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Scare Outsiders [Jeremiah]

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Vance awoke from his dreams, his body now strengthened and rested to move. His vision; sight, soul, all of it; ready to take the future by storm. He threw on a white sleeveless shirt, leaving his coat by the bed in his room at the guild hall. It was cold outside but whatever, the chilliness could help wake up quicker. Wrapped around his lower body were a pair of pants, baggy & held up by a black belt. His feet were protected by shoes and laced tight. He wrapped his arms with bandages as he performed his traditional routine. He was once again-- entering the world of crime and syndicate. Taking lives, stealing, sometimes hurting children. He needed to clear his mind-- go in blank faced.

He was a decent guy at heart, but he was an even better soldier under the surface. The entire atmosphere around the lycan was traded in for the eyes of a killer. His werewolvian irises flicking to that otherworldly amber from their stationary brown. He grabbed a parchment off his dresser, heading below stairs and out the door without hesitation. But not before knocking on his colleague’s door to hurry up and meet him in the Oak Streets.

The adventurer carried himself differently when he was missioning. In the same way Erebus once had, his whole body a husk for something sinister to take control and get the job done. While his consciousness rested somewhere else. Of course today’s job wasn’t nearly as bad as some others. In reality, this one wouldn't be too difficult at all. However, Vance was the type to take work seriously and it showed. Before his mind was wiped; Erebus had a kill-count higher than his own age, not an easy feat, maybe if you were a spree murderer. In a way, that could be said about him, but he was Vance now.

What he did in Phantom Lord was because Bianca welcomed him here. Back into the criminal underground. 'The Underworld,' some might call it. And while he was ignorant of it, he was a big player in Phantom Lord's greater image. In Grimoire Heart, it probably wasn't the same. Hard work almost always goes unnoticed there. At least in the experiences of Erebus it was so.

Van exited the guild hall and waited on the sidewalk under a street light, it was so early the sun wasn't out yet, and a good thing too. Phantoms always did better in groups, so Vance remained in the streets for his guild-mate. Seeing is how Jeremiah was the newbie, these first few missions Erebus was going to act as guide. Getting his fellow criminal into the swing of how work is done in Oak Town. If he were willing to take advice that is, who knows, maybe he already had a good idea. Only time could tell.

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Jeremiah Ali

This was his new life and he would easily accept it, quicker than he was to accept his past life. Just like the Phoenix; Jeremiah was reborn a new man both in mind and spirit. Whatever challenges he faced from now on would determine the man he would become in the future but for now he was a lost soul - at least part of him was. Jeremiah had been up since last night, allowing his mind to drift in the haunted forests. A dangerous place indeed for someone as young as him especially since his mind was so unstable as is yet he was able to endure his time within the forest. If it hadn't been for Bennu he probably would have gone totally crazy by this morning.

With Samehada on his back, his black snapped boots and his usual light jacket he was ready to get into whatever heinous crime they would be participating in today. "They" referring to him and his new partner Vance, of course. The Savannian was the new blood of the guild and already his name and presence has turned quite a few heads in the guild. His goal wasn't to bring attention to himself, but if he did so in the process of achieving power so be it. Everything had a purpose. After his time spent in the forest he remembered he was to meet Vance at a certain place for them to take his job so he wasted no time in getting there after he was done.

There he stood on the rooftop of a building across from the street light that Vance stood soon approached. The new Phantom was anxious to see just what the job enlisted. Although he wasn't a sadistic killer like many in the guild, he would have no problem slaughtering someone. Everything had a purpose.

Jeremiah leaped down from the building and made his way over towards Vance. "Took you long enough." and a nod was his greeting.



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Voice broke silence. Though, the same smell from yesterday was in the air already, it was a surprise to hear Jere tell him he took awhile, after all, as of right now the both of them were ten minutes early to clock in. Good though, this meant his partner was as serious as he was to make that money.

"Had to brush the teeth, what can I say?" Vance cracked a grin.

The adventurer let himself walk out in front of the two after turning all the way around and rubbing the back of his neck. Being a lycan, Vance naturally had prominent biceps and muscles, he didn't even need to work out, genetics kept him cut. Making way down the sidewalk for Frankie Marino's private location, Vance would occasionally yawn. Not because he was acting sluggish-- but because it was so early in the morning. Evidently, around four AM.

