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False Memories [Judina]

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#1Káilètte † 

False Memories [Judina] Empty Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:54 am


You never knew what you had...
☬Till it's all over. ☬

Arisa walked through the darkness that this huge valley was carrying. She wasn't quite sure what was all here nor why it was like this, but it wasn't just the night that made it dark. Her eyes that were golden became silver mirrors of metallic liquid. She wore a hoodie-like coat that could be seen like a reaper's outfit. The night's walk seemed peaceful at first, but her soul was not like this night. It was confused and she was unsure about herself as she looked up at the sky.

It reflected in her eyes, the stars and moon. She felt almost criminal for just existing as she was loved by the dead, deities and perhaps some of the living. Her personality couldn't be described just like the night. Under the outfit she wore a black dress that had a fashionable torn design at the bottom, revealing her thigh thighs that were fit and for shoes she wore boots that went to the mid-section of her thighs. Walking alongside the stores that were closed she felt alone to sulk in the lullaby that was in her mind. There was nothing she did not think of..., but she mostly thought of him as she was the light within the darkness even though he, his magic was darkness related.
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Judina †
A night time walk was an experience that wasn't Judina's normal doing in fact most of the time she avoided it, what was different? why was she out here? what made everything so different to go do this? Was it yet again another sleepless night for Judina the unexplained sleepless nights like something was bugging her and amiss that she could not pin point, Like she should know something or learn something that quite isn't happening currently with her.

But she would alas walk anyway, To try and burn out energy to sleep or at least rest, but the times and road of such trouble."What is bugging my mind?"Judina thought aloud while walking to herself not looking forward if anything she was more paying attention to the sky in front of her. Thinking that the stars or the moon would give her the answer or even fate would give her something at all to give her an answer to it as well just wanted to figure out why she felt so trouble with only the feeling in the air to do so, But the nighttime seemed to help her settle for the moment, Letting out an uncomfortable sigh while he did.

So far the even was peaceful and to her it seemed to just have to walk until the need to sleep to happen but has yet too happen, She was sleepy from doing so much in so little time it effected her with out realizing.

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False Memories [Judina] Empty Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:18 pm


You never knew what you had...
☬Till it's all over. ☬

Arisa wondered more thoughts in the process as she continued on the walk throughout the night. She didn't know what time it was, but did it really matter? She had no where to go specifically and nothing to really do, truly. It was a free-time zone for that matter and in matters, there were none. She yawned softly as she looked forward enjoying the nice cool breeze that wasn't too harsh nor too low. A part of her looked around and thought of that one mission with Alisa where it became foggy and people went crazy. Some people died during that, but thankfully it wasn't because of her nor Alisa.

Arisa wished to not harm as many as possible, but if she had to harm someone then she will. Her heart was beating slowly, her eyes slanting towards the direction she was walking now as she wondered on what to do. She didn't want to just walk all night as there had to be something to do. Her eyes looked around to see if she saw someone to accompany her... 'Speak of the human...' she thought as she saw someone. ''Judina!'' she spoke and waved, walking towards her. ''Hey, wanna go to the store, get some things and crash by some nearby great lake or something?'' she wondered.
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Judina †
Reality seemed to tune out for her slowly and just as slowly tune back in and with that she let out a yawn but it seemed to make no noise for when he tried to inhale for air and did not. Realizing that Judina just seemed to nod to herself and just stand still so she could regain her thoughts normally.

It did not take so long for her to do so for hearing her name allowed her to think normally and put aside the sleeping feeling she had looking towards the voice calling her name, It felt like she knew it but wanted to be sure because she was slightly sleepy in mind as well too it would be rude to call a person's name wrongly Judina knew better then that to happen.

"Oh?"Judina said as she realized she knew the voice and who was behind it, Her sister even not even in blood or same mother or father, She was raised to think her as such even with it being random to her at one point and being stubborn about it for the longest time."Hello Arisa, What are you doing here?" She asked trying to act normal about even if she was sleepy and exhausted. "Sure, if there is anything open."Judina was not sure if anything was open or what to get, But she figure if she had a chance to relax she would maybe eventually fall asleep somewhere even if it wasn't in a bed she felt like she would be fine.

