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Talk it Out [Kon & Alice: Quest]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
Less than three months made her lazy and that was not even possible. Taking two new charges, figuring out how this all worked with Jupiter and trying to find two people. Alice was tired. The thing was that she was getting married, rather soon if you asked her and she had not even been able to tell Selena or Eva and it was getting frustrated. She considered a lot of the people that she knew as friends but not really.. bridesmaid material. She didn't want to ask Kon if he already had a best man because that might simply turn out depressing. She sighed and was walking back and forth in the bedroom, she had cramp in her legs for walking too much and yet sitting. This state of her life was confusing. She was reading something and simply trying to do some activity.

She was followed by the eyes of her companions that didn't say anything. She noticed them, she noticed her thoughts, she didn't notice what she was actually trying to read so in the end she simply shut the book and set down on the chair in the bedroom, "Right." she whispered out loud to herself, she should go and eat something.. would roomservice make her too lazy? Just when she was about to get up and open the door to get food, there was a loud knock. She looked at her companions and tried to get up quickly, another knock. Great another quest perhaps! Which actually made her happy to do something! But where was Kon? She couldn't do this alone! Perhaps he was getting breakfast? Did he say that to her, had she not listened? Oops.. perhaps?

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A light drizzle felt upon him as he started walked through the streets back to the inn from the Baskan church. As he made his way to the establishment, he paused for a moment removing his sunglasses and threw on the hood of his cloak hoping to avoid the worst of the rain. He was starting to get weighted down a fair amount and when he reached their room he would have to reorganise what he wore and perhaps more importantly how he wore it. The issue stemmed from the satchel he had started carrying around and the new weapon he had acquired interfering with one another. The positions of things weren’t just the only awkward thing as the gun was huge in size bigger than himself, roughly a third more. How he would deal with that he didn’t know perhaps someone else would be able to solve his problem for him.

His presence did not go unnoticed by both the general public and the innkeeper who made comments reminding him to be careful not to hit the roof of his inn. Waving away his concerns he reached his room and with his hands otherwise full he stuck the door with a portion of short section. No response was made suggesting that Alice wasn’t home or otherwise preoccupied because of this, he sat the cross down to the right side of the door creating another loud thump before opening the door himself.”Alice?, Alice?, Are you here?, I have something I need to show you.” As he entered the room he pulled the cross with him from the longer section. “Say Hello to the latest addition to my arsenal, The punisher…” Recognising the ridiculous portions of the weapon continued. “It’s a bit uhh big but I think I can manage it eventually…”


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Adelaide Sokolov
Finally she got up and managed to get towards the door and get the letter that the delivery boy was bringing. She had closed the door, walk back into the middle of the room and moved the letter from front to back to see to who it was addressed, to the two of them and who had written it. It was the doctor, as was usual the last couple of days. She heard a thump and looked up at Hecate and Jupiter who stared at the door, she had again totally missed everything that was going on at the moment. She had not even opened the letter and was already distracted, really good job Alice.

But she smiled happily when Kon entered, that smile faltered a little when she noticed the huge cross that he seemed to be carrying, "Please tell me that's not decoration?" she said softly because that would not come in her house, shame she didn't really have a house it was Kon's but beside the point for the matter! But he mentioned arsenal and she quickly threw the letter on the bed and stared at it, "It's a weapon?" she said immediately interested, because yeah it was Alice. She used to have an eye for such things and get obsessed but mostly by swords, daggers, armour and spears but this was interesting. "It looks amazing. So how does it work and how did you get it?" She said looking at it as she had walked a few steps closer, looking at the thing. Since it was already taller than Kon was.. it made her feel small. Hecate didn't even dare to get close to it and Jupiter didn't seem to like it in the first place but too curious.

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Rather than greeting Kon just as he had neglected to greet her, he indirectly answered her question about the cross made clear by his wording regarding it as a weapon rather than a ornament. He knew that it would garner her attention given her liking towards weapons but guns less so showing instead a fondness for swords and most recently spears. Her favouritism for those types of weapons would work in Kon’s favor as he prefered more long range style fighting while his summonings and companions be them man or otherwise fought hand to hand.

While she did take note of the beauty in such a weapon she seemed concerned about how the cross worked and where he had acquired it in the first place. “Simple enough there’s two sides to this monolith, the short end is a rocket launcher, powerful but low capacity requiring a large amount of time to recharge, on the other longer side.” To illustrate the abilities of his gun, he flicked the handle causing the cross to immediately open and reveal the rocket launcher section. “While on the opposite side of the cross is the rifle section, here I’ll show you.”

