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Winter Wonderland [Chelflake]

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#26Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
It seemed that she really liked the miso soup and he was happy about that. Well, anything she liked that he made would make him happy. He wasn’t extremely confident about his cooking skills and thought a lot that he had screwed up. That was most of the times not true though and he was just too doubtful about himself. He smiled at her and drank of his soup further before he pierced a croquette with his fork and nomed on it. If he had to pick a favored potato dish than fries and croquettes were on the number one of that list.

She dared him that she was going to eat more than him. It was true his girlfriend ate like a giant but he also knew that she wasn’t too fond of vegetables. That was one of the reasons he cooked with a lot of vegetables so that he could learn her to appreciate those too. “Ha, I want to see the day that you eat more vegetables than me”, he jokingly replied and looked at her suspiciously.

He thanked her for her kind words when she commented to him about the food. He reminded her that she also put a lot of work into it and that they should be proud together and not alone. “It was a team effort after all!”, he said out loud and drank some of the champagne that Snow just had refilled. He thanked her for the gesture and enjoyed the meal.

When most of the dishes were empty and he felt like his stomach was going to burst open, he let himself fall a bit deeper on his chair. He rubbed his stomach as in a sign that he was full. “I am so filled up, let's rest a bit before we eat dessert. We can open the presents!”, he said and he walked to the Christmas tree getting her present and gave it to her. He was quite excited to see what she would think of it.

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#27Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The knife sliced through the meat with ease before Snowflake placed it in her mouth, its tasty flavours exploding on her tongue. The meat was so tender; neither too raw nor overcooked, perfectly well-done, yet, it was easy to chew. She savoured the juices on her tongue, reluctant to finish such a delicious meal, albeit it was already half eaten. She’d reach for the side dishes every now and then, completely ignoring the vegetables section whilst sipping onto her glass of champagne. The only greens that she didn’t mind eating were lettuce and tomatoes and thankfully, the salad that Chelvaric had prepared was bearable enough for her to eat.

The croquettes were crispy and very appetizing for something very basic and simple, she would love to eat those as snacks. ”Oh no, that won’t happen. Ever,” she denounced, emphasizing on how much she disliked her vegetables but knowing her lover, Chelvaric might even force it down her throat if possible. After a few hours of idle chat and lots of eating and more eating, her stomach was already filled to the brim. ”Ugh, me too,” she rested her hand on her abdomen, unable to move from devouring all the food, but without any regrets. As much as she would have loved to try the desserts immediately, she still have to make some space for that in her belly and thus, decided to open the presents first before they continue with the rest of the Christmas dinner.

Her present was neatly packed in colourful wrapping paper in Christmas theme, finished off with a cute bow on top. Inside it was a hand-knitted scarf, red in colour, thinking that it would suit his ocean blue eyes best. Her lover was one who enjoyed having a walk, exploring nature and taking care of them and especially in winter, Snowflake felt that a scarf might be useful for him when he goes out at times. Most certainly, it was nothing expensive which was why she had also bought another gift for him.

The couple exchanged the presents and she was already excited as to what her boyfriend had gotten for her.

#28Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
He had to hold in his laugh as she was denouncing the fact that she was ever going to eat more vegetables then him. It was quite funny how his girlfriend had such a strong opinion about something as silly as vegetables. But that was one of the reasons that he loved her so much, her strong will, which not a lot of girls had. Snow was as full as him and he saw her rubbing her belly. He wondered how she was still so small in height when she could devour more then him at times. He shook his head and walked over to her to receive her present.

It was a colorful wrapping paper for the present and he really liked it, the package was bounded together by a really tidy red bow. He found it a bit of a shame that he had to break the nice package paper. When it was opened he took a look at the bright red knitted scarf.

I love this! It’s always so cold when I walk around the forest with all the snow. the temperature is also so low in the winter here”, he said to her and gave her a hug to thank her for the scarf. He then gave his present that was quite smaller but that didn’t mean that it was a bad present ofcourse. It was wrapped in a blue paper with white dots, it had a small white ribbon over the package. Inside was a small casket where two necklaces with couple rings on it. He hoped she would like the little gesture. He just wanted to wear something on him that she was wearing too so that they were connected in mind and body.


