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The Most Wonderful Time [Private:Esperia]

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The Most Wonderful Time [Private:Esperia] - Page 2 Empty Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:59 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"I'm sure you would look absolutely dashing in one~" Of course she couldn't help but take the opportunity to add a little quip of her own now that they were still by themselves, causing her to lean closer to whisper softly into Fia's ear. "However, I firmly believe you would look even better without any clothes on at all~"

A mischievous snicker followed when they were finally spotted by another legion of children, her expression flawlessly returning back into an innocent smile as one of the boys darted at Fia and tried to tackle her into an embrace, the sight of it making her giggle softly. "Oh mai~ If you're planning to get stronger than Fia you'll be needing to train a lot, she is very very strong~" Esperia hummed with a soft smile yet seeing the stunned look on the boy's face caused her to smile at him, an attempt to lightly lift her hand to pet his head while she replied to his comment with a gentle response of her own. "Thank you for the compliment Santo~ You're quite handsome yourself."

Indeed, just from watching those children she could already understand why Fia was so adamant about protecting them.

#27Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

It seemed each and every encounter further proved just how good an idea it had been to have Esperia introduced to all Fia's family. The way she flattered Santo had put a soft smile on Fia's face, and a massive beaming one on the expression Santo, who gave an adorable childish little chuckle. "Gee, thanks miss! Yer real nice too!" He'd proclaim happily with a toothy grin, earning him another tussle of his hair as Fia placed her hand over Esperia's own pats.

"Oi, oi, whaddaya think yer doin', sweet-talkin' my girl!" She'd scold playfully, prompting another healthy chuckle from Santo before Fia's expression softened again. Of all her siblings, Fia had always believed Santo to be the most golden-hearted, and here he was proving it again.

"Clara and Leo still in the kitchen?" Fia would inquire of the young boy, who nodded enthusiastically in return. "If yer gonna go talk to 'em, ya gotta promise me we can fight later! I been trainin' Big Sis, yer not gonna believe how strong I am!" Santo made his own little request, Fia laughing heartily as she tussled his hair roughly once again.

"Yer on, little man! Be seein' ya then." Fia would give another temporary farewell, allowing Esperia to do the same as she ushered her girlfriend along toward another section of the house.

"Let's go see what's cookin', huh?"

Connected to and very close to the living room was another vital section, the kitchen. Leading Esperia over to it, she'd open the door to reveal the culinary facilities inside, the opening of the door drawing the attention of the three girls inside. One, a young girl with pigtails around Santo's age. The other looked to be around Esperia and Fia's age, a fragile looking girl with long brown hair and an arm in a sling. And lastly was a frosty and beautiful blue-haired maid, who addressed the new arrivals.

"Ah, Fiammetta, you have arrived. May I ask who your guest is?"


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A hearty chuckle escaped Esperia's lips in response to the little back and forth between Fia and Santo, and for a moment she could understand why Fia was so fond of the little lad, even she found him quite endearing even after such a short period, to the point she couldn't help but smile kindly at him. However, little had prepared her for the final surprise of their trip of introductions.

In the end, when they arrived at the kitchen the first thing she noticed was that three girls occupied the room, the first being a young girl who seemed around Santo's age, the second being a lass around their age yet with a more fragile look to her but the third one quickly drew all her attention. Why? BECAUSE IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL MAID! A REAL MAID! Feeling the Demon Lord of lust stirring curiously within her Esperia was quick to scoop her hand into Fia's own to calm her nerves while she nodded her head lightly at her lover, seemingly waiting for her to do the introductions! It would be only after they were made that she would make a playful wave with her free hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you all~"

#29Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Esperia's grasping of Fia's hand seemed to indicate straight away their relation, prompting a variety of responses from the various young ladies in the kitchen. The maid raised a curious eyebrow, the older teen seemed instantly happy for her, and the youngest lass had her eyes light up with glee, all as Esperia gave the beginnings of her introduction.

"This is, uh, my girlfriend, Esperia..." Fia decided to state the obvious nonetheless, bashfully scratching the back of her head as she made the reveal to the room, earning another set of reactions in the form of their own responses.

"I see. Welcome to the Barone Orphanage, Miss Esperia. I am the current head of this establishment, Claramond von Sieghart." The maid introduced herself giving a small curtsy before turning her attention back to the big meal she and the others were preparing.

"Y-Y-Yes, it's v-very nice to h-have you. I-I'm Leonarda." She older girl stuttered out shyly, though a soft and warm smile was held on her face the entire time.

"Woooooah, she's your girlfriend!?" The youngest girl exclaimed in surprise and joy, her jaw almost dropped to the floor as she stepped forward, seeming to look Esperia over. "She's so pretty! I hope I get a wife like that when I grow up!" The airheaded young lass spoke aloud, before seemingly coming to her senses. "O-Oh, sorry! My name is Saveria." She bowed deeply as she gave her introduction, in spite of how awkward the gesture might've been.

As Leonarda and Saveria had Esperia's attention preoccupied, Fia took a moment to inquire something of Claramond, who was currently stirring a pot of some delicious smelling stew.

"Oi Clara, what's on the menu today?"