Flicking the handle once more the rocket section closed and the rifle section opened in its place. “The rifle is more for single focus long range shots but can be used for quick consequential fire at a cost of damage per bullet, Another benefit of this gun is that it can use three different elements, light for traditional demon slaying, fire for lycan and the occasional nature sprite and non-elemental for everything in between.”

Scratching his chin, he asked her for some advice. “So I’ve hit a snag, recently I’ve started wearing a satchel so I can carry around bits and bobs but now with this gun I can’t really do it if I want to have that slung on my back as well otherwise I get all tangled up, Can you think of any way that I could still have the satchel?, I’m thinking of attaching it to my belt instead so I can have it to my side….”

He was getting too caught up in himself and everything almost enough to not notice what Alice was carrying, a distinct letter from the Doctor. His tone changed dramatically as his focused change onto the letter away from everything else in the room. “So the doctor needs us once more hopefully it will be to put a stop to this gang once and for all…” His anger towards the doctor stemmed from the man’s refusal for Kon and in part Alice to remove them from the lands, perhaps the doctor had come to his senses only after reading the letter would they know.


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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was really interested in the gun that Kon had well gotten, which he had not answered later when she asked him how he got it, but she was sure it was fine. She simply had no feeling for guns, that didn't mean she didn't found it interesting. She raised her eyebrow up in a way of being surprised that it was also a rocket launcher. Wow, the weapons they made nowadays. She simply stood there, with a smile on her face, watching Kon explain how the punisher worked. Again; what a name to weapons these days. She nodded when he showed her, shortly wondering how much it would cost to buy such a thing, considering they were saving. But she lightly shook her head to get the selfish thought out of her mind.

The good thing was how excited he was about the whole thing, she had not gotten the idea that he had liked the sword she had seen him use only a couple of times. She could count it on one hand.. two times perhaps? She nodded when he explained the way the rifle section, the whole idea of having multiple elements was something she really appreciated, "Seems like a good thing to add to your arsenal." She went to sit on the bed, because standing up too long made her tired and other things. She took the letter in her hands without noticing.

She turned her gaze from the punisher towards Kon as he asked her for some advice and she frowned a little, "Hmm," she mostly wore a backpack but that was still a problem, the satchel might get slung towards the back by caring such a weapon, "Don't you think it would be too big to simply strap to your belt?" she asked because if not, well she didn't see why not. "There aren't smart ideas popping in my mind," Which made sense for Kon usually came up with the ideas and she with the strength behind the action, "Depending on what you carry, I would think about a jacket with good pockets or perhaps make sure that the satchel would be attached in such a way to belt, jacket or whatsover that it cant fall of your shoulder towards your back but strap it over your shoulder only so it keeps your back clear for that thing.."

While she was still thinking about solutions, Kon mentioned the letter and she looked at it, he instantly recognized the symbol of the hospital, "Oh yeah, I actually planned to open it before you came in." which she did now to get it over with. Her open expression quickly changed into a frowned one, "It's unbelievable, he wants us to go and talk to the Cold Colliers leader and ask him to stop what he is doing. Really.. only talk to him. I don't even think that would work. We should arrest this man, he is poisoning the waters!" the doctor should know better. She held out the letter for Kon to read himself. She was sure he wouldn't be satisfied by the task given. "He wants to meet us to discuss the quest."

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His remarks about the weapon had caused her to sway towards his point of view if she was seeing it from another perspective it wasn’t clear. Hopefully she’d recognise that due to the shape of the weapon the origin of it would be clear, being the church and the holy knights of course. The matter of how he had acquired the weapon in the first place might leave her to question his spending wanting to ensure that there was no misunderstanding about the finances, he halted to conversation before allowing her to continue. “Ah yes I forgot to mention, this was a gift given to me by our new friends…” Alice was likely eager to receive her own but that would take some time, scratching his chin, he looked at his heavily pregnant wife to be. “Perhaps they don’t feel comfortable giving a person in her position an artefact just yet…” He thought to himself, shaking his head to separate thoughts from spoken words he continued. “Don’t worry I’m sure they have plans for you not just with things like this but more importantly your ability that the Illumin grants you, similar to my own but unique to you.”

