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Swords and Poltergeists [Chi & Shura]

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#1Chisu Lau Manji 

Swords and Poltergeists [Chi & Shura] Empty Sat Dec 23, 2017 10:59 pm

Chisu Lau Manji

. . . AND SEVEN ALTS AGO . . .
They both sat there in silence. Chi had nothing else she could say to him. Everything had seemed to taken a turn for the worse. She felt as if she had wasted her whole life. She was crushed, ruined. She almost begged him to speak, anything to acknowledge what happened was real.

She sat beside him on within the rented room. Even if she was inches from him, it felt like miles. She wanted to cry, but her body wouldn't let her. Nameless wouldn't let her.

Instead, they stared at the wall. A single flicking candle flame lit the room in the dark of the night. The both of them silent. The both of their minds racing. Something was changed. Something was going to change everything. Chi knew it, Shura had to as well.

Something was going to happen, and not just what happened between them.

Chi needed to learn to stop reading into things. She was a fool to reach out into places her grasp was not wanted. Not everyone needed to be helped. Not everyone was meant to be understood. Some people were just meant to be accepted. Yet, knowing that, she sat here trying to understand a man who was just as lost in this world as she was.


#2Shura Ranzu 

Swords and Poltergeists [Chi & Shura] Empty Sat Dec 23, 2017 11:24 pm

Shura Ranzu

Shura Ranzu

Life was irony. You could be asking for something for fun, just to relax and enjoy yourselves. The next you'd find yourselves at each other's necks for taking it too serious. That was the name of the game. If it paid well, it was worth his time. Even the simplest of tasks were entertaining for the pay. After all, a new world doesn't get build for free.

It seemed like poor timing, yet the outcome was something he was waiting for, anxiously. Loki remained behind them, hanging low. Even he remained silent. He dared not poke his face into this matter. The tension in the air was much too thick for even his interest.

But he had a lot to think about. He wanted nothing more than to protect Chi and to make this new world. To find out in such a short time that her own goals was to put her life at risk and to rival his own desires was a lot to take in.

He didn't want her to become anything like him, but she sat there telling him that she wanted nothing more than to join in his nature. What was he to do? What was he to say?

What was anyone to do when your friend becomes your rival only seconds after they told you they love you?


#3Chisu Lau Manji 

Swords and Poltergeists [Chi & Shura] Empty Sun Dec 24, 2017 12:50 am

Chisu Lau Manji

. . . AND SEVEN ALTS AGO . . .
Everything replayed in her mind over and over. She had been wrong from the start. She owed him her life for his kind gesture, yet she remained an obstacle in his plans. The both of them had set their sights to their own paths and ways to take over Fiore. Their goals were the same, but their views were different.

On top of it, Chi piled all of her feelings and dropped it upon him like a bomb. What would any reasonable person do in this case? She wouldn't blame him for taking her life in that moment. But that would be futile, as it would only fuel her own plans.

And how could he kill a girl that he had gone out of his way to protect since he met her?

This was a stalemate. The silence was like knives cutting into cloth. Everything got torn. You could stitch it up and seal the openings, but threads would cover the ground still. Nothing would be whole again.

But here, they would still be human, or at least they would be what would appear to be normal people. In this room they were allies under the name of Phantom Lord. But even so, Chi would use and abuse the name for the sake of a god no one knew the name of.

#4Shura Ranzu 

Swords and Poltergeists [Chi & Shura] Empty Sun Dec 24, 2017 1:00 am

Shura Ranzu

Shura Ranzu

It was aggravating to be put in the position and situation that he was in. He wanted so badly to find an answer, but he was grabbing at air. There was no answer anyone would be able to find in this. It was something the both of them would have to find of their own. It was something that would set the direction of what was to come. The both of them were going to be the start of a change, it was up to the both of them to decide if that was going to be good or bad, for them as well as the country of Fiore.

Shura lifted his arm and wrapped it around the frail and thin girl. He would lightly bring her closer, allowing her to lean on his shoulder. His breath would escape his lips in a heavy sigh.

"You don't make this easy." Shura would begin, his eyes fixated on the fire that remained inches from the wall.

"Ghastly?" Loki mumbled to himself, interested in what was going to unfold.

"Let's cherish this then." And Shura's eyes would close, his eyes resting as his mind continued to race. He was going to find a solution before the night was over.


#5Chisu Lau Manji 

Swords and Poltergeists [Chi & Shura] Empty Sun Dec 24, 2017 1:24 am

Chisu Lau Manji

. . . AND SEVEN ALTS AGO . . .
Without objection she would let him pull her just that much closer. Her eyes would close as her head would rest on his shoulder. She would breath out from her nose silently. She hadn't realized how tired she was until that moment. Everything seemed to move slowly in that moment.

