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Twas The Night in a Coffin [Seira]

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#1Xandra Queen 

Twas The Night in a Coffin [Seira] Empty Mon Dec 25, 2017 12:16 pm

Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

Hiccup. The audible sound left the parted lips of the blonde as she lazily swayed while strolling through the streets of Baska. Lilac gaze drifted from the ebony night sky glistening with stars to the dirty concrete floor that lay underneath her feet. Clicks of her heels echoes through the night as not a single person was in sight, drowning the vicinity in a stabilized state of tranquility. Although there was little to no action going on around her, Xandra's mind had created some of its own as the scenery before her danced from left to right, swirling in silence and leaving behind a small ache at the back of her head. Yet, she found the mere fact that she had become intoxicated with just one beverage rather amusing.

Over the coarse of silence, small hiccups left her mouth, followed by tiny giggles as a goofy smile remained plastered upon her lips. In the darkness, she was alone and she had completely forgotten her way back to her hotel. Unfortunate for her was the fact that there was no one to assist her. As the essence of sleep began to take over her consciousness, she found herself leaning against the brick wall for some support. However, much to her dismay, in her dark, even her eyes proved to be useless. Where she leaned, assuming that there was a wall there, happened to be a hallow space somewhere deep within the alleys of the town, where she somehow ended up.

Stumbling upon her own feet, she fell forward into the hallow area, barely managing to walk down the stairs without potentially damaging her own body. Curiosity sparked through the hazy mind as she followed the darkness, landing in a quiet hallway which opened up into a plain simple room. Aha, she could rest there for the night, or so she thought. A small candle light illuminated the darkened room as grabbing her attention was a black casket placed right in the center. As she moved closer, she realized that it was in fact a coffin. Much too tired to actually care, she casually used her arms to open the lid of the coffin before rubbing her eyes and mumbling, "Mind if I sleep here?" There was someone there, someone from whom she was asking permission but alas, she fell into an unconscious state of slumber without even listening to an answer.
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Twas The Night in a Coffin [Seira] Sig10

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