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You never knew what you had...
☬Till it's all over. ☬

She nodded a few times as she heard Judina talk which was all and dandy. When the woman agreed to go along with her she grabbed her hand and went off. There wasn't any specific place she was going to, but any place was better than no place, yes? She calmly looked around with her moon-lit eyes with her cream flawless skin lighting up by the moon and street lights. ''Let's goo find a store with lights on or a store with a door unlocked at least...'' she spoke and chuckled. Her eyes brightened up like a child's when they become excited about some event.

She skipped alongside the road started to humming. She went alongside the buildings, with her free hand she slid them against the brick layered stores/business places. 'We should have some fun.~' she thought wildly as she saw no stores open, making her stop. She put her foot out, hip towards the left with her hand/fingers rubbing against her chin, thinking. ''Welp, when life gives you no lemons, you find your own damn lemons. Let's go!'' she spoke excitedly and ran off to some random store. The door wasn't locked but the lights were off - it was closed. ''Well, when the door isn't locked, that means you're invited in.'' she spoke once more and went inside.
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#6Judina † 

False Memories [Judina] Empty Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:47 pm

Judina †
Judina seemed to sleepingly followed along with Arisa, with the point of night Judina started to assumed everything was closed and wondered what they would do for the first part of the plan, Judina could figure out something and do it Judina was not thinking it would be bad if he just grabbed berrys or something and making it herself, She did know how to do things like cook and such she wasn't that different of a lady. "Arisa, be sure you are not doing anything." She stopped to yawn for a moment."Bad okay.." Judina said after all she was a rune knight and did not shove it aloud, she did not want Arisa to break the law to get things but with her state of sleepiness might impair her thought.

But before she really made sure Arisa was able to hear her Arisa seemed pretty far away so she could rush to catch up to Arisa while she was already checking doors and places that sold food if door were unlocked, Judina continued to follow behind."Arisa at least be sure you are not entering illegally." Judina said trying to at least still do her job but knowing just maybe as long as some one did not yell too loudly or made it noticeable Judina did not have to do much, But felt it was wrong to be doing this, Judina would keep in her mind that she could have to put her foot down if she had too.

#7Káilètte † 

False Memories [Judina] Empty Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:06 pm

She chuckled and swayed her right hand up and down. ''Haha, don't worry, I'll leave money behind.'' she spoke and continued on through. She grabbed a cart and went through the alleys. Each lane had their own crap. The last time she went to one of these places, she ran into a child who was quite interesting. Her long violet hair swayed left and right as did her large hips. She could finely bear children with those hips, but knowing Noel, he probably won't want children. It made sense because of his other children with his late wife. Will that mean they'll never get married as well? It was a question that was going to repeat itself in her head for sure, but for now she must get this shopping done.

Arisa grabbed some cans of fizz pop in that lane and went to the next. She felt like getting some chips and salsa, the hot kind. She loved testing her tongue and how much it can handle spicy foods. The chips were normal corn-made tortilla chips. 'Alright, next one...' she thought and went to the bakery area. She grabbed some french bread that was perfect for subs and some cheesecake as well. Slowly she walked towards the next. Rather or not Judina was following - she didn't really look.

#8Judina † 

False Memories [Judina] Empty Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:56 pm

Judina †
Judina would just quietly follow in, if anyone asked Judina would say she was looking into it and would deal with, She had a fall back for it because she was a Rune Knight, but then again could be embarrassing for her and Judina could easily be considering not doing her job in such manner, Judina could also be over thinking because she was sleepy as well but she managed to keep up with Arisa as well. The things her sister does it very different then any single other of her family members at all, Waylon wouldn't do something like this at all but it did not matter at this point.

But alas Judina was not too far behind just watching what was all being collected from her Judina just let out a sigh and figured she would just deal with it and follow along with it she could do with a few snacks as well and maybe one drink or three. Being almost just behind Arisa Judina then took a few things she wanted and carried them with her being sure too not take too much herself feeling guilty about it currently maybe hopefully such guilt would go away from her thoughts eventually that or come back later while the owner was in and explain what happen and pay for a few things that were what she bought and assure them it was safe in the end and it would most likely not happen again and if it did call the rune knights.

