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Foundation of the Rune Knights [Akira]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
The recent headache and pains have caused Lee to grow accustom again to this. It felt like memory lane only it was her stomach and feeling like she was dying not able to eat anything of solid food except for that one thing she wished to never mention again. Again, the young girl felt sluggish and slow. She was having visions from something. Today, a tall, male white haired kitsune remained with the roughed-out redhead. He wore a top hat and strange steampunk themed clothing. Where as Lee, wore her black jacket and black outfit not feeling herself this morning. Unlike most people, she held a strange look to her. Alien at most. That of her right side of her face, neck, and full left arm was of a disgusting gray-purple color. It was not a natural apperance at that. With that came a strange eye color for her left eye. That of a ghoul's, a red ring with the background of being black. The rest was just a basic redheaded Neko.

Apparance without the Neko ears and tail:

The young Neko was most really not her usually snarky, sarcastic and serious self. She was sluggish. Hans, the kitsune, stared down at his lover really worried. He was not one to take things seriously unless if it came to LeeAnn. "It's quite normal to feel headaches with visions. If I may ask, what are they about" he asked. She remembered her last one was of a fiend standing tall and with fire surrounding hte area. On the ground lied one of her family members, she could not tell of which they were. A demonic voice saying to be careful or something. "Honestly, I dont know something with a fiend and fire with a dead body he was standing over. That of the same blood I am" she spoke. Right away, he already knew who was behind or thought.

He held his arm around his fiance and smiled. "I see. Let's enjoy our walk besides we need to enjoy each other's company and Abra's as well" he said. They completely forgotten their beloved companion, Abra, a Umbreon that was a service specialist in train combat and serviing those with severe PTSD. They stopped by a window full of products of newly carved weapons those of a blacksmith. Silver magic swords and bounded essence of a cursed dagger was placed into the window still for display. They were a fancy price. One a noble could afford or Lee could right now. LeeAnn sighed. "The Council is not too happy with my performance as a Seated Knight.
They say I need to stop raising my hosptial bills and start working reason why I took on an apprentice. I wonder if there is any new knights joined lately"
she said.

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#2Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Her thumb stroked the sharp edge, gingerly. The girl sneakily shot a glance at the shopkeeper who seemed busy with some papers. She bit her lips nervously and unable to help herself she decided to take a chance and ignore the 'do not touch' sign. After convincing herself that the owner looked inattentive enough, she carefully picked the weapon off of the stand.

It looked rather well-made, a very sharp top, her thumb tested it, slowly teasing the point, it almost cut her. Her eyes scanned the sleek body, with razor sharp edges, the slit-like ridge in the middle and then a dark grey-black hilt, so gracefully carved. It was so... pristine, she wondered why it was being sold off so cheaply. Her fingers that closed around the handle, found the answer. She felt some scratches, etches of some sort, on one side. Almost despairing to have picked something that was damaged, she glanced down to check. What she found, was a tiny inscription When darkness falls, beauty is lit from within. Wield your weapon my love...

She knew it! She knew there was a reason the tiny weapon called out to her. She assumed maybe it was because it was the only one within her budget... But it was more. This explained why it was cheaper, it must be second hand, it looked like it was a gift from a loved one. As she grinned, in her own head she made up stories about the dagger... Her glazed eyes absently stared at the two outside, the ones staring in through the glass pane, the woman mostly garbed in black much like Akira herself, they made ideal characters for he imagined fables. She imagined the strange looking woman to be the one receiving the gift, probably struggling with her demon's inside, just like Akira was, both literally and figuratively.

A sharp yell broke her from her reverie. 'Put that down now, can't you read the sign?' the shopkeeper yelled. 'Are you trying to steal? THIEF! THIEF!' he cried out, purposefully waddling towards her. 'She quickly set the dagger back down and held up her hands defensively. 'No no, you don't understand, I intend to purchase that dagger! I've been accepted as a Rune Knight, I was just browsing for wea-' she tried to scream over him, but he was having none of it, he shook his balding head. 'I'm sure you can't even afford the sheath of that dagger, you don't look like a Rune Knight to me, get outta here!'

She felt so attached to that weapon... And attachment was a rare thing for her. Her frustration was beginning to take hold of her, an inexplicable anger, urges... urges that made her want to do things that would only prove this owner right, she had to get a grip. But she hated being treated like dirt, wildly, as more crazy thoughts consumed her, she snapped her head back to the window, like she was wondering if there would be any witnesses. But, her eyes widened when she took a closer look at the woman's face and a surge of empathy, calmed her. Akira wondered if like her, the woman outside often got stared down by people, with pity... with disgust. That woman seemed tired, but she still had someone by her side... Was there hope, then?

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#3Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
She and Hans witnessed and sensed something was not right of what they were watching. A girl just wanted to look at the dagger. Her instincts told her to help. Something the normally does not happen that often. A seed of empathy and compassion rang into the neko's heart causing her to go in. One thing her family was known for was the name they made themselves. Anyone who knew of the name Nakamura, knew all too well to stay away or else. They were a scary bunch if you messed with their kin. Her family worked like a lion pride, stuck together and closely too. LeeAnn, as the newly founded head of the family made a name for herself thanks to her rich heritage.