Busting onto the scene, the boys would come to a door, Vance would knock since he had experience with the mob and the Tessio family in the past. Frankie opened the door, with his underage girlfriend standing by the stairs in a nightgown. Her make-up ran down her face, like she'd been cried or choked. Vance decided to ignore the details, he could smell coke powders, semen, and an assortment of other things inside. As well as other men-- perhaps mobsters or thugs of the mafia. All of this was possible to him and him alone, because of his supernatural abilities pertaining to scent awareness.

"I see you've arrived, it's been awhile since I've asked Phantom Lord for any help. Pleased to have you here so early, though the seriousness is little subpar. Alright, you can give me the job request paper back, and I'll hand you a paper detailing everything you need regarding the two men mucking with our business."

"Mkay." Frankie turned and snapped his finger, closing the door so the two couldn't see as he whispered to someone. He opened the door again, holding a folder. His eyes first coming back to Van's and then glancing behind him for Jeremiah.

"Huh, can't say I've seen him around before. On such an important job too... You must have talent. Interesting... You know the Tessio's always need strong mages, let me know if you get tired of this guild thing. The Mafia is always where the real game is."

Frankie closed the door softly, Vance was already reading the details and skimming the pictures of two men. Some morons fucking with business they quite honestly, shouldn't have. After looking for a brief moment, he offered the folder to Jeremiah to peek at. Work was about to begin.

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Jeremiah Ali

Despite the winter temperatures being below twenty degrees, Jeremiah was pretty warm because of his magical capabilities, but he noticed that Vance didn't once wince at the cold temperatures either. Perhaps Vance was a a fire mage? An ice mage could as well be an option but it could also be many other things but now wasn't the time to try and decipher his ally's powers. If it was one thing that Jeremiah learned on his own, it was always to know as much as possible. It may have just been easier to ask Vane himself how he could take the weather so easily but after a few seconds Miah no longer cared and the thought became nothing but an unsolved mystery. The taller man told Ali how he needed to clean his teeth in response to why he took so long before cracking a grin, revealing his pretty white teeth. As a kid Jeremiah was rebellious towards his mother when it came to cleaning himself in general. Whether it was something as simple as washing his hands, or taking a shower he simply did not want so he would not do so. It usually took his father to explain to him that cleanliness was next to godliness for him to want to be clean but as he grew up that problem was no longer even a problem. Boys will be boys right? Whatever the hell that meant...

Through the dark frozen streets of Oak both mages walked until Vance stopped at a door. The home it belonged to was pretty damn huge and light music could be heard in the background. Jeremiah didn't know exactly what the hell was going on but again, this was something he just couldn't bring himself to care about. Even when Vance knocked on the door and it was answered by some dude followed by a girl in a nightgown who seemed to be too young for him, he hardly cared. Miah wasn't a completely cold hearted bastard yet, so he did force himself to look away as the to dudes spoke. Samehada itched on his back as the man spoke to Vance saying that it's been a while since he needed Phantom Lords help. The Phoenix mage didn't need to look in the man's direction to listen, instead he looked to his left, waiting for the two to do whatever to get this show on the road.

All that needed to be done was the exchange; the job page for files. Interesting. Frankie didn't take long after that. He closed the door for  breif moment before opening it and handing them the files. The girl was still there and just when Jeremiah turned his head she seemed to be trying to make eye contact. The girl seemed to have wanted him to see her so bad at the moment and who was Jeremiah to take away what was probably the only thing she wanted that night (besides her innocence maybe?) The young Phantom looked the girl directly in her eyes. His empty gold orbs meeting with her emerald eyes momentarily before her boyfriend spoke.

