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Dahlia to Magnolia (Foot Travel)

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Dahlia to Magnolia (Foot Travel) Empty on Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:14 am


Vance stretched his arms and legs, it was morning outside, and this time he had plans to start his venture for Oak once more. He hadn't really had a chance to visit the guild hall even though he was carrying out reputation for the guild in his leave. So now, what better way to get comfortable in the guild than to go find his fellow phantoms. Vance decided it was in his best interests to get to know them. He only knew Bianca, and even though they shared a flame. He had to let her go, for her own good.

Vance was on a mission that was pretty selfish, let alone pretty impossible to obtain. However, he couldn't let her be endangered by that, even if she were stronger than him. She was still something he was positive he couldn't bare to see harmed. In a way, she was fragile to him. Whatever, he shook his head, he had to clear his mind of all that. They weren't a couple anyways. He made sure to make that clear, she could be freed and with anybody. That was his decision. Now then, it was time to depart for Magnolia and use the trains there to get to Baska.


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