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Fairies are too Small [Open]

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#1Jeremiah Ali 

Fairies are too Small [Open] Empty Sat Dec 23, 2017 11:12 am

Jeremiah Ali


Things were different now. No longer did he have a the spirit of the Phoenix within him. Nonchalantly, his hands remained in his pocket as a sword resided on his waist. He had a new companion now, and it was a blade. Despite having grown with the Phoenix he hardly missed the spirit in his mind, only because he knew the spirit was free. Finally no longer caged and chained to the brain of a lowly mage. Things were different...

Jeremiah was gone for a few months this time around. Fairy Tail was never somewhere he could be for too long, but it was always somewhere he returned to. Why? Because Fairy Tail was the only home he had, though he did often get annoyed with the other mages. Jeremiah was known for his nonchalant, sort-of-unaproachable attitude, but when he didn't return for this long he was always welcomed home so when he opened the doors to the guild he was ready to expect-

"Miah!" The small girl with pink hair ran towards him smiling. She was a child that he'd found roaming the streets a few months back. After finding out that she used magic he brought her to Fairy Tail. Honestly, seeing her made him feel warm inside. After his quest to find himself and coming back with little to nothing, he was glad to see that the one thing he did have was happy to have him. Friends. The rest of the guild members called out to him, forcing the usually nonchalant male to smile just this once. The little girl hugged his legs and rested her face on his thigh.

"Aye. Sup everyone." A smile and a wave. Looking down at the girl,he would stretch his arms out to pick her up. "You've gotten stronger, Emilia." It was easy for him to notice her increase in Mana. Not too much, but surprisingly it was enough for him to notice. She was going to be dangerous in a few years at the rate she was going.

Emillia nodded before sticking out her bottom lip. "Of course I did, I've been trainin'." She looked away quickly as if she'd been mad at the bronze mage. "Hm?" "I'm ten years old, stop babying me... put me down." He'd forgotten her age. She was right, she was too old to be carried like this. Once he put her down she would yawn as if she'd been bored already. "Well I'm gonna go train, I don't wanna be weak like you when I'm older."

Jeremiah knew she didn't even believe that he was weak. Even after his fight with Hikaru who completely embarrassed him during the tournament, nobody even dare to test him. Regardless of the obvious difference in their power, Jeremiah was sure that he could have at least landed a blow. If they could have used magic, there was no way that man would have won that easily. As Emillia moved away, he began to walk towards the bar. He didn't see Teiho, or Shin... he really didn't see any close friends at all...

"Where is everyone?" he whispered to himself as he sat at the bar.

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#2Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali


"Everyone like who?" Malachai listened as the voice of the bar tender filled his ears. He looked behind the tender, at the alcohol behind him. Even before responding he was already thinking about his first drink."Teiho...Shin..." He began.
after a quick moment of analyzing the drinks, he realized that there was really nothing that he missed about the liquor. "Who knows, I haven't seen em since 'round the last time I seen you." Malachai sighed before spinning in the cushioned chair, placing his elbows on the bar with his back towards the tender. Now he looked at the guild members in front of him.

So many new faces, it felt too weird to even be there. Jeremiah watched blankly, much like he did everything these days. He half expected Phoenix to pop up and start encouraging him to start trouble,
but the beast was nowhere to be found. Refusing to think about it anymore, Miah spoke.

"Where's the guild master?" coldly. The bronze man couldn't see it, but from behind him the tender twisted his face before shaking his head. "You speak as if she is not your guild master" Silence.

That was just it though. She wasn't his guild master, at least not in his eyes. Where was she?
Even though he'd been away for months, he was sure that the amount of times she's shown her face was not more than the amount of time he's shown his. Of course it wouldn't be wise for Jeremiah to tell the alcohol barer his thoughts. He'd probably think something other than what things actually were. "Well she's been busy lately... you know...being the guild master and all." He chuckled. How much longer would he be able to defend such a failure of a leader. All the guild had to offer was weak imbeciles with fixed mindsets. He wanted to grow. He actually wanted real power and more importantly he needed to be somewhere that could help him achieve real power. It didn't take long for the loner to realize that the power of friendship was not as strong as the power of magic. Not in this world. Maybe in some fairy tale wonderland where magic didn't exist, life was simpler but not here.

