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Do fairies have tails? We don’t. (Social: Rishi)

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Do fairies have tails? We don’t. (Social: Rishi) Empty on Wed Dec 27, 2017 7:50 pm

Waving his breath Vidarr fanned his face, he’d just gotten back from his daily run. Looking for a bench Vidarr sat down peeling of his jacket and letting the cool skin wash over him, he didn’t know how long he’d retain this warm feeling, probably only a little while it was certainly cool outside, but he sure was sweating like pig, hopefully not a rancid one, Vidarr didn’t think he got that smelly in sweat but it was hard to smell one’s self. Leaning back against the bench he’d almost fall asleep, it had been a long few days and he had just had his daily run and he was exhausted, sitting back against the bench he stared at the sun, absorbing the last bit of warmth the sun was providing in these cold winter months. Reaching over he pulled his jacket back over his shoulders he still was a little cold. He had left his weapons and armor at home running with his armor would have been a mistake, yeah it would have helped with endurance and stamina but the chafing would have been the biggest mistake someone could make, sweating a little harder he’d pull up his shirt To cool down a bit, revealing his fairytail emblem but, only for a moment before a gust of wind caused him to pull his shirt back down.

#2Rishi Namatzu 

Do fairies have tails? We don’t. (Social: Rishi) Empty on Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:33 pm

Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Today had been an important day in the town of Era. Rishi had heard about there being a big sale on clothes, and she really liked building her collection with all the different colors and prints. As she was on the way to the clothes store though she saw a rather sweaty guy, maybe one or two years older than herself with his shirt up, which Rishi found quite appealing. That was just the perfect spot to take a nice and long sip of blood, so tender for most. Then again it seemed he was rather fit, so that wouldn't work out as well as she might have thought. Why had she even been thinking of taking a bite of a random person? Right before he put his shirt back down she had seen a Fairy Tail emblem on his ribs, which made him all the more appealing. Maybe she could make friends with this guy and maybe even something more.

She had forgotten all about her clothes shopping and walked straight up to the bench the guy had been sitting on and sat down next to him, leaving just a bit of space in between. "Hi there!" she said in the happiest tone she could, the sun shining brightly on her red eyes, leaving no shadow behind her. Hopefully he wouldn't notice this minor detail, because she wanted to get close to this guy, and she wasn't going to give up too easily. "My name is Rishi, what's yours?" she asked a little more quietly, keeping her mouth as low as she possible could without mumbling. Just as she finished her sentence, a gust of winter wind flew by and knocked her hair behind her, still flowing elegantly in the wind as she waited for a response.

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Word Count: 298
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?


Do fairies have tails? We don’t. (Social: Rishi) Empty on Thu Dec 28, 2017 5:40 am

Pretty much as he had put his shirt down a girl came up and introduced herself, to be honest it was very odd and blatant, something Vidarr wasn’t accustom to, well he was accustom to being blatant and loud.

”hey...” he said a little unsurely, he had no idea who she was. She then leaned down and introduced herself as Rishi. Not even trying to be quiet, Vidarr spoke st his normal volume,”Oh, hi I’m vidarr.”. Waiting a few more moments he became blunt too,”who are you? And why are you talking to me? Not trying to be mean it’s just a little odd.” he leaned down resting his elbows on his thighs, he had put his jacket back on because it was officially too cold outside, he fiddled with the ring on his pinky finger absent mindidly. Another gust of wind had blown flinging Rishi’s hair in such a manner that made her look like some ethereal being. Vidarr tried not to stare but it certainly was a sight, her hair flipped around wildly sending ta long silver strands in beautiful arcs, it was definitely a sight to behold.

#4Rishi Namatzu 

Do fairies have tails? We don’t. (Social: Rishi) Empty on Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:03 am

Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

"Well I guess as you see it i'm just a random person who walked up to you huh..." she said looking down. She had already embarrassed herself as usual. This was sort of strange though, most people she met weren't like this when she first started talking to them, they all seemed... friendly. This guy though seemed a little more conceived and a lot less social. She wasn't really sure how to fix what she had just done, and she REALLY wasn't sure about what she was going to do next.

She turned back to look at him and just as she did she caught him looking at her hair. Honestly she couldn't understand what was so interesting about that but if it was cool then she didn't really have a problem with him staring at it. "Well you seemed a little... alone over here and I just wanted to stop and say hi I guess. I'm not the person to go out of my way to talk to people but something just stopped me today and i'm not really sure what it was," she said coming straight from her head. She really didn't know what drew her to talk to this guy really, but she was going to just say it as straight forward as she could."So uhm... what have you been doing on this cold morning?" she said trying to break up the fight between weather she should be awkward or flirty inside her head.

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Do fairies have tails? We don’t. (Social: Rishi) Empty on Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:22 pm

The girl flustered awkwardly as she tried to explain why she had come over, she finally settled on the idea of Vidarr being alone, he wouldn’t dig more into t but rather answer her question. ”I’ve actually been out on a run, I go on it everyday, then I exercise some more, it’s the only way to become stronger and rise the ranks of my guild, fairytail.” he said nonchalantly. Standing up he stretched out his hand to shake rishi’s hand, “and what are you doing on this fine day?” he asked Rishi. He knew very little about this mysterious girl other than the fact that she just came up and started to talk to Vidarr. Zipping up his jacket he realized he was bit cold,”you wanna maybe go talk somewhere else it’s freezing outside today, I think there’s a restaurant or something to go sit in.” he suggested. He peered around for any area but couldn’t see any, he hoped Rishi would have some some suggestions, but he honestly didn’t know what or where he wanted to eat and e was brand new here.