#9Káilètte † 

False Memories [Judina] Empty Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:33 pm

She shrugged off any worries from Judina as there was nothing to worry about. She wasn't stealing or anything - Arisa was beyond into that kind of shit. She rather break in and pay for what she wanted for this very night and hey, it's not breaking in if the door was already open for her. It felt like it was welcoming her inside and honestly that was in her favor. She looked at what she had right now; bread, fizz popps, chips and salsa. That was all she had right now, but she felt like she wanted more... more indeed.

Arisa walked towards the other isles, grabbing then some meat and cheese cubes. Next she went to grab some alcohol because she can never last one day without drinking - ever... She was going to drink her whole night away, probably by a fire and gazing at the stars. What was wrong with that? Nothing! She went to grab some wine glasses and then finally, some grapes. When that was over she went to the register and wrote down the note she had and the jewels she owed. It wasn't that hard to do the math nor was it hard to write down her bank in case they had more to charge. After all the missions she did, it wasn't hard to pay for it.

#10Judina † 

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Judina †
It did not feel much longer after that her mind settled Judina most likely was being paranoid and could easily be called a party pooper. Something along that line anyway, Maybe relaxing is a bit better then stress. She had various other things maybe to think about and relax with her sister with, Time with family was rare or so at one point when she was at least 6 was told by her mother.

It wouldn't be much longer really she felt so she would find Arisa and wait looking at all of the stuff she had."You must eat as much as my brother from what I hear with all of this stuff and When i attempted to find Waylon last." Judina mentioned jokingly. "Or does my brother eat more then that?" Judina asked being unsure but trying to not be so serious for the moment, She could be serious and well maybe back to her own way eventually.

"Do you need anything else while we are here or have you gorged yourself enough with enough food  and drinks to have?" With a friendly wink Judina went to the door they entered waiting for Arisa to go join her on the sitting down and talking spot and wonder what to talk about and what else needed to be spoken about it, It was nice to see family like Arisa, it was better then her current track record of finding and talking Waylon or Regis over Arisa, hopefully everyone was safe.

#11Káilètte † 

False Memories [Judina] Empty Sat Dec 30, 2017 6:47 pm

Arisa looked at all the stuff she had in the cart and the list on the paper. 'I have that, that and that. This is fine, that is okay and that is all so great. That is sweet, that is not, that is okay, but that is bait.' she thought and then checked it all off. Her eyes looked forward, head tilted so she looked in the direction she was to walk. It didn't matter anymore nor what Judina was saying as she was going to enjoy this night - rather if it was with or without her. Tonight was going to be a night of just drinking and talking about random things.

Arisa walked through the night on the streets of cobblestone. The lights above from the iron made poles shaped the ground in mini halos. It was as if angels stood there, invisible, with no care. She didn't care neither as she was walking more towards a cliff-like area that towered a large great lake. They were halfway there, but with company that was all okay. The wind was slowing down, the night was becoming enlightening as the moon showered the sky with its holiness. The stars on the other hand complimented the moon itself... So beautiful it was.

#12Judina † 

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Judina †
It seemed to be unsure with Judina if she should try to continue making conversation for the moment, It seemed Arisa just ignored her even after moving on from Judina starting worries, She had moved on from it quietly and quickly really, normally with her mind she wouldn't have been as quick about it but hey it was all...okay in the end and Judina had no intention of questioning it anymore.

But the walk was nice with company, Judina she did not have anything else to talk about or mention, With it feeling slightly pointless in her eyes as well for now, the snacks where on her mind and wanting to eat was too and the slight need to sleep as well was in the back of her mind as well.

The cliff edge was kind of the spot she seemed to enjoy for some reason anything on the ground was fine as well, But the cliff edge seemed to be most enjoyable for the both them. "An evening to remember it seems." She mention just too break the quiet. since having the feeling they were sitting down soon Judina unbutton and took off her robe to just that sleeveless undershirt she wanted to feel the wind for a bit and felt comfortable around Arisa to do such a thing, it wasn't a big deal normally any how, Just while they prepare to settled down and sit down as well, like the evens she use to do by herself while she trained.

