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The Most Wonderful Time [Private:Esperia]

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#1Fiammetta Barone 

The Most Wonderful Time [Private:Esperia] Empty Fri Dec 22, 2017 4:12 am

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Winter was coming

Or, rather, had already arrived and been making the most of its stay for the past few weeks. Its coming had truly transformed the merchant town of Baska, which - with a certain approaching holiday - had been quick to embrace all the festive and cheery nature of the holiday season. The markets were busier than ever, merchants cashing in on the rampant spending of the town, which itself had already had something of a makeover. All manner of decorations lined the streets, not a single storefront left untouched by Christmas cheer.

But as joyous as the town seemed, there was a downside to the season, at least in the eyes of a certain Barone girl. That was, the weather. She despised the chill in the air, causing her to layer up quite heavily as she traipsed through the town's busier sections. Combined with her already above-average size, it at least made her something of an unstoppable force when it came to forcing her way through the Christmas Eve crowds, set on her path towards a certain nearby inn.

Groaning in discomfort at the chilly atmosphere, Fiammetta Barone trudged along snowy streets toward her girlfriend's apartment. She was layered up and then some, covered with a huge purple jacket and scarf to keep herself as warm as possible. It served another purpose too, however. That was, to keep concealed the small, neatly-wrapped package in her pocket.

It would mark the first time she'd given a Christmas present to anyone outside of her family. Hell, that night would mark the first time she'd spent a Christmas Eve with someone outside her family. Normally, they were spent staying up to help her father hide presents under the tree. And yet here she was, about to go on a date with the girl she loved to celebrate not only the holiday season, but also their nearing departure from Baska. Truly, their prologue was nearing its end.

But now wasn't the night for such introspection. That night, and hopefully the following day, were for fun, for family, for love. And Fiammetta hoped she could meld all through, provided her date with Esperia went well.

After finally making it to the inn, Fia simply walked in the doors and gave the keep an acknowledging nod. No formalities were necessary, the Barone girl had been their enough times for the innkeep to know who she was and exactly which room she was headed to. She walked a short distance more, up to the room she'd spent a handful of nights in herself. A nice room, but the company was the real highlight.

Fia took a breath as she stood at the door. While the pair had had countless dates before, Fia planned on posing a particularly meaningful question during this one. Far from the most important question, but an important one nonetheless, at least in her eyes. Fortunately, she could already guess Esperia's response, it was just a matter if she herself could manage to ask it. But, regardless, Fia knew she'd be spending Christmas Eve with the one she loved, so there was nothing more she could ask for.

Fia knocked at the door, a huge smile already on her face as she braced for the impact of Esperia's doubtlessly energetic greeting.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

It was that time of the year again, a period of holidays were families came together to celebrate the end of the year, and wish for an even better year to come. For most, it was a time of celebration and joy, but till recently the holidays were a period that Esperia wasn't that fond of. It was understandable because most people spend those days with their family... and hers had met a tragic ending. Often those days would serve to remind her of the things she had lost, things she once thought she would never regain, but this year was different... this year a young feisty lass had proved just how wrong she had been in that assumption.

Perhaps it was for that reason the young Eisenberg had been in such high spirits, humming one of the various songs that people tended to sing during this time of the year while she had been preparing several things in advance. In the end, today was the first Christmas in several years that she wouldn't spend all by herself. Of course, being able to spend that holiday at the side of her lover was more than enough of a reason for her to be bouncing around in joy!

The anticipated arrival of her girlfriend only heightened her joy as she rushed toward the door and opened, revealing that unlike Fia's choice of attire, Esperia had been dressed quite festive!

"Fia~" Esperia exclaimed with a smile as her energetic greeting came in the form of a playful tackle-esque hug, the obsidian-haired trickster smiling brightly at her as she tried to gently press her lips against Fia's cheeks in a tender kiss before giving her a bit of space to step inside.

Once the door was closed the Eisenberg made a playful twirl on the spot, as if to showcase her new outfit as she explained with a grin. "How does it look? I had Fernando make it for me~ I thought it would fit well with the season~"

A slow and sensual series of steps followed as she raised a fingertip to Fia's nose and continued with a mischievous smile. "And luckily for you Santa Espy only visits naughty girls~ Wonder what she'll have for a present for you..." A little wink followed as she tilted her head slightly to the side at the sight of the whole package of clothes that Fia had been wearing!
"Phew, now that's what I call a blockade to the pillows! Feel free to remove some of those pesky clothes if you want, I turned up the heat a bit so you might get rather warm otherwise--- well, warmth that isn't produced by me, cause that warmth is more 'exciting'"

A little giggle followed as she waited to see how Fia would react. The apartment, slash large inn room she was in right now seemed rather pleasantly decorated to fill the festive mood of the season also!

#3Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia had initially thought she was prepared for whatever her mischievous little princess had planned. She had assumed it would be the normal glomp and teasing remark, the kind of thing that had her heart flutter every time in response to the love-fueled playfulness of her partner. And she would've been able to handle such a thing, with no more than a light blush and small release of steam.

What she'd failed to account for, however, was what Esperia would be wearing at the time.

"Hey there, Pri-" Fia had begun to utter as the door opened, only for her words to leave her as her jaw almost dropped to the floor. In a moment, the winter cold left her, replaced by an animalistic heat that surged through her, as steam erupted from her body.

For a girl who'd always taken Christmas as a holiday for the kids, seeing such as... Sensual... take was surprising and, if she was being honest, utterly temptatious.

Catching the girl's hug, Fia was still mostly stunned by the reveal as she received a kiss on the cheek. Probably a good thing, as in that moment instinct would've likely compelled her to reciprocate with much greater force. It was kind of ironic, really, how whenever Esperia dressed up for Fia her initial thoughts were always to strip those costumes straight off the first chance she had.

"Good ta' see ya too, Princess..." She stated after the greeting with a huge grin on her face. A hand scrambled behind her to close the door as she entered the room, keen to get whatever privacy she could with Esperia.

"It uh... Looks uh... Pretty freakin' sexy... Ya really know how to get me goin', huh Princess?" Fia admitted at the girl's questions, looking away and blushing heavily as she scratched her cheek. The girl's little twirl and served to further demonstrate the brilliance of the costume. The way it clung to her body, emphasized the curves of her petite frame, the perfect length to reveal just enough leg... It was a weapon of mass destruction, one that had Fia unable to so much as look at her lover without feeling the desire to push her onto the bed.

Esperia's own talent at seduction wasn't helping either, prompting a raised eyebrow and salacious look from Fia at the mention of what 'presents' she might have. "Can't wait to find out..." Fia muttered as her eyes irresistibly scanned the costume. She hadn't even considered how good the stockings were.

Starting to get a better grip of herself and her own wild desires, Fia agreed with Esperia she'd come a bit overdressed, chuckling a little at the girl's mention of a 'barricade' to the pillows. Truth be told, Fia had come dressed so heavily under the assumption they'd be going out to the town, but after seeing Esperia in that costume, she wanted the girl all to herself.

"You sayin' I'm gonna get ya all hot an' bothered?" Fia would retort at the girl's mention of warmth, as she removed her large overcoat. Underneath was a particularly tight-fitting sweater, a little treat for the pillow-loving Esperia.

Already, Fia felt like she was somewhere else just being in that inn room. Esperia's presence transported her, to somewhere where her worries didn't exists, where it was just the two of them and their immutable and boundless love.

With a layer of clothing removed, Fia would step forward and put her hands around the other girl's waist, holding her close and pulling her up for a quick peck on the lips. "Y'know, I was thinkin' bout hittin' the town." Fia would say coolly, swaying a little with Esperia in her grasp. "But now? Think Ima keep this privacy. Jus' you an' me." Another kiss, held a few moments longer. As Fia pulled back, a contented and smug grin found itself on her lips.

"Hey, any chance ya got any eggnog?" She'd query suddenly, deciding their encounter would be bettered by a shared drink.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

It was those priceless reactions from her lover that she treasured so much, the precious mixture of excitement and embarrassment making her smile brightly. Of course, she had expected her outfit to have the desired effect, but it also looked rather pretty in her opinion so it was a win-win situation.