Seems he was interested in Jeremiah and offered him a position in his lil crew or whatever. "I'll keep that in mind." Turning he walked beside Vance who looked at the files before giving them to Jeremiah to look over. Apparently they were to follow two dudes, but the files didn't exactly say why, though for the final time Jeremiah did not really give a shit, he wanted the money and experience. This task did seem to require some stealth though which he had no experience in. Great time to learn. The first thing they needed to do was find the dudes and according to the files these dudes were targeting 3 stores. Jeremiah could easily use his Phoenix vision to scout the area since it gave him visual abilities equal to that of an eagle but he wondered if he really needed to do all of that for such a pretty simple task. "Hm." Quickly Jeremiah transformed into a humanoid figure that stood at 9 feet. His hair, nails, and everything about him changed in almost an instant. The transformation was easier to do ever since Bennu's return, but now Bennu was trying to force his way to stay however the ex Fairy would easily fight it. He scoped the area quickly before seeing two figured roughly 50 meters by the "Weapons shop." He blatantly stated as he changed back into his normal being.



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Vance took the spare minutes that his ally needed to read over all the facts and the important stuff. To check out the dark stick attached to his back... Vance blinked twice, realizing this was the same sword he sacrificed to Yumi's demon god Malum for the guns. So perhaps, this meant because the guns slipped from his possession so did the contract? After all, it made sense. The guns were more like a rent out anyways.

The lycan breathed a sigh of relief, someday he would tell Jeremiah about that event. For now though, the two could go on without exploring the details of their many adventures to one another. Bonds grow in time, with time comes trust. Trust requires patience.

Vance looked away from Samehada to tuck his hands in his pockets and stare up at the stars. The chilly air wasn't stinging him much, he felt the winter bite, but perhaps it was just the tough endurance of being a creature of the night. Whatever, the least of his concerns. When Jeremiah flashed into a shapeshifted transformation right next to him, Vance felt a surge of hot, warm, air splash him atop his skin. He had to look away briefly, fire happened to be a lycan's bane. They took... a bit extra damage from it. A bit being a lot.

Even so, Vance would take mental note of what he'd seen. Takeover of some kind. Elemental type fire. The nine-foot monster returned to his dark skinned human shape, not before telling them where to head next though.

"Nice thinking," the adventurer spoke, offering his partner an ego boost for his clever skills. Next the lycan began to jog forward, short-cutting behind a wall. From off the side of a building Van ripped away a pipe clean off it's bolted position in the wall; with superhuman strength, he proceeded to snap the metal over his knee. A makeshift bludgeon weapon. With it's composition, he could swing it like a bat and strike without his fists, of course, he was probably going to do both. Being a thug and jumping people was fun, anything could be the weapon of choice, so long as somebody gets curb stomped-- he had no regrets either way.

Finally, Van returned from behind the alley. He came out slapping the end of his beatstick against his open palm. He then tapped it against the sidewalk. Nice and strong.

The two Phantoms would stalk the events from the shadows across the street, Vance took to leaning against the stick as he viewed the men jerk the innocent shopkeeper into the air by his shirt. When the shopkeeper was done being harassed, Vance nodded for Jeremiah to follow in beside him. The two would approach and the Lycan would speak strong and deep to quell the shopkeeper of his worry. Who was currently cowering-- fearing the two whom approached, after having just been pushed around by the two guys from before.

"Hey, we're with Phantom Lord. Seems the Tessio family is actually going to protect you, the mafia is coming through for you. After tonight, these guys won't punk you again. Rest assured."

Vance stretched his arm, leaning on his metal pipe, fat and lengthy. He couldn't wait to beat the two strangers to a pulp. Gosh, gotta love this job. Crime was so much cooler than heroism! Vance nodded for Jeremiah to follow in with him after he spoke up or etc. They would track the men to two more locations before making them regret every threat they had made tonight.

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Jeremiah Ali

Allowing Bennu to Take over usually never ended well thanks to the beast's sadistic mindset. When he was a mage of Fairy Tail he would try so hard to keep the spirit under control when he needed to utilize his abilities Things have changed since then. Using his magic was harder before but now...now it was becoming easier than ever. It was to the point where he didn't need to speak to Bennu in order to change -he just gently tapped into the energy within himself and boom, instant transformation. Although his spirit had only returned, Jeremiah had been thinking thoroughly about changing...for good. On his travels around Fiore during his search for S.O.F.K he heard things about people undergoing permanent transformations. People have turned into demons, vampires and other naturally powerful entities. The most powerful he found to be dark in nature but he wasn't sure if he was ready to permanently give up his spirit. After losing Bennu once, he couldn't imagine losing him again.