Alice’s comments about his suggest of changing his satchel from shoulder strap to belt was sound as it was rather bulky perhaps he could replace it for something a bit more slim after all it’s not like he needed all the stuff, besides he could always line his pockets with the stuff in the bag. Outside of recommending against his idea, Alice’s own weren’t all that helpful either, sighing he looked down at the cross once more and muttered under his breath. “Looks too big anyway for me to carry on my back anyway, I’ll hit someone over the head eventually…”

Needing to give it some more thought he’d opt to just simply carry the cross like another prominent religious figure on his shoulder rather then his back until then though he would leave it on the ground as Alice and him spoke onward about the letter. The contents quickly read by Alice didn’t put him in the best of moods not even wanting to read it for himself. “We’re suppose to talk him down?, it’s clear as day that there’s no backing down, we should just arrest him god damn it.”


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Adelaide Sokolov
Not entirely sure what she thought about the whole cross, it only looked very unpractical in size but apart from that it seemed a very interesting weapon. She would consider herself a close ranged combat person with the spears and swords that she used to use, which brought her shortly back into the emotional state of losing her beloved items and magic, but she wouldn't dwell in it too long. "Oh that's friendly." she said surprised when Kon told her that he got it from their new friends. She couldn't help but smile because it sounded funny and apart from that she was happy that they seemed to consider things for them. The eye and the punisher, it was very kind in her opinion. She looked up from her fiddling hands with the letter when Kon said she shouldn't worry about being left out in a way, "But I just joined?" she said surprised that she would be able to keep that in mind. She simply nodded, yes, the news that they were both vessles for Seraphim was a bit weird to her still. For a second she wondered what Lacie would say to that but she obviously didn't want to think about it after what her sister had done, "But I'm happy for you that you got it." also because he looked genuine happy with it.

She had offered the letter to Kon to read it but he declined as the whole message didn't make him very happy. She would take some time to stand up again, with the heavy pregnant stomach, it would even get worse considering she was not there yet, "Well we can always talk to the doctor and try to convince him. Apart from that we can take the job, perhaps we can simply arrest them in our own name, apart from the quest if we can't convince doctor Gerard?" She suggested, because she surely did agree with Kon and she was sure he knew that as well. "Come on, let's at least try and talk to the doctor."

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Tonight was just like any other saturday night at Baska town, the citizens of the town were gathering outside the entrance to the Great Baska rock, within this crowd was a golden haired mage whose identity was concealed by a black cloak stretching from the top of his head with the hood affixed to the cape, down to his knees. It seemed however that Alice had not been properly informed about the Holy Knights at least with what their members had access to. “Even though you’ve just joined the knights, you should have received an ability, they call it a geass perhaps something within you is preventing it from sprouting….sprouting?, is that the right word, I don’t know…” trailing off as he finished.

For now the concern would not be on either of them or even his new toy but rather their client, Doctor Gerard and his peaceful ideals. He was glad in some ways that Alice shared his views with this matter clearly finding that the gang would be better removed from the face of the world whether placed in jail or killed off which one he couldn’t let just yet.

Rather bring up the awkward morale issue, Kon merely nodded in agreement with her suggestion to try and convince the doctor, he felt that there would no real way to change the man’s opinion. “Right okay, let’s go then off to convince the doctor…” Looking down at his cross he weighed up whether or not to bring it opting to bring it but this time just simply carry it over his shoulder with the longest portion pointing out behind him about a meter and a half with the rest of the gun being held in front using both of his hand right in the handle and left behind the cross-section closest to him.

Picking up the cross, he spoke to Alice with his back to her as it would have otherwise stuck her turning around. “Come Alice let’s show him the way.” The tone he used was threatening to say the least with his sheer presence compounding the domineering aura that he was grow seemingly every day.


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Adelaide Sokolov
She was wearing a cloak as well, her bright orange hair shouldn't be spotted as they made their way towards the hospital. However people that knew her would recognize her because she was followed by her two faithful companions: Hecate and Jupiter. They were on their way towards the hospital as she had confinced Kon to go on and try to convince the doctor about not simply trying to talk Cold Colliers about the whole ordeal but simply arrest them or whatever was justifying this case. She wondered if trying to convince the doctor would work, especially considering Kon brought his new item from his arsenal, which looked anything but friendly if you knew what it was. She still liked it though, but that was Alice.

The walk towards the hospital wasn't that far but she was getting tired easily when it came to walking and her legs would get sore soon but she all ignored for the matter of trying to convince the doctor. Even though she didn't believe it was a possibility she wanted to keep hope and apart from that, she also wondered what happened if he wasn't able to be convinced by the two of them. What should they do?