"Mhmm~ I believe I got a good grasp of your likes and interests so far~" The girl commented with a sheepish giggle as Fia closed the door and complimented her choice of attire. "Oh~ I'm sure you'll find out soon enough~" the girl mused with a smile as Fia commented about her curiosity in discovering what type of presents Esperia had prepared for her. Truth to be told, she actually had prepared two presents, one being found wrapped in a box under a small Christmas tree at the back of the room, including some pretty ribbons!

"Hmm~ I think we'll both be quite hot and bothered by the end of the night~" The girl mused with a little giggle as she happily clapped her hands together as Fia removed the large overcoat, the tight-fitting sweater that hugged her body so nicely giving Esperia the urge to hug her once more.

"Oh~ You wanted to go to town?" The girl inquired with a hint of curiosity, but after enjoying the quick peck on her lips and upon hearing Fia's idea the girl nodded her head with a playful hum. "While going to town would have been nice, I do think I'd vastly prefer spending the night just with you and me~" The girl explained after they shared yet another kiss. "Mhmm! I kind of... expected my outfit would help convince you to stay inside with me, so I got a lot of things ready!" The girl gestured slightly at the nearby table, a pair of goblets filled with eggnog!

"I even got some food ready~"

The girl admitted with a smile as she gently slipped a hand around Fia's own and guided her to the table, continuing her explanation with the same energetic nature a child might have had. "And presents! To be honest, I'm not entirely sure how most people celebrate this holiday, so I improvised!"

The girl hummed happily, even if her words made it clear that until now she had never celebrated the pleasant holiday with anyone before. "If you want I got some heating stones that we can place beneath the goblets since I heard some prefer their eggnog warm? Never even tried it before~ But I thought you might like some!"

Indeed, right now she truly was in her own little paradise, able to spend the night with the one who allowed her to discover the wonders of love, and that blissful happiness that she hoped would last forever! Nonetheless, the night was still young, and she had a lot in mind for Fia, and little did she know her lover had some ideas of her own also!

#5Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

It was more than just her girlfriend's seductive prowess that had Fia's heart feeling like it would flutter and fly away. It was also the affection and love in Esperia's actions, the playfulness that made every moment with her exciting and fun. As it stood, even though Esperia earned the pet name 'Princess', Fia couldn't deny her girlfriend mad her feel like one too.

Her already massive, toothy smile grew even larger as Esperia assured her she'd find out about her 'presents' soon enough. It also reminded her to keep her own present for Esperia safe, so she subtly shifted from her jacket pocket into her pants pocket. Fortunately, it small enough to look inconspicuous, but that didn't mean it wasn't valuable. Rather, in her eyes, it was extremely valuable.

"That's the plan~" Fia retorted to Esperia's assurance they'd be getting 'hot and bothered'. Though she wouldn't consider herself much of a romantic, the young delinquent couldn't deny how thrilling and lovely the idea of holding Esperia close on Christmas Eve was.

After sharing a pair of sweet but brief kisses with her lover, Fia found out that Esperia had already been prepared for them to spend the night together, prompting a slightly smug grin from Fia. "Heh, nice call with the outfit. Ya got me all figured out, huh Princess?" She quipped as she held hands with Esperia and was lead by her energetic and almost childish lover.

"Speakin of presents... I, uh, got something fer you too..." Fia admitted a bit bashfully, not entirely ready to admit how sweet her own gift was. It was the first time she'd gotten something for someone outside her family, so it'd been a considered and hard-thought choice.

"Warm eggnog, huh? Never tried that before. Back, uh, back at the orphanage, was too hard keepin' everyone's warm. So I'll 'ave it however you want, Princess." Fia would respond, smiling softly as her mind filled with memories of Christmases passed. She'd no doubt the upcoming Christmas would be no different, and that thought reminded her of something she still needed to ask Esperia. Once the time was right, of course.

The mood was already perfect, however. The festive decorations around them, and the privacy of them, made Fia feel like she was in a whole different world. One reserved for her and Esperia, one where her own anger didn't exist, and in its place was something immutable. Love.

She wanted nothing more than to make Esperia happy, and was sure nothing would make Fia happier either. In the interest of making her girlfriend even happier, Fia would take a seat at the table, and look up to her girlfriend with a cocked head and sly grin as she tapped her own knee.

"Take a seat?" Fia would offer, being sure Esperia would appreciate the certain natural back-rest a seat on Fia's knee would supply...


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

For someone who had not celebrated the holidays season for years the moment that Fia mentioned a present Esperia's eyes lit up with a childish excitement as she was pretty much bouncing on the spot in joy. "Oh~ A present!" With a playful clap of her hands as they reached the table that had the eggnog the subject was quickly sidetracked to Fia mentioning she had never drink eggnog warm before due to how expensive it could be to keep everyone warm at the orphanage, an explanation that made quite a lot of sense judging from Fia's circumstances. "Cold eggnog it is then~"

Nonetheless, watching Fia take a seat at the table and look up at her with that sly grin upon her lips, the tap of her knee was obviously more than enough of an invitation for her to eagerly accept, especially because as Fia had expected, the moment the girl gently took a seat on Fia's knee, she was all too eager to lean a bit backwards to enjoy the feeling of the fiery lass her bust to press against her back. "hehe~ best back-rest in the whole world~" the girl hummed happily as she briefly allowed herself to relax, closing her eyes and savoring the sensation of just being there with Fia without a concern to haunt her mind.

Of course, she knew that there were still plenty of adventures in store for them, but for the time being, she would simply bask in the affection and joy she felt right now. "So~ I been thinking about where to go next." She hummed softly as she recalled her little information gathering session a few days ago, and soon she continued her explanation with a smile. "There is a large city in the south of the country where a lot of people live, according to what I been told there are a lot of jobs for people to take there, so it could work well for our plans~"

But that was, of course, an idea for the future, as became evident with Esperia's choice of her next words. "But nonetheless, today we'll relax and enjoy this holiday together, right?" A gentle smile lingered upon her lips as she raised a hand to the goblets of eggnog, offering one of them to Fia while taking the other one herself, raising it to her lips to take a sip from it. "unya~ certainly a lot different from the usual juice I drink!" the girl proclaimed with a little sheepish grin as she lowered the goblet back onto the table and turned her attention back to Fia and something she had been pondering about. "Oh right! and I got a present for you also~ it's right there under the tree, I'm sure you will absolutely adore it!"

A few quick nods of her head followed as if she was confident the idea she had for her present would had worked well for Fia! "Well, it's actually one of a pair of presents you'll receive~"

#7Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Though seeing Esperia's excitement at Fia having a gift was utterly adorable, it also admittedly made the steam punk a little anxious as to whether or not it would live up to the hype, as it were. She'd never bought a present for a romantic partner before, so was just a bit nervous that she'd made some kind of mistake in her choice.

That aside, Fia had no other worries that night. Such weight left her as her lover sat on her knee, prompting Fia to immediately, wrap her arms around the girl's waist and hold her close. It was a loving embrace, one that made Fia glad for the size difference between the two that allowed her to snuggle Esperia up so effortlessly. The obsidian-haired girl seemed to be enjoying it too, remarking on the quality of her 'back pillows'.

Fia smiled widely, stifling a chuckle as she buried her face in the girl's shoulder from behind, breathing in softly through her nose. "Ya smell nice, Princess..." Fia uttered with an affectionate grin. She could've spent the whole night like that, close in body and heart to her lover, where no worries existed. Where the past was irrelevant, the future not yet existent.

And yet, in that same feeling of joy, they'd found nonetheless found the perfect time to discuss their plans of the future, as Esperia announced she'd been thinking about it. "Oh yeah?" Fia queried, leaning back up but keeping her arms around the smaller girl. The Eisenberg girl talked about a city to the south, where they might be able to find a lot of jobs.

"Sounds like a plan, Espy. Like I said, don' care where we go, long as I'm with you." Fia stated almost teasingly before getting a smidge more serious again. "Forreal though, if we goin' down there, near all the ports, lemme tell you now, I ain't wantin' any quests involvin' boats. I ain't fuckin' with no boats, or anythin' that involves the goddamn ocean." As amusing as her fear might have been, Fiammetta's tone was absolutely serious. Her phobia of the great blue sea was not something she was losing anytime soon.

