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A tale of knights and demons [Alice]

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#26Adelaide Sokolov 

A tale of knights and demons [Alice] - Page 2 Empty Sun Jan 14, 2018 1:57 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Okay perhaps she should learn to listen, but she was too busy with too many things. The whole ordeal of the Holy Knights had worried her for Kon's sake, totally forgotten that she had joined their ranks only days ago and that she was pregnant didn't make things much smoother for her fear of everything that could happen. She did stop before she would go crazy, she simply helped up the alpha with the strenght that she had and looked at the lycan. Tragic indeed, but why was killing always an option? They didn't even know if they were the bad in.. not your problem Alice! She told herself, which wasn't true, because it was her problem as a Holy Knight. She wasn't sure if the Lycan knew she was lying, since he had made this specific sound on the word lieutenant and she stared at him with golden eyes.

She didn't plan to say anything, not about that, not about much else, she would listen. It was sad to hear how the misunderstanding happened, she also felt bad for the lycans, being used like that. It was unnecessary, why could no one look at others from a neutral point of view? Unless they had a good reason; like she had with Lacie. "It's probably strange to hear but I do understand. One of my very good friends is a lycan, we are split apart by duty, but I miss him greatly. I try to do my work with the most openminded way I could. And I do have to say I was blinded by the story Esperia told me. But I do not accept humans mearly going after you because of this. I wish I could do more than give those words but if you do need help, try and find me." Which would mean that she would have to say that he couldn't find her with the Rune Knights, but she couldn't. She wouldn't because of the risks, not only with Midas but she knew Kon had only told her because of their relationship, she couldn't just simply tell the people. Besides what would Esperia her reaction be considering her sister?

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

The Lycan pack looked at their leader who merely nodded his head in return, seemingly a signal to retreat as the pack slowly started to move into the forest, but not before he addressed Alice once final time. "I'll keep that offer in mind... Take care Lieutenant."

With those words the Lycan was quick to join the rest of his pack, leaving Alice with only the transformed Demon Lord and the soldiers under Alice's command. Speaking of the former, she had a hand raised to her chin, a thoughtful look at her expression. "Hmm, an unexpected conclusion, but not entirely an unwanted one. In the end, all Esperia desired was to avoid any further bloodshed."

It appeared she was quite pleased by Alice's accomplishment, turning toward her with a smile. "Congratulations Alice~ You pacified an entire pack of Lycan without a single casualty on either side, not something many can boast about." She giggled softly as she took a step closer and hummed softly. "Now, do you think you'll be able to keep my adorable little host safe? I got the feeling you'd vastly prefer hearing the story from her compared to me~ Unless you'd like to spend some girl time getting to know each other better."

A mischievous grin lingered on her lips as she awaited the response of the knightess. She had accomplished something quite difficult today, but whether this would become the end of this particular story remained yet to be seen...

#28Adelaide Sokolov 

A tale of knights and demons [Alice] - Page 2 Empty Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:26 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
She eyed the Lycans as they left, standing with her back towards her so called soldiers. They survived, no one was that much hurt and she wasn't sure what to say. Her face stood stern and perhaps a bit sad, she placed her hand on her little baby bump, but removed that quickly as she heard the knights cheer, she turned her face around, looked shortly at the demon, "There is nothing to cheer. This wasn't necessary when there had not been a misunderstanding." Yet she tried to smile a little, her victory perhaps was a good one and she turned to the demon. "Well good she had that in mind, because that was the same for me." But still this whole ordeal had some effect on her. She wondered shortly and unwantedly what Kon would have done.

She dismissed the knights and turned towards Asmodeus where she was talking about the story, this demon story perhaps, "I don't mind, who wants to tell me the story?" She was interested in the demon, perhaps she should use that for the Holy Knight information, "Oh you want to get to know me? I'm interested, what did you have in mind?" She already felt like she was betraying her own feeling of neutral judgement. But she was only winning information, not judging either of the two to be a bad person.

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Well~ To be honest, I doubt she had planned to call upon my power if not for the fact they threatened to endanger one of those dear to her."

The obsidian-haired demon admitted with a cheerful smile, yet she couldn't help but let out a hearty giggle at Alice's inquiry about what she had in mind. "Of course~ let's just say your actions earlier caught my interest, and as the Demon Lord of lust I consider it essential for me to pursue anything I find interesting~"

A sheepish grin lingered on her lips as she made a playful little wave with her hand as if to gesture for the two of them to take a walk. "Not sure how much you know already from your 'work', considering the Rune Knights don't really associate that much with the church. That's the domain of the Holy Knights, isn't that so my dear Alice?"

