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Polluted Waters [Quest][Kon][Alice]

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The wounds had healed now taking their place was significant scarring around his left eye with a deeper scar running down his eyebrow down to his cheek. The pain still lingered as the doctor and Midas had informed him with the millenium eye needing far more time to get used to. The extended period needed was due to the body needing to become accustomed to having soft tissue connected to the metal as well as moving the heavier prosthetic in comparison to the eye it replaced. He could live with the dull throbbing that it caused as the only true time it hurt was when he suddenly moved that eye from left to right or right to left. He suspected it had to do with the muscles around the eye having to work far harder than they were used to. Perhaps an eyepatch would be a good way to prevent him from hurting himself but after testing out the one he had been given by the hospital as well as one that he had specially made using the suede of local cows and crafted by a leatherworker in the area, his theory was dismissed.

He had been offered lessons from the hospital to conceal the scars using makeup but declined them instead choosing to rely on Alice to be able to do that task for him as he didn’t feel comfortable touching his own now far thinner skin. His other wounds had completely healed those begin his stab wound in his stomach as well as the large amount of bruise he had sustained across his entire persons. Once more he was in the bathroom however this time now fully dressed and testing how well he could shave now with him only seeing using his right eye. The hot tap flowed freely into the sink where a face cloth lay dampening more and more with each passing moment, washcloth now wet enough he twisted it into itself removing the excess before passing it across his face for the shave. Onward he went completing his task the end result was similar to how he normally did it just with more cuts here and there on the more difficult parts.

Yet to eat anything for breakfast, he spoke to Alice after leaving the bathroom briefly before heading downstairs to order something to be brought up. “Alice would you like anything brought up to you?, scrambled eggs?, Bacon?, Toast?, Fresh fruit?” Upon hearing her response he would leave their room order her own meal while looking at the menu for his. Picking out his breakfast, he thanked Tim the innkeeper, who he had began to develop a good repor with though his new appearance did have a significant effect on him evident whenever he came close to him. Wanting the meals delivered up stairs, he spoke to him once more. “Deliver them up to my room and put them on our tab.”

Returning to their room, he spoke to Alice. “So Alice, what do you feel like doing today?, shopping perhaps? if we’re not distracted by something or someone….” The comment was in reference to the numerous distractions that they had dealt with recently including Alice’s sister, Lacie and the letter they received from Doctor Gerard. He had spoken to soon however as there was a loud pounding at their door before a letter was slipped underneath it. Picking it up it was made quickly apparent it was from Doctor Gerard clear from his terrible handwriting and the type of envelope matching the hospital’s one completely. “Well this changes things, here have a read.” Wanting to see what it was but still include Alice despite her worsening mobility he handed her the still unsealed letter.


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Adelaide Sokolov
Obviously for Alice everything began to become very difficult; sleeping was one of those things. It made her grumpy as much as she tried to hide it but trying to sleep with a baby bump was definitely not the most comfortable thing that she had ever done. Where she tried to turn one way to sleep on that side or the other, she would feel a kick and all she wanted was to sleep on her stomach which was not possible. And sometimes the little peach would kick the whole night and give her no rest at all. Which is why she had not even tried to get up yet this morning. She had followed Kon for as far as possible with her eyes before he entered the bathroom and she simply tried to catch a few minutes of nothing. Close her eyes and just rest because sleep would never happen.

She had no idea if she had fallen asleep or how long it took but suddenly she heard Kon talk to her again and she quickly opened her eyes, a bit lost and she thought about it, she actually did hear the question; "Oh that would be lovely. I only would like some fruit thank you." Once Kon got out, she decided it might be smart to get up herself, which was getting slower by the day. She moved to the bed side to be able to sit up and get up, which was funny to see with the difficulty and how Hecate tried to support her as well, which was definitely not working but it felt nice.

Jupiter had learned that Alice rather had him a few steps away from her, she had no idea why but she didn't want to bother him with the problem of being a pregannt female, but she headed into the bathroom as soon as she good up. She found the tools she needed. The scrub for her face to wash herself, because showering made her very tired in the morning, most of the time she would shower in the night to immediatelly sleep after that.

She made sure that she was one of the new jeans she had bought and a rather big shirt to keep herself warm, she had given up on hiding the baby bump now that she was no longer really a part of the Rune Knights. It certainly saved her from trouble. Just when she stepped out of the bathroom, Kon came in again and she smiled. Thought about the suggestions he offered when there was a knocking on the door and the whole image of doing something for fun was blown away.