But, after that brief mention of the future, the pair went straight back to the present, and, well, to the presents. Fia gladly accepted the goblet, a wide smile giving her answer that yes, they would certainly be enjoying their holiday. With one hand still around her girlfriend, Fia took a swig of the lovely beverage, a salacious grin finding itself on her lips as she drew the goblet away and heard her girlfriend's sly comment.

"Oh? You prefer somethin' sweeter?" Fia teased happily, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to her girlfriend's neck to accentuate the innuendo. Though she was the deliverer of the phrase, Fia herself felt her heart racing at the thought of the night's later activities.

After a brief bout of mutual teasing likely ensued, the focus of the present shifted to the presents. Setting her goblet, down Fia gave an uneasy smile toward the wrapped package under the tree, now starting to feel even more nervous at her own choice of present, yet also admittedly quite curious about what Esperia had gotten her.

Her smile twisted into a grin at the mention of a second present, getting a feeling there was something more to present two. "Gotta say, I like the sound o' that." Fia mused, before setting her focus back on the first present. No point in wasting anymore time lingering in her curiosity.

Placing her hands on Esperia's hips, a light and almost sensual push would usher the girl of her knee, before Fia stepped over and picked up her present. She held it in her hands a few moments, looked to Esperia, and shrugged.

"Well, let's tear this bad boy open!" And she did just that, eager to see what lay within.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

When Fia complimented her on her scent and buried her face against her shoulder the Eisenberg giggled softly at the comment. "It's a special shampoo they had on sale at the market recently~ Seems it's made from some rare flowers found only in the Oberon Forest!" Excitedly revealing the secret behind her sweet scent Esperia turned her focus back to the ongoing conversation, while at the same time enjoying the softness of the natural backrest she had available to her right now.

"Don't worry~ We won't be taking any boats, it's part of why we're taking a little detour along the road. But I better have you cling tightly to me then cause Hargeon is... a port town~" The obsidian-haired trickster giggled softly at the expected reaction of the fiery lass. Yet at the mentioning of their drinks Esperia's comment stirred a rather sly remark from her lover, coaxing Esperia to reply after snickering in amusement. "I actually was talking about the usual fruit juices I drink, like apple juice or carbonated drinks... but I'm sure 'that' type of juice will be most delicious of all~"

A hearty laugh escaped her lips as she felt Fia sensually push her off her knee, watching the young woman move over to the present, and with a look of clear excitement in her eyes she watched Fia open the present! It appeared that beneath the wrapping paper was a modestly-sized box, that upon opening would reveal a beautiful red scarf. Just running her hand through it would confirm how soft and warm the fabric was, and Esperia soon explained with a sheepish grin on her lips. "I thought with this weather a scarf would work well! I made it from a special type of fabric that actually is very heat tolerant, so you don't have to worry about it being set ablaze if you start steaming~"

Although she did receive some help from Fernando when it came to the tailoring itself and the decision for the fabric itself! Nonetheless, after a few moments, the Eisenberg stepped closer to Fia and gently leaned in to kiss her cheek, whispering with a gentle smile on her lips. "Merry Christmas Fia~"

She truly hoped that Fia would enjoy her present, in the end, it had taken a lot of effort to finish making it in time for the holidays, especially in secret without Fia having a clue about it! It had been quite a trial for sure, but right now it had all been worth it, just to be able to give Fia that present, made all the work feel as if she had already been rewarded for it.

"So~~~" Her eyes settling their gaze on Fia she seemed to both be eagerly waiting for her own present and Fia's reaction to the one she had just received!

#9Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

"Damn Princess, usin' some fancy shit, huh?" Fia mused teasingly at the reveal of Esperia's shampoo secrets, as she continued to enjoy the soft and soothing scent. As rough she ways, Fia actually quite liked this more noble and delicate side of Esperia. It was why 'Princess' was such a term of endearment in her eyes. She'd continue to enjoy holding her smaller girlfriend as they speak, even when the conversation shifted to a less desirable topic.

"... If I actually start clingin' to ya in public, please stop me..." Fia groaned at the mention of Hargeon being a port town, knowing full well she could actually end up holding Esperia out of fear of the big blue ocean. And doing so in public was.. Embarrassing, to say the least. She'd save the clinging for when they were alone, and teasing each other with things like 'juices'.

"I'm bettin' so too, Princess..." Fia would respond with her own salacious snicker. The steam punk could really be a bit inappropriate around her lover, in a sort of crude yet sensual way. Though, obviously, her own pervertedness paled in comparison to Esperia, the girl chosen by the lord of lust herself.

The pairs typical escapades aside, they eventually got into the true spirit of the season, the aspect of giving. First it was Esperia's turn to give to Fia, in a decent sized package that had the steam punk quite curious right away. With all the vigor of, well, a kid on Christmas, Fia tore away the wrapping paper, revealing a box within. With a mixture of curiosity and apprehension, she popped it open, revealing the contents...

Her eyes widened, mouth open in surprise at the sight. A beautiful red fabric was displayed before her. Gaze transfixed on the object, her hand softly brushed the fabric, with Fia almost letting out a chuckle at how unbelievably soft and warm it was. Esperia gave further explanation on its properties, and as Fia lifted it from the box, her slack jaw of surprise turned into a grin that spread from ear to ear. Her eyes looked up to Esperia, her gaze filled with love. For the present, and the girl who'd given it.

She'd no words at first. Not only did the gift involve effort, but also thought, down to every aspect. A scarf was a good choice for a girl who despised the cold weather, it's hot colors suited for Fia's fiery disposition, and the special fabric showing some clear knowledge on exactly what might happen to the scarf in Fia's possession. There were few gifts she'd recieved quite as incredible as Esperia's.

While Fia continued to hold the scarf, marvelling at the level of quality, Esperia gave her a peck on the cheek, before inquiring what she thought of the gift. A small grin set itself on Fia's lips and then, in one movement, the girl would suddenly throw the scarf around Esperia, using it to pull the girl in for a powerful kiss!

When Fia finally pulled back, her non-verbal answer given, she decided to put words to it anyway. "I love it." She declared proudly, pulling the scarf off Esperia and wrapping it around her own neck, enjoying the warmth it provided. "Everything about it's friggin' awesome, espescially the fact I ain't gonna burn this shit." Another smile was flashed Esperia's way. "Ya know me way too well, Princess."

That tender comment would linger in the air for a few moments, before Fia suddenly remembered something. She still had to give Esperia her present. "O-Oh, right, got ya somethin' too, Princess..." Fia uttered a little unconfidently. Truth be told, she was a little anxious after the awesome gift she'd just received. Nonetheless, after reaching into her pocket, Fia produced her own gift for Esperia. A smaller, rectangular box wrapped a little messily.

"H-Here ya go..." Fia muttered as she extended the present toward Esperia with an almost bashful expression.  


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"A princess has to be on her finest around her girlfriend, right?" A playful giggle escaped her lips as she finished the explanation of the pleasant scent that she carried with her. However, the groan and comment about stopping Fia if she ended up clinging to her made the girl's eyes sparkle with mischief. Oh gods, she would have loved nothing more than to have Fia cling to her in public, the misunderstood gesture of fear easily being mistaken for an overly affectionate act! "But maybe I want you to cling to me~" A little chuckle followed before she clarified a bit further. "But don't worry, the worst we'll have to deal with is the beach, and in return for the effort you'll be able to enjoy the sight of a Princess in Bikini~"

A playful little wink followed till the subject finally turned toward the opening of the present she had prepared for Fia. Watching her tear the wrapping paper with the same vigor of a child on Christmas made her grin at the sight, something that soon turned into a bright smile at the sight of Fia's joy at the scarf she had made for her.

Of course, she never ended up getting enough of those showings of affection from her lover, feeling the scarf wrapped around her and pull her in similar to a lasso, and before she could even properly react her lips were claimed by Fia once more. Her hands gently rested against Fia's waist, enjoying the warmth of their close contact and the sweet flavor of their kiss and after what felt like an eternity they finally parted, causing the cheeks of the obsidian-haired trickster to flush up with a healthy tint of red. "I'm glad you like it so much~"

The timid response as Fia handed Esperia her present made the girl grin sheepishly as she gently took a hold of the present, her curiosity somewhat stirred with the flustered reaction of her girlfriend, but she soon hummed teasingly. "Phew, if the wrapping paper is a sign, my clothes are going to be a mess in the morning~" Giggling softly as she poked out her tongue the girl started to unwrap the paper, her motions more refined and controlled compared to Fia's excited tearing from before. Yet, even with her elegance her expression spoke book chapters, the excitement and curiosity evident as she was looking forward to finding out what type of gift Fia had prepared for her. Whatever the case would be, she was certain it would be something wonderful that would make her happy, and the best of all? She knew all too well that the best present of all had already been revealed: the feisty lass in front of her who was having an adorable case of bashfulness right now!