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Venus Rosé

A smile tugged upon the corner of her lips, content that Chelvaric liked her present. In the beginning, the woman had been worried since it might not be much of a decent present but her beau’s reaction displayed otherwise. ”I’m glad you like it.” She had spent days knitting the scarf, and although she could have just purchased one from a store, she wanted the present to be special, thus, making the scarf entirely from scratch. Weeks prior, she had taken knitting classes just for this day and despite how it seemed that her talent might be in a different specification, the result of her hard work was better than she’d originally expected. Thankfully, hours spent in an extremely boring knitting classes have finally paid off.

A gasp escaped her lips once Snowflake opened the parcel, revealing a pair of necklaces with couple rings attached to it. Almost as if it was a piece of diamond, the frosty maiden held it in her hand gently and carefully whilst she enjoyed the beauty of the jewellery. ”Oh my gosh, I love this!,” she exclaimed, holding one close to her neck to see if it suited her. Snowflake had been wanting something like this for a while; something that the two shared, just so it would remind her of her lover whenever she misses him.

”Can you put it on for me, please?”

Snowflake turned around and smoothed her hair on one side of her shoulder so that it would be of easy access for her lover to wear the necklace on her. When it was done, she would face him once again and planted a quick peck on his lips. ”Thank you, I really love this gift,” she repeated. She couldn’t be more thankful for this day and being rewarded with such a beautiful present made her entire day better – not to mention, having this man by her side was a huge blessing for herself. ”I still have one more gift for you.”

The woman edged a hand into a pocket to retrieve a small dark blue case, and this time, it wasn't packed with any sort of wrapping paper. She’d noticed Chelvaric wearing brooches often with his green cape and figured that he might need a new one soon. It was something she found at the stalls in the market, and the particular one that caught her eye made her realise that it would suit him really well, especially for an elven like himself. ”I hope you like this one too.”


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#30Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
It seemed that Snow was quite happy about the fact that he liked her present. He would always love a present from her it showed that she cared for him and that was the only thing he really wanted from her was her love and her care. He smiled at her and waited for her to open his package he was quite excited over it as he wanted to see how she would look like with the necklace. It seemed she was super happy with it as she was excited when she opened it. He was happy that she liked it. She asked him if he could put the necklace on her.

Of course, Babe, turn around and ill put this on”, he said to her and took the trinket from her and tried to open it. it wasn’t easy to open it but eventually he got it open and placed it around her neck after which he slowly closed it so he wouldn’t pinch her skin. He gave a soft kiss in the neck as it was too tempting to do when he was staring at that naked neck of hers. Sometimes he just had to kiss her as if it was a force obligating him to do so. “It looks amazing on you”, he said to her and tidied her hair. It seemed that Snow had one present left for him. He put his own necklace on too before he took it from her and started to open it.

Two presents? Now I feel bad that I only had one for you”, he said to her while he started to open the black box. He opened it carefully and it had a brooch in it that was shaped as a green leaf with golden edges. “I love this babe, it suits my cloak completely. You’re the best”, he said and kissed her cheek as repayment. He took his cloak from the couch and put it on and tidied it up before putting the pin in. “How do I look now?”, he asked of his girlfriend.

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#31Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The kiss on her neck brought a smile upon her cheeks – she loved it when he did that, it would sometimes bring goose bumps on her skin. Perhaps it was one of her weaknesses, but she didn’t dare to admit. It almost seemed as if Chelvaric knew to how to make her feel good with just a simple kiss. Letting her hair slide from her fingers, she felt her hair tumble further down her back as she reached for her pendent and rolled it between her fingers. Having the jewellery on her felt different, it was as if Chelvaric was with her all the time. Certainly, she planned to hold this necklace close to her at all times from now on.

”Really? I’m glad you think so.”

Snowflake gazed down at the ornament that she had just obtained, and it was obvious that she was completely in love with the gift. It was her favourite, after all. She watched her lover pin it onto her cape and she could tell immediately that she had selected the perfect one for him. It wouldn’t suit anyone better than Chelvaric – that she could vouch. ”Hold on, let me fix it for you,” she commented, noticing the slightly tilted brooch before she re-pinned it in the perfect location. ”There, better now.”