She set herself on the bed side to not stand for too long and took the letter from him as he offered her, "Ah the doctor mentioned that he probably found the source of the virus." she turned a bit pale, "He says it is a stream that flows into the drinking water." That was scary close to them just in general did that mean they could catch it as well? "The Doctor asks us to go and find out what's going on, he believes someone called Cold Colliers or a company or so, behind it." If she could, she wouldn't mind go to and find out how this worked, she rather had a clean water source.

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His assumption had been correct, once again Doctor Gerard wanted their help. The good Doctor revealed that he knew of the source, The Cold Colliers. Just who were these people willing to spread an unknown virus to further their cause. Curious about what more the man had to say, he took the letter from her reading all of it as well as an extra paper that went otherwise unnoticed by Alice. “He wants to meet us, odd it’s not at the hospital, why was he taking such measures?” This would be most inconvenient for the two of them with him still recovering from his injuries and Alice dealing with her pregnancy, willing to go in spite of His injuries he continued. “Look if you want I can go see him myself, see what the situation is and why he’s being so secretive.” Kon had a few guess as to why the man had chosen it but none of them were good.

Had Alice opted to let him go by himself, he would promptly leave with both a cloak and a satchel for carrying whatever he needed, if she chose however to come with him, he would aid her throughout the entire process forgoing the luxury of anonymity using the cloak as it would be too hot for him to wear while supporting his fiance. The decision made by Alice would matter little as he or they would walk through the streets to eventually find the Doctor trying to hide within the community but evidently wasn’t trying hard enough as he had chosen to wear a ridiculous looking hat seemingly in an attempt to double his stature.

Wanting to point how his poor decision in clothing, Kon pointed at his hat as he spoke to the doctor who was otherwise preoccupied at the time. “Uhh Doctor Gerard, you might want to pick a less obvious hat if you want to be avoided…” Noticing his presence, the doctor grabbed him with surprising strength. He replied with naught but a whisper. “Quiet Lad you never know who could be listening.”


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She handed the letter to Kon so he could read more from it and she could sit comfortable again. "Oh?" she asked, noticing the note that fell out as well. "Strange indeed outside the hospital. I mean we know he works there with the boar, we brought it there or well you did." basically his summon carried it, it was more than she had done at that moment. But well they were still working together. She frowned a bit, wondering indeed about the whole set up, perhaps she should stay here and not go but that would mean she wouldn't do much more anyway, "If you don't mind, I would rather come along, apart from being curious I still want to go outside and get some fresh air and all." But she might be a pain in the ... as she wasn't fast and the like, "I don't want to not do things but I promise if it gets too much I will tell you immediately, is that okay?" she said with an innocent grin. She could also let him go, wait for the message to return and go along on the job in general but she would try. This sounded like the easiest part of the job anyway.

She followed, as quickly as she could with her two faithful companions Jupiter and Hecate following along. When she spotted the doctor, she raised her right eyebrow, this man was dressed ridiculous. The hat was it obviously but still, how was he trying to hide with that thing? She stopped herself in time to make a surprised high pitch sound when the doctor grabbed hold of Kon. This man, she had never seen him so tense. "Well I need to tell you two quickly, let's go." and he walked a bit more into the street where he was standing in front, the alley might not be much saver but it worked. "Thank you both for coming," He gave a short smile to her but she only eyed him, very aware that he seemed so tense still. "I don't want this to be pointed back to me but there is a lot going on." and the man continued to explain more details of the quest. He gave them more information about the Cold Colliers gang who held a grudge against Baska because of a mining incident years ago. Some people knew how to hold their grudge, but she didn't say anything and let the doctor finish his explanation.

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While Alice recognised that her pregnancy had begun to impact her day to day life in particular when doing requests with Kon, she reaffirmed her stance and wanting to go see the Doctor as well perhaps she wanted to a check up from the man, perhaps she didn’t feel comfortable alone or leaving Kon alone lest either of them were attacked. Seeing no issue with her answer he held her hand on the way to the doctor, who was completely out of character tense and suspicious of seemingly everything and everyone. He only began to explain the reason for his odd behaviour after the crowd around them died down and only once they had moved a bit further together as a group. The revelation that the man had told them was alarming as the group responsible had done so out of revenge. The cause of the revenge was, at least in Kon’s opinion, misguided as the doctor continued to explain that there had been a mining incident years prior. “Mining accident and Biological warfare?, they don’t really go together Doctor, there must be something else behind this another force at play.”