"Hehe~ let's see what's inside~" And then she opened the box, seemingly peeking inside to discover its contents! What type of exciting surprise had Fia in store for her?

#11Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia's lips curled up in an eager grin at the mention of beaches down in Hargeon. Though she herself wasn't a fan, and would likely just end up sunbathing, she couldn't deny that the thought of Esperia in a skimpy swimsuit made her many times more keen on visiting the shore. "Y'know, think that reward might just make goin' to Hargeon worth it. 'Course, I'll be throwin' on my swimsuit too." A returned favor, it would seem, that seemed to indicate their visit to the beach would almost definitely be a steamy experience.

One to rival the steaminess of the kiss they shared, perhaps. Savoring it for more than a moment, when Fia pulled back her own face had a similar shade of red, feeling her face flushed as she continued to dwell on just how perfect Esperia's present was. It gave her another reason to love the girl, as if she didn't already have plenty. However, such joy had its downsides, as Fia was then extraordinarily nervous as to how her own present would be received...

She couldn't even muster a proper response to Esperia's teasing remarks, just letting out a light chuckle and grin at the comment on how messy her clothes were going to be, with her cheeks turning a deep shade of red. Fia was nervous, true, but also a bit excited. This was the first time she'd given a gift to a romantic partner, and the acknowledgment that she cared enough about Esperia to worry so much about it's quality put a bashful smile on her face. She still wasn't quite used to the whole 'loving and meaningful relationship' thing, but felt like she was starting to get the hang of it.

Fia watched with a soft gaze as Esperia delicately dismantled the wrapping paper, before peering into the box with excitement. Upon opening it, Esperia would get a full view of her gift, nestled in the soft interior of the box.

It was a necklace. The elegant silver chain would make that obvious right away. But it wasn't just any necklace. No, it's defining feature was on full display, in the place where one might find a pendant. But instead, there was a beautiful silver bullet linked by the chain. It would be clear to Esperia that the ammunition was, at one point, actually functioning. Upon closer inspection, a cross was carved into the bullet, along with text pertaining to the many scriptures of a certain religious group.

Fia had looked away from Esperia, blushing heavily and scratching the back of her head. "I, uh, figured a gun-nut Princess like you would like somethin' like this..." She uttered nervously. "I talked one of my brothers, a gun-nut like you, and he had this in his collection. From a real Holy Knight's gun, he said."

The delinquent girl finally mustered the courage to look back at Esperia, a small but shaky smile on her lips. "So I, uh, had it made into a necklace for ya..." She explained casually. She still felt a little awkward about the gift, given how small her own budget was, thanks to funding her family orphanage. But, as she imagined Esperia putting it on... She felt a little more confident in her choice.

"Merry Christmas, Princess." Fia said affectionately, stepping forward and pressing a kiss to Esperia's forehead while her hands remained stuck in her pockets. All there was to do now, was to see how her girlfriend would react to the unique gift.

Reference for Necklace:

The Most Wonderful Time [Private:Esperia] Product-image-211448331


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

It certainly had come as a surprise, to the point that Esperia's eyes briefly widened in disbelief when she saw the gift. What appeared to be a beautiful necklace, actually contained a much greater meaning in the form of the pendant part, that had been replaced by a large bullet! The girl's initial surprise had been two-fold, while at first, she assumed she had hidden her embarrassing interest cleverly enough, it must have been obvious enough for Fia to notice her frequent gazes at the weaponry when they passed stores and such. Perhaps it was understandable then that she was both happy and extremely embarrassed that Fia had figured out that little interest of hers.

"hehe~ and here I thought I was careful enough to not be too obvious about my adoration for guns." The girl giggled softly as the feisty girl gently kissed her forehead, and a moment later Esperia gently raised the necklace toward Fia. "Can you help me put it on?" The girl asked with a cheerful smile upon her lips, turning her back toward Fia while raising her hair slightly to give Fia easier access to her neck.

Once all was said and done she grinned sheepishly as she trailed a fingertip along the large bullet. "Did you know the scripture on this bullet actually belongs to a certain interpretation of the Chants of Light? According to those teachings, the people who once used this bullet as a weapon fought under the interpretation that they did it not to harm or kill another person, but to protect those dear to them. As a result, this scripture became quite popular."

She smiled briefly as she trailed her finger along the etchings on the bullet.

As the light burns evil
Banishes the wicked
It will save the innocent
and warm their souls.

Of course, she was very happy with such a gift, both because it was a part of her interest in guns, but also because the scripture related to her religious family. "It's a beautiful gift~ thank you~" A sheepish grin lingered on her lips as she took a step back toward Fia and gently wrapped her arms around the girl's waist and playfully nuzzled her face into the taller girl's bosom. "Now about that second present~ There is actually a certain requirement for unwrapping it." She slowly, and quite sensually leaned upwards against Fia, whispering into her ear. "In the end, 'I' am your second present~"

A sparkle of lively mischief emerged in her eyes as she whispered those words, a grin lingering on her lips as she was all too eager to see Fia's reaction toward the tempting words she had just provided her with. Although Asmodeus seemed quite entertained by the idea, Esperia had quite a good reason for wanting to make this night memorable in more ways than one. And today would become a night neither of them would forget! "Now don't go tearing off my clothes like the wrapping paper of my present, those clothes were kind of hard to get!"

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

A wave of relief swept over Fia at Esperia's sheepish yet cheerful response to the gift. "What can I say, I had my eyes on you enough to notice, y'know?" The steam punk would respond smoothly, deciding to leave out the fact she'd also found out thanks to desparately questioning the likes of Snowflake and Liana. Fia's smile only widened at the request of Esperia to put the necklace on her, the brunette fastening the clasps behind the girl's neck, and admiring the view as she did so.

"It looks good on you..." Fia would say with a soft pride as Esperia turned back around. The young girl would then go on to further explain the meaning behind the scripture adorning the bullet, to which Fia had been actually unaware of. She'd been completely trusting of her brother's word that it was a suitable selection. Nonetheless, she couldn't help but wear a contented look as Esperia explained it, feeling that the meaning was certainly suitable.

"Y'know, I ain't into any of this religious stuff, but I gotta say..." Fia moved a hand forward to Esperia, fingers softly holding the bullet as well. "Protectin' people you care 'bout... I like the sound of that."

Fia's heart nearly skipped a beat when Esperia herself called a beautiful gift. She felt like jumping and shouting out in joy at those words, feeling elated that she'd managed to make Esperia so happy. A feeling that only intensified as Esperia suddenly embraced, almost causing an embarrassing sound as she nuzzled into Fia's sensitive bosom. Fia's own arms held the girl in, smiling down at her as she mentioned a second present that had Fia rather curious. What on Earth could it be, after all. Well, the reality surpassed any of her expectations.

The sensual pressing of the small girl up against her, the whisper in her ear, the mention of the present... Why, it was almost too much for the poor punk! The moment after those words, her whole face turned crimson from her neck upward, before steam erupted from her ears and a sound like a kettle rang out! It was a good thing Fia's scarf was heat resistant, that was for sure. And yet, behind that initial shocked and flustered reaction was a beast unleashed! There was a keen look in Fia's eyes, a salacious grin on her face.

Her hands had already found themselves closer Esperia's hips when the girl asked her not to tear the clothes off, bringing Fia back to reality a bit. She let out a small sigh, before pulling Esperia tighter in and whispering with hot and heavy breaths into her air.

"You don' gotta worry about me bein' too rough Princess..." She'd utter seductively. Thought had mostly stopped for her, all that was on her mind and in her eyes was Esperia. Hands slipped down to Esperia's thighs, and Fia whispered again. "Dontcha' 'member? I told you I was gonna treat ya like a Princess."