With a yawn Jeremiah stood up. For what thought?
He had no clue. Maybe the lack of anyone beside himself being in his head ave him too much space. Slowly he was beginning to feel... free? No that wasn't the correct word. Smirking, he slowly took a few steps to the center of the entire guild. "Listen up." Both his knuckles collided softly, cracking as they pressed into each other. Fairy Tail was quite the noisy guild but his voice was enough to stop the ruckus that'd been taking place. Honestly, it felt good just being well known within in his guild, even if nobody else knew who he was.

"I need to give a good ass beatin', so step up now if you think you can beat me."

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#3Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali


And there it was. It was almost a ritual to start fights in Fairy Tail, and now he'd be starting one.
He actually had no interest in fighting for bonding,
instead he wanted to train. Standing with his head downward, he awaited for his guild mates t pop it off, but they didn't. Everyone just stood and shifted their bodies into  their fighting positions, but nobody was yet to move. "So is this what Fairy Tail has come to? A bunch of whimps?" They were hesitant, but Jeremiah didn't know why. There were people in this guild much much stronger than him so the fact that they just stood there decided if they should attack or not completely upset him."Fine." He dashed forward five meters, slamming his fist into whoever was standing in front of him at the moment. This brought back memories...that time he fought that dude with takeover magic and nearly won. Miah didn't know how he lost that fight, it was as if his entire body shut down just before ending it.

The man in front of him eyes bulged as the young mage lifted him into the air with a single fist, theeeeeennnnn the others began to pounce. Quickly Jeremiah turned to his left, jabbing one of the pouncing guild members directly in the nose and causing him to fall backwards. Ducking, he easily dodged and incoming grab from his right,
and swept the entire floor with a kick, causing nearly everyone around him to fall. Then it happened. Fight. The voice in his head distracted the bronze mage for a split second, causing someone to send a a direct fist to his face. He stumbled backwards.

"What the hell..." He whispered to himself but remained focused. The blood from his nose dripped like wet paint onto the floor of the guild. Could it be that the Phoenix returned to him? Now as the time to see. The hopeful mage stood straight and cleared his mind,
allowing a fiery aura to take control of his body.
The room began to rise in temperature as he summoned forth magic around his body. His guild mates moved back as the heat was too much for any of them to handle.

"Fuck!" He shouted as he stopped harnessing his mana. Immediately he jolted forward and began to take his frustration out on his guild members. Now if Celia was here, Jeremiah wasn't sure if she'd stop this type of fight or not. Fairy Tail was known for their brawls and violent justice, but in this case it wasn't fighting for fun, it was fighting to release his own stress. He cared for his guild members because they were apart of his guild, not because he actually loved them. It's like family, you don't get to choose who your family. Whether or not they felt the same about him really didn't matter because Miah didn't give a shit.

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#4Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali


The members were all stuck as Jeremiah took out his anger and frustration with himself on them.
He punched, kicked, threw, slammed and continued to repeat the process until everyone he was around was laying on the floor. Some moaned and some just didn't even say a word, but for sure they weren't dead. The bar tender shouted from behind at the troubled boy. "Hey! You took it too far Jeremiah!" But did he? Fairy Tail always did things like this to each other. "You didn't have to go all berserk." Slowly he turned his head. The guild was quiet now, only the birds from outside could be heard. The sun peered in through the windows, but it didn't make it look any better now that everyone was on the floor. Miah didn't care though, the only reason he came back to this excuse of a guild in the first place was to inform the guild master that he was leaving. If he really wanted to be an asshole he could have not even came back, but of course who would care if he didn't? "If they can't handle attacks like that, then they don't deserve to be in Fairy Tail anyway. When I first joined this guild I saw strength, now I see nothing." Without another word, he placed his hand on the hilt of his blade and drew it, putting it to the neck of a man below him. "H-hey, i-it's not that s-s-serious Jeremiah, what are y-ya d-doing?!" Jeremiah watched as he trembled on the ground with the blades point to his neck. "If I really went Berserk, everyone here would be dead, Mr. Bartender." There was no words. The tender was silent, but Jeremiah could just feel his eyes staring at him. He probably thought that if he said the wrong thing, Jeremiah would kill his own guild mate - if he thought that however, he was wrong. Jeremiah wasn't evil,
or sinister at all. Quickly he put his sword back in it's scabbard. "If I return and this guild is still full of weaklings, I'm leaving. This is unacceptable for Fairy Tail."

