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Oak to Baska [foot travel]

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Oak to Baska [foot travel] Empty Sun Dec 24, 2017 1:27 pm

Baron woke up early this morning, leaving money and anything else he thought Reqi might have needed if she planned to stay in his hotel room for a moment or two. He’d hike up his pants, pulling them on over his boxers as he packed a bag and all. In a sign of good will along with money he’d leave her plenty of food in the fridge after heading to the market if she did stay and if not staff would probably clear it out when she left. Either way, he was needing to get going. With a final look back at his room he closed the door and left those inside to rest as long as they wished as he went on. He had a bit of a limp, his body stung a bit with scratches and bites, though they came from was all a blur… All he could remember was they stung more than any tattoo and were going to need a lot of time to heal up before he was 100% again.

With that he’d exit the hotel lobby and head for the road to Baska, he looked at his new map, the other one with Name, as he forgot he had given it to her what seemed like ages ago though not before a long walk he’d be in Baska.

224/200 -in baska-

Oak to Baska [foot travel] MJmwSQc
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