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Slay Gurl Pt. 1 [Quest: Chelflake]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Slay Gurl Pt. 1 [Quest: Chelflake] Empty Fri Dec 22, 2017 6:13 am

Venus Rosé

”Ngh,” a soft voice resounded in the small bedroom of an inn. Legs tangled in a sheet of mess, dark eyelashes fluttered open, awoke by the sound of birds chirping right outside the window. White, translucent hair sprawled over the pillow and as she inhaled, the delicious scent of food wafted into her nostrils. The young maiden pushed herself out of the bed, unwilling as she was to separate her body from the structure that granted her peace and pleasure. Snowflake had been exhausted lately, and all she had wanted to do was to spend time with her lover and cuddle up in her cozy room while she read a book – it if wasn’t for the strain of odd jobs pushing her being to and from between places.

A few weeks prior, Doctor Gerard needed their assistance to help create a cure to save the town, which was successfully done and now, Fernando: the fashion designer, requested their assistance once again. The month had been busy for the two Blue Pegasus mages, though it wasn’t necessarily unpleasant since they still spent their quality time together every now and then. The woman exited the bathroom with a face towel draped over her shoulders, her visage finally free of morning grumpiness.

”Babe? What’re you cooking?”

The woman called out for her boyfriend, finally walking into the kitchen dressed in her usual nightgown.


#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was laying broad awake in his bed as he couldn’t fall asleep anymore. Whenever he woke up he always had trouble falling asleep again and today wasn’t any different. He was staring at the ceiling and he didn’t really know what to do or to think about. He sighed as he remembered how busy they had been the past month. It was one job after the other. Not that it was bad since there finances where a lot better now and they had so much money that they were quite rich at the moment. Although Chelvaric had a couple of plans with his money that he wouldn’t share yet with anyone since they weren’t final yet and could change at any time. He wanted to kiss Snow as she looked so cute when she was sleeping. He kissed her forehead softly before he went to the kitchen and looked around.

He could make some breakfast while she was still asleep and he thought of some nice scrambled eggs and pancakes would make Snows morning better when she woke up. He started to take the ingredients and mixed them all up in a bowl while he was heating up the pan. Behind him a just woken up Snowflake with a small towel wrapped around her shoulders. She looked cute so freshened up in the morning, she asked him what he was cooking and he answered while he concentrated in flipping a pancake. “I am making pancakes and some scrambled eggs too, maybe not the best combination but then you can decide what you want. Good morning sweetie”, he said to her and gave her a fast peck on her cheek while he dropped the pancake on a plate.


Slay Gurl Pt. 1 [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#3Venus Rosé 

Slay Gurl Pt. 1 [Quest: Chelflake] Empty Fri Dec 22, 2017 6:53 pm

Venus Rosé

”I like pancakes,” the female commented, the corner of her lips growing into a small smile as she gazed up at her boyfriend. Softly, he planted a quick peck on his cheek and she would wrap her arms around his toned and large body while watching him cook. Whenever she was with Chelvaric, there was always another side to her; more childish and clingy – characteristics that she thought were never a part of her personality. It was honestly a new discovery to herself, although it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, and showing a side to your lover that no one had ever seen would only make the relationship more special, isn’t it?

”Good morning, sweet.”

Stormy optics involuntarily glided towards the door to their room and she would notice a letter slipped underneath the door. ”Oh, we have another letter,” she scooted over to the door to retrieve the letter and flipped it open with two of her fingers. Confusion was apparent on her face as she read through the message written in the sheet of paper. ”Fernando wants us as his bodyguards,” she read out loud, keeping the entire message shortened so that Chelvaric could absorb the notes faster. ”Apparently, we have to pack up to travel with him.”

It was too sudden for her – Snowflake hadn’t even thought about leaving Baska yet, albeit Fernando required their assistance. What should they do?


#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

Slay Gurl Pt. 1 [Quest: Chelflake] Empty Fri Dec 22, 2017 7:53 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric felt Snow wrapping herself around him after she had said that she liked pancakes. Well he was happy that she at least liked one of the things he had made. It was nothing too special though so he hoped she would actually like it when she was eating it too. He felt the kiss on his cheek before she had her thin arms around his body. Albeit they were quite muscled from her vigorous training but he liked the feeling. He didn’t know before but he liked muscled female arms apparently. He placed a plate on the place she was going to sit and looked at her as she was getting a letter that had appeared under their oaken door.