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They continued to go on till they got to the spot on that very cliff-like area. Over it, was a large great lake that sparkled so beautifully. She bent down and laid out the blanket with checkered patters of blue and white. After that she laid out the plates, cups, bowls and silverware. Next came up the food as she placed it all in order. She plopped down with multiple bottles of booze in her arms and looked up at Judina. ''Alright, let us start.~'' she spoke and smiled. Soon a yawn came up and laid down the booze to rest on the right side of her.

Moving a little, she shuffled to get comfortable. Swiftly she grabbed a bottle, broke the top part of it and poured herself a glass. Her eyes slowly moved up to look at Judina. ''Want some?~'' she smiled cat-like with her full plump, glossed pink lips. Her moon-mirror eyes of silver gazed at her with curiosity and if she said no then she wasn't going to pour her a glass. Instead of that she sat back up and prepared some sandwiches and hummed softly as she did so. Within every minute, she took a sip of her booze and thought of an event she had stuck in her head.... One that happened long ago.

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Judina †
It seemed better now then ever."Sure I will try whatever it is." Judina said unsure if she should feel okay with not knowing what she was drinking or not but, Relaxing would help after all she just traveled and worked what else did she have to look forward too so it would be nice to take time and be great ful to be around family for while she can, For she knew she would just head back to work otherwise and that endless cycle of work again with not a single sign of progress for her goals, but for now having such thoughts should be put off.

"Hopefully it isn't too bad."
Judina said with a laugh about it, meaning it in the humor over all hopefully it was taken that way, Judina knew she was bad at making joke or even understanding them sometimes, it was differed her from Waylon and her mother; Regis, herself and her father were ones bad with jokes."What is it anyway?" she figured she would ask what she was about to drink so she knew what to call it after having a sip of it. But took the glass after Arisa poured it for her and she took a sip of it waited to see what else Arisa was preparing for the moment, Judina seemed to feel at least peaceful for once and it has been a while since such a feeling has came to her, hopefully it lasted a while.

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Her eyes of silver mirrored the galaxy that they gazed upon. Smears of blue, blotches of purple in the middle and a light egg white color behind the purple. In those colors were bright stars that warmed her heart right up. 'Oh so beautiful stars and sky. Why have you covered the truth, one of the reasons I have have cried as the gods hide up high. Now I drink everyday in sorrows of never having birth, and as my soul and body' dies, before one could soothe, as I live with humans on this earth. ' She thought coldly as small frown escaped her full lips that felt dry. After she poured Judith a glass, Arisa just drink the bottle itself with no care. She heard of her dear friend's question on what type of alcohol it was, the bottle. Her head cocked towards her as she leaned her own body back, one hand squishing against the earth itself to keep her body balanced.

She stopped suddenly with the drinking to answer the question and smiled small as if she was trying to smile. ''Why... It's mixed with random things...'' she spoke and looked at the bottle now, up and down as if she was studying it but she really wasn't. Her eyes looked back at her blue haired family friend and spoke once more softly. ''I don't believe I even care... As long as it's fruity and has alcohol, but this one tastes quite tropical.'' she spoke lastly in a positive manner. Arisa's violet hair motioned slowly with the wind, partial strands of her bangs were in her face, but she ignored such things as deeper things came to mind as her mirrored silver eyes gazed at the sky, once more.

#16Judina † 

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Judina †
Judina listen while she took a drink of it, Arisa could easily pick up one thing Judina was never tasted or tried alcohol after taking sip she seemed to cough for a moment after feeling the burning feeling of it and her brain unsure how to react to having drank, Trying her best to act normal after having a sip. She figured since she started the drink she might as well finish it. "It isn't all that bad." She said Also being the type once to start something to finish it so she wouldn't waste the booze maybe she would get use to the feeling and taste of it as long as it was fruity like this she would be fine.

Quietly sipping her glass she wondered was this what normal people did? or was it all different? then again normality was simply flawed to think about with people normality was all different, so for now this was just the time to relax and maybe just not think about anything too badly. "Hopefully I am not what they call a Lightweight." Judina mentioned laughing about it slightly but could not tell for sure until the event went on.