#6Rishi Namatzu 

Do fairies have tails? We don’t. (Social: Rishi) Empty on Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:25 pm

Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

"Oh wow, I'm in Fairy Tail as well, I wonder why I haven't seen you around before..." she said trailing off. When did all of these new members come around? Maybe she did need to go back to Magnolia soon, back to the guild hall. She hadn't been there in a long while anyways, and it'd be nice to see everyone again. "Running... very interesting," she said in a quiet tone, loud enough for only people a few inches away to hear. "I was just going to go shopping, but I'm pretty sure that all of the clothes are gone now, there was a big crowd a while ago." Just then she had realized she hadn't been wearing a sweater, and that sale had already ended, so his suggestion to get to someplace warm didn't seem like a bad idea. Then she remembered her magic, and she could probably create a warm orb instead. She had seen a restaurant on her way into town, and she knew it wasn't far from where they were, so maybe she could just do both. "Well I saw a restaurant on my way here, since I'm new in town, but it's not too far from here, so I think we could go there," she said smiling. "If we're going to go though I recommend you take this," she said as she made the orb, warm to the touch but not hot enough to damage the skin in any way. She handed one to him, made one for herself, and started walking slowly so that Vidarr could stay in range.

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Word Count: 265
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

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Do fairies have tails? We don’t. (Social: Rishi) Empty on Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:07 pm

Rishi also happened to be in Fairytail, instantly changing Vidarr's mood, very visibly that is. He became more friendly, smiled more and even laughed at points. and not only that, she even knew a warmer place to go sit, "That sounds great,
I'll follow you."
He said.

He'd follow Rishi, and she gave him a nice warm orb to hold too, it didn't burn his hands but left a pleasant heat that didn't leave him out in the cold wind, after he left Era, he'd go somewhere nice and warm, like Hargeon or Marigold, he heard that there were plenty of warm things to do there. Scratching his orb lightly, it felt almost spongy, and like glass at the same time. But nonetheless he managed to keep up with rishi. "So, how'd you come to join our magnificent guild? I think its the best and I'll never make the mistake of leaving like some choose to." He said. Hugging the orb closer, goosebumps shivered up his arms as the heat flowed in waves across his hands, it was just so warm, and he liked being warm.

#8Rishi Namatzu 

Do fairies have tails? We don’t. (Social: Rishi) Empty on Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:32 pm

Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Rishi was happy she had met another member of Fairy Tail, and as she told him that she was a guild member as well, it seemed to lighten up his mood quite a bit. "Well to cut it short, I had grown up in the woods of Magnolia and had wanted to try a guild out, so I had joined fairy Tail and I've been there ever since," she said smiling.

They walked down the road to the restaurant there wasn't much conversation, and she couldn't really do too much with that. The silence was nice for her, and she didn't want to ramble on about something that even she wouldn't want to listen to on the way to get comfortable. She glanced behind her for a quick second only to see Vidarr slightly messing with the orb, and it make her giggle just a bit. She had never seen anyone do such a thing with the orbs that she made before, maybe because they thought they might pop (considering that there was magma inside) or maybe it's because they really didn't care.

They had made it to the doors of the restaurant not too long after and she had opened the door for the both of them, and instantly she could feel the warmth of the inside and it made her feel happy inside. As soon as they sat down she made the orbs melt away in their hands without any feeling at all, and they disappeared into thin air. She wasn't sure if he was going to order anything, but she had stopped a waiter nearby and had only ordered a hot chocolate and some toasted bread for herself before looking to Vidarr and saying, "So what brings you to the town of Era? I mean we're both new around here and I was just wondering." She had said this a lightly and kindly as she could, and she had felt a warm feeling inside as she spoke, and she wasn't too sure on why.

Eventually she had to go, so she picked up her things and said goodbyre to Vidarr before walking out.

Tags: @Vidarr
Word Count: 352
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

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Do fairies have tails? We don’t. (Social: Rishi) Empty on Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:33 pm

Rishi had a much less secluded life than Vidarr did. He ran around like a wild child he wasn’t exactly the most quiet and polite child.

Vidarr thought for a moment about Rishi’s question of why he cane to Era of all places. ”I was at oak before I came here, and honestly I’m not following some righteous adventure, truthfully I just wanna be the strongest and I’ll do what it takes and go where it takes me. “ Vidarr said, poking the orb a little more, it was interesting. The pair were coming up on something that looked like a restaurant, it had a open sign glowing brightly on the window and it had cool little window designs on it. They were ivy vines that stretched up the sides with little fairies prancing along the leaves, the place looked with rather quaint. The entry way was a spinning glass door, that caused light to glint of in all directions it was surprisingly pretty. He looked over at Rishi to see if the were near the right place, it seemed to be on the edge of town. He showed down just in case they were close.

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