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Magnolia to Baska (Train Travel)

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Vance entered town with a steady pace, he had a bag of spare clothes thrown over his shoulder in a sack. He didn't have his guns anymore, for some reason the white one went missing out of no where. The black he gave to Bianca as a parting gift. The guns were pretty powerful, after all, Vance basically traded his soul to Carnage's god to get them to begin with. He was going to hell for sure. Oh well...

Van didn't fear death, he feared the afterlife. Knowing that some huge beast would sit on his skull was just a very morbid thought to have running in your head at times. On top of that, seeing how Carnage could just cleave heads off shoulders... Whew. You'd have to be afraid. It was something that came with territory of belonging a demoness he suppose'd.

Vance spit at the dirt, hugging his wool coat because the after effects of the winter were still biting his warm body. Chilly frost decorated some buildings, and snow was falling softly over his neck. It was beautiful-- but it was still cold. He didn't much like the cold... Unless it was her. Whatever, he shook his head again. Walking forward he passed the same locals and the many shops that Magnolia was known for. He gave a slight wave to them, and boarded a train for the next town over by railway. The view as nice, but the seats were leather. So you can imagine how cold they are, even if the train itself was supposed to be warm.

A conductor stopped at his seat and punctured his ticket, offing a cup of hot cocoa. He obliged the offer and used it's hot chocolate taste to send warm waves down his body. His stomach was busy, it would think him later. His eyes took gander outside the window. Rubbing the wet condensation away, he was able to view the countryside. Truly a marvel, the land of Fiore. Vance was pretty positive, Erebus use to hate looking across the land. Suppose that's what you get for being unloved. However, Vance was different. A blank canvas, painted in whichever way those around him allowed.

Being in Bianca's care taught him that, even if he did like to crack a perverted joke at her, or commence in taking some kind of drug to feel nice, he genuinely loved life. He loved everything about it. Perhaps that's why he was still so worried about not having her in his circles months later. The world could be a rude place, he knew that. So it was up to him now. No one was going to help him. Maturity was to begin, or else he'd surely regret it.

The train pulled into the next town over. He waited on the train for the ride to pick up and drop off some if it's many passengers. Time continued by, with that change, new faces drifted to a fro, it was like slow motion, but also so fast. All of them had different scents, granted some folks did seem like they shared a common core. Vance assumed this meant they were siblings, mother and child, and such as the like.

Vance spent much time in Dahlia, by now he knew exactly what his nose was, and why the moon brought him under a comatose state. He wasn't sure obviously, not a hundred percent. But he knew that his nose was every bit as strong as a werewolf. So maybe his memories lied amongst the Lycans? Someday he'd check it out. They were all pretty hard to find even in Dahlia though. Nothing could be done about that.

Van exited his train at Baska.


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