Vance complimented the young fire mage on using his abilities so efficiently. With a nod, the Savannian thanked his partner and watched as he jogged into an alleyway. Jeremiah waited, he knew the enemies weren't that way so he was sure the Phantom Lord mage was doing something productive. Not long after he vanished, he revealed himself from the dark alleyway baring a pipe. Miah couldn't help but smirk. This guy planned on not using his magic the entire time? Interesting. After Vance recovered the pipe the two vanished into the shadows, eventually catching up their targets in time to see them man-handling the weapon shop owner. Little did these two bafoons know that they'd either be killed or die from sheer fear when the two mages approached them, he wondered which it would be. Vance nodded at Jeremiah, signifying that he would enter the shop. The two targets were on the move and since The Phoenix bearer wasn't quite the talker he decided quickly that it'd be best for him to keep an eye on who they were actually after.

Building hopping was sort of Jeremiah's specialty. He often liked feeling in control of his own life so by seeing the world beneath him in a way he was doing just that, plus it was an efficient method if he wanted to catch a bitch lackin'. The dark jacket flapped loghtly in the wind as Ali propelled himself about 10 feet into the air, grappling window hedges and swiftly climbing up. Just in time, he was able to see his targets moving forward pretty fast within the dark streets of Oak town. Their black clothing and top hats gave them the ability to blend in though they wouldn't be able to leave his focused vision that easily. There he stood atop the building with his arms crossed, waiting for Vance to finish doing whatever needed to be done in the shop. Not only did he look forward though, occasionally he did look behind himself just to be sure that there wasn't anyone else following them because you could never be too safe.

Soon enough Vance exited the shop and nodded at Jeremiah from below before moving forward and continuing to track their enemies. Miah would be moving from roof to roof never once losing balance or losing the two men from his point of view.

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While Jere took to the buildings, Van moved on foot. The two moved with synergy, Jeremiah thrusting his legs through the air, and the lycan sprinting. In Vance's case at the end of his little chat with the shop owner, he made signal for his friend whom he first needed to locate with his nose. The two of them would move a couple blocks over tailing the targets. The next location looked to be an armor vendor, and just as they got closer, the two would stake the opposing group out another time. Paying close detail to which buildings the men thought they were threatening and to clear up any fears of the business associates being taken care of by the mob.

Again the men kicked over a chairs, and threatened to hurt the owner. Only this time, it wasn't an innocent man, but a woman. Someone's wife by chance? Or perhaps somebody's daughter who was tasked simply with closing the store tonight. When one of the two pulled her from her waistline into his pelvis, Vance's eyes squinted and he made a look of disgust. Pigs, and if they weren't on a job the men would probably have raped the poor girl.

Not tonight though. As the two left, Vance pointed for the girl, looking up to the roof of a store. He was sending a non-verbal message, for Jeremiah to go comfort her. He'd take a thanks for it later, the pretty girls were a hard one to give up. But then again, Vance was more pre-occupied with other things nowadays. Jerry was young, and in a world of crime he'd find that getting laid was as easy as a little promise for safety. Perhaps, knowing such a thing, he'd feel better about all the twisted shit he would have to do in the future. Like murder people and kidnap children for ransom.

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Jeremiah Ali

The two ran through the dark town known as Oak, keeping their sounds to a minimum and remaining under the radar as they began to come within range of their targets. Jeremiah noticing them, stopped and crouched while on the roof of a random store. At this time the store was closed, but the store across the street wasn't. That's where their targets would be. The two cloaked men entered the Armory shop quickly and began to terrorize the girl inside. It was proabbly never a good thing to have a woman be the only person working a store or stand after hours unless she was a mage. Not because women weren't capable of handling such a task, but because the world they lived in today usually targeted women. Jeremiah frowned as he was forced to watch the two men hurt her, grabbing her by her hair bullying her as she began to shout for them to stop. Soon tears would run down her cheeks and it was then that Jeremiah couldn't take it anymore. Watching something like that pissed him off but all he could do was clench his fists. It was final, when he finally got to these two disgusting, poor excuses of men he would kill them no questions asked.

