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Cult of Personality [Lacie]

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Cult of Personality [Lacie] Empty Wed Dec 27, 2017 8:21 am

Baron sat up late at night thinking over a few different things, the excursion of people to Baska and Oak, the smiling faces of other adventurers as well as his own. He was certain that there'd be more fun in Baska, yet he couldn't have seemed to find any out here. If only he had ran back into that lanky lady he met before. She knew how to have proper fun! Shame, but anyway he was geared up and ready to move on from the hills, though at the moment he was doing some cooking. Nothin' special just a few small game roasting on the fire, and what a haul of game it was.

A duck of all things out here. He could have plucked them up and made a fine stew, or he could roast them up and season them well. Decisions, decisions on what he'd do. If only he had a helping hand at moments like this nothing could go wrong then, but finding good cooking help was rather hard now adays. The pallets of most folks couldn't match his own rough one thus he wouldn't be able to find anyone with the ability to match his taste all that well, what a shame that would be if someone did help him out though, they'd get to eat everything he cooked.

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Lacie Eventide
It was annoying, how she had to avoid the town square of Baska because of this stupid game that she had been playing. It might be smart to go to another town but that was too easy and besides the game wasn't won yet by herself and also not by Alice yet but that was the whole point. Because for crying out loud she should be able to win this. She didn't know why she wanted to stay here but there was perhaps that there was more than Lacie Eventide would understand at the moment. She was in the hills, trying to figure out how this new magic worked. She narrowed her eyes as she focused on her hand, there was a magic energy swirling around her hand and it looked like a light with some sort of white yellow colour. She could feel the magic potential, it wasn't yet very destructive but it felt different already from Sun's Blessing as that had only got healing potential. She had thrown that away completely.

It was cold in the winter and she was dressed like she wouldn't even survive the winter. She bought a new coat with fur because the trench coat had known it's best time. The winter had definitely come and there was enough snow around, if only she had some fire magic and she could keep herself warm. Thank god she stayed in an inn close by the hills but she couldn't stay inside the whole day and she would be afraid that the walls would close in. This was why she stayed outside but it was getting frustrated, there was no new set in this game play and that made it boring. Perhaps Alice and Kon were already gone for their protection, but she doubted that, the two wouldn't do that. Too full of themselves.


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He was sort of cold all the way out here in the hills and his camping site wasn't in its best shape. His tent was already beaten from the heavy rains and the sleet from the night prior had caused it to get worn rather quickly, no wonder the owner of the local pub was so willing to sell it to him on short notice. Well, no matter he would make due but it seemed he would need to head back into town for a new one as he wasn't quite ready to break in the backup without a backup plan for it. Without a second thought he'd put the corpse of the duck away and made his way back to town. Into the square, but that seemed to be where his luck would run out.

As he walked the weather he felt a chill down his spine, he had left his coat back in his tent like an idiot. But he didn't mind the cold thus he assumed he could 'tough it out' like a moron. He would indeed tough it out and walked on to the path he was familiar until the weather would be a bit too much for him and he found himself shivering. Instead of turning back he'd wander over to a stray tree and hunkerdown against it as cover from the wind as he tried to protect himself from the cold.

"Not again..." his teeth chattered though soon a person came into view, with all of his energy he'd call out to them, "Hey! You! Help a guy out?"

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie simply stood there, the wind pulling on her long orange coloured hair. She had thought about dying it, cutting it or find any other way to look different from Alice but in the end she wouldn't have gone through. She simply stared at her left hand, swirling the new sort of light magic around it. Her face didn't show any recognition as she was so focused, but she would definitely grin if she would have seen her expressionless face. That's when the little magic stream broke and plopped out, making a crackling sound as if it was fire. It wasn't, that much was clear but she looked up annoyed at the person who had broke her out of her concentration.

She stood right up, she had not even noticed that she had sat hunched down while she was figuring out how it worked, "Than what you want me to do?" she called out, help a man out. This question she had had a lot more and mostly it would cost her money, space and time and she would barely get anything in return. There were exceptions, going on jobs alone was worse than giving someone space but lifting up heavy stuff was annoying when people asked her. Heck this was why she hated doing jobs alone, she did it of course because she had needed the money and to keep Judina from not falling asleep but right now, she had tried to avoid the city and learn her own magic. Instead someone asked her for help.

She took a deep breath and walked the few steps towards the person, an idiot without a coat. Very smart in the middle of the winter with the snow around.


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“Well, well, well.” Baron’s face lit up with joyful surprise as the stranger called back to him in a very familiar and eerily disturbing tone of voice. It was no other than the ginger bomb that had saved his life in Hargeon and here they were again, in Baska this time. She was someone he thought he’d never see again yet the surprise and joy on his face made it evident that the would want to see her again. His arms lowered from around his form as he narrowed his eyes to make out the figure so few yards away. Could it have really been her? Oh goodness what a joy and or curse this was, this batty woman could have very well saved him again, though this time an umbrella wouldn’t do much saving.

“I’ll tell you what I want you to do,” he called back to her, “Stay right the heck there.” his voice trailed off as he looked out judging the distance between them, the freezing winds would probably give him quite a chill but it was well worth it to be in the graces of someone so generous again. That was right, this wasn’t just any woman but the woman to get free things from. Well that was a baseless assumption, but he was certain the was the one. Lacie was her name, the dark woman with some sort of grim past, one that made her a fruitless tree in other words. Spiteful, angry, and most of all neurotic. “Don’t pretend you’re not happy to see me old friend, you haven’t changed a bit since i’ve seen you in Hargeon.” he spoke the words as he walked towards her, hands in his pockets he mustered up all of the heat he could.


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Baron rubbed his chin, then again... It would have been a raw deal if he approached her again after leaving her high and dry the first time. It was no issue, he made a simple mistake. That was all, nothing ventured nothing gained right? It was a shame, but sadly the cold was too much for him. He wrapped his arms around himself and slinked back around the tree walking off and into the cold of the cool front as he went back on his way to make camp, any camp. He needed to get going and there was no time to waste. He looked around the place eyes still cold and eventually settled on a spot. A nice clearing, it would make do but for now he would simply collapse in it laying in the grass as he looked up at the cooling sky. It was so cold a nap in the cold would likely do him some good. Yes, yes, that was what he needed a short nap. On the nape of a hill no less, he yawned and fell asleep eye lids drooping shut as he laid there and looked up at the sky line. Nice, it was nice, all nice, now he could just nap in peace no one to bother him.


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Lacie Eventide
She wasn't exactly sure what this person meant and did. She raised her eyebrow and looked at him. She didn't like strangers especially not when she had enough to worry about, mostly her own head. The fact that the Rune Knights had not captured her yet was good but it might be smart to skip town and head towards the town next door, she was sure Oak was a lot smarter. Sweet talk herself in Phantom Lord perhaps and simply be safe for the wrath of her well new family? She shook her head and walked away from this guy not too long. She didn't know him and didn't feel the need to meet someone like that. She had already taken in a guy who was soaked by the rain and that hadn't end well, so why try a new disaster again. He had said something about that incident and she stopped in her track and turned around. The man was gone? Could it be Baron?

That made no sense he didn't even look like himself.. wait.. magic, obviously. She still had to get used to that and the lacrima that she now got since arriving in Baska. But well she quickly walked on, the man possibly Baron was gone anyway. She took a deep breath and headed back to the inn where she stayed.


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