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Blame shift (Syliph Kamae)

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Blame shift (Syliph Kamae) Empty on Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:22 pm

The young boy was or of breath as he turned wildly down the streets, right, left, left, right. Was all that was running through his small head, he couldn’t have  been that old in the first place, 11 at the most. He was running from someone most definitely, some trouble that was. A few members of the infamous Martello family were following the kid, but despite their height the kid was quicker and smaller, allowing him to slip up and through spaces quicker. The small child scrambled up a fire escape and on to a roof, and before the guards could use any sort of magic to follow he slipped down the kitchen chimney, which was never lit at this time of day, so the child could slip down with ease. Finally the child had a moment to slow down , he had to be careful getting out of here, he couldn’t lead anyone to his hiding spot of orphans, the Martello family would either slaughter them all, or recruit them into their dark underworld. The child slipped harmlessly under some tables, never touching the guests feet, he was the air that you felt on your legs when a breeze swept in, and when a breeze did sweep in, the child slipped right out into the cold air, right into someone twice his size, but unlike the threatening Martello family members, this man seemed kinder, Jerr, the child had never met this man before, ”who are you?” he asked quietly. Syliph Kamae looked down at the small child,”I’m Syliph Kamae, I’m new here, but you see me a bit In a rush, i can help you, in quite versatile in my efforts here in oak.” Syliph said, Jerr looked up in a smile, he did need help, ”actually, I think I can use your assistance, you’ll get your share of whatever cash comes out of it.” Jerr said, Syliph nodded in agreement he would help, unfortunately he’d been out of touch with his magic recently, it just hadn’t been working for him at all, he’d try to cast a spell and there’d be a fizzle of light and something would move nearby, he’d commune with the zodiac gods to talk to them about this after he finished helping the orphan. Turning back to Jerr he listened to the detailed explanation of what they had to do, they were aiming for a cart load of money, that had Martello family guards guarding it, Syliph had already helped the martello’s once before, so he couldn’t let anyone know he was involved in this incident that was about to happen. Jerr lead Syliph toward the roof where he could get a great vantage point, the guards were dresssed in black around a blanketed cart, so much for being discreet, they really missed on that one. Jerr’snonly problem was taking care of those guards, and even without magic, Syliph could easily, drop a table or two from the roof and crush some people. Syliph stood up.
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The walk to the entry way was long and curvy, with more ups than downs, up this building, jump across the alleyway up the fire escape. Across the roof, down the chimney, and on and on, Jerr was tying to keep Syliph and himself off the ground, the Martello family would be on alert now, and now they had to be very careful because of it. Climbing the last fire escape they were on the roof next to the alleyway where the cart was located, Syliph peeked  over the edge and noticed the guards, four of them to be exact. Looking back at Jerr, the pair seemed to have the Same idea of an attack from the sky. Here notioned to the door from which they came. Sliding back down quietly Syliph looked around the area they had entered. There were many onjects, but none that were big enough to drop and do some serious damage. But luckily there were a few torn apart iron tables. Pulling them out Syliph was ready to drop them, but just to make sure nothing negative Carried over and found it’s way to Syliph or Jerr he carved the insignia of the rival family, the Tessio syndicate. Kerr smiled at Syliph’s brilliance, it was dangerous to let the guards see them or get any listen of Their actions, otherwise they’d both be dead and anyone they care about, Syliph’s guild mark would make them privy to some very sensitive information. But the misfit pair of the child and the wizard who currently couldn’t cast spells would hopefully win the fight thanks to the unknown element of surprise. Picking up the iron tables, they heaved the first one of the edge, making a resounding crack as it’s hit the guard, there were a few muffled gun shots but Syliph nodded to Jerr who was on the other roof to drop the second one, it too hit its mark, leaving a mess on the ground that made Syliph sick, he didn’t know how much longer he could deal with this... dark guild stuff. The third and last table they were able to find, nipped it’s target in the shoulder, leaving his firing arm incapacitated. Sighing Syliph tried to cast a spell only creating a small foothold to help him grabbing it, it slid down the wall weirdly, Syliph didn’t feel any magic drain, which was untypical if him. The other Martello guard who was still viably swinging his, gun shot at Syliph. Ducking down Syliph rolled next to the Martello guard, clasping his hand on the back of the man’s neck, releasing wild untamed magic the man’s head snapped forward, hopefully not killing him, but leaving a burn mark on the man’s neck. Turning around he lept from the cart,  the other man’s gun in hand, with a few rapid shots the other guard keeled over, blood poured from his chest, causing Sylioh to almost throw up. Kerr rushed down and out a door, glad that their plan had managed to work. Digging through the cart Jerr removed the cart blanket and practically gutted the old cart searching for what he wanted, the jewels. There were magic drugs, which Nerr claimed made you feel like you were flying and sometimes actually made you fly, there were illegal lacrima used to make people dragon slates, some used in sacrificing humans, which Sylioh found particularly dark. And then there were the Jewels approximately 100,000J, the pair split them half and half. Jerr got 50,000J, and Syliph too got 50,000J to take home to Celia, and speaking of Celia it had been weird leaving her back at Orchidia, he really enjoyed her, and their relationship had been going great, they hadn’t been dating long,
Barely s month and it had been going great, but recently it had been going oddly, he hadn’t heard from her as normally as he usually had. But she seemed to be enjoying her questing time, saying she had met a wonderous partner known as Sarah, who while was a very serious introvert, was a nice person once you got to know her, and Celia had apparently been helping her make friends outside of their little quest group, Sylioh smiled she was a such a nice person, she tended to help people at almost any turn and was never mean or unhelpful, she gave away all her quest money on their trip to orchidia to a man who needed it, she had made it the day before and have it all away, her kindness made it really hard for Syliph not to love her, and every part about her. Coming back to, he tossed money to Jerr and broke into a sprint he’d head towards the edge of town and head bbqck on his way to orchidia to meet Celia again, Kerii said she’d be on her way to meet him there but she hadn’t arrived yet in orchidia.