Gerard could only provide them with the information he knew from his sources but nothing more, there was no word on the provider or the leader’s identity. Wanting to ensure that they were doing everything above board for this mission, he continued. “So let me get this straight you want us to go to the water source for the town and what?, Examine the place?” Nodding the doctor merely replied. “Pretty much, if there’s anything out of the ordinary just let me know and I’ll organise things from there.” “Organise eh?, Right okay…” Something about Gerard was putting him on edge, though from inspecting using his eye he could see it was the same man and that he was telling the truth. Raising his free hand to gain Alice’s attention, he spoke to his fiance before talking to their client. “Right I’ve heard enough let’s go, We’ll be seeing you shortly Gerard.”


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She also didn't understand how a mining accident could be a good reason to set up a whole idea of polluting water for a whole town but it was normal that she didn't understand things in these cases so she didn't say anything. She turned to look at Kon when he mentioned that there must be something else in play and she nodded, it sounded a bit far fetched if it was only about the mining incident but you never knew. But more information the doctor didn't give and she frowned, not sure if she fully understood their task for today. It had sound so urgent and dangerous in a way that she had expected him to demand from them to fight this whole Cold Collier gang but such question wasn't even asked.

Perhaps she had not been the only one that was a bit lost as Kon summerized the idea of the question and the doctor only confirmed. All they had to do was to find the water source, easy peasy right? Kon turned to her and she only nodded, agreeing with this task and to come along as well. She would have doubted if it was a good idea to fight in her condition but finding something could not be that difficult. Although she knew them, perhaps someone might fight them considering their luck. She would see and survive, she was sure of that. Before they would leave the doctor would tell them that the water source was in the hills in one of the caves and that he had a little map for them. He really seemed eager for them to go now which made her feel a bit uncomfortable but as long as Kon agreed, she was sure it would be fine.

So she took the map and showed it shortly to Kon, they first had to get out of town. This walk that she had done a couple of times now would be very tiring today and she thought for a second that it might be quicker for Kon if he went alone but she didn't like to sit down and do nothing so as long as no one complained she would and with that she took the first step towards the hills and the cave that had a red cross on the little map.

Walking couldn't be so difficult, one step in front of the other, no matter how steep or how many times up and down it could be, she would get forward. She didn't want to complain after all she took the job herself and she had also thought about retreating for this one. She surely was having her difficulty walking and she only imagined how it would be if there was no little peach but for now that didn't matter, she didn't want to stay negative and simply looked at Jupiter and Hecate who seemed to have some sort of chasing game going on in the hills. She surely hoped no one would notice them, the two made no sound but for some reason seemed to be very loud about their little game. She shook her head and looked at the map, they were almost at the cave and she wondered if they would find any clues over there.


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Before leaving the doctor they were given a map to the caves which they would be exploring, with him having to be on standby to cast at any moment and with Alice ill suited to fight at the moment and with each passing day, she chose it upon herself to carry it instead of himself. There was a noticeable deterioration on his fiance's stamina, with her having greater difficulty walking around as opposed to only a few months ago, it was awkward for the young man as he didn’t know what to say to help her so he opted to provide her with both emotional and physical support. After allowing Alice to take his shoulder, arm or hand on their way to the cave, the walk seemed a lot smoother than before, perhaps it was due to her no longer needing to support just herself.

Reaching the cave, he peering into the dark depths seeing nothing but darkness in the one eye and mere flickers of mana in the other, confirming there wasn’t anything of threat that he could perceive he spoke to Alice. “Feel free to rest here for a bit, I’ll go get some torches to help us see while we’re searching in the cave.” Leaving Alice alone briefly with her companions to play around with each-other, he began to look for a crate, a bag, something that could contain torches. Having looked around for some time he almost gave up but as he approached the cave lacking the vision to see further than 50 meters, he spotted a crate overflowing with torches both used and new.

