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Intercept the package {Syliph Kamae}

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The orchidia markets, probably the only place in the entire town where the underground market ran rather efficiently, mainly because of one man, Ferdinand Cashier, who Syliph happened to be stalking, hoping if he could catch the guy for a job, he’d like to make a dime or two, and the best person to find a job from that wasn’t on that low-in-demand quest board, was this guy. Sylioh had heard from him from Celia, who had heard it from her sibling in Lamia scale. So Syliph bribes, well threatened a few guys into telling him where this, Ferdinand Cashier spent most of his time.

Sylioh sat quietly down the lane of carts, he could easily see Ferdinand quietly threatening a totally in phased caravan owner. Syliph sipped his tea quietly, Ferdinand would fail in his mission, walk past Syliph, and then Syliph would probably have a job.

And right on que, Ferdinand failed in his mission and stormed of in the direction towards Syliph, who when he made eye contact with Ferdinand, nodded his head slightly, feeding, recognizing the minute gesture nodded his head to the right. He took a turn and headed down a darker path, waiting about15 seconds Sylioh stood and walked down the path towards the area where Ferdinand Cashier had gone.

Ferdinand stood in a shady corner behind a jewelry salesman’s cart. Looking up he beckoned Syliph over, but Syliph still walked at the same pace, he didn’t want to bring attention by running, once over there Ferdinand spoke first,”since your obviously a wizard looking for a job, here’s what I need you to do, one of my informants recently told me that one of the salespeople here acquired a...valuable artifact, a very valuable artifact. I need you to lie your way into getting it for me, once you have I’ll be by the gates waiting, then I’ll pay you a respectful reward, how does that sound?” he asked. Syliph nodded, it sounded perfect. Smiling Ferdinand turned and left to go take care of other things. Syliph peered at the man oddly, the only way he stayed in power was through intelligence, not through strength or magic, that was at least Syliph’s intake from a first meeting, someone who was rather untrustworthy, and would corner you in 7 different ways, if Syliph was smart he shouldn’t be helping this person much. Syliph really only needed a somewhat simple minded plan to take care of this, he could impersonate a member of Lamia scale or the rune knights. Then he could easily claim that he knew about the package, and really after that it was just a bunch of fancy improv if he did it right.

Turning the corner he left to go do some fancy acting and trick some underground mud their into giving him a priceless artifact, which Syliph would give to Ferdinand. Pressing on Syliph plastered a militaristic look into his face, tune night it was apparently, time to scare some person out of their mind.

10% quest reduction.

Intercept the package {Syliph Kamae} ULuOEQW
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Syliph stepped up to the cart where Ferdinand had been earlier, Sylioh peered down at the man, leaning over he whispered therateningly in his ear, ”My name is Aleksandr VonTrat, a member of the rune knights. I heavily suggest you give me that package that you have, if my info is correct, which it always is. But you have something highly illegal, and if you hand in to me, i can properly confiscate it and then, I’ll never here from you again and I’ll even let you go, but I promise you, I’ll have my little friends watching you at every turn, so I suggest you keep your manners well behaved.” Syliph looked sternly at the man, who managed to keep his face straight, but small trickles I’d sweat kept dripping down his face, and if you watched, you could see his shoulders tense as he clenched and unclenched his hands. ”I’m sorry sir VonTrat, but I have no idea what you are even talking about. “ the man said Cooly. Syliph fake sighed, then reaching over and picking the most expensive looking item, he dropped it on the ground, ”oh goodness, excuse that failure of mine, but I know you’re lying, and my hand just. Might. Slip. Again.”  Syliph said, swiping another vase off the table. The man’s face became a hot plump mess that looked like someone died a bowl of oatmeal reddish-pink. The man stood, and tried one more time to deter Syliph. ”I ASSURE you, I do not have what you are looking for!” he whispered dramatically. Sylioh raised his hands, then wth a forceful move, he grabbed the table cloth and swung it onto the ground, shattering hundreds of objects, ”I AM a rune knight who does not take kindly to people who doubt my information, now go get me that package or I will burn this place to the ground.” Syliph grumbled. The salesman gave up and finally retrieved the package, he also began to pack up for the day, as all his stuff was now a bunch of dust ont eh ground. Walking away triumphantly Syliph hwaded toward the direction of Ferdinand’s location.
The exit hate was a large iron bars, with I tricate mermaid designs created by the curving bars. Ferdinand stood up underneath the fairy part of the gate, he held a small bag of jewels in his hand, and a grin crept across his face as he saw Sylioh walking towards him with the package. The two switched items and with a thorough goodbye, Syliph walked out of the gate, he was done here today, and had had a quite fun time impersonating a rather rude and oppressive rune Knight. Now he was gonna go back to his apartment and see Celia, and tell her what an interesting day he had. Then he would say he’d be going to oak for a week. Sylioh needed more jobs and the job market he was rather, diminished I t terms of what worked and what didn’t work.


Intercept the package {Syliph Kamae} ULuOEQW
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