A playful wink followed as she hummed softly. "It all happened so long ago, when the church burdened the Eisenberg family with the responsibility of being my prison and warden, not even my adorable little cage, the girl you know as Esperia was aware of my existence till recently. It's a pretty flawed idea honestly~ While my power might be restricted due to my vessel being just an ordinary human being, it wouldn't have taken much effort for my power to sway her under my control. Then again, I have to admit I grown rather fond of this adorable little pervert, so I decided to see where her actions take her~"

A soft giggle followed before she shook her head lightly. "So for your information, consider me a benefactor for Esperia~ But that's not why I wanted to talk to you Alice."

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, her gaze settling onto the knight and slowly she approached her, lifting her arms lightly in an attempt to gently rest them on the lady's shoulders. "Just like you have a life to protect that isn't your own, so do I, and I'd be willing to do a lot to ensure that happens. Even if it involves accidentally spoiling secrets that should not be told~"

The demon lord smiled briefly as she leaned closer, soon enough that Alice might had felt the soft breath of the demon lord tickle her skin as she whispered into her ear. "The relic those Lycan once safeguarded, I know where it is~ Then again, it's unfortunate it will have to return to its rightful owner soon. In the end 'she' will have need for it soon."

It appeared there might had been quite some secrets waiting to be revealed, and for all intents and purposes Asmodeus seemed quite willing to be talkative to Alice, what might serve her beneficially if she knew words to take at face-value and how to probe her further. In the end there were plenty of stories about the demon lord of lust, and if they were to be believed then it was that you should never let down your guard around her, lest you'd be dancing on the palm of her hand!

#30Adelaide Sokolov 

A tale of knights and demons [Alice] - Page 2 Empty Sat Jan 27, 2018 8:48 am

Adelaide Sokolov
What did she ought to say, many things had changed since last she saw Esperia. She ahd set up a sort of army that wasn't even hers. She had asked volunteers from the group of Rune Knights that weren't even hers. She was no longer lieutenant but the Rune Knights leaders would of course never tell after the hard work they had done to keep her there, only to have her step over the bridge to go towards the Holy Knights. Unofficially she was still a part of the Rune Knights, used that title, used that power but she was better than that, or so she liked to see it for herself.

But she ignored that, she needed to focus on keep her mind up, she had dismissed the soldiers, held on to her spear and the companions with her and nodded slowly, the compliment was nice but it also gave her a strange feeling. But she followed none the less, she wasn't sure if she would be able to take the demon lord is she tried something that Alice wouldn't agree with, but for now there seemed to be a mutual understanding and perhaps some respect, so she could deal with this.. in another matter than fighting. As Asmodeus talked Alice stopped walking for a second, to quickly catch up again. For a second she believed the demon just assumed she was a Holy Knight, but apart from the little stop in her step, she simply kept a neutral expression on her face. She only frowned a little as the demon lord continued to talk and narrowed her eyes when she said that that wasn't the thing to talk about. What could be more important? Of course there had just been a whole issue with the lycans, anything more? Hunting vampires?

She stood still, let Asmodeus get closer and not move, she was prepared though, her grip on the spear making her knuckles white but she didn't intend to fight unless it was necessary, but when they talked about protecting other lives, she losened up a little. Her eyes turned a bit bigger, the relic.. she shouldn't immediately show eagerness. Especially because she believed that the person opposite her, the demon, knew more about her than she had said out loud to Esperia, "And what's the idea, finding the relic and hide it again?" she asked dumb.

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A tale of knights and demons [Alice] - Page 2 Empty Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:17 am


"Hiding it would be useless, since its beckons to its owner."

Asmodeus explained with a smile before she took a step backwards, a light shake of her head following as she explained further with a smile. "The relic is actually a key~ a key to a prison."

the Demon lord's gaze settled upon Alice's face, seemingly waiting to see how she would react to that revelation, but nonetheless after giving her a moment to react the demon lord was quick to continue.

"Surely you must have heard the news, with the leaders of the various guilds that aided in keeping Fiore's peace being murdered it's only a matter of time before the one responsible for it will strike."

It was a concern that had plagued Esperia's thoughts for quite a while ever since she heard the news and the call to return to the city, a call that Alice likely had received also.

"In order to protect those she hold dear Esperia plans to call forth the aid of a certain... benefactor~"

She hummed softly, deciding not to reveal the fact that this benefactor was in fact Sebastian, one of her closest and most powerful subordinates.