Whatever other plans Fia had had for the night, they didn't matter anymore. Even though she swore she felt like she was forgetting something, she assured herself she could save it til morning. All that mattered now was her mind was racing, and how fast her heart was beating, and how the animalistic desires were coursing through her.

With a sudden hoist, Fia lifted the much smaller girl up by her legs, bringing them face to face so she could pounce. Passionate and wild kisses would be claimed, as Fia slowly and carefully stepped over the bed. Pulling back from their kissing for a moment, she'd move hand to Esperia's back, and set the girl down on the bed.

Fia climbed on soon after, positioning herself on her hands and knees right on top of the girl, panting heavy breaths and gazing downward. "You, uh..." Fia stammered out, all of a sudden at a loss for words. "You look beautiful." And she did. A feeling of joy and contentment surged through Fia as she looked down at her girlfriend, reminded of just what a wonderful thing she had.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

When Fia commented on the fact she had her eyes on her more than enough to notice her interest in guns Esperia couldn't help but find her cheeks flush up a scarlet hue, a mixture of excitement and embarrassment threatening to overwhelm her. The gift truly had been a wonderful choice in her opinion, a gift that wasn't only just something she enjoyed, it also had a powerful emotional meaning for her. "Hehe, of course, it looks good on me~ You picked it out after all." The girl exclaimed proudly yet there was little time to be left spending on the aforementioned gifts, for the 'other' present Esperia had prepared for her girlfriend had become the source of all of Fia's attention.

Feeling those hands slip down to her thighs and the seductive whisper in her ear were enough to send shivers of excitement through her body, the reassurance that she didn't need to worry about Fia being too rough making her grin sheepishly, a grin that only intensified when her lover mentioned she was going to treat her like a princess. The sudden hoist made her giggle softly as she was pulled up to be face to face with Fia, and even before she could properly say anything her lips were claimed by Fia's own, the uncontrolled passion with which her kiss came making it evident that her lover was starting to fall under the sway of lust, desire, and love. Not that she could blame her since she was feeling exactly the same thing!

Feeling her back gently lowered onto the blankets of the bed she looked up into Fia's eyes, the sudden loss of words making her smile tenderly at her while she whispered softly. "I'm glad that the sight you're enjoying is just as pleasant as the one I'm having right now~" A mischievous giggle escaped her lips as her hands trailed upwards toward Fia's face, gently pulling her in for a kiss while she attempted to gently spin her body to force the taller girl onto her back, causing Esperia to hum playfully while tugging the blanket over them. "It's going to be a loooong night~"

It felt like that night had lasted for an eternity, and yet it seemed even an eternal dream would have to reach the moment of dawn, for the first rays of sunshine shone through the curtains, and if Fia looked around she would discover that Esperia had not been 'beside' her, but rather 'on top' of her, a lifting of the blankets confirming she had been using the bosom of the feisty lass as her namesake 'pillows' to sleep on.

A soft yawn escaped the girl's lips as she peaked her head upwards from amidst the blankets and with a sheepish grin quickly tucked the blanket down again. "Say~~~ I guess I can't keep napping her for few years, right? It's so comfortable~~~ Fia is so soft and warm...."

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Heat coursed through her body, but it was different to her usual fire. As Fia held her lover close, letting unparalleled passion free, bursts of lightning seemed to strike her core with every pressing of their lips. She wanted to give everything to Esperia, wanted to take all of her in return. It was more than lust, though that was certainly a significant aspect. It was also pure affection, a desire to further close that already miniscule distance between 'Fiammetta Barone' and 'Esperia von Eisenberg.'

It was only when that distance was reduced to microscopic proportions that Fia found herself at a loss. She felt lost, somewhere else, completely unsure what to even say when she felt that much love. But, perhaps words weren't what they needed then, made clear by Esperia's soft kiss. Letting herself be pulled into the gentle turnaround, Fia smiled deviously at Esperia's words. "I sure hope so..." She murmured pulling Esperia in to plant a deep kiss on Esperia's neck. Hands wandered down to slip off that damned costume, the heat became an inferno, and the lightning a thunderstorm.

And the two of them became one.


A light groan escaped the bare body of Fiammetta Barone as the heat and light of dawn crept into the room. As her senses came to her, she noticed a certain shape atop her - the naked body of her girlfriend, who yawned and put a small grin on Fia's face with her words.

"You can rest there long as you want, Princess. Just as long as I get to keep this view." She'd say tiredly, her hand brushing along the other girl's bare back as she sat up a little more in the bed. It traced along several conspicuous little bruises, as Fia wondered if she had a few herself.

"You feelin' aight? Sore or anythin'?" Fia queried with a devilish little smile, though she was genuinely concerned as to whether or not she'd been a little too passionate the night before.

Another soft groan was let out as Fia peered out the room's window, watching the light of morning creep in. It wasn't until then she remembered, there was something she'd been intending to ask Esperia, and this was the ideal chance.

"It's Christmas today, huh?" Fia uttered as her eyes remained on the window, her cheeks flushing a little. "Say, uh, Princess. You doin' anythin' today? Like, goin anywhere?" The young delinquent asked quietely, already feeling herself becoming a llittle discomforted at the prospect of what Esperia might answer.

"Cause uh, if not, I was wonderin'... If ya wanted to come meet my 'family."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A sheepish grin lingered on Esperia's lips as she resumed her snuggling, enjoying the softness and warmth of her girlfriend. There was something blissful about just being able to snuggle there without any worries or concerns for the future, just to enjoy the right there and now... "You can enjoy the view as long as you want~" She mused softly when she felt Fia's hand brushing lightly along her back, causing her to squirm lightly while looking up at Fia as she inquired about the state of her soreness. The devilish little smile was met in kind with a mischievous grin as she raised herself upwards to be on face-height with Fia and after leaving a little smooch on her lips replied with a teasing remark. "Mhmm~ Just a bit, but nothing I can't handle~" Not to mention, it was totally worth it to be able to experience those things that happened the previous night.

However, after a moment it seemed Fia had some sort of idea or thought, or at the very least she was interested in finding out if she had any plans, to which Esperia had to admit: the furthest her planning for the day had gone was to snuggle into those soft pillows for the rest of the day. "Not really~ unless you consider 'snuggling' the entire day a plan."

Of course, when Fia did mention the reason behind the question Esperia's eyes lit up with an innocent spark of excitement as she sat upright and smiled brightly at her lover. "Of course, I'd love to!" She had heard her fair share about the orphanage from Fia before, and about the man who had made its existence possible, so of course, she was incredibly excited at the opportunity to meet Fia's family, to talk to those who her girlfriend cared so immensely for.

"But I guess I shall have to wear more proper clothing then, I bet there will be too many questions and distractions for you if I wear last night's outfit." A little giggle followed as she sneaked out of the bed and made her way to the nearby cabinet that seemingly contained her clothing, clearly aware of the pleasant view Fia was able to enjoy as the obsidian-haired trickster had started to get dressed.

"I'm sure it will be a pleasant adventure for us~ Hehe~ Meeting Fia's family!" A cheerful skip was made in her approach back to Fia, a skip that almost turned into a little bounce as she tried to hug Fia once more after ensuring she had not forgotten to put on the present Fia had given her the night before.

"So~ Let's go and meet your family! Lead the way~" Esperia seemed all too eager to meet her girlfriend's family, arms hooking around Fia's own while nuzzling lightly against her arm. Today would surely become one hell of an entertaining Christmas adventure for the two of them~

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

A contented smile formed on Fia's lips as the dark-haired minx assured her she could continue enjoying the view, before shifting up and leaving a brief but affectionate kiss upon her lips. "Good to 'ear I wasn't too rough with ya." She'd respond to Esperia's comment, as Fia placed her arm around the girl's back to snuggle her yet closer. Truthfully, she could've remained like that for an eternity, in the bliss and peace of their bare bodies against one another. But, there were other matters to promptly attend to.

As nice as snuggling for the day sounded, being with her family was just as, if not more, important to Fia. So, requesting that her lover tag-along was no small deal for her. It also signified a pretty big acknowledgment of how serious their relationship was, and the anxious steampunk was quite unsure if she was 'going to fast' as it were.