"Venison, among other things. Hunted by Amadeo himself. I hear it was quite a shot."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Esperia couldn't help but bow lightly in a greeting toward the formal introduction that Clara provided, yet a gentle smile lingered on her lips at the shy greeting from Leonarda, the bashful behavior being quite endearing to her, yet the excited reaction from the youngest of the three was quick to remind her of Santo, leading to a sheepish grin to linger upon her lips, yet a grin that soon became accompanied with blushing cheeks at being referred to as a 'wife'. "Hehe~ I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better, Leonarda, Clara, Saveria~"

The girl said in her usual cheerful tone, yet shortly afterward she caught a rather pleasant scent drifting through the air, some sort of stew perhaps? It was already starting to make her hungry! However, being occupied by the two girls their questions Esperia found herself unable to inquire further on the subject of what the scent belonged to, at least for the time being. "I'm certain you'll get a wife just as pretty as me someday, maybe even more prettier!" Esperia hummed encouragingly at Saveria's earlier statement, unaware of the fact that the girl's comment suggested that there were followers of the yuri way among the Barone household~

#31Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Saveria's eyes lit up with glee at Esperia's assurance that someday she too might find a beautiful wife. "Wow, you really think so!? I mean, that'd be awesome, but I'd have to be cool and smooth like Big Sis Fia! Oh, and pretty, of course..." The airheaded young lass rambled on, earning a concerned look from Leonarda as she became worried at just how overbearing Esperia might find their family, though, unbeknownst to her, she'd already endured the worst of it.

"D-D-Don't t-talk her ears off S-Sav..." Leonarda sighed with her everpresent stutter, clearly as much an actual speech impediment as it was a result of her own innate shyness.

"She'll be fine, Leo, Espy's fittin' right in here." Fiammetta interjected as she held Esperia's hand a little tighter, prompting a reassured look from Leonarda and even further intrigue from Saveria. Unfortunately, however, it seemed there would be little time for Saveria to further investigate the adorable couple before her, as Claramond interrupted.

"Leonarda, Saveria, come help plate lunch. Fiammetta and Esperia, feel free to be seated at the table while everyone gets ready." The maid rattled on as she continued to impassively prepare their meal. Fia nodded to Esperia and gave a brief wave to the kitchen squad, before leading Esperia out to the table again.

"Wonder if Clara's gonna crack out the eggnog..." Fia mused aloud as she waited by the table. A loud dinner bell rang out, evidently to grab the attention of those outside, who'd soon come rushing in for the delicious grub. "O'course, won't be as nice as what we had last night..."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Indeed, Esperia found it quite easy to fit in with the mood of the Barone household, in fact, she absolutely adored the liveliness of the family. As Fia guided her to the table Esperia hummed happily in response. "Good question~ I guess we will have to wait and see." Yet after the comment about the previous night Esperia's cheeks flushed up lightly as she leaned in and whispered softly, just in time before the swarm of children rushed toward the table. "I wonder if you mean the eggnog or the different juice you sampled that night~"

A teasing poke of her tongue followed afterward as she watched the plates being served, the delicious scent from before returning in full force, and to be honest, it was so tempting she could hear her stomach growling like a hungry bear after they finished their winter-sleep! "That looks absolutely delicious~ I can see who to count on if I ever get hungry~ Thank you for the meal Clara, Leonarda, Saveria~ And of course Amadeo for ensuring there was something to cook in the first place~" Giving a thumbs-up in Amadeo's direction it seemed Esperia was clearly eager to sample the meal!

#33Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Esperia's comment earned a harsh blush from Fiametta, who stammered out sounds rather than words as she was about to respond, only for the children to rush in. After that, she decided it was best to keep things family friendly, though did offer one small comment to Esperia.

"I mean... Both were pretty sweet..."

With that, Fia and Esperia would be seated, as would the many, many other orphans as they rushed in for a glorious Christmas lunch. Santo, Amadeo and Salvatore entered from outside along with the other rowdier orphans, who rushed in like a swarm to take their seats at the massive table. Not moments after, Saveria, Leonarda and Clara all returned from the kitchen with plates in hand, serving out a hearty and filling meal to everyone. Esperia's compliments did not go unappreciated, earning a satisfied smile from the kitchen crew and a dignified bow of the head from Amadeo.

With Clara seated at the head, and all the orphans now at the grand table and - for the first time since Esperia had gotten them - silent as they awaited her words. Clasping her hands together, the maid offered a few final words before the big, unorthodox family dug into their meals.

"Let us pray, that next year, Baldo may be joining us too."

Fia smiled at those words, her hand clutching Esperia's as she shot her lover an affectionate smile. As much as this visit had been enjoyed, Fia still hoped that one day, Esperia could meet her father too. And fortunately, with recent developments, that may have been sooner than expected. But alas, that was for a different time, and right now there was more pressing concern: The delicious meal before them, just waiting to be devoured!


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Esperia smiled gently at Fia as those words were said, causing her to clap her hands together in a solemn prayer, knowing all too well the importance of a prayer due to her religious upbringing. However, as the moment of prayers ended and the delicious meal's fate was put to the test, it appeared the only outcome for it would be total defeat as it was devoured by the entire family, the aftermath of the events leading Esperia to fondly think back about the things that happened that day.

For obviously the story mentioned so far was but the mere prologue for the events that unfolded with Esperia, Fia and the Barone household. However, the rest of that story would be told another time, for the winds of change were blowing in the air, ready to lead them to Crocus where war was on the horizon, and if one was to be honest, the thought was quite... terrifying...

But for now they could simply enjoy the blissful experience the two of them had among the other members of the Barone family, and as Clara had said so wonderfully: Hopefully next time she would be able to meet Baldo also!


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