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Baska to Oak Town (Foot Travel)

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Baska to Oak Town (Foot Travel) Empty Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:55 am


Stepping off that train, Vance was pleased to find Baska a bit warmer than the town he'd traveled from originally. Good, the cold air was really getting old. Everytime the train doors slid open, it was like ghosts slapping his cheeks. This isn't what he had imagined when the bartender in Dahlia said he should find a different town to chill. Magnolia was just so cold. Baska, was cool, not as warm as he preferred, but he'd take whatever he could get in the long run. Now then, it was time.

Vance pushed past rows of people, and went into the village. It had been awhile since he was here, that much he knew for certain. Or if he had been here ever in his life, though, seeing is how you would have tp go through he to get to Oak. A hub for criminals that, somehow, people knew him as. He wasn't exactly evil all the way. Not in his book, but he didn't really have an empathetic side for anyone on the other side of his jobs. He would and could take a life.

"Not that I have too.."

He spoke finally, answering his own thoughts. Then walked through Oberon forest, in the distance he had successfully found Oak Town.


Baska to Oak Town (Foot Travel) 5oJEfCBQ_o

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