When she arrived she noticed the doctor immediately in the foyer, pacing back and forth and definitely looking as if he was in his own world. Shortly after the door closed behind the four of them, he looked up, "there you are!" he immediately said, jumping towards them and ushering them to come along by pushing Alice towards his office, which was definitely a steady walk and she shortly threw a glance at Kon because what the hell was going on with the doctor?

When they were in his office, she quickly took the chair and she stared at the man who looked like a mess, "They have gone too far, I can't accept this. No matter what society did to them and how angry they are, they need to be stopped. Okay this man was bad in writing letters, he didn't need convincing if he started talking like this!
Doctor Gerard held out a paper towards Kon, "That's the address of the Cold Colliers base, please try and talk some sense into Mattoro, he is their leader. He needs to stop putting whatever it is, in the waters. I mean you all agree don't you?"

Or.. not.

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Reaching the hospital where the doctor was typically located was the easy part the conversation between them and the doctor would be the complete opposite. Unfortunately the doctor seemed otherwise lost in another world, which meant they would otherwise be unable to threaten the man into submitting to their demands. At first though it seemed even without them saying a single word that the doctor was going to let them do what they had argued towards for so long, but immediately after it he doubled down on his position of just trying to talk the men down.

Never one for backing down or jokes, Kon lower his gun first the longest portion striking the ground the the short portion hitting and putting a dent in the metal table that separated the doctor from Alice and Kon. “Gerard, neither are in the best of moods and I want to make this as clear as possible these men won’t back down, we’ve already seen them poisoning the waters, let us take them in, have us arrest them it won’t take either of us more than a few minutes.”

His actions clearly were louder than his words immediately returning the doctor to his senses, the expression held by the man was of shock and frustration. “You don’t understand you can’t stop them!” He said deliberate focus on them. Wanting to know exactly what was going on he spoke out to the doctor once more. “What aren’t you telling us, Gerard!” Tensions were rising within the room with Kon demanding the truth while the doctor remained silent, with a sigh the doctor stopped him from continuing. “Alright, alright I’ll tell you just do this for me and I’ll tell you everything.”

Displeased by the request but not one to reject money especially given their circumstances, Kon sighed himself. “Fine, you’ll be seeing us shortly…” Picking up his gun, he waved to Alice. “Let’s go…”


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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice looked with an offended expression towards the doctor. This man was being crazy, considering their circumstances and what happened, what must be so greatly special that they could not arrest them? She didn't say anything but let Kon do what he would do best, yet the doctor didn't budge until admitting that he dind't tell them everything and that he would once they returned. Kon made his way already to the door of the office and she turned towards the doctor, "I hope you know what we put at risk." after all, she had her regular check ups with this man! But she didn't say any thing more and she didn't want for the doctor to give an answer or whatsoever, she walked out of the office, following her fiance. With Hecate and Jupiter on her heels.

They would have to go to the gang hideout and it wasn't even that far away from the town centre, which she found a bit unsetteling but again Alice kept her mouth shut. There were two guards in front of the building, "We were expecting you." and she shortly looked at Konstantin, because those words only made it clear that either they had a spy or Gerard had not been able to shut up. "We are here to talk to Mattoro, about the polluted waters?" she said trying to sound as friendly as she could. Which made the guards step aside, eying the punisher. "You would have to hand in all offensive items." And she stared at the punisher shortly as well, she certainly didn't agree but she had not even taken her spear with her so she wouldn't have to hand anything in. This was up to Kon, not to her.

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Reaching the gang’s hideout was eerily easy with them seemingly residing at the heart of town without a single person being curious about their behaviour, perhaps it was due to the big bulky men that were outside or something else entirely. Suspicious the men as Alice and Kon approached them halted their progress and demanding their weapons. Kon looked at the men with just a blank face before responding to their request. “I’m sorry, did you just ask us to hand over our weapons?” Raising his gun up pointing right at the taller gentleman. “Do you really want to test me?” With the men not otherwise parting to allow Kon and Alice entrance, he submitted his prize gun to the man albeit in a way that the man likely didn’t intend to receive it.

As the man was preoccupied and his hands now free, Kon quickly rose up a hand casting Adriel appearing directly behind him wielding his pummel and shield. “Well you have our weapons, take us to your leader.” He spoke embodying authority and demanding respect in the situation he had just created. In all honesty it did actually help him not having to hold his gun for what might be yet to come. Being lead through the path proved difficult due to the sheer size of the gun and the summon but they eventually made it through to a wide expanse similar to that of an arena or coliseum.

