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Fantastic Fabric [Quest: Judina & Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Fantastic Fabric [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:37 am

Lacie Eventide
Hiding was not the best part of her day, but pissing of a Lieutenant and almost killing another Knight wasn't the best thing you could do. So Lacie had layed low, or well for as far as she could, she had things to take care of and while sitting quietly in town and reading a book, she had bumped into a knight that thought she was Alice and she had made use of that. She wouldn't get close to the Rune Knights headquarter at the moment though, she wasn't sure how much her sister had told the other knights and thus Judina about the crime that she had commited, but it was perhaps time to find out.

She had send a letter to Judina only yesterday evening to meet up in the morning at Baska Town square near the fruit stand of the market. They could have a short breakfast together and perhaps do a job together. She hoped her friend would show up and agree to go on a job, but if she didn't Lacie would know enough and perhaps skip town. She took a deep breath and pulled the collar of her trench coat up. At least she got a little better with controlling this Dragon Slayer Magic energy, but she still needed to sit down and work out some spells.

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#2Judina † 

Fantastic Fabric [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Sat Dec 23, 2017 2:37 pm

Judina †
It seemed much different in some manner at it being the same for her Judina while she was in baska and kept to hear self for the most part, The break and relaxation was really nice however for her being in a new town, The pub was pretty nice area to go get something to drink eat her feet were rested as well they were not as sore as when first here. So with that she would be off to find something to do. So far Baska was a nice and peaceful town, full of small things with little to do.

A fruit stand would be simple to find but Judina had to find a fruit stand, Judina still even to never change her look at all, But there was more then a few fruit stands or what she thought could be fruit stand could just be stands normally Judina was still also getting use to how all the stand looked in detail form one another. She at least had an idea now in which what one she was going too now since she finally realized mostly because she assumed the one with the most fruit there anyway. OR Judina just wanted a green apple and maybe a peach heading towards that as she normally would peacefully so far just having her mind focused on wanting just wanting on or two fruits to eat for now.

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#3Lacie Eventide 

Fantastic Fabric [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:49 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie was waiting for quite a while now, well she was being a bit dramatic, maybe five mintues. She would normally not consider that being late but the stress of perhaps making a big mistake was on her shoulders. She stared at the fruit stand from where she was sitting. Maybe someone had intercepted the letter, maybe her friend had shown it to her sister and.. there would be enough consequences but the new Dragon Slayer had not to worry about it as she spotted her favourite person thanks to her attire and the long dark blue hair that she had. Lacie jumped up and walked towards the fruit stand to see if there was any trouble going on or if she had been panicking for nothing.

"Goodmorning Judina." she said with an open expression on her face as well as a smile. She was very aware though, but tried not to panic yet. She had not spotted any other knights yet or that stupid companion that Alice had sent after her. "How do you like Baska so far?" she asked if nothing special would happen at the moment and that would mean she was safe. "I already grew a bit bored, so I thought perhaps we could go job hunting together?" She had the feeling she was lying so bad to Judina that she almost felt on the brick of tears, her only friend would never understand her, or would she? For a second Lacie was tempted to say anything but she decided not to do it. She had fought her sister's boyfriend and well with that had been sort of released by Alice but she was sure all of the knights would now by now that she was a fugitive. She would see.

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#4Judina † 

Fantastic Fabric [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:47 am

Judina †
It seemed as if she tuned out slowly while keeping to herself, Which day that seemed to pass normality seemed to be still there and fallen upon her, Just feeling weird because the chair was much much smaller then even what she was use to but it was still pretty relaxing and nice as well. It was an vastly different insight for her then anything else really.

Judina then seemed to hum a song happily to herself mostly, She did seem a bit sleepy still like maybe she had a hard time sleeping a bit or had not gotten enough sleep yet. But wouldn't mention anything else.

Lacie's greeting almost made her jump. "Oh hello."She mentioned slightly startled mostly from her not paying attention to anything that wasn't in front of her eyes really."I did not notice you there."Judina mentioned for the moment. "Baska, is interesting smaller then my home so it is different." She mentioned almost honestly but slowly."It feels a bit weird. Maybe a job will help me not feel so sleepy and lazy."Judina mentioned she did feel lazy and sleepy still mostly but getting to work was done. At least Lacie would did not seem to be sick anymore but would not bring it up right away finding work was more important to do since it was a given task, so far Lacie was in luck that Judina seemed to clueless to whatever was going on at all around them.

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#5Lacie Eventide 

Fantastic Fabric [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Wed Dec 27, 2017 6:20 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie stared in surprise at Judina as it seemed as if she surprised her, she didn't say anything at first and eyed her friend suspiciously. "Ah that can happen, sorry. You did get my letter didn't you?" she asked curiously, was Judina behaving suspicously? Was she setting up a trap? But she tried to keep it casual and ask what Judina thought of Baska. Since she basically had dragged her along instead of going to Marigold. "Oh, well I wouldn't mind going to Marigold after this. I just have this fight to clean up with my sister. Our last meeting didn't go so well." she sighed as if she was hurt by the whole idea, which was obviously a lie. But only Lacie would know that in this case.

She nodded, and honestly felt a bit bad that Judina didn't seem to like this place a lot. After all she would blame herself, "Positive news, I found a healer here that seems to understand the symptoms of my health issue and I feel a lot better now." she said proudly and would wait for Judina to either be done at this fruit stand and suggest to go to the towns board to find a quest for the two of them to do.


