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Hargeon to Mag [Foot Travel]

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#1Isabella King 

Hargeon to Mag [Foot Travel] Empty Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:00 pm

Isabella King
Isabella needed a change of places and people and attractions. She got to tired of Magnolia and Hargeon. She wanted to go to somewhere new but she needed to make it to Magnolia first to take the rain and that was going to be a walk. Vul seemed to be really happy about the traveling since he seemed bit up beat and cheerful. It brought a smile to Isabella's face and began the walk back to Magnolia. She wore a very basic outfit for once. Really nice jeans and a bit classy shirt. She knew she wanted to take it easy today with all the traveling. The walk was a bit boring since nothing really happen but it was fun in general.

Vulpix helped a child who was being bullied on the way there, they stopped for a food and then a break before finally reaching the town they have been in before. This was going to be along day. She sighed before she began tracking her way to the train station. She really didn't want to stay any longer then she needed. She got her stuff together and made sure she had snacks for the trip she had to embark to Baska Town.

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