The men didn't take long in the shop. They said a few words and even slapped the girl before leaving her bruised and helpless.  Despicable. At first Jeremiah thought Vance would be the one to enter the shop and do what he had to do just like he did with the last store, he was leading the mission after all. However, the man simply looked up at Jeremiah and pointed for him to enter the shop this time. When Vance looked up it made Jeremiah remember how he easily knew that the young Phantom was on a roof, he didn't even have to scout for him first. Intuition maybe? Or was it his magic? The Savannian didn't think about it too much right now he had a job to do. Nodding he leaped down from the building much like he did when he met his partner earlier and entered the shop with Samehada on his back.

When he entered he saw the girl on her knees, struggling to get up and crying. Jeremiah was usually gifted with women, all he had to do was give a simple glance and if he wanted to he would be in their panties by the end of their meeting. This poor girl looked at him differently. She looked scared and trembled as Jeremiah walked towards. He assured her that it was okay before helping her up. He asked her if she was okay but she only responded with a nod. Unfortunately Jeremiah didn't have time to attend to whatever wounds she had so he simply told her that she didn't have to worry, he'd keep her safe. After that he left the armor shop and looked t Vance. He didn't know if he would have to use his form again to track the men or not considering they were out of sight.

"Did we lose em?"

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Jeremiah seemed to quell the poor girl's pain, it was never okay to make girls cry. He somehow knew Jere felt the same way, and as for that feeling the two would make sure the strangers got what was coming to them. Vance kept his eyes trained on the two as they made their errands to the last building. It wasn't far off, about a hundred meters up the road.

The lycan waited for his partner to help the girl off her spot on the ground. Then he neared the building as his colleague exited.
"No, they're just up the street. We can get them now." Van suggested,
of course the two wanted to beat them up already.
However, the mission did force them to comply and let the shopkeepers know they going to be protected. So now was the time to do it. Vance clenched his fingers around the metal in his clutches.

He moved his head, his eyes peering through lamp lights until he visually re-located a potion store. That was there point. Vance tilted his body like a runner, and began his sprint, the long metal tube in his hand as he did so. He reached the shop to see another guy being pinned to the wall. Now they could get on with the show.

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Jeremiah Ali

It was time for the grand finale. Vane replied by saying there these men were only a little up ahead so Jeremiah took it that Vance knew where to go. The young mage nodded and followed his superior sprinting through the streets of Oak. The man before Jeremiah was fast, but luckily Jeremiah was able to keep up. All and all him and the man were around the same speed. Taking note of that mentally was important for the Savannian, it was always good to be one step ahead somehow.

The girl back at the shop crossed his mind just before he arrived at the potion place. He worried if she would be okay alone by herself, not because he actually cared for her personally, but he could never disrespect a woman. It was like his whole demeanor changed around them. He had already promised himself that he would both hurt the men who did that to her and come back to check on her. He hadn't felt the need to have sexual relations, he had goals that waited to be accomplished, the last thing he wanted to do was waste time on someone who didn't matter in moving closer towards his dream.

It really was odd. It was his first day doing an actual dark job and he felt more like a hero than he ever did in Fairy Tail. This mission alone would bring Jeremiah to a lesson of course, he would just have to figure it out later when he could self reflect. When he was in Fairy Tail all he'd ever do was little job like helping with a block party or some soft shit. There was no emphasis on simply overpowering your enemy and destroying them. Everything was about love in a world of hatred. Everyone in Fairy Tail were fools, trapped in illusion that all they needed was each other. Power was everything in this world, and Jeremiah was able to see that now more than ever. Fairy Tail was childish. He was ready to ascend.

Jeremiah came into view of the men they'd been tracking down holding down another man and beating him up. Jeremiah didn't think of doing anything else when he saw his enemies. He zoomed forward towards the enemies, drawing Samehada as he dashed towards them, clearing approximately five meters. The man that held the store owner would get to feel the blade first. It was Jeremiah's first time using Samehada. His palms tingled as the mana was sucked from him. Jeremiah swung the blade upward from beside his left hip, slicing the man from his right hip all the way up to his left shoulder. When the man screamed out for help he moved towards him, a look of disgust on his face.