#17Káilètte † 

False Memories [Judina] Empty Thu Jan 25, 2018 2:16 pm

She started to drink out of her own bottle, stringed with pink ribbon on the nozzle, looped by the head and tied as a bow. The taste of the alcohol had some pineapple - or a lot, some strawberries and vodka. There was also two types of rum and blue berry type of something... She didn't care to think logically at this point as it was drinking time. She put down the bottle and laid her head on a pillow that had white lacing around the edges and checkered white and red. Her violet hair spread everywhere like a fan of thin thread of silk, clattered together.

Slowly her hand reached for some more food and nommed on some of it, her eyes gazing at the moon and stars. With her free hand she pointed up at the sky in a precise spot. As she nommed on the corner of a sandwich she spoke. ''There.'' she simply said in a mumbling tone as she was speaking while nomming as a child would do. When she was done nomming for a couple of seconds she took away the sandwich away from her own mouth. ''Someday I'll be a star in the sky or.. even the moon itself! Who knows.. Someday though I will belong to the sky... other than it's wings as an angel.'' she spoke softly and wishy washy-like with a dash of passion and romance.

#18Judina † 

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Judina †
Judina started to wonder the full effects of such a drink on her and how different each person was effected by it, still clueless to what drinking booze was like, Or even why people still chose to drink it the merit of maybe would strike her when she had some more eventually, Keeping in mind if she was rather curious in the end of why people drank all of the time she would ask around. Naive yes but to the point as well.

Taking another sip of her drink it, For the moment it allowed Judina to think about what she eventually wished often avoiding thinking of the future mostly because it seemed to depress her largely or left unclear."I hope for a few basic things still, maybe learn the history of my mother and father's past, I never asked and i seem to wonder now days what their life was like before settling into there life now."Judina said with a slight curious smile about it and took another sip of her drink."It's wings as an angel? interesting analogy."Judina thought lightly chuckling about it thinking it was a slightly booze induced analogy and that was it. "Maybe I will find such words to feel achieve one day such was that myself."Judina seemed to at least smile as she normally has been her past self long ago remembering her being a an easily jealous child and wanted attention and how different she was able to control her thoughts and rage.

#19Káilètte † 

False Memories [Judina] Empty Sat Jan 27, 2018 4:29 pm

As she looked and gazed at the sky and looked back at one of her 'family'-like siblings, she wondered exactly on what was on her mind. Her bright mirrored silver eyes that glistened like gems of stars were bursting with enlightenment. Swiftly her head turned straight to look forward to see that the stars were glowing more and more to her words as she then made a small smile. ''I was told... my a being stronger... more important than I... Told I couldn't have children.'' she started and then leaned forward to push herself up. ''I was pregnant a month or two ago - about seven to... I don't know! Months!... They just took it and made me 'normal' as if I never was pregnant from the start...

Her eyes began to water as she turned swiftly to look at Judina as if she was a storm changing its' course. ''After finding out my past... all those children - my so called 'siblings' being killed. I have always wanted to have a child... children to call my own so I could be better than my own mother was and now... I...'' she paused and walked forward to the edge of the cliff, looking at the waves slowly over lapping each other in its' cool winds. ''I can't have any...'' she coldly spoke with a cold  emotionless expression.


#20Judina † 

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Judina †
It seemed the bitterness Judina thought and assumed came along the coldness in her voice worried her, why would some one she value carry such a thing on her mind? It was saddening effect of lifes many paths it seemed but nonetheless Judina would try not and seem bothered about it but finish off her drink.

It reminded that mind set Judina had to throw away, the bitter easily enraged almost ready to punch anyone rather then question lady she once was, hopefully the once she would never be again, she feared she would be willing to harm the people she cared about and was unsure how she would be about her job then, But dwelling on such thoughts should most likely stop now, she had an evening to enjoy.

But choose to at least mention her thoughts to her sister but she was unsure fully what to think now or even feel."I see and understand why that would  disheartening..." Judina mentioned to Arisa sounding empathic and dishearten about but sounded like she was unsure what else she could do to help as well. But as the night went one they seemed to settle and just make peace with the thought, well Judina did with the booze she was unsure about her sister, even with them not being blood and the story behind it Arisa was family no one would make her think otherwise.

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