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Stalker problems.

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Stalker problems.  Empty on Sun Dec 24, 2017 5:59 pm

The night was chilly, wind blew from all directions, making the typically warm marigoldterrifyingly cold, quite a shame to be honest. He wondered the town, looking for Alice Nightingale’s stalker, she thinks he was the one who sent the threatening letter, when in reality it was Syliph who had delivered the letter, and it was Rebecca who had wrote it, at least that is what he thought. Shon Bermer, Alice’s supposer stalker  was a fat, very obese man, who was more like a layer cake than an actual human. He was also a massive creep too, at least according to Alice, who wasn’t always the most correct person one could know.

The fight in the dimensional garden was still a clear image In Syliph’s mind. Aries has tried, and failed to beat Nymphae. He had left in an angry rant, and ever since then, the twelve stars seemed to be glowing stronger, more angrily almost, except a few,?but he was impossible to tell who was who without seeing their faces. But Aries has been extremely angry, and an angry person will excagerate the truth when angry, he only hoped Capricorn was wise enough not to listen, and that Aquarius knew that an angry person is an untrustworthy person. So his only hope if not getting in major trouble were those two, Scorpio would sell him out almost immediately, siding with Scorpio quickly, Libra wouldn’t diss him right away, but he would say that evidence was evidence and they should consider it as such, but they shouldn’t think they have all the evidence yet. Sagittarius would rub her chin, curious about what would happen, Taurus would complain about not caring and that they should either get over it, or kill him as they were too busy to deal with a possible traitor or traitorous situation, and he had only met with Nymphae because she had been the old Ophicus, and what he had learned had been rather troubling, they needed to find someone new to be the unifier, otherwise the zodiac would fail, and his job was currently the thirteenth sign, it was a sad situation that he needed to fix, but he’d be out a magic probably, but now was not a time to be selfish, he was on a job, a job to get rid of a stalker, usually he wasn’t a huge fan of what Alice and Rebecca had him do, but stalkers were straight up creepy, and he wasn’t gonna deal with them continuing there odd, creepy, utterly disturbing habits.

Turning the corner, the bar where Shon Bermer usually hung out in his stalkerous way, was right in front of Syliph. There was a ruckus coming from the inside, a man yelling, than a high pitched squeal of a voice broke the night, it sounded pubescent in nature, but no teenager would be allowed into any bar, they’d be below the age of drinking. With a loud thump, and possible a few other noises, the door slammed open.



Stalker problems.  Empty on Sun Dec 24, 2017 6:54 pm

The large, obese man that emerged was laughing and hollering, turning around he took the time to take a nice deep breath, he was probably absurdly drunk, Syliph approached him, fully prepared to lie straight to the man’s face.

Shon Bermer eyed Syliph, to Shon, Syliph should have been an easy win, if he chose to engage Syliph that was. ”Shon Bermer, I am Sylioh Kamae, a-uh- represenative of Alice Nightingale, she wants you to stop, stalking her that is.” Syliph said. Shon’s face became at least 15 she adds more red than it had before. Shon sputtered violently,”How dare you, I don’t stalk her, I simply send letters on how much I adore her purpose in life, I’m not some creep who follows her around corners, slobbering like a maniac! How dare you!” Shon yelled, his face grew even more red. ”I am only a spokesman of Ms. nightingale.” Syliph said calmly. Shon’s face furrowed, and his layers of fat juggled vigorously. He tried to speak, but all that came out was spit and a weird sputtering noises. He raised his hand to strike Syliph, but his fat slowed him down, when he took a step Syliph Swiped his tiny feet out from under him. Shon stumbled awkwardly, and fell flat on his face. Walking over, Syliph places his boot on Shon’s face, ”Now, let me be a little more clear about what I mean. You are never to talk, message, see or do anything that has to do with Alice Nightingale ever again, otherwise, you’ll be having a rather, unfateful encounter me again.” Syliph said, leaning down ominously over Shon. Shon struggled under his foot, but Syliph smashed his boot into Shon’s chubby face, ”Was I not clear enough!?” Syliph yelled. Shon groaned. The right side of his face was bloodied by the rocks that had pierced his skin when Syliph had made sure he left Alice alone. Though, in his heart of hearts, Syliph felt bad for Shon, he had an innocent crush, and was getting punished for something Syliph and Rebecca were responsible for. Shon sat quiet and limp under Syliph’s boot, after a few awkward moments of silence, Shon mumbled something, ”What?”Syliph asked. Shon mumbled louder, ”I said, fine.” Shon yelled. Smiling Syliph nodded, he picked of his boot of Shon’s face, leaving a tread mark all over the man’s face. Turning around Syliph left, a task completed and over. He headed back to his room, where his reward was to be waiting. But he decided a small drink wouldn’t be bad, but he wouldn’t embarrass Shon anymore, he’d get a drink from somewhere else, we’ll maybe it was too late for a drink, Syliph would just head home, It was time to go to sleep, he wasn’t gonna spend his night out drinking, he planned on doing other stuff this weekend, and getting too drunk to move was not exactly his plan.yliph would just head home, It was time to go to sleep, he wasn’t gonna spend his night out drinking, he planned on doing other stuff this weekend, and getting too drunk to move was not exactly his plan.
Maybe a nice long walk back to his house wasn’t a bad deal, it’d be calm, and a good way to collect his own thoughts


