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Gimme some of that huny [Xan]

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#26Xandra Queen 

Gimme some of that huny [Xan] - Page 2 Empty Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:23 am

Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

Listening to the pattering of the rain, she positioned herself on the surface of the tent into a sitting position as the sense of déjà vu hit her. There was a coincidental sense of familiarity that accompanied mother nature as she had driven the two individuals into the same scenario in a different setting. The blonde couldn't help but find it so ironic that the two had met in a similar situation in another town and now, here they were, yet again thrown into the rain. The knight had once loved the rain, but now felt a weird sense of unease around it. It wasn't enough for her to hate it, but it was enough for her to focus more upon the conversation than the soothing lullaby of the rain which she would have usually done.

"Tips? You don't need any tips to become a Rune Knight. Just..."
, she paused. Never before had she been asked such a question. "...stay true to yourself. Always remember why you became a Knight." She was right. She too always had to remember why she became a Knight because that would further help her grow stronger. It would give her the incentive to become more powerful and to be able to help more people. "Just don't hurt those who you're supposed to protect."
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Whilst she spoke Baorn wondered just how strong she was, would it have been a felony to test her reflexes? Just a test, nothing major, it was for the Knights! Just to see how strong she was man.  THe rain was drowning out most noise, save for their words given the 1 meter distance between them. She was well in arm’s reach. She would have to forgive him for this after the storm, but alas it was a knight’s duty to be ever vigilant. Baron showed no signs of hostile intent, he merely balled up his right fist, her view of it obscured by the left side of his body as well as a nice blanket that was on his lap. Hopefully she was as fast dodging as she was eating.

“I see thank you for the general guide then…” with that he launched into action and threw the punch right fist lunging forward in a quick jab at chin, it would be a action done so quickly she wouldn’t likely be able to register the hit until she recovered.He put enough into the punch to put her down. She would either stop him, which was unlikely given his swiftness, or take the blow and go to sleep for a moment. Either way he was to test this woman. Gods have mercy on him.
The punch wouldn't fall through instead he'd get carried away from her in fact out of the tent and down a hill. He missed entirely...

"Sorry!" he rolled on, flailing into a river and down the way, "I'll see you later at the HQ!" he called.


Gimme some of that huny [Xan] - Page 2 MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."
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Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

As he spoke, she simply sat there without uttering a word, watching the man as he sat hidden underneath the blanket. An uneasy feeling began to dwell within her as she decided to once again bring up her guard that she might have momentarily dropped. Despite being a colleague, there was still no doubt that the man was a stranger.

Her instinctive suspicion of the man had proved to be right as her lilac eyes immediately widened upon noticing movement from the man's hand. The punch that was directed towards her face caused her to immediately tilt her body to the side, swiftly avoiding the punch as her own right hand immediately raised, grabbing the man's fist. Why had he attempted to punch her? If she was even a second late, she would have been hit by that attack.

As her hold on the man's fist tightened, she estimated that his strength was roughly equivalent to her own. Was he looking for a fight? Indeed, he had managed to annoy her. She wanted to know why he tried attacking her. Was he lying all along? Her expression hardened as she was ready for a fight. Perhaps that was his plan all along. But the blonde was in for a surprise.

The second she let go of his hand, his body moved forward causing her to immediately move to the side and watch the man tumble out of the tent and roll down the hill. What was all that about? Regardless, it was safe to say that she was surprised and irritated. As he escaped her view, she hauled herself up and out of the tent, immediately leaving the area in the midst of the rain.
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Gimme some of that huny [Xan] - Page 2 Sig10

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