Fortunately, such concerns would be instantly washed away by Esperia's enthusiastic reaction, which painted a huge smile on the hazel-eyed girl's face. "Y-You'd love to!?" She repeated in disbelief and sheer joy. Already, the young delinquent was giddy at the idea of introducing her girlfriend to her numerous siblings! Of course, it was a shame Baldo was still locked up, but surely a chance for them to meet would arise in the future.

"Heh, that's fer sure. Though I'm sure some of the lads would a kick out of it, oughta keep things appropriate for the kids, huh?" Fia would tease after Esperia's comment, watching the girl sneak out of bed to get changed. Eyes glanced down at the bare and beautiful backside of the girl, reddening Fia's face as she enjoyed the view for a few moments, before going about getting ready herself.

After a brief search about the place for the clothes that had been thrown or practically torn off the previous night, Fia put on what she'd worn the night before, as a result of having not brought anything else with her. There was, however, one new addition - a certain red scarf she'd acquired the night before.

"Don' get too excited. It's a fun place, but things can be kinda chaotic sometimes." Fia chuckled, a joking warning as her girlfriend skipped over to her. A brief embrace was hid, Fia savoring that temporary warmth, before she took her girlfriend in her arm.

"On it, Princess." Fia said with a grin as she began to do just as Esperia had said, and lead them toward the Barone orphanage. As the girl nuzzled up to her, Fia's face once again turned a redder shade, as she began to realize... That introducing her girlfriend to her family was going to be seriously embarassing...


Fia lead the way, walking them through a pretty fair journey as they made their way toward the secluded orphanage. It was becoming pretty clear why Fia had had to leave so early. After going through the main town, they'd walk along the streets of the residential area, heading towards its outskirts where the orphanage lay.

As they walked, Fia held Esperia closely, and made the long walk more bearable with a bit of chatting about what was, in her eyes, a serious matter.

"So, uh, when ya meet everyone..." Fia suddenly spoke up, looking away from Esperia with those familair flushed cheeks. "Just so ya know... They'd, uh, be fine with knowin' bout you an' me. Open minded an' all that. Jus'...." Her blushed intensified as she buried her face in the scarf of a similiar colour. "Could ya try not to do anythin' too embaras 'sin'? I mean like... Y'know... Any of that PDA around them is jus' kinda... Embarassin'..." Her face remained crimson as they walked, and as she heard Esperia's answer. Not moments later, a certain very large buildign would come into sight. There, among the snowy landscape, was a big fenced-off estate, sealed by one large gate that had above it huge letters: BARONE.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Fortunately for her Fia had no reasons to be worried about being too rough. Aside from the fact that the feisty lass had kept her promise of treating her like a princess, being the vessel of the demon lord of lust had its fair share of... perks associated with it. "Mhmm~ Gotta keep a bit of innocence in the Barone family~" Esperia declared with a little giggle as she accompanied Fia on her trip along the streets of Baska. It was quite a journey, at least it seemed like it was a very long trip, but she had no reason to complain considering the presence of her lover made the trip all the more enjoyable.

However, as they walked along the road toward the outskirts of the residential area Fia suddenly spoke up again, the embarrassed explanation causing the girl to tilt her head slightly to the side in confusion. "Unya... That's quite a challenge... no smooches, snuggles, cuddles or even handholding? I can't make any promises there considering how adorable you are when you get flustered. But at the very least I'll try to refrain from teasing you too much~"

A mischievous snicker followed as she leaned her head gently against the side of Fia's arm and whispered softly. "Don't worry~ I'll make sure to keep those type of moments for when nobody is watching."

Actually, that sounded kind of exciting! She could imagine it already, the younger siblings of the Barone household playing in the room while she was kissing Fia behind a partition that obscured them from the children's view... Although, when they arrived at the large estate her eyes widened slightly at the sight of the orphanage, a gentle squeeze into Fia's hand being made to muster courage for the two of them when finally she turned to Fia with a little grin. "I'll leave the introductions to you~"

Now she was in front of the orphanage she actually felt her heart beating more vigorously than usual, a mixture of excitement and nervousness rising within her at the thought of finally meeting those people that were so precious for Fia, the reason she was able to be so strong. Now she thought about it, once upon a time she desired to be strong in the hope of extracting vengeance upon those who killed her family, but nowadays she had found a different motivation, a different source of strength. That strength found its peak, its greatest source of energy through the bond and feelings she shared with Fia.

"She asked you not to do anything 'embaras 'sin', but I'm the embodiment of one of the seven deathly sins, that's quite an ironic request to make." Hearing Asmodeus giggling in the back of her mind Esperia simply shrugged off the teasing remark, looking at Fia to see how things would go. Unlike the events of last night, she would this time leave everything in Fia's capable hands.

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia continued to squirm a little embarrassedly as Esperia voiced her disapproval of the request, the mention of handholding and cuddling in front of her family embarrassing her even more... It wasn't that the Barone family would be offended by such actions, no, quite the opposite. It was the fact that they'd be absolutely delighted to see Fia's cute side that so embarassing to her. Certain members of her family would eat that right up, and a fair amount of teasing was already in order...

"Well I mean, I guess handholdin' is aight..." Fia would mutter, her face still buried in her scarf. "Jus' don' get too into the teasing... In fer plenty of that already..." She groaned, knowing one of her brothers, in particular, was going to have plenty of fun learning about their relationship.

Esperia's mischievous little remark only made her blush further. By gods, what a prospect that was! "Jeeze... Yer a kinky one... No that I don' like it..." Fia chuckled in response, though, truthfully, knew there was very little chance of such a thing happening. Despite its size, privacy was something of a rarity in the close-knit Barone orphanage...

Speaking of that same building, they soon approached the gate to the orphanage, with Esperia getting quite noticeably nervous about the upcoming ordeal. Fia couldn't but smile a bit, knowing full well that her girlfriend had nothing to worry about. The Barones were gonna love her, that much Fia was already pretty damn certain of. She squeezed her lover's hand reassuringly as the other girl requested she handle introductions, before pushing open the mighty gates on stepping onto the orphanage grounds!

There was a decent distance from the beginning of the fence that surrounded the area and the front door, which was preceeded by a cobbled path. Either side of that path were some sparse bushes and trees, a few mounds of snow as the area had gotten some fairly thick coverage over the past few days. The path itself, however, was quite expertly cleared of snow, and Fia began to guide Esperia down it, her hazel eyes looking around with glee as an unmistakable feeling settled in her heart: She was home.

But... Something... Felt off...

It was Christmas morning, and a White Christmas at that! The hazel-eyed girl glanced around, suddenly stopping and wearing a look of pondering as she tried to find any trace of other kids outside. She would've thought they'd be out there playing by now, and yet, none could be seen... It was odd, almost unsettling... But then, it hit her. Quite literally.

"Princess, look out!"

The projectile struck Fia square in the forehead, sending a snowy splatter outward. A light, childish chuckle was heard nearby, while a grinning Fia wiped the snow from her face, before an older boy's order sounded out.

"Open fire!"

Out of the bushes and trees, young children sprung up launching a barrage of snowballs at the pair! "Bring it, Sal!" Fia suddenly shouted, childish glee in her expression as she quickly scooped up a snowball and threw it in the direction of one of the trees. No sooner did a teenager with black hair and glasses spring out, only to get clocked in the shoulder with the snowball!

Snowballs were flung, at both Fia and Esperia, regardless of if the latter joined the sudden fight! After about half a minute of fighting back with the children - who numbered just over half a dozen, another call rang out from the boy with glasses.

"Hold yer fire! That's enough fer now, boys and girls."

Fia, still chuckling giddily, dropped a snowball and looked up as the young boys and girls suddenly rushed over to the girl, letting out shouts of 'Big Sis Fia!' as they all clamored around her legs with big hugs, the steampunk needing to steady herself as she rubbed their cute little heads.

"Woah, woah, c'mon, not all at once!" She laughed heartily, before turning to Esperia with a smile. "Told ya things were chaotic 'round 'ere." She'd muse, quite happy that her girlfriend had gotten the true Barone experience already!

"Oi, Fia! Think ya still got a bit of snow in ya hair!" The boy from before with glasses was walking over a bit more casually, clearly a fair bit older than the other kids. He looked to be in his mid to late teens, perhaps not far of Fia's age, but still undoubtedly younger.