She would keep her own mouth shut, her lips inseparable. She would not ruin the last pure moment they had together. After this night, it would seem as if they would turn into enemies. It seemed like the other day Chi was inducted into Phantom Lord, and tonight she became the rival to the same person who not only invited her into the doors, but the same man who ran it all from behind the scenes.


No no no.

She couldn't give up. Not like this. There had to be an answer. There had to be some ending where the both of them lived happily together where both of their dreams came true. There had to be some world where they both could find a place where happiness was eternal. Chi just had to find the right answer.

The Manji were destined to run Fiore and unite it. That was the goal Nameless set into the bloodline since the beginning. Geno was someone who sought nothing else than to usurp Phantom Lord and take over the country under a flag of the same name. . . .

#6Shura Ranzu 

Swords and Poltergeists [Chi & Shura] Empty Sun Dec 24, 2017 4:45 am

Shura Ranzu

Shura Ranzu

It had been moments, but in that room, a second felt like a lifetime. For a while, he remained silent and enjoyed the eternity he spent with her. But his mind would soon grow worrisome and fill once more with problems and half assed solutions.

"Maybe," he danced around the topic. He wanted to enjoy the moment, but if he didn't do anything, this would be the last time they could meet like this. He had to try and salvage what was left. "the Manji could be Phantom Lord's eyes."

He said it, and almost regretted it. But then his mind explored a new route for his new world.

"Or perhaps the Manji should take the council seats. Phantom Lord can act as it always has, and under the eyes of the Manji." He smiled. his hand would lift to her head and lightly brush her hair.

Even if it would be to her liking, it was only one answer to the many conflicts the both of they would have.

Could they be together in the new world?

What of Chi's suspended life?

What of the old god?

Could Phantom Lord operate like this?

What would become of the Manji?


#7Chisu Lau Manji 

Swords and Poltergeists [Chi & Shura] Empty Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:51 pm

Chisu Lau Manji

. . . AND SEVEN ALTS AGO . . .
It was far too late. Chi had branded her self with the mark of Phantom Lord. To even consider attempting to join the Magic Council with her new mark would be to attempt to make a public announcement of treason. But if Phantom Lord took over before that point, would she even be reprimanded at that point? No, it wasn't worth the risk. She was better off creating new Manji from human scraps-

"Then . . . " her voice was weak and silent. "The Manji will find their way into every guild until we control the council." she would say. She didn't want to talk, but she felt as if she needed to.

"That was the way it was in the old times. Nameless ruled Fiore with her network. Maybe when it is done, I can be at your side."

The last words stung. She knew the sacrifices that would have to be made. To take over this world was to submit her humanity. But what would happen to her soul?

No, it didn't matter what her cost was. She had to complete her mission before her own life was cut short. Should she live until then, her life would be hers and she would live with the man she loved until the day she died. . .

. . . and became a part of the collective.


#8Shura Ranzu 

Swords and Poltergeists [Chi & Shura] Empty Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:45 am

Shura Ranzu

Shura Ranzu

So it was true, good things did come to those who waited, but what if he grew a bit impatient? What if he couldn't wait for the solution to present itself?

While Chi answered the questions he had yet to ask, he was still uneasy. None of this seemed right, much less real. They were stepping into a territory where either of them could be each others enemy. Each of them would have to decide to chose each other, or to choose their own dreams. The only way for them both to be happy would be to take the time apart from each other and to meet later on.

Shura had to say something about their ancestors, but even that he was unsure about. He would continue to brush her hair, trying to clear his mind. There had to be an option more plain. There had to be a simple path that the two of them could walk.

But neither of them would choose it. They could sit all night and try to compromise, but higher forces would change the ending of their tales. Chi was destined to take the path of inhumanity. Shura was going to have to fight for his power. There was no avoiding it. To change these facts, was to change one person's entire purpose in the stories they had begun to write.


#9Chisu Lau Manji 

Swords and Poltergeists [Chi & Shura] Empty Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:41 am

Chisu Lau Manji

. . . AND SEVEN ALTS AGO . . .
If there was so much to say, then why did they fall silent so often? Perhaps this was the pain that the both of them tried to avoid, yet this time it lingered right in front of them. She wanted to reach out to him for answers, but the both of them could barely find the solutions. It felt as if it was all lost in that moment.

Chi wanted to put the Manji in a place of power in all corners of this new country. Shura wanted to ensure Phantom Lord's Empire extended to all of Fiore and beyond. It would be simple to say that all of the Manji would join Phantom Lord and benefit as a whole, but in that moment they would lose their namesake and become nothing more than a family who were to serve a guild master than their own god.

The most they could do was assist in the growth, while growing themselves. And the only way for them to grow, was for Chi to make the ultimate sacrifice; Chi had to die.

For their god to rise again and be reborn, her life had to be taken. She was the chosen heir, and it was her blood that was pure. There was no way out of it. With her life, her humanity would be lost. She would no longer be human come the following day, and that was something Shura had seemed to avoid since the first day.


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