"His strength would surely contribute to the defense of the city, but before such a thing can happen I need to figure out how to approach this. In the end, alone it's unlikely I could safely retrieve it, since the one currently possessing the relic is rather... troublesome."

Indeed, to get the relic back it appeared she was willing to go as far as asking Alice for help.

"And this leads me to the reason I wanted to talk to you~ I'd like for you to aid me in retrieving the relic and freeing Esperia's ally~ It will take a bit of time, considering the relic is currently in possession of a wild creature, but once we retrieve it, it will be just a matter of convincing the church to let us release him~"

#32Adelaide Sokolov 

A tale of knights and demons [Alice] - Page 2 Empty Sat Jan 27, 2018 6:56 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice frowned, beckons to it's owner? Heck why did no one ever find it before but she held her lips sealed and didn't say anything but kept the frown on her face and slowly nod, in that case it was useless to hide it again. A key to a prison.. oh this didn't sound any good and her eyes shortly trailed to Jupiter and Hecate, standing next to each other and staring at the two of them. A prison was there with a reason and she actually wanted to ask who made the prison but she simply decided she would see what the Demon Lord would tell her before asking further questions, she would have to ask Midas.. right?

She did hear, she looked away from Asmodeaus, the idea that she had been there, had been knocked into a hospital for a month, she had lost a lot but actually she shouldn't complain considering guilds losing their guildmaster. She had only lost something as her magic in that case, "I did." she muttered, and she had only one thought about who that might be and she didn't feel the need to come face to face with Theseus again, because if he was already that difficult, how would the Guildleader be?

She didn't say more, let Asmodeus continue, "I only have one more question, because I already think you made the right assumption, but don't tell Esperia." did that have effect? Would the Demon Lord be able to keep her own thoughts from her vessel? Did Asmodeus guess correctly that Alice was a Holy Knight? "Why did the church lock him up?" She wouldn't go against the decisions of the church, Midas had just accepted her, why would she do that, she didn't plan another suicide run. Not after being a part of the Holy Knights for only a month.

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"An understandable question my dear, and one you likely know the answer to already."

She smiled calmly at Alice as the two of them arrived at a small clearing, and while she stepped onto the field before them she hummed softly. "Let's give you an example: Your two magical companions seem quite loyal to you, would you say they'd go above and beyond in an attempt to protect you, their friend and liege?"

It was a figurative example, but one that would soon drive her point across as she continued. "Why wouldn't the church try to seal away a powerful servant of a Demon Lord, knowing that should he be free he could easily return to the side of his liege and speed up her return? But don't misunderstand my dear, they didn't 'lock' him, he willingly got himself locked away, and could likely break free of his own will should he desire so, we merely are trying to approach this as civilized beings to keep little Esperia safe from a retaliation by the church."

An understandable goal all things considered, but it appeared there was more to be told. "In the end, the church will have plenty of reasons to release him, in the end, if the crown falls then the stability the church loves so much will fall with it. They'd need all the help they can get to protect the peace of Fiore~"

She smiled calmly at Alice while she added a quick answer to the knight's earlier request: "But don't worry, I won't tell her anything~"

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A tale of knights and demons [Alice] - Page 2 Empty Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:14 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Cryptical answers were not something Alice could deal with and she didn't say anything about it but simply stared at the demon lord with a tired look in her eyes. She followed her to the clearing and remained in the shade of the trees, Hecate and Jupiter soon joining her beside her. She looked at them when Asmodeus mentioned her companions and gave them a short smile as Jupiter looked up at her, she wasn't sure what else she should do about it. She thought indeed that they do whatever was necessary to protect her, she had seen Jupiter his protective nature, almost going at lengths to confront her fiance about it, it was a bit extreme from time to time but it had it's funny moments. She didn't want to think and giggle about that right now, so she bit her lip harsh and looked back at the person that was talking to her.

She rolled her eyes shortly but fine, "If the church agrees, and you really do this for civilized reasons, I don't see why not." she said and she rather kept an eye on the whole situation herself than have the church in trouble because she simply waved it away or Esperia for that matter with a retalliation. She heard a little grunt from Jupiter and she believed he didn't agree but well his opinion wasn't asked at the moment. Asmodeus continued to give a couple of more reasons to why she should agree and she only took a deep breath and let it happen. Right if it was to help Esperia, as well as the Crown, which she absolutely didn't care about; all she cared about was that Grimoire Heart was stopped but afine. "And where is this creature that has the key?" she asked, her wild guess was here in the woods, it might explain why the lycans were here and it would be coming in handy if it was around Baska because she wouldn't get away from here so easily and especially not without Kon, no matter how short the trip would be.

