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Practical Uses [Quest: Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
She stood up from the chair that Khalash had offered her for getting herbs for him. She made her way to the door of the shop but Khalash stopped her again by calling out to her with a: Wait Phoebe! Which made her roll her eyes as he wouldn’t be able to see that and she turned around, she didn’t even attempt to smile, ”I have another job for you now that you are here.” She tried not to pout about the whole ordeal but she gave him a nod so he would continue on to explain about what she needed to do this time. It better not be a delivery for she felt sweaty and there was mud everywhere. Apparently Khalash noticed that she was not in the greatest mood and she noticed how he looked at the cauldron, as if that potion made her grumpy, it was him demanding her to do things. She simply wanted to take a shower, ”Ah yeah, would you put up this flier on the townsboard?” which he handed her and quickly took a few steps back again. Interesting how she had such an effect on him, she would almost laugh if she had found it funny. She looked at the page and nodded, ”Wait, you ask for someone to help you to test out a shield?” She read on, oh for the council. She definitely didn’t think much about the council, she had not come into trouble for them to show up to stop her and well she only knew Alice and Jeeroy. And she wasn’t even sure anymore if Jeeroy was in the Rune Knights of if she had made that up, so she took a deep breath and shook her head, ”Why be difficult Saton, I’m here already, let me do it.” But the old man sputtered something about her being tired and so on and she simply looked up from the paper and stare at him, ”You want to have the risk that no one comes today?” she said even more grumpy now. Which quickly made him accept her offer, she had to think about the money again. In the end it seemed that Khalash was excited that this shield would be able to be checked out and she was calming down a little. In the end why let this guy find another mage if she was around, that was a bit ridiculous. She followed him pushing the stray locks of her hair away from her face and walk outside. Apparently behind the shop with a hidden door by all the items he had here, there was a garden. She looked at it in surprise, he seemed to grow his own greens and some flowers very nicely and she had definitely not expected from an old man like him. She looked around and noticed Khalash had gone back into the store to get the shield. She checked out the fence and turned around to see that the old man had returned.


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Phoebe Rainsworth
Khalash handed the shield to her and she stared at it, where she had expected it to be cliché with silver and blue and the magic council emblem, there was nothing, it had a massive dark blue or black colour that she couldn’t actually see a difference in, so it was a guess what the colour was. ”Be prepared. And she looked up to see Khalash move his hands in what she noticed was a spell formation and she quickly moved up the shield that was strapped on her right forearm. He used magic the same way as she did so it was no surprised when she heard the familiar crackling sound of the fire magic that he used. He already hopped towards her when she lowered the shield to see the effect of the spell on the shield. She didn’t see anything but apparently that was the idea as the old man danced from one foot onto the other with glee as there was not a scratch or dent to see. ”Now give it to me Phoebe and you try a spell.” Which would probably not change much for she was also using fire magic, perhaps a bit stronger but still fire magic. But she took the shield off and handed it to Khalash who walked behind her so she wouldn’t accidentally hit the house. Which he had a good point with, the fire magic that she was using as well. She turned around and moved up her hand to cast her immolation spell which did a little more damage to the shield than the spell that Khalash himself used. There was still no dent on it, no scratch mark or anything that showed that the fire had done anything towards it; no damage at all. Which only made Khalash more than happy and jumping up and down out of excitement. Perhaps on good days it would make Phoebe happy but at the moment all she wanted was a shower. So she followed Khalash back in and got a second back of jewels that day. She said goodbye for good this time. She still didn’t like doing jobs for him.

But with her new amount of jewels she headed back towards the hotel where she stayed and decided that it was time for a nice bath or anything. Even though she didn’t have any mud drops on her own body, it was on her clothing and she had been sweaty because of the run through the forest, she felt disgustingly dirty. She didn’t walk too fast, there was no need for that, after this shower she would find something to eat and perhaps read or sleep already. She was not very motivated for the day, her adventures still didn’t get very adventurous so that made it all still a little boring. She didn’t say anything when she entered the building, just simply nodded and moved up the stairs to her room where she left the pouches with jewels on her bed and she walked on towards the bathroom; that bath needed to make her feel relaxed and happy. Easily done.


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