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Oak to orchidia (foot)

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Oak to orchidia (foot) Empty Thu Dec 28, 2017 7:33 pm

630 words needed

Syliph missed the train, so instead he decided to walk to orchidia instead, it might take him longer but he really didn’t care, he fiddled with the object in his coat pocket, it was thin and slick, with only a single jagged piece in its center, but it wasn’t his worry now, but he wouldn’t worry it yet, it wasn’t a huge deal till later, and then later it would be a huge deal. ”Syliph, oh my gods, it is you!” Celia’s voice broke the silence of the night travel, but he was startled by the term, gods. Spinning around he noticed Velia she was dressed in silken white, her golden-brown hair flowed around her head like some halo, she literally glowed. ”Celia, are you okay?” he asked, she didn’t normally look this...ethereal. ”I’m fine...actually I’m better than fine, we need to talk, we all need to talk.” she said. She stepped closer grabbing his hand, a feeling of calmness spread across his hand like he had just drank alcohol. ”we all?” Syliph repeated. 12 other figures, all glowing snapped into existence, the zodiac gods, his gods. ”Syliph...Im...a descendant of Ophicus, and i bare her original qualities, they offered me a place amongst them, a place to make them listen, a place to make them here your voice, the voice you couldn’t make them here, Syliph I’m a goddess, but we, i have to leave, as a goddess of the zodiac I can’t exist physically on the physical plane for long. I-I have to go.” she said. Her eyes were those of a snake. She leaned in kissing him one more time, it felt like kissing a god, obviously. Capricorn stepped out, ”As you’ve noticed, your magic is gone, the zodiac is whole again, and the position of guardian has been exterminated. While we still need you to fight until we crash into the earth once more, you are not needed as our voice of reason and unity anymore, use this time to research your family, the lamae family is one intertwined with many gods, not just us. Alem was not the only Kamae to marry the child of a god.” Capricorn said. One by one the gods began to zap away, back to their place in the stars, only Ophicus, no Celia remained, she’d always be Celia. ”this is goodbye, you can’t live forever, and I can’t live without you forever, so it’s-its better if we live apart now, you know I won’t be your last lover, and you won’t be mine. Goodbye.” Celia turned away crying. She swept up into the sky, her body sparkling and glowing the last sound he heard was her snapping her fingers and the landscape changing slightly to that of orchidia. Turning away he whiled tears away, he couldn’t take it anymore, walkingotna bench he leaned down and sobbed into his hands, this was the night all over again, his life had some odd stability, and now it was flipped upside down like some sad pancake, that was a terrible analogy. Celia had left him, the gods had left him, he was a strong wizard without magic, there was nowhere to turn, but yet in times of darkness there was always a place to turn, Nymphae, the name resounded in his head with such might he didn’t know how to react, standing up he walked towards the trash can, he began to speak to nymphae, he knew she would reappear soon, but now he dropped an object in a trash can and left, the object, was a ring.

Oak to orchidia (foot) ULuOEQW
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