Do you want brown or white sugar for your pancake love”, he asked her and listened in the meantime to what she had to say about the letter. It seemed they had to travel with Fernando to keep him safe, so basically being a bodyguard. This was the first job that they actually had to travel somewhere with someone. He wondered how it would be like. “we can still come back after the job, so why not take it? Or do you want to rest for a few days”, he asked her while he sat down finally done the cooking.


Slay Gurl Pt. 1 [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#5Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Her train of thoughts was suddenly interrupted by Chelvaric’s question of what topping she would like on her pancakes, in which she replied without much thinking, ”Do you have maple syrup? I prefer that one.” With that, she returned her attention back to the letter, wondering if she should accept the offer since she wasn’t sure if she should leave Baska yet, despite the fact that she had long overstayed in this town. Chelvaric, on the other hand, seemed to be willing to travel, assuming that they would return to Baska afterwards. ”I don’t know if I’d want to come back here again. There’s nothing in here, honestly,” she stated, folding the piece of paper and placing it on the kitchen counter just in case her lover might want to skim through the words.

Snowflake wasn’t one to remain in one location for too long, but here she was – in Baska, for at least two months now and surely enough, it was time for her leave. ”You’re right. It’s best if we take it now and I still have to check up on the guild.” Being a guild master wasn’t technically easy, since she was required to visit Blue Pegasus every now and then to ensure that everything was working perfectly – not that she minded, but the travels were really long. Hargeon was located miles away from Baska and the journey was bound to take more than a couple of days.

”We should start packing, sweet – once we finish our breakfast, that is.”


#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric nodded as it seemed she wanted maple syrup instead of sugar so he went to the closet and opened to find it. He didn’t know if he had stocked up on it but there should be some somewhere. He finally had found it in a smaller cabinet underneath the cooking place. He gave her the syrup and then listened to what she had to say about the travel. Well it was true that they didn’t really have anything to come back too so that would even make it easier to leave the place. He sat down in front of snow and started to eat from his scrambled eggs. She said that it was best to take it up now and that she wanted to check out the guild.

“oh yeah that’s right your my guild master after all you should go take care of the guildhall too. Sorry I kept you here for so long.”, he said while he felt a bit bad about it. He would help her with the small cleaning jobs or other annoying tasks she had to do for the guild. He was her trusty lover after all. “Aye, first eat enough pancakes for the trip though! You need to be full and strong.”, he said to her jokingly.


Slay Gurl Pt. 1 [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#7Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

”No, it’s fine. It was me who brought you here,” the female reassured as she began to devour the pancakes that her lover had cooked for her for breakfast. ”This is really good, by the way,” she added, a smile creasing onto the line of her cupid-bow before she finished her meal quickly to begin packing, making sure not to leave a spot on her place, since she loved the pancakes so much. After taking care of the dishes, she entered the bedroom to get the work done. Since she wasn’t a messy partner herself, the room was always kept neat and tidy and thus, it was easier for them to pack. In fact, the task went even faster as she didn’t bring that much clothes along with her on this trip despite her love for fashion and clothes.

Being a natural shopaholic, Snowflake would often go out shopping just to purchase a few clothes to ease her desire and thankfully, Chelvaric would mostly go along with whatever she wanted. She made sure to bring her newly purchased katana as well, and although it wasn’t an ancient weapon or none of the expensive sort, Snowflake had grown to take a liking to her rather traditional blade that her hands had gotten familiar with. Assuming that there would be bandits and perhaps, some assassins through their journey, she kept the weapon close to her as it was hung over her shoulder.

”Are you ready to go?" she’d ask, grabbing her luggage while she waited by the door.


#8Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was looking at her and smiled as she was apologizing that she pulled him to here. He didn’t mind it at all. “We had a good time in Baska though. I have to say living with you here was quite amazing I don’t think I can live alone anymore”, he said to her and smiled as he truly meant that he rather lived with her from now on and never alone anymore.

They could share places all the time and he could cook for her a lot and do her work so that she could relax during the day, since he always felt guilty that she had to do the most fighting during the jobs. “Oh, thank you I didn’t think it would be super good”, he said to her and smiled, feeling happy that she liked it.

