someone from a rich family who handles fashion show every week. The man said, "Oh you are very welcome, how can I help you?" he asked politely after placing Sage's jacket on a jacket holder next to the door. The boutique seems empty for the moment, only staffs could be seen doing their job arranging piles of clothes and cleaning the place. Sage focused back to the man dressed in pink and think back why he was there, then he remembered about the pink flier. "Here, I think you are looking for someone to do a quest right?" Sage said while holding the pink flier mid-air in front of the man. "Oh that flier, I'm the one that's asking for help, my name is Fernando Milano, owner of this boutique," Fernando said as soon as he notices the pink flier. "Follow me if you wish to help," Fernando said and walked off, Sage followed him. "Here are some of my collection of fabrics," Fernando said while pointing at all the fabrics in the shop. "But I need a rather rare one that could be found at a flea market and the price is very high." Fernando continues, "Aha! This is one off the example of the fabric I need, now take this money and buy me some." Fernando said as they stumbled on a set of fabrics, they are a lot of them to remember but Sage is good at memorising, he took the money and left to the flea market. At first, Sage doesn't have any clue on where he could find a flea market and the money Fernando gave to him is just a lot, and it is because Sage has to buy a lot of expensive fabrics.

Sage read a signpost saying where a flea market was at. Sage when there and there are lots of things that are sold but Sage has to keep an eye on fabrics, especially rare ones like the ones Fernando showed him. After scanning through stores Sage bought a few fabrics that look like they have high qualities and are of course, expensive to Sage which is why he was lucky to have the money that Fernando gave to him. At the end of the day, Sage was holding bags, shopping bags filled with fabrics and they are heavier than what Sage could actually hold, but Sage just carry it to the boutique just so that Sage could earn some money to travel again. While Sage was walking, it was already night time and he was on quite a busy street and people were just looking at him and some are sorry for him and others just thought how weird Sage was carrying lots of bags by showing weird faces. When Sage arrived at the store, Fernando was happy to see Sage but actually he likes to see the farics more, Fernando gave Sage the money and Sage quickly walk to his home so he could crash in his bed.

WC: 537
T WC: 1038

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