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Clean up crew (Syliph Kamae)

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Clean up crew (Syliph Kamae) Empty on Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:13 am

Syliph walked down the streets, he was set to meet some gangsters, mobsters, the mafia? Syliph didn’t know to be honest. In his time in Grimoire heart, his knowledge of the underworld had grown tenfold, it was if someone or something was drawing him towards the underground like a magnet, he was a magnet to the darkness, pulling it out of the shadows and towards him, beckoning to give him jobs like some weird parasite that had too much to do on its own time. Rolling his hands tightly into fists Syliph scanned the crowd for any sign of his employer today, he was none other than a member of the infamous Martello family. Suddenly a hand clasped him on the shkulder, causing Sylioh to have twos fully prepared to blow the man or woman who had touched in the face with a spell. Fortunately it was Rémy Martello, Syliph’s boss for the day. Nodding Syliph followed Rémy to an old abandoned building were repairs were currently being made. Oak was the opposite of orchidia, there was such a lack of light guilds that any light guilders would be the ones working underground. Inside there were no workers, Syliph was about to ask why but Rémy beat him to it. ”All the workers are gone until they get there pay checks sorted out, so we used it as a meeting place, things went south and now we got all these bodies to clean up, I’ll chop em’ up, you just use your superior strength to haul em’ over. Though don’t cut up those three bodies over there by the window, they are kin and we’ll be given a proper burial.” Rémy said. Understanding it all, and glad he didn’t have to be the one cutting up body parts Syliph got to work. He watched for a moment, letting Rémy prépare his workspace of trash bags and axes.

Looking around for the first body he noticed one high up on a platform where he must of been trying to snipe from a vantage point but failed, that was probably the best place to start, snapping his fingers he’d gain a misty like appearance, then in a quick shoot he’d go up 5 meters, just enough to grab on to the ledge and pull himself up, the spell would have used only 25 mana out of his cast pool, just a dent in the end of things. Finding the mark of the rival family Syliph heaved t over the edge and it fell to a thump. Sliding down a near by rail post Syliph dragged it over to Rémy Martello so he could...dispose of it. The first resounding thwack echoed around the room, the flashes of dismembering body parts flashed in front of him. The thwack came again and Syliph stumbled forward. Shaking his head he continued on he didn’t want to listen to this noise right now, it made hot physicallly sick, he didn’t know if he’d be able to retain the memories if the noise got to bad. Rolling a body next to Rémy he turned and hear the weird squish of the ax hitting the neck, Syliph had heard that sound in his life once before, when he was younger the night his family died.

The visions overtook him while he worked, tears stroked down his face.

The screams reached his family’s ears as they ate dinner, torches crashed through their window setting their table on fire, his parents kept into action, hiding hi sister and him in a metal case in the back room, all he could here was the thwacking of bodies and screams, the terrified moos I’d the dying cows. Syliph made the fatal mistake of popping open the door, slowing Elexia to escape and run after their parents and allowing him to see his family being beheaded with the same threatening crunch of the spine being cracked. Syliph was Elexia being snapped in the face with the jolt of his sword. These memories were so old he had no idea that he had buried them, when they were unburied many others came up with them, leaving him in a testy mess as he dragged bodies over to Remy, and eventually he was all done, so he dragged the Martello bodies over for Rémy to have transported. He thanked Syliph and picked up the bag of body parts and kicked a bag of jewels over to Syliph, who picked up through pinching. Rémy allowed Syliph to leave, as he turned the corner Syliph promptly turned over and vomited all over the street with gutwrenching force, wiping his mouth he took a swig if water and spat it out, washing his now dirty mouth. Sliding down the street he headed down the street to where he was going to go do another job. This job had only taken a few hours so Syliph didn’t need to tick around long, he could easily complete another job today and it wouldn’t be that hard for him either, his strength had grown rather larger in the last few weeks he knew he was that much closer to making it to the next step in his journey of strength he would succeed. Taking a breath he turned around and headed down where he could do his next job. The streets were still lined with what looked like either the homeless or corpses that were disguised to look like the homeless until someone realized they smelled so bad that they couldn’t be homeless, or alive for that matter.

10% guild perk

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