He ate all the egg and one pancake before he started to clean up the dishes and helped snow wash them and stow them away. He wanted to leave a nice place before they would hand over the key to the hotel again. They packed there stuffs quite quickly as Chelvaric didn’t have many possessions of his own. He used to mostly live on the street so the only thing he had were a couple of shirts and pants. “Yeah I am ready, Bye Baska, it was a good time we have here”, he said to the room and sighed before he closed the door.


Slay Gurl Pt. 1 [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#9Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Once they were all set to go, Snowflake turned around to look at their room one last time, making sure that she wasn’t forgetting anything, as well as to reminisce the memories she had in this small room. They would begin their laborious descent down the stairs and they’d leave the small, rickety inn without so much as a word apart from paying the old woman who worked at the register, her wrinkles holding untold stories. The woman would snuggle into her scarf as they exited, the breeze whisking through the land of Fiore as the flakes drifted past them. She felt the flakes on her face, melting as they touched her skin like the gentlest of the rains. The snow brought a smile to her face, and seeing it after a whole year was somewhat refreshing to the frosty maiden.

Thus, they would begin to head towards Fernando boutique to help him with some packing. If she wasn’t wrong, the fashion show as to be held somewhere in Hargeon, and coincidentally, it was also the hometown to their guild. The couple held hands together, in an attempt to keep themselves warm, but specifically Chelvaric, since her body wasn’t affected by any kind of low temperatures – one of the perks of being an Ice wizard – though not for every Ice mage out there.


#10Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was carrying his luggage over his shoulder as they were walking down the stairs. He wanted to take a good look at every detail around them so that he could remember it later for when they were reminiscing about the past. When they came to the hallway where the reception was, they were greeted by an old lady behind the counter for the rest the hallway was empty. It seemed not a lot of people were left inside Baska and most of them had traveled onwards making the inn a bit dead.

That was quite the shame as it was a lovely town. He was sure that the town would get lively again once Christmas was over and everyone returned to their usual business. Most people were traveling to their families and would celebrate Christmas by eating too much and talking about the past year.  Chelvaric was holding Snow’s hand tight as she had a nice hot body temperature since she became an ice wizard. It didn’t take too long to find the way back to Fernando’s shop. It seemed they were all still packing up the Show. “My darlings, so good to see you. I’ll feel a lot safer when you two are protecting my fashion show on the way! Chelvaric, dear if you could be so kind to help me pack”, Fernando said in his usual feminine voice.


Slay Gurl Pt. 1 [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#11Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Upon their arrival at Fernando’s boutique, the mages would be greeted by the usual, enthusiastic tone of the man and somehow, he seemed more excited than usual – perhaps it was due to the upcoming fashion show that was to be held in Hargeon. As per request, Snowflake and Chelvaric began to assist Fernando with the packing. They would be required to neatly fold the dresses, gowns and other outfits before storing them in boxes. The sprays, makeup, extensions, wigs and anything related to cosmetics for the model were kept in separate boxes as well. By the end of the task, the entire room would be filled with tons of boxes to be carried. Thankfully, there were plenty of staff to carry all of them, so they shouldn’t have any problem along their journey.

Since there were so many necessities prepared for the show, Snowflake thought that it would have been better if they just travelled by boat or train instead of walking all the way there. The plan was yet to be discussed with Fernando, but it could also be possible that he would be sending off the products by vehicle and the humans would walk, which she was completely fine with it. Long journeys were something she had grown used to since she was young, after all the travels that she had made over the country.

”Sweet, what else is left to pack?” She’d ask her lover, who was also assisting with the packing though it seemed that most of the job was done.


#12Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked over all the clothes and peripherals that had to be packed. It was going to take a while before they would put everything in. He walked around to see what would be the first ones he should pack. They could pack the clothes first but that wouldn’t be a good idea if they would put the heavy stuff on top of it, they might tear or get dirty and it was the clothes that were the most important thing for the fashion show. So he started to lift up the heavy stuffs first and carried them carefully to the wagons. It were mostly parts of the stage that were the heaviest and the lighting too. He didn’t know that a fashion show entailed so many devices and that it needed so much setup before they could actually start showing off the clothes. It gave a different light to fashion shows in general.

Once he was done with the heavy lifting he would carefully place the clothes in a box so that they were safe and sound when they would be put on the cart. It seemed the stagehands were watching him, seeing if he was carefully putting everything away or they would come over and scold him. Snow asked him if everything was done. “I think we still need to pack the makeup but after that, we should have everything”, he said to her while he looked around.