Money was at least no issue, but it was moral behind spending the money. To make someone's day, being the outside was all too real for the couple. Many people denied her because of her looks and there were many set backs to her life since she was saved by her fiance years ago and growing very ill. That was something she did not want for this girl. Lee and Hans entered the establishment and immedately they were looked at. The tired and frail woman looked at the girl and then look at the merchant. "You you call theif. She merely wanted to look at it,
sheesh harsh on the poor lass"
she replied, defending the girl. Hans stood next to her as the kistune just watched everything unfold. The merchant was scowled at the redhead's comment."This girl is nothing but a common thief. Just look at her and besides why would I take someone's opinion from the likes of you" he said. LeeAnn only lifted an eyebrow only giving a tiring sigh.

"Is that how you talk to everyone old man? I am surprised with your attitude you keep this crummy place open" she gave an extremely rude attitude, just to piss him off. It worked like a charm. The old fellow blew his top starting to swear words at the redhead. Personally, Lee was toying with him much like a cat with its dead prey. "You all shall burn in the depths of hell and starting with you redhead! I will make sure to report you to the Rune Knights" he scowled. Fairly, he did not know who she was. LeeAnn slammed her hand on the table. "Do you know WHO you are talking to? The head of the Nakamura family and Seated Knight. I can simply place you in jail for illegal blackmarket and I have my connections and witness personally with my fiance who has seen you smuggle illegal and forgien magic items banned by the magic council" she said. The man grew quiet and started to form a cold sweat. Lee did not like waving her rank and family name around like a flag. It was not in her nature, but she would use it from time to time to get through certain situations and her family knew it. "I-I am so sorry ma'am and please have the sword for free" she said nervously. LeeAnn gave him a cold look and unsheathed her claws with three wolverine-like sharp knives on both of her hands. "Good and you should learn a valuable lesson in customer service. Next time I will have your hide and feed you to the ghouls" she said. Hiding her claws now, she looked at the girl and moved her head to go outside away from prying eyes. With Hans and Abraxas, the Umbreon, following them. In a private quaters in an alley way, Lee leaned against the wall with her two followers sitting down. "You alright, kid? That guy can be really rude. He's perhaps the pickiest shopkeeper ever. Makes a living off of illegal goods and selling them to the dark guilds for a pretty penny. Rune Knights are to get him soon" she said. Making sure the girl was okay, from the looks of it she just seemed a bit stressed, but good at that. "The names LeeAnn Nakamura, Seated Knight. Pleasure to meet you.
I assume your a new knight from the looks of it"
she said.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#4Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
On a usual day, she would have turned around and lashed out, denied the help, denied the pity... But for once, the one aiding her seemed to be doing so from a place of too empathy. Maybe Akira imagined it, but with the way things appeared, she was fairly certain this woman had seen her own fair share of pity and of being deemed unworthy, on assumptions. The even tone with which she initially addressed the man, giving him a chance, to not make the mistake that everyone does... but he did it anyways. Akira sighed, when he outlined how she and the woman who had just defended her, had no business being here.'Thanks for tryi-' she muttered almost under her breath, not wanting to drag the woman into any sort of trouble because of her.

But, like the man, she too was guilty of the underestimating the one beside her, guilty of assumption based on the cover, but at least Akira hadn't judged her, or written her off. Her eyebrow rose when the shop was called crummy, almost nonchalantly. That's when Akira watched her carefully, scanned her belongings, this one was one to look out for, she was no civilian pacing through the dark streets, unaware and vulnerable, like the shopkeeper made the mistake of thinking. His threats got vigorous. 'I'm standing right here, I'm part of the kni-' she tried again, in vain and was quickly spoken over by stranger, this time revealing her identity.

Akira wasn't from here, but she had heard of the Nakamura family, she knew of the seated knight... LeeAnn... could it have been? Did she really run into such a high ranking officer on her first night in Baska? Akira knew better than to think this was a lie, she didn't want to think that way... because seeing her on top, as a seated knight, gave Akira a surge of hope, one she could use. Her eyes shone with admiration. For the most part, she'd joined the knights out of desperation, but to see a spark of acceptance of diversity from the group, was heart warming, maybe she had a real chance of becoming more than what she had always been reduced to...

When her defender went on to elaborate to the man,the precise things that would happen to him, the revelation was that his shop was in fact part of black trade. Akira wondered if she was going to get into trouble after all, trouble did seem to find her. But it didn't look that way. The man offered the dagger for free and Akira looked up to see how LeeAnn would react to what looked like a bribe to let him off the hook. Is that how he was running this shop? Paying off the knights? Her deduction seemed to be getting stronger when LeeAnn seemed ok with that arrangement.

Her growing faith began to dwindle, like it always did. A fresh reminder as to why she should never assume... Not the best or the worst about anyone. For the moment she bit her lip. The shine in her eyes waned, one way or another she learned something from this. Maybe this was a lesson in how things really worked... Lost in thought, she followed her saviors out. When LeeAnn asked if Akira was alright, the young girl responded with a curt nod. The woman went on to explain the kind of man he was and that he was scheduled for a clearance... soon. The teen wanted to know why it hadn't already happened, but thought better of it.

'Akira Shimada.' she introduced herself softly, looking down at the dagger. 'I suppose we win the battle and the war then...' she stated, mumbling. Maybe this man was just a small fish to get some bigger fish... The only thing Akira had now, was doubt. The murky doubt of reality that always followed her around. The layered shades of grey was all she got... while she craved for white and was cursed with black darkness inside her. She slid the weapon into her ankle strap. 'I'm a rookie, orientation tomorrow, I better get going...' she said, a little dryly, consciously reserving judgement, hoping that the next time they cross paths, Akira won't have to wonder about corruption and will have some more insight and some answers. 'Thanks you, good night.' she added from a distance.

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