Stormy hues glided over to the window and she’d notice the darkened sky over the horizon. It’s already this late? Snowflake had been enjoying her evening with Chelvaric to the extent that she barely noticed time passing by. The woman turned to face her lover, her eyes sparkling under the Christmas lights and her cheeks tainted with bright crimson colour. For the first time ever in this relationship, the thought crossed her mind – one that would make tonight special compared to the rest. The couple had been together for quite a while now and on this day, she felt that it was finally time to reward Chelvaric, more than he had expected.

”…Sweet, I’m already full. Do you think we should go to bed early?”

The blush on her cheeks would only redden further as she stated so, and averted her eyes away from his gaze out of embarrassment. Snowflake simply hoped he would understand what she meant, since she would be too flustered to put it into words.

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Chelvaric Walderkat
It seemed that Snow wasn’t satisfied with how he had pinned the brooch and she started to adjust it so that it would look perfect. He smiled at her and thanked her. She could be such a perfectionist at times but that’s why she was such a beauty after all. He looked at her beautiful soft skin and remembered how good his life had become since he had met her. Now that the year was ending it seemed to be a great moment to remember how good It was. A lot has happened and some bad things happened to them. Snow even nearly killed him but at least they were closer than ever now and he wanted her completely in every way. Although he would be patient and let Snow lead the dance in this relationship on how fast they would move.

Snow asked if they should go to bed early. He wondered if she was tired already but then noticed that she was blushing hard and averting her eyes. He could sort of understood what hidden message she actually had. “We can but close your eyes first”, he said to her and he walked to the bedroom. He quickly took the candles out he had stashed under the bed if this would ever happen. He placed them all around and lightened each one.

Okay sweetie you can come inside now”, he shouted to her and he started to play some romantic tunes through the bedroom. He hoped that this would relax her a bit. He sat on the bed in a seductive pose and waited for his lover to notice him.

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#33Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Snowflake wondered why she was required to close her eyes just to enter the bedroom, but decided not to raise any questions and followed his instructions instead. Having her eyes closed, she could hear sounds from their room though they weren’t loud enough for her to understand what was actually happening inside. Shortly after, Chelvaric called out for her, permitting for her to come inside and she would do so. Her fingers pushed the door open slowly, and she would see candles lit inside the room along with romantic tunes playing in the background. The scene before her was certainly cozy, albeit, she couldn’t help but release a chuckle at his efforts.

”Where did you even get all of these?”

This man was full of surprises, and she loved the way he treated her – always providing her the best. Snowflake slid off her jacket off her shoulders and tossed it away into a distance before climbing onto the bed. In the room that is twilight and shadowed, his body was close enough for her to breathe his scent, and it somehow reminded her of the hills and large plains in the outskirts. She leaned forward, inching closer to his and planted a soft kiss on his lips before withdrawing to see his reaction. Under the dim lights, one could see the blush across her cheeks, but barely, as she snagged her whites onto her bottom lip and pressed her lips against his once again.

Every kiss they shared was passionate, fiery and demanding, as if they wanted more of each other; more from their bodies. She wished she could have pulled away from the kiss before she lost herself, but, it was too late as her senses have been seduced and she could no longer think straight. Her body finally succumbed to the pleasant yet, an unfamiliar sensation and all that filled her head was that she wanted more of his body.

— Fade To Black —


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Chelvaric Walderkat
She asked him where he got everything and he smirked. “You never look under the bed do you”, he said laughingly and saw her throwing her jacket off revealing her body more. Snow was really slim but you could see from her arms that she was hiding a formidable strength. When she slid on the bed he could smell the snowy plains from her and he wanted to bite into that soft peachen skin of hers. She placed a kiss on his lips and he hungered for more when she pulled away. He gave her a look that he wanted her lips more than anything else at this moment. He started kissing her passionately and roamed his hands over her back while they were intertwined in a dance of passion.

Whenever he kissed snow he could feel the vibrations roll over his back, his skin would tighten. He would start to want more and more of her by each kiss. It was like an avalanche was set in motion and he couldn’t stop it anymore. His mind was blank with the only thought in it was too make this woman happy as best as he could. He started to kiss her tender neck and sucked a nice red spot on it to claim her for himself.

--fade to black—

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