Slay Gurl Pt. 1 [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#13Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

”Oh, I already packed the cosmetics. I think we’re done then,” she commented, taking one last look around the room. It was strange seeing the area so empty – yet so crowded at the same – with boxes and boxes of a variety of sizes. Once all the staff had packed their own properties, they were finally ready to set out to Hargeon. The wagons were all filled with the boxes and thus, had no room left for any of them to ride on, which was what she had expected from the beginning so she was prepared to walk the entire way from Baska to Hargeon, despite how long the journey would have been.

Fernando came around to ensure that nothing was forgotten and once the task was done, they finally proceeded towards the gate of Baska. The town was quiet, solemn, as the flakes drifted past them along with the rhythm of the breeze. Snowflake gently raised her hand above, in an attempt to catch the frozen vapour and watched as it melted in her hands. As they reached the gate, the snowy beauty turned around to take a look at the town; one that she had spent the previous months in. Though nothing much had happened to her, apart from gaining a few acquaintances, she would still treasure the precious memories she had in this town and no doubt – it was highly likely that she would return – in the future.


#14Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was walking trough the shop together with Fernando as they had to inspect the place to see that everything was really packed and that they didn’t forget anything. Fernando was pleased that everything was packed and clapped his hands together in a feminine way. He gathered everyone before they would leave as they had to make sure they didn’t forget anyone. “Chop chop, girls we will have a nice walk to Hargeon! And before you complain remember all the pounds that you will lose while you do it!”, Fernando said loudly to everyone and smiled at his last comment. Girls shouted all in harmony, ”aye”, then they left for Hargeon. It seemed that the girls weren’t thin enough yet for Fernando or that he was using it as a mean to get them to walk without complaining. Whatever it was he found it quite funny how the girls had reacted and chuckled on the inside.

They were walking through the city while the snow was floating down carried by a soft wind which made the area beautiful to walk in and not uncomfortable as it wasn’t blowing right into there faces. He could see Snow playing with the falling snow and he grabbed her other hand and smiled to her while they started to walk through the gate ending their journey in Baska.


Slay Gurl Pt. 1 [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#15Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Truthfully, Snowflake found it hilarious; the comment made by Fernando, that caused a woman of very little emotions to smile as the corners of her lips creased upwards. It was a creative way to motivate the girls, she wasn’t going to lie. The hooves of the horses clacked against the hard ground and slowly, they began to exit the gate of Baska once they went through security to ensure that their wagons did not carry any suspicious items. Since her bag was quite heavy and filled with cosmetics and clothes, she tossed it over the nearest wagon and felt as if a burden had been lifted off her shoulders. With nothing but a piece of metal strapped on her back, she felt light-weighted and that was all she needed for the journey, since it surely would take a long time to get to their destination.

A low, desert breeze hurriedly drew past, humming over them briskly, blowing sand into her face and immediately prompting her to squint. Their destination was a small line of gray somewhere over the horizon as she willed herself to stare pas the particle-dusted wind. Often, they would take a brief stop in the middle of somewhere, since the models wouldn’t stop complaining about how exhausted they were. She couldn’t blame them, there were probably not used to travelling so far on foot – unlike the mages.


#16Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
They had been walking for a bit as they arrived at the security point. You never knew if people were trying to smuggle dangerous goods to the other towns. So every wagon going in and out had to be checked thoroughly by the specially trained dog-like creatures who could smell anything from miles away. They had six legs and a tail that looked like a shrimps tail. Their snouts were long and had around twenty long thick hairs on both sides which were the reason that they could smell so good. They had no eyes and were mostly blue and green of color. I think a lot of people would find them ugly but he liked them they were sort of cute.

Okay step away from the carts don’t touch the Guanions please, they are sensitive to any smell and could bite you if you're smelling too strong so please keep your distance. We will commence inspection now”, the guard said and not much later five of those creatures walked around the carts swirling there smell tentacles around in the air to see if they would notice things. They reacted a bit fierce around the cart with makeup but after that everything was fine and the guards let them through wishing them a good journey. The journey was leading them through an area filled with dusty winds which made there eyes water and there vision a bit blurry. Their destination was just over the horizon which at this point in time was just a blurry grey line.