#6Judina † 

Fantastic Fabric [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Wed Dec 27, 2017 7:46 am

Judina †
Judina upon hearing what Lacie asked then opened up her robe for a moment."I did, forgot to open it I was busy trying to sleep and not getting much and trying to make it up through meditation."It seemed like Judina mostly just seemed to have a rough enough time to sleep because she seemed just sleepy still from all that walking."But I did get your letter I am sorry I did not read it yet."Judina mentioned but she did have the letter pulling it out of her robe in proof that she still had the letter on her.

Judina thought to herself about how she almost confused it with other she had already open at all, she had kept them all because he had not the time to do anything else with them. Even if little of amount of letters she only realized it was a new one because it was not open."So I do have it, Its been in this robe of mine I just have not open it yet sorry Lacie."Judina did not seem to be acting in manner if anything she seemed like she completely forgot to that and maybe not enough sleep yet."I can open it now if you need me too? I hope it wasn't important."Judina sounded generally worried about it for the moment, since she knows she normally was kept tracked and read anything she had."A fight?"Judina seemed slightly worried now what all happen? why was Lacie a bit more casual about it then most people and I was there this slightly off feeling with Judina when hearing this, Was Judina's mind over reacting to everything because she was still kind of sleepy?"Well I am happy to hear you found a healer and are doing a bit better, that is one good thing to happen for the moment."Judina left it at that for now.

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#7Lacie Eventide 

Fantastic Fabric [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:58 am

Lacie Eventide
"Oh that's bad, I'm sorry to hear that. It's no problem that you didn't read it. After all you are still here just like me so it worked out in the end." Had she been here old self than Lacie would have mentioned that the Divine was supporting them to meet but that was not what she would say now, as she had dropped the Divine. She smiled when Judina showed her the letter, at least she got it. "Nah you can throw it away, it's not that important." She said because she had mentioned it before, "Because it was asking you to do a job with me and meet up here." So that's what she meant with it all worked out in the end.

She mentioned the fight with her sister casually and this meant that Judina asked about it, "We didn't agree on a couple of things and well Kon also managed to get his opinion around, so yeah I walked away without really discussing things, it was rude I know." She shighed, making it obvious or so she hoped that she didn't agree with the way of thinking about her own reaction."So I was wondering about this job," she pointed at the quest board since they arrived there, "It's only getting some fabrics, that is easy to catch up." She said with a happy smile on her face.


#8Judina † 

Fantastic Fabric [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:14 pm

Judina †
It sounded like a simple job really so why not go along with it."Yes does sound nice and simple to do"She was more happy to hear that it was a simple and easy to do job then anything else. With her given still sleepy and exhausted mind simple work would do wonders right now for Judina, She thought anyway maybe sleeping would do better if she could but that was another question for another time currently."If it is just that then sure all sounds wonderful to do."Company and work would help her get the lack of sleep off of her mind

"So let us be off shall we?" Judina said slightly yawning while she did like it was still bugging her that her lack of sleep was still noted for now."For as long as I can manage staying awake anyway." She seemed to point out the only thing that was a problem for herself for the moment.

But it seemed Judina did not know what to think about the fight, she wondered what all happen and why it did and finally why they did not speak or talk about anything of the situation at all either guess it would have to be for next time she was around Alice if anything but could leave in her thoughts for now, Judina would feel better about it if she knew both sides of the story but wanted to think about it later because she was not in the mental shape to worry about it.

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#9Lacie Eventide 

Fantastic Fabric [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Fri Dec 29, 2017 3:14 pm

Lacie Eventide
The reason why Lacie had first spotted this quest was because it was bright pink and she pointed at it, Judina agreed and she quickly took it. A bright pink paper would be noticed by everyone so before anyone else would get the idea. Her friend immediately suggested to go off and the two of them first went over to visit Fernando, he gave her a compliment on her dress before getting to the point of describing the rare fabric he needed. Maybe it wouldn't even be that easy but Lacie glanced shortly at Judina, they could do it, she was sure. The designer would show them some of the fabric examples so the two ladies would get an idea of what they were looking for. As soon as they got the idea, he let them go off with a lot of jewels to find the right fabrics.

Lacie suggested to go back to the market and find different sorts of fabric from the quality that Fernando had showed them and some local stores, till the point that she wouldn't be able to carry more, "Let's go back, this must be enough." she said to Judina who must be carry just as much, if not even more, than Lacie herself was. When they arrived back at Fernando his boutique he seemed to be happy about the fabrics and paid the both of them, "Should we go out for lunch now?" the red head suggested.


#10Judina † 

Fantastic Fabric [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:02 pm

Judina †
It seemed like a really short job and mission in the end all and all of thought doing this job, it was a dream form true for Judina mostly because of how she was feeling so far today maybe Lacie would be slightly better off leading forth this job then Judina mostly because she stopped to yawn quite often she knew once they where done here, Judina would get better sleep and be back to normal most likely.

But so far Judina in following Lacie into this clothing place she could think of it as a clothing place anyway maybe she should paid attention to what kind of place they entered into but nonetheless work was needed to be done, watching over fabrics Judina tried to think if it was a pattern they needed to remember.

Moving along quietly and looking at fabrics with Lacie it was quite nice and relaxing or maybe Judina was just slowly falling a sleep on the job and tuning out badly, holding onto as many stacks of fabrics needed too she would walked back with Lacie to the man they went to with from the start.

Which when they returned and dropped off what they needed too, picked up the pay owed from doing such a job, It was simple and easy so nor hard as she was slightly worried about it. "Lunch sound about good right now Or a nap." Judina answered Lacie's question in return form what was asked to her.

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