"Yeah... Sorry 'bout that..." Another voice groaned from nearby. It seemed another boy had been a short distance away, one with short black hair who seemed a bit neater and younger than the one with glasses, and was not looking too comfortable in the cold.

"Nah, don' sweat it AD. Figurin' this was Sal's idea anyways." Fia joked, starting a brief round of banter between herself and the boy with glasses.

"Well, I certainly won' deny that, but AD did land that first headshot."

"Already knew that wasn't yer sorry ass, cause it actually hit me!"

"Oi, oi, why does that mean it couldn't have been me!?"

"Perhaps because you couldn't the side of a barn with a shotgun?"

"What AD said."

The boy with glasses put his hand over his heart in an exaggerated gesture of faux offense, before finally setting his eyes on the other girl present, looking at her curiously. "Well, my snowballin' abilities aside, who's this lovely girl?" He questioned slyly, already earning a raised eyebrow from Fia. He then went on to introduce himself.

"Ah, but, seein' as yer a guest, should introduce myself first, huh? The name's Salvatore! But you can call me Sal."

Salvatore Barone:

The Most Wonderful Time [Private:Esperia] FmE0cBP


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

So handholding was fine? That was at least reassuring to hear! Something about holding Fia's hand made her feel comfortable and secure, to be able to squeeze into it and know that she'd be there... Still, she was a bit curious about the comment that Fia would be in for quite a bit of teasing, it made her look all the more forward to meeting the feisty girl's family. Of course, as they arrived outside the orphanage and Fia noticed the peculiar detail in their surroundings, the sudden warning had barely been enough for Esperia to instinctively snap her fingers, causing a large tendril to rise from the snow and swat the approaching snowballs that were launched her way back toward the one responsible for throwing them!

Of course, upon realizing that this was, in fact, a makeshift greeting of the Barone family made the obsidian-haired trickster relax a little, the tendril shrinking back into the ground while she scooped up some snow from the ground and with the aim typical of a gunslinger tossed the projectile at one of the children.

Once the exciting snowball fight ceased Esperia watched with a smile as the younger children happily approached Fia. It was endearing to see this type of side to her lover, the warmth, and joy that radiated from their reunion was heartwarming. However, one of the older boys decided to address her, causing the girl to turn toward him with her usual cheerful smile upon her lips as she declared with a soft and playful tone. "The name is Esperia~ But you can call me Espy, it's a pleasure to meet you Sal."

Of course, that didn't tell much yet about her or the reason for her presence, right? It was only just a name, so instead, she looked at Fia, her lips curving up slightly into hints of a mischievous grin as she hummed softly. "And I'm your 'Big Sis Fia's lover'."

Gently reaching with a hand for Fia's hair the smaller girl gently tried to help her wipe the snow off her hair before turning back to Salvatore. "Although, that was an excellent ambush Sal~ Next time you should ensure to cut off our retreat path also, else fleeing might have been a possibility, then again that's something I don't see Fia doing anytime soon. She's more likely to turn into a snowwoman than to retreat."

A little giggle followed, clearly amused at the thought of Fia refusing to retreat and instead be covered under snow. Although, that did mean that she would need to warm up afterward and obviously she could help a lot with that... a warm hot spring, cuddling close to Fia while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.... oh boy, she'd better stop thinking in that direction or she might end up starting to drool from the vivid imagination she was experiencing right now!

"hehe~ seems you were right about things getting chaotic~"

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia's first instinct was to roll her eyes at Salvatore's introduction, fully aware of just how overbearing her social little brother could be. But almost immediately, the delinquent girl recognized a greater problem that had her feeling a little nervous, as she watched sheepishly to see how Esperia might introduce herself. However it was, Fia already knew one thing, thanks to the presence of Sal and a handful of the younger children. Gods, this was going to be embarassing!

The bespectacled teenager, however, didn't seem nearly as bashful bouncing around eagerly with that grin on his face as Esperia introduced herself, with his much more stable compatriot at his side. Sal seemed to be very much the opposite of Fia, with a bubble and lighthearted Aura that seemed to melt the snow right off of him. The kind of person who was undoubtedly delighted at this new arrival. The young lad gave a tip of some imaginary hat in response to Esperia's warm greeting, returning her sentiment. "Why, it's a pleasure to meet you to, Espy!" He'd utter with that familiar Barone charm.

At this point, the other as-of-yet-unintroduced teenage boy was just about to roll as his eyes too, had he and Sal not been too stunned by the next reveal. Of course, they hadn't known what to make of the pretty and delicate girl upon her arrival, but to hear that she was Fia's lover? Why, that had certainly been the last conclusion they would have come to!

Fia herself gave no objection nor confirmation, just burying her face in that warm scarf of hers as her face began to match its color. The younger children all let out various sounds of surprise, looking up at the beautiful dark-haired girl in awe. Though they didn't quite understand everything of course, it was even incredible to them that their big sister was supposedly in love with such a princess!

After another couple moments, as Esperia wiped snow off Fia to seemingly affirm their mutual affection, a sly grin crept into Sal's expression as his usual energy returned, his tongue quick to go to work in teasing his eldest sister. "Well I'll be! Fia, I always knew you was a switch hitta', but damn sis! Never knew yer battin' average was high 'nuff fer a score like this!" Back to bouncing around with glee, Sal proceeded to draw more steam from Fia. The younger kids, still mostly oblivious, were still in awe, clearly with many questions on their mind!

But, they would have to be answered another time, as Sal was then answering another important statement, regarding their snowball ambush! He nodded along at Esperia's suggestion, hand to chin to emphasise his hard thinking. "Yer right there Espy. My Big Sis ain't ever backed down from a fight, so we done pulled a full frontal assault on 'er! With some snipin' support from AD, o'course." Sal elaborated, smiling softly at the newcomer. It was already clear she knew Fia well, and that made him all the more aware of how serious the two were.

Fia broke from her blushing a bit, smiling at Esperia's comment and offering her own. "Believe me, this ain't even the worst of it. Long as Sal's here, chaos is gonna reign, ain't it bro?" Fia quipped with a wild grin at her brother, giving him a light punch on the shoulder, which was quickly returned by the glasses wearing teen.

"Don't you know it, sis!" He quipped happily, before a tamer and softer expression fell on his face as he smiled softly at Fia. "Glad to have ya home again, Fia."

"Glad to be back." Fia uttered simply, returning the smile. That tender moment lasted for only a second, though, as Fia quickly turned her attention to the other boy.

"C'mon AD, how long ya gonna stand there for? Introduce yerself to my girl, aight?" She'd command the quiet and more reserved teen, who seemed initially taken aback before nodding firmly. As he gave his introduction, Fia slipped her hand from Esperia's, as she crouched down to begin tending to the smaller kids who were busy asking questions like "Is that your wife, Big Sis Fia!?" while Esperia got acquainted with the older boys.

The smaller teen, with hair just as black as Sal's, gave a small bow of his head in greeting to Esperia. "I'm Amadeo. But everyone here calls me AD, for short. It's nice to meet ya, Espy." He'd greet. His dialect wasn't quite as thick as the other Barone children, nor his mannerisms as wild and crude, but he had that same proud air about him nonetheless.

"Geeze, c'mon AD, no need to be so formal, she's a guest!" Sal scolded the other boy heartily, recieving only a nod of apology in response, further proving his point. For the next moments, AD didn't speak further, instead, something seemed to grab his attention. Something around Esperia's neck, to be exact. His eyes narrowed at the bullet, before a small grin found itself on his face.

"Ah, so that's what she used it for." He mused aloud.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

If there was one word to describe the atmosphere she felt around the Barone family, then the word 'endearing' might had been perfect. There was something about the whole friendly and cheerful attitude of the children that was refreshing for her to experience. Although her family was not cruel by any means, her household was a bit more strict in their upbringing, and while her sister was a loving and dotting elder sibling she also carried herself with a grace and elegance that was much different from the bond Fia and the children at the orphanage had. The playful tip of the imaginary hat from the bubbly and lighthearted lad was quick to coat a little giggle from the obsidian-haired lass who was quite amused at the attitude of Fia's brother.