Slay Gurl Pt. 1 [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#17Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Shortly after, the view of the woodlands came into view. Gorses of bushes grew wildly around the trees that grew meters above them. The realm of woodland was so thick that darkness lingered between the spaces in the trees and the road they took was hideously matted with dead grass. The models and the rest of the staff appeared reluctant at first, but Fernando was eager to take the route either way and thus, they had to follow him without any choice. ”Alright, girls and boys, we’re going this way!” The man gestured the rest of them to follow his lead and Snowflake made sure to stay close to Fernando, since their sole purpose of being here was to protect their client.

Silence reigned supreme within the woods, apart from the low whistle of the wind and the soft rustling of the leaves. The ground was spongy, like walking on foam as her feet would get buried by patches of snow after each step she took and the earth seemed to hug her heels and gently release them with each step. The twigs and branches snapped underneath her boots and somehow, the area was filled with grunts of models as they walked over every obstacle in their path.


#18Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric smiled at the view of the woodlands. The amount of white was breathtaking and he was amazed by how nature actually looked when it had free reign to grow. Once upon a time the whole earth had looked like that and no interference of humans could be seen since they had lived in harmony with nature. But with the rise of knowledge and tool making the woods had been pushed back to secluded areas and over time there would be no green parts left in the world if the humans were left unchecked. He didn’t want that to happen he rather has everyone turn back to harmony with nature than tune out even more.

He loved the trees around them when they entered the woods through a small road. This was the dangerous part of their trip though since this was the perfect spot for an ambush. The thick tree line on the sides was a perfect cover-up. the first few moments it was nice and you could hear the birds here and there but then the forest suddenly went quiet, too quiet. Something was amiss and Chelvaric didn’t like it he came closer to Fernando and suddenly heard a small whistling sound and a light flash. He quickly pushed Fernando away and a dagger plunged into the car. He saw a man jump out of the bushes who was completely covered in black leather and looked menacing.


Slay Gurl Pt. 1 [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

#19Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Nothing much happened throughout their trip until Chelvaric pushed Fernando with such force that even knocked her off her feet as well. Stunned, the woman looked around and noticed a dagger lodged into the wall of the vehicle. Confusion overrode the features of the rest of the crowd, which was quickly followed by fear when an unknown stranger leaped out of the bushes. A yelp was produced by one of the girls in the back and Snowflake did not hesitate to reposition herself in front of Fernando to protect him. With a swift movement of her hand, she reached for the blade strapped onto her back and placed it right in front of her to block any incoming attacks. If it was possible, she could have easily dealt a quick blow to the criminal’s death, but they needed the person alive for questions.

In the midst of the action, her free hand reached up towards the man’s chest, as he jumped onto her and ended in a quick punch against his rib cage to knock him off. The duellist pushed herself onto her feet and thrusted her katana against his throat, barely centimeters off his flesh. ”Who hired you?” she began, her voice loud and firm, almost threatening. The man trembled and slowly raised his hands above him.

”J-Jaune! He wanted me to kill him!”

The criminal pointed his finger in the direction of Fernando and his face would immediately twitch in anger. Somehow, it seemed that Fernando expected the result and it was the first time for Snowflake to see him so angry. She lifted her foot off the ground and swung it – hard – against the side of the masked man’s face, instantly causing him to pass out from the force. ”I hope I didn’t kill him,” she stated nonchantly, and helped Fernando back on his feet.


{ EXIT }

#20Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvarics vision seemed like a blur as everything was happening so fast. After he had pushed Fernando away they were left with the handling of the assassin. They had to stop him before he killed Fernando and Chelvaric went closer to Fernando so he could protect him better from the assassin. But it happened all so fast that he didn’t even get to move much. The assassin had leaped forward and Snowflake had jumped in front of Fernando and had taken out the man in a quick motion. Was it just him or had she improved in combat a lot her motions were so fluent and quick. She questioned the man as to who had sent him and it seemed it was the designer that got away.

You should teach me that move some time Snow, you took him out nicely”, he said to her and checked if the man was alive as he crouched beside the man and placed his fingers on the man's neck. He felt a slight heartbeat so he was still alive but definitely knocked out for a while. “Let’s continue, but keep an eye out maybe hell send more assassins now that this one has failed”, he said to everyone around him. The rest of the trip through the woodlands went quietly and nothing really happened from then on.



Slay Gurl Pt. 1 [Quest: Chelflake] HVEbuMl

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