Waving Alice over, he picked one up and struck it against the wall lighting it up with a roar, handing it to Alice, he lit himself another in a similar fashion. Raising the torch above his head and stretching his arm out afar so he didn’t bump his head on any low hanging points of the cave he began to walk through the dirty abandoned cave. “Come, Alice this way.” He said as he went off to one of the forks hearing a stream coming from that point.


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Alice might use too much of her energy on things that weren't perse that necessary. She could have stayed home and let Kon go by himself, but she was afraid of staying indoors all the time. Besides she didn't have trouble with the council anymore, so she could let that go basically? Perhaps it was just paranoia behaviour, she would get to it, take a break soon. She knew she needed that anyone. She was glad though, even though she didn't say it out loud, that Kon offered his arm, she would accept it, mutter an almost inaudible apology but just walk on, which went suddenly al lot better. Perhaps it was the change into the hills or it was really good mental and physical support.

When they finally reached the cave as the map had pointed out, she would need a short break, but without suggesting it; Kon already did. So she leaned against the stone cold cave wall, because if she would sit, she would doubt she would get up. She watched Hecate and Jupiter play some sort of hidden game and simply watched them with her eyes. Even though she didn't sit on the ground, she felt already a bit more relaxed from only leaning. When finally she noticed Kon waving her over after a couple of minutes, she quickly whistled softly and followed Kon with Hecate and Jupiter directly behind her.

Not much later she held on to a torch, "Reminds me of my adventure with Hyõen in the Giant's Tear ducts." she muttered before simply following Kon with the torch shortly in front of her, where she wasn't worried about bumping her head, she was more worried about tripping over something. She looked up when Kon said which way she had to go, just to make sure she actually did walk the right way. There was no one there and she found a niche where they could hide, "We could wait here to see if anyone shows up?" she suggested, as Hecate and Jupiter already walked into it, it was apparenly spacy enough, hopefully also with two more people in there.

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Reaching their destination, Kon sat in silence while Alice made a few comments of her own before too quieting down, only her companions and their regular breathing could be heard. There they were with the torches burning away, eventually though as the torches began to run out two individuals seemingly from nowhere appeared opposite to them across the stream both carrying a box one on each side and taking it to the edge of the between the stream and walkway that had been made over it. Prying open the box, the lid flung into the water annoyed by this one of them slapped the back of the other who walked through the water to pick it up. Kon was itching to get up and stop them but they had no proof yet at least until the each of them pulled out a vial each and plucked out the cork that held the green glowing liquid.

Trying to stop them for poisoning the stream, Kon rose from his position just as the torch ran out and promptly bumped his head. Only to have the two of them spill not just the liquid but to the vials completely and one of them to trip over the box sending a whole pile of the vials onto the stream instantly killing the various vermin that were around the stream as it spilled over onto the walking area. The other shouted out to him as he did so. “Care with that don’t get any of that shit on you, you’ll go mad.” With the men walking away from them, Kon after waiting for about five or so minutes got up to take a look at the box that housed all of the vials.

Ripping off the labels to the box, he put them in the side-pocket of his satchel. Unable to glean anything else not daring to risk collecting a direct sample, he called for Alice so they could leave and return to Gerard. “Come Alice, we should get back to Gerard and report the situation, hopefully we can resolve it before it becomes a health hazard for the community.” Leaving the cave the duo would return back to their client who upon hearing the news fell silent, Kon was surprised that the doctor hadn’t shouted at them for not trying to stop them but soon after the silent ended with them receiving their reward.



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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice became tired of all the waiting around and she really had no idea if she would even be able to get up soon enough if there was something they could do. But they needed proof not anything else. She heard voices and quickly held her breath not to say anything or make a noise. She could see the glaring eyes from Jupiter but she didn't say anything, it was horrible. She felt like there was nothing they could do in general because all they had to do was find proof.

There was a point that she heard a bump and stetched out her hand to find Kon in the darkness now thanks to the dying out of the torches. She had no idea what to say. But she waited, she heard the swearing, the words and everything but she didn't say anything. At the moment when Kon said she should come, she did. She stood up and said nothing she simply followed because she had not liked what she heard, "I can't believe they do that over a mining incident." She whispered as they hurried back into town, her companions running very much in front of her.

When they finally arrived the doctor and Kon told him, he was quiet and she waited for him to say something. In the end he thanked them, and asked to keep it quiet. She nodded, accepted the payment and left.

Wordcount: 2120/2000

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