Of course, considering the large number of children it was quite a chaotic spectacle, one that was only intensified further when she revealed the nature of her relationship with Fia, her gaze shifting to her lover as she tried her utmost not to grin, clearly enjoying the flustered reaction of the young woman.

A moment passed in tender affection when suddenly Sal's sly remark caused her to snicker softly at the way he had worded it all, making her hum lightly in agreement. "I believe she spend a lifetime of luck and good fortune to hit that homerun~ Not that I'm complaining~" It was clear that she had found a teasing compatriot in Sal, but it appeared that the subject didn't linger long for Fia's words soon pulled Esperia's attention anew. "It's refreshing~" In fact, she might enjoy this type of mood much more than the one her own family once held.

As Fia tended to the smaller children and Amadeo approached her the girl nodded her head with a cheerful smile still lingering upon her lips. "She's right AD~ Feel free to consider me part of the family, what I guess is actually true, courtesy of your big sister."

However, there was a short moment that AD seemed to look at the bullet pendant, the gaze not going by unnoticed as Esperia tilted her head slightly to the side in confusion, a finger trailing along the bullet as she hummed softly. "Hmm? This? It's a Christmas present I received from Fia~ Considering she mentioned that one of her siblings helped her pick it out, and you seem to recognize it I believe I have you to thank for giving her the idea for the wonderful gift?"

She waited a moment to hear his answer before she continued, clearly speaking with a lot of fondness and affection for the gift. "It's a perfect gift for me~ Aside from the fact that I'm quite interested in gunnery and special ammunition, my family used to be quite religious and served as exorcists so to me this gift has a very special meaning."

A sheepish grin lingered on her lips as she turned to face Fia, her gaze quickly softening.

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia seemed to be blushing harder than ever as Sal and Esperia teamed up to tease her with a slew of batting metaphors. But, as much as she buried her face in that equally red scarf of hers, beneath it the steamy lass was not frowning. Rather, a sizeable and overjoyed smile was hidden. Yes, it was as embarrassing as anything, introducing her girlfriend to her wacky family, but seeing them get along so well, seeing Esperia so accepted and so appreciative of the Barone family... Well, it was everything Fia could've asked for, and more than worth the embarrassment she was receiving.

While Fia tended to the smaller children, ruffling hair and occasionally exclaiming things like "No, she ain't my wife!", Amadeo made his own introduction to the Eisenberg girl, only to be corrected on his overly formal greetings, prompting an apologetic nod in response.

"Ah, my apologies then." He'd utter politely, smiling a little softly at the comment from Esperia about being part of their family. The Barones were used to welcome new members, and they were also happy to have new people in their odd and extensive family. Sal was grinning too, but a bit more deviously. "Part o' the family, huh? Man, can't even begin ta' 'magine Fi' wearin' a veil if that's what yer gettin' at!" He'd tease with his usual bubbliness.

Amadeo, meanwhile was less concerned with joking around with the new guest, and more concerned with what she was wearing. His gaze did not go unnoticed, and his suspicions were quickly confirmed by Esperia, who inquired about his own involvement in the gift.

"Ah, yes, I supplied the bullet, after Fia asked me if I had anything that, I quote, 'A gun-nut would be goin' crazy fer'." He'd explain, smiling a little more cheerfully at the memory. "I gave her options, and she ended up picking that one. It was just something I had lying around." The Barone male elaborated plainly.

"Ha! Lyin' 'rounds one way o' puttin' it!" Sal suddenly laughed, giving a playful punch in the arm to AD. "AD 'ere's got mo' guns and ammo 'an he knows what ta' do with!" The older teen laughed again, as Amadeo blushed slightly as light was made of his own hobby, one mutually shared with Esperia, it seemed.

Once again, the mood shifted back to being more heartfelt as Esperia talked about just how perfect a gift it was, prompting another satisified smile from Amadeo. "I'm glad you enjoyed it. It'll certainly be a lot more use to you than to me. Exorcism isn't really something I've ever thought of trying." Like all Barones, it seemed Amadeo had a sense of humor, albeit one a bit quieter and wittier.

As Esperia had spoken an it, Fia had returned to the group, sending the other kids off to keep playing in the snow. She spotted Esperia's soft gaze, and returned it with an equally loving stare before glancing back to her brothers.

"Y'know, I really gotta pay you back for that someday, AD."

"Yes, you do."

"...Ya don't mix words, do ya..." Fia lamented, before looking again to the brothers two, an eyebrow raised as she posed a single question to them.

"Guessin' everyone else is still inside?"

"Yep. Playin' with toys or helpin' Clara cook. Go say hi, introduce Espy to 'em! We'll keep these scamps busy." Salvatore offered, giving a firm nod to both of them to assure that he had things out there under control.

"Aight, be seein' ya 'round then." Fia responded simply, giving a pair of fist bumps to her brothers before allowing Esperia to bid them a brief farewell until lunch. Fia would take Esperia by the hand again, leading them the few metres further to the front door as Sal and Amadeo went off to continue playing in the snow with the other kids. As the pair of lovers reached the door, Fia offered one light comment before entering.

"So, uh, whadda ya think so far? Er, sorry 'bout Sal, if he was a bit much. Kid's always had more energy 'an he knows what to do with."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Nyhehehe~ She better be wearing the veil, because I'm the one who will be wearing the pants that day." Esperia remarked with a mischievous giggle as she briefly felt her cheeks flush up at the memory of the previous night, a memory that she quickly buried back into the back of her mind lest she'd get too excited. Of course, it appeared they still had certain sights to see and people to meet, for after Fia said her short farewells to her siblings, a farewell she answered also with a playful wave of her hand the two of them made their way toward the building.

"Don't worry about it~" Esperia answered with a sheepish grin as she gently held Fia's hand and tried to reassure her a bit further by continuing her answer. "Your brothers are quite an entertaining handful to deal with, I can see that they are truly part of the Barone family." Yet considering they were by themselves for a moment she was quick to lean in and whisper into the girl's ear. "Yet I'm still going to make you wear that veil someday~" A little wink followed as they finally reached the door, making Esperia wonder what type of surprises awaited them next.

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

"Heh, handful is an understatement..." Fia would chuckle in response to Esperia's comment. The young delinquent was smiling heartily as she tightly held Esperia's hand, elated that her lover was already getting along with her family so well. It made it seem all the more lovely, the idea of her eventually becoming a real part of it, an idea that Esperia herself brought up, prompting a strong blush delinquent as she once again hid her cheeks in her scarf.

"Oi, oi... Whoever said I was gonna be wearin' a veil? I look pretty kickass in a suit, y'know..." Fia would quip, attempting to brush the comment off, in spite of how incredibly pleasant the idea of Esperia in either a suit or gown actually was. Her cheeks still flushed, Fia would continue leading Esperia into the house nonetheless, opening the front door and entering a short hallway. The interior of the house wasn't exactly what one would call 'fancy', but it did seem to be a bit higher quality than one would normally expect from an orphanage.

Fia continued to guide Esepria down the hallway, where chatter and light merriment might be heard up ahead. Ahead, a living room could be seen, in which children aplenty where prancing around or enjoying new toys from Christmas day. Though not as rowdy as the group Sal and Amadeo had left, they seemed overall a bit older, some of them in their preteens or early teens.

Wasting no time to allow in ambush Fia would casually stroll into the living room with Esperia in her hand, earning the same sudden silence as the children once again recognized their "Big Sis Fia". Though they weren't as many hugs as with the younger group, the children all came over to greet their older sister, one with particular vigor.

"BIG SIS!" A youthful messy-haired brunette boy, looking to be in his preteens, shouted as he ran towards Fia, his stance more of a tackle than a hug! Fia grinned widely as he approached putting her own hands on his shoulders to stop his charge.

"Woah there Santo! Gettin strong, ain't ya!?"

"You bet! Gonna be stronger 'an you one day, Big Sis!"

"I'm countin' on it." Fia said a bit more softly as she shifted her hand to roghly rustle his hair. The younger boy wore a huge smile, before looking to Esperia with a more... Stunned expression.

"W-Woah, yer real pretty, miss!" He suddenly declared, earning a hearty laughter from Fiammetta. Santo had always been the one most admirable of her, so it seemed to make sense he'd share that opinion!


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