Stalker problems.  Empty on Sun Dec 24, 2017 7:40 pm

The walk back home wasn’t exactly lonely, but it surely was...alone, but is that really any better, actually it’s probably worse. Mumbling he didn’t pay attention to where he was, bumping into someone and falling down in a tangle of limbs, tried to separate from whoever he was on top of, ”I-I-I’m sor-“ Syliph stopped, a person with curious gray eyes stared up at him. Her hair was platinum blonde, tied in several braids encircling her head, her skin a subtle tan. ”Y-y-your what” she mocked him. Syliph sat back on his legs, ”i’ M sorry?” he asked. The girl laughed, ”You sure?” she asked, her voice had a scratchy undertone but on the top was doused with honey. ”I’m very sure in fact!” He retorted. The girl laughed, ”well then, I wouldn’t mind if you were so sure to help me get up.” she asked, lifting her hand daintally, but clearly overdramarically. ”Yes Ms...” Syliph asked. ”Ms. Celia.” she responded. Syliph picked up her hand and helped Celia up, she held some books in her hand, but as far as he could see no guild symbol was visible on the showing parts of her body.
The pair walked down the streets of Marigold, joking lightly.

” So,Sylioh Kamae, just who are you ?” Celia asked jokingly. Sylioh laughed, ”Im an infamous mage, Beware!” he yelled jokingly, a chorus of laughs ensued, Celia doubled over clenching her stomach. ”Yoi certainly know how to crack a good joke, Sylioh Kamae, but can you crack me?” she asked. Sylioh stared at her questioningly, ”What is that supposed to mean?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. Celia smiled, leaning in close, wrapping her own hand in his, she leaned up close, so close that their lips almost touched, ”It means, guess who I am?” she whispered. Then in a quick moment she broke into a dash beckoning Syliog to chase after her. Laughing once again, Syliph chases after the surprisingly fast Celia. Though finally he managed to grab her arm and yank backwards, and once more they ended in a tangle of arms, If this could have been more cliché, Syliph didn’t know. Celia leaned down, taunting Syliph again, ”well well Syliph Kamae, you certainly manage to make us end up in some rather awkward positions.” she laughed, leaning her face so close to his that their noses touched. To Syliph this felt like some kind of overly confusing game, and he didn’t know if he was winning or loosing at the moment to be honest.

Celia stood back up and brushed her hair back over her shoulders, but this time she offered her hand to help Syliph up, he graciously accepted her offer, grabbing her hand tightly and pulling himself up. ”I’m staying at th axwood in if you don’t mind walking me there, it’s late and I’d love the company.” Celia mentioned, blushing slightly. Syliph smiled and nodded, ”I’m staying there too actually,” he said smiling, slightly blushing too. Celia smiled, and entertained her fingers with his, ”wonderful!” she exclaimed. There was never any silence in between the pair, and neither tried to disattach their hands, Celia had entertained, and Syliph was holding her hand, and had no ands to let go of it, it was calm and soft nothing seemed to be wrong with it. They chatted about what they did for a living, Celia was a guildless mage, but she chose not to tell Syliph what jobs she took, while he didn’t tell her what guild he was in, she used a magic known as black ice, a interesting magic that curled and froze anything it’s thick frost tendrils clasped on to. He explained his, which she found oddly fascinating. There relationship managed to bloom in under two hours, and somehow it sparked in a collision, which Celia hadn’t seen coming either, mainly because she was practicing a miniature vision of a new spell.

When they reached the entrance into the inn, she gripped his hand harder and walked into the lobby, still clenching his hand. In the lobby they rode to her floor on the lacrima lift. When they stood in front of her room she stood on her toes, and planted a kiss on Syliph’s lips, they stood there not moving for what was only a second but felt like longer. Celia smiled, opened her door and left, she must have been tired, but Syliph didn’t think he could sleep anymore it had been one interesting night.Rolling his hands he moved back up to his room to go to sleep, though it was an odd night to sleep, he think he just met someone he loved, but love was a strong word, was it someone he liked a lot? Opening his door, he stepped into his room, prepared to go to sleep.


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