Entering the arena, strong periodic clapping could be heard from afar as if inviting them to its maker. Approaching it himself ready to defeat himself with more summons, he noticed behind him the man wielding his gun was doubled-over panting from just carrying around the gun while the other was helping him out. “I guess there’s no need for introductions I assume, Kon and Alice.”


Items: Punisher, Millenium Eye, Illumin's Call Ring

Equipped Items: Millenium Eye, Illumin's Call Ring

Spells Cast: Summon: Adriel, Adriel's Magic Pummel,
Adriel's Shield

Mana Cost with modifiers: (300-30%): 210

Mana: 2640/2850

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice looked at her fiance when they demaned their weapons. Mainly because she didn't have any weapons to hand in. He however.. she looked quickly at Hecate and Jupiter but the two of them seemed to be no problem at the moment, she wasn't sure what was going to happen about that but she would not let them be taken away. Perhaps they thought they couldn't harm anyone and she rather had them think that way. She didn't say anything, she simply took a deep breath and hoped that the cloak hid enough of her figure, she wouldn't want people to use that disadvantage as a disadvantage. She took a deep breath and quickly walked along with Kon as they were able to pass. She eyed Adriel shortly and was sure that they would be fine, considering.

When they arrived it looked like some sort of arena and she simply looked around, she was sure this was going to be difficult, she was sure that there was some fight or anything waiting. This plan had been disasterous and no one but the doctor was to blame. They were at first not allowed to arrest this people considering the client but they were part of the Holy Knights, why would they care, right?

What.. he even did know their names? She didn't want to show any panic but this certainly started to feel worse and worse. She took a deep breath, felt Hecate and Jupiter closer to her on both sides. The two guards that had let them enter, one tired from carrying the punisher, were behind them. But there was this sort of throne whit she guessed Mattoro. She gave one look at Kon again and decided it might be best if she talked instead of immediately going for harsh words. "We are here to ask you to-" but he held up his hand and she shut her mouth, "Ask me to stop polluting the waters, yes so I heard and this is meaningless.", "It's not, we got your point but it has to stop." she called out and she was shut again, "I want..." he started as he stood up, "That everyone tears apart what they love the most. I see you are still untouched. So it's not enough yet." He went to sit down, "And I have no time to wait for that on either of your sides. So I can't let you leave. I'm not even sorry." She looked up at him and quickly looked around because there were four more guards coming, oh great. The man up on his so called throne laught well he left this arena.

Wordcount: 2581/3000

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It was clear that not only had they known of their arrival but from the leaders words it quickly became apparently that there was something not quite right about not just him but also his “gang.” If what he believed to be the case was true, it was as if the gang had been giving themselves tiny doses of the drug sending them psychotic illustrated by Mattoro’s desire for destruction. Without him even being able to utter a single word in response to Mattoro’s remarks, he readied himself as more men appeared. Feeling no need perhaps foolishly Kon decast his summon and was instead going to rely on his unhoned skills with his new weapon.

In front of them two stood perhaps 2 meters away from one another while one more on each side of Kon and Alice appeared standing rightly 15 meters from the men in front of them as well as the two behind them. With them all being roughly the same distance from Alice and Kon and possessing very little in the way of fighting capabilities, Kon would turntail and rush towards the man who would otherwise be struggling to lift up Kon’s gun in time.

While he ran towards the man, Kon pushed the guard using a quick repel spell, with the force of him running up to the man he sent him staggering back allowing Kon pick up his gun. Wielding the punisher, right hand in the handle and left on the longest portion of the cross, he swiftly aimed first at the downed targets with 4 weak rounds each in the head going from left to right just as the rifle section of the cross opened.  

Given that there would be immediate attention drawn to Alice by the others based on the man’s comments earlier, kon shouted out to Alice. “Duck.”, Kon would in turn place his towards the two men that would be charging towards her, swift throwing the cross onto his right shoulder with a prominent whack, he shot a massive ball of flames at the men.  Wanting to take out the remaining men, Kon pulled back the cross and continued going from man to man, taking out the next closest target to him on the right with a quick bolt to the head then changing target once more to the one on the left. “Come on let’s go.” He said with little hesitation.