Everything he said, he meant with a passion. There was no real room for growth here. There was nobody who could help him gain the power necessary to avenge his parents. He needed to know how to destroy his enemies, he needed techniques to do that and he needed power. Fairy Tail was hindering him from the real way of getting stronger. Everyone was too soft to truly grow the way they would eventually need to. "Useless", was all he could think about the guild he spent his life at. Wasting...just wasting himself and doing absolutely nothing to grow in power. Quests?! Was that all guilds were good for? He needed to find something else, and fast especially since the Phoenix no longer resided within his body. Now he just had plain ol' fire magic, he needed to ascend somehow someway no matter what it took.

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#5Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali


Everyone was quiet.
Emillia from behind him stood, not even responding to what she'd just seen, instead she responded to what Jeremiah just said. "So...am I weak to you?" The small and gentle voice seemed to grip his soul as he turned to face it's owner. Her eyes obviously filled with sadness, but it was deeper than her thinking that her idol thought she was weak. "You want to leave the guild because we're too weak...for you?" Jeremiah sighed. All he could do was walk over towards the girl and use that time to think of something to say. When he reached her he would simply put his hand on her shoulder, noticing that she didn't want to look him in his face. She couldn't understand where he was coming from, she was far too young. She came from nothing from the start so she didn't have anything to fight for...she didn't have anything to avenge.

"It's not as simple as you think, Emillia." The girl turned to face her superior, now her eyes filled with disappointment. "You can just abandon your family...for power?! You just abandon me for a little bit of power?!" The girl slapped his hand away and backed up. There was nothing more he could do to prove what he meant, what he said is exactly what he meant. "You wouldn't understand until you've lost someone important to you." He turned to make his way towards the entrance of his home. As he continued walking he heard the voice once more, except this time it as filled with rage.
"I think I'm losing someone important to me now!"

Leave. There it was! The voice that he'd heard earlier came back. It was ignored though. "Stay with Fairy Tai, Emillia. You'll always be safe here." The young fire mage wasn't exactly leaving the guild just yet, but he did plan on never returning to the hall. His lead on S.O.F.K was more important than anyone or anything so he knew that he would have to begin his training.

Part- no most of him felt bad for Emillia. Jeremiah found her a few months ago by herself, alone with nobody to love her and now look... she felt that he was abandoning her. In truth he wasn't, if she stayed in Fairy Tail and didn't die, when his mission was done then he'd come back for his little sister-like friend. He hoped that she didn't hate him for this but he had to focus on himself. There was a reason he still existed and it was, without a doubt, to fulfill his duty as the avenger of the Ali family.

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#6Jeremiah Ali 

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Jeremiah Ali


Jeremiah waited for a moment to see if Emillia would speak again. She didn't. After a few seconds of silenced, Jeremiah pushed open the halls of the guild and walked out nonchalantly. This was the path he chose, the path that would direct him to power. This was probably the only route he could take. If he didn't avenge his family, then what exactly in the name of Ali would he be doing? Not a day went by that he didn't think about his family, and not a day went by that he didn't wish he had the option to choose his life, but the fact of reality was that shit happens. One day Emillia would look back on this and realize where Jeremiah was coming from.

For now she would need to keep on with a broken heart and understand that things from here on out are more different than ever. Jeremiah stood outside of the guild, inhaling deeply before releasing the little bit of tension he had left through the carbon that left his nostrils. The next thing on his list of things to do was train, his physical body still wasn't as great as he'd like it to be so he would have to work harder than ever. You would think that since he's been away for so long he would have improved, but in all honestly he'd just been investigating the crime committed against his parents a few years back. His next step was going to the magic council, but not before his training. It was getting late, so it was best if he found a place as soon as possible. He only wanted to get in a few push ups, miles, and other basic calisthenics to improve his physical capabilities. As of now he was disappointed with himself. He was weak in his current state. What the Phoenix said before he vanished was true. Jeremiah was absolutely nothing without him. He had to make himself great somehow... whatever it took he would do it. The sun glowed a vibrant orange, catching his attention and forcing him to look. When his eyes met the dying son he couldn't help but notice a shape tattooed into the orb of light. It looked like a giant bird with wings of fire, but it couldn't be real. Quickly he looked away.What the hell is going on with me. The Phoenix isn't here anymore, I have to stop making myself see shit. As odd as it may seem, the Phoenix was apart of him. It was like a bad break up, how could his soulmate just leave like that? The fire beast wanted to be free so bad that it finally found a way to force itself out of his body. No goodbye, no sign of disappearing...one day he woke up and just couldn't activate it abilities. How could someone do such a thing? Shaking his head, he left the premises of the Fairy Tail guild hall. After today, he would no longer consider himself a member. He was done, who would really care where he went.

~ EXIT ~

Fairies are too Small [Open] Haki10

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