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Hargeon to Mag [Foot travel]

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#1Shin Sekai 

Hargeon to Mag [Foot travel] Empty Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:52 pm

Shin Sekai
Shin woke up in his hotel room and rushed to the mirror to see that he had some white streak in his hair so he did what any other person would do in his situation and gave himself a small haircut taking it from back to more of a low cut. So far the day had just started off with a less than happy note but that's not stopping Shin at all "Okay so then I should look around before I head back to the guild." something that he could have done a long time ago but why waste time talking about the past right. Looking around didn't really fill his boredom but what can you do right so after a few hours of looking around for a place to hang around he made his way to leave town and head back to the guild, I wonder what everyone else is doing right about now? he asked himself as he saw a ship leave the docks Oh well I'm sure everything is fine they looked pumped for it. the thought was right but more important matters must be taken care of first. Before he even left town Shin rushed back to his hotel room and grabbed his bag and then headed out back to the guild.

As he walked he thought about how he could improve his magic and overall come bat skills for later on, "I guess I should get a weapon if I want to bring out my full potential." seeing he has always done nothing without his magic it does fit his style to have something to help him deal with people plus it would give him something new to show off to the ladies. Before leaving town he placed an order for a bow from one of the weapon shops, Shin walked all the way to what he called the black market town which was a name that fit it rather well if you asked him. It gives off the feeling that someone was always watching you when you entered the town but the rose mage couldn't let that stop him from getting to the guild. by the time that he left the town something had come to him Did I make sure to leave the right address for them to drop it off? he thought as Mag was starting to come in sight. When Shin returned home his parents had left him a note informing him that they had went on yet another trip and they left Crips with some of his guildmates.

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