Items: Punisher, Millenium Eye, Illumin's Call Ring

Equipped Items: Punisher, Millenium Eye, Illumin's Call Ring

Spells Cast: Punisher Single Shot (D rank) x 8, Punisher Single Shot (C Rank) x 1, Punisher Single Shot (B Rank) x 1, Punisher Rocket Launcher Explosion (A Rank) x 1,

Mana Cost with modifiers: 550

Mana: 2090/2850

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Adelaide Sokolov
She followed Matorro with her eyes, that man was crazy. She simply had no idea what to do, sure fight but.. auw baby kick. Not now. She tried to make sure that she would remain standing up straight and send a solar spell towards a person but she missed. Hecate quickly took care of her by standing in front of her and if it was needed she would throw a ice wall in front of them. Jupiter kept an eye around but he seemed to notice what was going on more than Alice herself. She felt another kick and as she first thought it didn't hurt so much, she wasn't sure if this was going okay but she turned to look at Kon, who seemed to get the punisher or so she thought.

She felt like she was lost on this whole battlefield and had no idea what to do, but when she heard a familiar voice that she would always recognize, say duck.. she simply did. She immediately hunched down, which also didn't feel great but it did work anyway. She held her breath shortly and petted Hecate for a second. When the line of fire was clear from her, she tried to stand up, which made her close her eyes but she didn't say anything and she shook her head slightly, she would talk about this later. She would let her feet carry her, she needed to get out of here, her footsteps would bring her to Kon, she would be followed by Hecate and Jupiter and she needed to be away from this arena, that's all that mattered for now. This quest was a flop and they would have to tell the doctor.

She wasn't sure how fast she would go but fast enough it seems. She would catch up with Kon, she would hurry on to the hospital. They were brought into danger and she wondered how Mattoro that they were coming, what connected those dots? While she had first been wondering about the pain that she felt and everything, she now felt so angry at the doctor. She stepped into the hospital, almost no more eyes for either Kon or her companions but as she noticed the doctor, he seemed to notice her mood. So he immediately opened the door to her office and she sort of stormed in, her cloak and orange hair billowing behind her. "It didn't work." She didn't sit down, she simply turned her heel, looked at the doctor and crossed her arms. "It's disappointing that it didn't work, but alas I didn't expect anything else." Her mouth opened, not able to say anything, she simply looked at Kon with a look in her eyes that she wanted to storm out right now. The doctor held up jewel pouches and she would grab it and storm out if Kon wouldn't say anything else, else she would walk out after that.

Wordcount: 3068/3000

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Kon’s use of his gun, the punisher had over all been successful in taking down the six men that had been tasked with taking them down that being said it didn’t mean that his skills with the weapon would be sufficient to keep the potential hordes of gang members at bay. He could only assume it was a large group of individuals because of the mana that was spread out weakly through a dozen more men who were rushing towards Alice and Himself from all directions save for behind them. Needing to get out of the area and into a more open environment for him to cast his summons, he rushed to Alice’s aid helping her up to her feet from where she knelt. “Alice, it’s time we go, I’ll hold them off for a bit once we get to the entrance of the building, go on ahead I catch up with you and question the doctor personally.” Without hesitation Alice appeared to agree to his view on the mission and rushed out of the arena with her companions alongside her.
Meanwhile Kon would also leave at a slower pace steadily popping off a shot every now and again as he retreated, exiting the area that housed the arena, he positioned himself on the opposite side of the street focusing his aim towards the entry waiting for a gang member to rush out who he would immediately take down with a few shoots to the head. Even with their alternative psychotic mental state the gang members were sober enough to recognise when they were beaten from a power standpoint as separate members and hence were to scared to attack him thus did not want to leave the entry.
After remaining there for about half an hour with the gang member snarling at him within the building like wild dogs to sheep, he grew bored and decided to stop this from continue with one big blast. Twirling his gun once more onto his shoulder, he focused the gun at the entry creating a massive firebolt creating devastating damage to the entrance bring it crashing down preventing movement both in and out. With the chance of him being followed being taken care of at least for now, Kon returned his gun as to hold it in both hands and made his way back to the hospital.
Once at the hospital he met up with Alice and once again questioned the doctor who still remained silent about a variety of topics instead offering the duo money for their services. Reluctantly Kon took the reward knowing it would help with their wedding plans and promptly followed Alice’s lead and left. They would be heading back to the Inn as to recover from the mission, him due to carrying such a large weapon and Alice from walking and moving about with her pregnancy becoming more and more prominent with each passing day.


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