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Practical Use [Quest T.K]

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Practical Use [Quest T.K] Empty Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:41 pm

Theo Kaguya
T.K was making his way back to the inn when one of the knights gave him a letter asking him to help out with something "Just when I thought I could go look for Isabella." he sat around his room messing with his hair and writing down all the places that she could be Okay I'll be sure to check all the places when this is over then move to the others if she's not here. he thought to himself remembering that he had to meet the knight from the letter in few minutes. After rushing to get ready the young knight made his way downstairs when he remembered that he still needed to get dinner for the night, I should do that now before I forget again. he made his way to the closest dinner to get his food and still had a second before the met up.

The young knight made his way over to the magic drug shop via request from one of the knights he met on arriving in Magnolia, the request was simple and rather easy as it was merely testing a new shield "Shouldn't be that hard I mean its simple." he said as the knight that told him walked him over to the shop 'Oh no just wait and see for your self.' the knight said pushing him through the doors and running down the street "Umm okay. Excuse me, anyone, home?" he asked looking around the old shop taking in the smells of different magic potions that had been made recently. T.K continued to look around the shop until he saw what looked like a brain, hand foot, and eye in one a large jar of liquid "Oh lord that's...soo gross." he muttered as something cold and lifeless touched his shoulder, 'Hello there are YOU here to help test?!' the voice had a crack in it followed by a rather creepy tone something told the young knight to turn around but he had to if it was Khalash and with any luck it was him "Oh its only you Mr. Khalash." by the way the knight that brought him here was talking T.K thought he was a one of your run of the mil super weird shop keepers. After getting the rundown what the task was in greater detail the young knight and the shopkeep made their way to the back of the store where he had made a small testing ground for them. 'Hold this would you?' he said tossing T.K the shield only for him to barely catch it So this is it looks like a normal shield to me. he thought examing it "Umm Mr. Khalash do you really think it can-" before he could finish a fireball went flying at him "Ahaaa! what was that!?." the shield actually managed to stop the spell  'sorry but do you think anyone is going to tell you heads up in a fight?' the old man had a point but a heads up would have been rather nice.

Khalash started to prep a much stronger spell to use which placed a little fear in T.K but what could happen it was a test after all "Okay just focus you got this." he muttered to himself as Khalash launched the spell at full power knocking the young knight across the room into a closet filled with documents Man this shield can take a beating he thought looking at it. 'Handover the shield youngster' without a second thought T.K through the shield hitting the old man in the face "Oh I'm soo sorry here let me help you. spaced out for a second so sorry." the old man got back up holding his noise 'Just get ready to attack me will ya.' with that he stood across the room and closed his eyes and drew a cross in the air you can do this just like dad showed you T.K he thought back to when his father was still teaching him how to control his magic and fired a beam hitting the shield dead center pushing Khalash into his office 'Okay were done here thanks for ya help youngster!' he shouted from his office. T.K took a deep breath and smiled as he left the shop, as he was heading back to the inn the knight from before 'Hey T.K how it go?' he asked "I just..need some..re..." the young knight collapsed to the floor. The next day he woke up in the Magnolia Rune Knight branch "Wh-what happened why am I here?" he asked looking at his arms and hands 'You passed out while walking back to the inn turns out he just used too much magic while helping that shopkeep and I brought you here.' T.K's face turned bright red as he never thought that would happen to him again  "Thanks for the help but I should get a head start on looking for my sister." a kind smile made its way to his face. After making sure that everything was all set for him to go on his mini-quest even though he knew that Isabella would be out somewhere shopping or doing Isabella type thing.

With His bags packed, T.K thanked the innkeepers for letting stay as long as he did "Thank you again for all your hospitality hope to see you again!" the cheerful Knight made his way to some of his favorite shops buying food for his travels and just to stop by one more time. I can't wait to see will happen next for me! he thought placing a hand on his chest with hope that he will surpass his father  and sister someday soon if he keeps up training and working on his people skills, The young knight truly felt like he was on top of the world with another solo mission done with little protest from himself or anyone that gave the mission. I wonder what Isabella is doing right now I hope she's taking care of Vulpix and herself he asked himself while making his way to the town exit.

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