Jeremiah didn't worry about the other man, he figured Vance would deal with him. Jeremiah wasn't attacked from behind so he was sure the man was occupied by now.




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Vance was taken by surprise to see his new guild-mate roar into action, for some wild reason, it reminded him of someone... He felt a tug, a call for action. Erebus had been pretty similar to Jeremiah, and even though Erebus was erased, Vance could be reminded what a real warrior was examining his new friend. Maybe Vance wasn't a criminal, maybe he was a vigilante and maybe... That's what all Phantoms really were.

Untapped potential. Adrenaline, shot through Vance's bloodstream. He hadn't taken werewolf form since the night he met Bianca and shared with her everything he could as a person. Before he lost his memories, that form was brought out by rage-- now... It was brought up by something much different. Excitement. A new rupture of emotion, and with it, Erebus's muscles increased in size, he gained an extra foot in height, and his face warped, a mix between man and beast. Launching high through the air at rapid speed, the lycan reared the pole back like a javelin. Thrusting it forward with such speed, that the wind surrousing the impact blew air out.

In one fell lunge, Vance had revealed A-rank physical strength. Shattering his unexpected target's shoulder, and more bones adjacent to it. His form changed in the blink of an eye, he was human again. Luckily his target hadn't the time to turn around fully, or else he would have had to play chase, not that it was a problem. Vance just preferred to finish these goons for pay. Then get home.

"I'm here to speak for Frankie and the entirety of the Tessio mafia. Get out of Oak Town, if we catch you again, you'll die."

Van turned to his colleague, who definitely wanted them dead already. He cracked a grin. Turning around and leaving, though no verbal message was made clear. Vance was giving Jere the okay to murder them. After all, not like anybody would ever need to know. Besides if these rats disappeared and their boss kept fucking up despite that fact, it meant more jobs for them in the future. Money is money. Though-- if the bodies were found on the edges of town, the lycan doubted there'd be any trouble for a long time. Job well done.

Whenever Jeremiah was done deciding his route to take, he could meet him back at Frankie's for pay and then get back home just as the sun rose.

-Exit Topic-

Word count: 2507/2400

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Jeremiah Ali

The deed would be done soon enough. Vance had taken care of his opponent easily but Jeremiah didn't bother to watch. Instead he glared at the man below him before slamming his foot directly onto his chest. Damn he was getting so anxious he just couldn't wait to kill this guy however he wasn't sure if that was the correct thing to do. Last he remembered they were supposed to make sure these guys never came back...but then again...if he killed them they wouldn't be able to come back right? Jeremiah was furious from what they had recently done to the girl, not even the rest of the shop owners. Any man who could abuse a woman didn't deserve to live at all, that was his final judgement. The man under him tried to push the Phantom's foot of his chest, he would probably feel his ribcage pressed against his heart. It was obvious that he didn't want to die but sometimes that was the price you pay in the line of work that he did. Even in the line of work that Jeremiah did, death was the possible outcome. This young Savannian didn't plan on dying any time soon though. NOTHING, would come between him and his own personal goals. Jeremiah completely tuned out his partner since he was so focused on this man, but he heard when Vance warned these bafoons that if they caught them again, they'd die. Guess that meant he couldn't kill them. No...wait... that's not what that meant. Vance nodded at Jeremiah soon after, clearly giving the okay to do what he truly wanted to do.Nonchalantly Jeremiah gripped the hilt of his large blade with both hands before slicing the neck of the man under him, chopping off his entire head. He turned to te other man Vance had already basically destroyed. Today was his lucky day, he wouldn't die. He would be playing messenger though. Jeremiah slowly walked up to the man, Samehada being gripped tightly. It was amusing seeing these men fret before a teenager such as Jeremiah. It made him feel powerful. "Go tell whoever sent you what just happened here." He said with disgust. Jeremiah then put his blade away and trailed after Vance, eventually meeting him at Frankies home and collecting their pay. Mission complete.

~ EXIT ~

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