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To Oak [Mag -> Oak]

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#1Jeremiah Ali 

To Oak [Mag -> Oak] Empty Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:54 am

Jeremiah Ali
Tenrou Island. It's what Jeremiah was thinking about going to next, so it's what the Phoenix said, acknowledging the fact that he would always know what his host was thinking. Jeremiah didn't say a word. Instead he walked in silence. He knew that the steps being taken didn't only mean that he was leaving Magnolia, it meant that he was going down a different path...a darker one. From his youthful years he knew that one day he would be able to feel the darkness in his heart growing until it eventually it consumed him. Of course he wouldn't allow the darkness to consume him though, he was stronger than that. One day this darkness he felt would vanish and he would be reborn again...he was the Phoenix after all. After killing a man the night before, he wondered if it was even worth it to continue to search for S.O.F.K. The organizations destruction is the only thing that led Jeremiah down this path for power but lately he felt so out of control of himself that he didn't feel like his purpose was really to destroy S.O.F.K. The Magic Council should have done it the moment they found out that they destroyed his entire family. His father, his mother, and his baby brother all gone because the Council couldn't do their job right. What did they do to show gratitude? Nothing. They gave Jeremiah no funds to survive, nothing. The young mage was sure they just took all of his fathers belongings and did who knows what with them.

The ground beneath his feet was covered by a thin layer of natures cotton. With each step into the snow, his boot crunched the substance. It was silent and cold, but Jeremiah was not. Bennu was back, so there would never be a reason to feel cold again. The Savannian tightened his fist as his eyes came to meet the town known as Oak. Already he could smell the difference between Magnolia's air and Oaks, or maybe it was all in his head. Jeremiah realized now though. Perhaps killing a man not only awakened himself, but it awakened a new chapter in his life. S.O.F.K wasn't his only enemies... the Council was. However, he knew that with the level of power he possessed now he would never be able to stand a chance against even knights of intermediate level. Tenrou was the only thing Fairy Tail could offer that would make him stronger, however, he wouldn't need Fairy Tail any longer. Jeremiah was leaving the guild once and for all and would be apart of guild where he could truly enhance his powers. A guild where there weren't any restrictions so that he could grow as he pleased. A guild that had the same enemies he did apart from the light guilds, however if it ever came down to him needing to fight against Fairy Tail, he would do so. Things change, and people do to.

"Stupid ass Fairy Tail."

Needless to say that Jeremiah was a bit hurt by his concluding decision, but this was what was best. The Phoenix was apart of him, an evil soul itself merged with his. Fairy Tail would never accept the killer beast within him and it wasn't their fault he just no longer belonged with them. Miah was a troubled kid and if he stayed in the guild any longer he would only cause them trouble. This wasn't the primary reason for him leaving, though this was simply one of them. Believe it or not Jeremiah cared for Fairy Tail. Although he despised many things about it, the guild was his home. When his parents were murdered and he didn't want to be an orphaned child Fairy Tail took him in. It was a shame that their emphasis was on friendship and not power, or else Jeremiah would have stayed.

Ohoho! So this is your final decision huh? This will be a fun adventure for us, Jeremiah.

Yeah, that was his final decision. The takeover mage walked nonchalantly towards the town of Oak. It was within his vision but something...something was within his tracks. It was long and rather wide, covered in white wrappings. Quickly Jeremiah stopped, bent over and picked it up, feeling it leech onto his mana with a firm grip. It felt as if another arm had been stitched onto his in a second. "Gah!" The Phoenix remained quiet. Despite the sword leeching onto him, he was more intrigued by it then anything. Quickly he tookof the swords wrappings, seeing that it was dark blue and had...scales? What the hell was it? Samehada. Bennu stated coldly within his thoughts. "You're a lucky man for coming across it. Whoever it belonged to must have either died or discarded it. Keep it, it is an extremely rare weapon." Jeremiah stared blankly at the sword within his hand. It was too heavy for him to wield with one hand so he didn't swing it. "W-what does it do?" The sword wiggled a little, as if it were a living creature. Fate. Fate had led him here and he found this sword so there was no doubt that he was taking the path that would lead him to power. I'm not entirely sure myself.

The young mage would figure it out later but for now he would place the sword on his back. Luckily whoever left the sword also left it's scabbard as well.

"Phantom Lord, you better be more useful than Fairy Tail."

Arrival to Oak

To Oak [Mag -> Oak] Haki10

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