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Weaving through oak he was fully ready to be done here, the Martellos, The Tessio crime sydinicate, phantom lord, grimoire heart even, he was going to leave soon, he needed to get in contact with his master and tell him he was out, though Syliph had finally gotten over his fear of guilds, and was ready to join a light one, not grimoire heart. Stepping up he ran up the stairs, he’d pay the fee eventually and flee from the guild, and to be honest he had no sadness leaving the dark, underground life away, rubbing his hands together he tried to warm himself in the frigid air of oak, he pulled his jacket tighter, he was honestly freezing, so maybe a nap tonight and leaving in the morning tomorrow or afternoon wouldn’t be hurtful, it certainly be warmer, but also truthfully, orchidia wouldn’t be any warmer either the air was just as cold and snowed just as often. Rolling his hands tightly into fists he continued to walk down the path, we’ll it was supposed to be a back street way, but dirt path was a better name for whatever it happened to be, it was just a sodden dirt path, that had gotten a lot of rain recently and was more like a mud stream. Syliph’s boots sank into the ground with a. Resounding squelch on the new ground. Every step was difficult, Syliph pulled his foot out of the ground and he’d almost loose his boot as a result,
It was truly terrible and odd. This happened every time, and it was beginning to become something of a vastly, a very, large and annoying typicality. So he went along sloshing in the mud, very moodily at that. Mumbling quietly to himself about life and such. He mostly contemplated his future with Celia, it was odd to think about something like that early in a relationship, but they seemed to be enjoying everything they did together, and they had taken a huge steps In their relationship early on so Sylioh wasn’t that worried of them not overcoming a challenge. Celia dropped hints and so did he every once in awhile about taking the next step, AKA marriage, every once in awhile. Celia would innocently comment on a ring, or when they passed a church, and occasionally she’d “reminisce” about the stories of her parents wedding day, she had called them so romantic, and how she worded them actually made him think sometimes about his life and how it was so short he didn’t want to wait forever, he couldn’t believe the fact that he was debating THE question, the life changing, the white question, the half a baby question. Sylioh needed to stop prying his mind eventually, but he couldn’t it felt odd in that way, he had no idea what he would say yet, or how he would pop a question if he did, he barely remembered the stories his parents had told him as a child.


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