She wasn't sure if the demon would talk the truth about not telling Esperia, but for now this answer would have to do.

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"Of course~ In fact I already prepared some things for my negotiations with the church, all that is left is to get the key~"

Asmodeus explained with a soft smile as they turned toward the subject of their search for the creature. For a moment the demon lord closed her eyes, seemingly focusing onto something before her lips curved up into a smile. "Not far from here~ I believe the creature makes its lair quite close to where we currently are."

A gentle wave of her hand was made to show Alice the direction toward the nearby path that led further into the forest, a path she started to follow as she explained further. "To be honest, I think you would get quite along with Sebastian. He is a peculiar one for a demon according to most, mostly because of his nature."

Asmodeus explained with a smile as she turned around and faced Alice while she walked backward, her tone clearly suggesting she was quite fond of the man she was talking about. "While most demons tend to look down upon mortals, Sebastian doesn't despise them, in fact he is quite fond of mortals and the potential they possess. He is also quite honorable and kind for a demon~ Believes that it's the duty of the strong to protect the weak, never seen him lose his temper before either. although, he isn't exactly merciful to those who stand against me."

She hummed the last bit softly as they arrived at a darker part of the forest, and lying upon the ground one could see various carcasses of wild animals, with a large hollow tree at the center where It waited for them.

"Hmm, a Stone Troll, they are rather lethargic during the day, so we are quite fortunate, especially since they are vulnerable to light and fire magic~ It appears the relic is hidden inside the tree."

And of course the Stone Troll had spotted them already, bashing its large stone club on the ground in a threatening manner!

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice could only nod when Asmodeus told her that she had made arrangements with the church, she seriously hoped so. She wasn't ready for a speech from Midas that she was too nice to people, not on the first few days of work already. So she simply gave Asmodeus a smile and followed her as she waved further into the forest. She wondered what kind of creature this would be because the Demon Lord still had not spilled a word about that, she was not sure if she should see this as something easy or challenging, she had already used quite the amount of magic for fighting a lycan and she took a firm grip on her spear, she should see. Hecate and Jupiter quickly followed.

She simply looked back at the demon as she said that she believed they would get along. Now she was never a person to hard judge based on races, after hearing that she was a vessel for a Seraphim, she perhaps should be more stern on these things but she didn't feel the need. Well he didn't seem like a bad person in general indeed or demon in that case and she simply nodded, "Well let's get that key than in this case." she tried to give a smile but it still felt like there were too many question marks.

She looked up surprised at the tree and the stone troll and simply had never seen one before, now she understood why she was here when Asmodeus mentioned his weakness to sun and fire and she wanted to roll her eyes but decided against it. "So if I distract it, you will take the key?" She threw her spear towards the ground, just in a way that she could simply pick it up again but if it was weak against Solar that would be a better idea than trying to slam metal against stone. She focused on her own magical energy to send spells towards that creature if Asmodeus said she was good to go.

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It didn't take long for the fight between Alice and the Stone Troll to begin, the giant monster charging at her while wildly flailing his stone club, and while she started to focus her magical energy the monster started to near her! If she had decided to use a magical spell the Stone Troll would have endured at least one head-on, almost looking as if he endured it on rage alone as the beast howled in anger while Asmodeus circled around the charging fiend and started to search within the hollow interior of the tree.

Alice's magical companions would find it dangerous to approach the intimidating fiend, his club swinging into their direction, but a combined assault of several spells would have been enough to take down the beast... or so it seemed. At the last moment the Stone Troll collapsed before the trio, his body charred by the light magic, but little could one have known this was a scheme to make them lower their guard, for in the last moment if Alice had decided to turn her attention away from the fallen beast or try to approach or attack it again the beast would have jumped upright with the intention to slam her with his club when a familiar figure emerged from the tree. It was the Demon Lord of Lust, who was holding what seemed to be a golden ring of sorts.

"Sebastian, be a dear and keep that mongrel from manhandling that lovely knight, will you?"

She had just raised her hand upwards into the air when a sudden glint came from the object, causing a bolt of black energy to rush through the air from above, cleanly hitting the fiend in the head, and if Alice had strained her sight she would have seen that in the same instant the lightning bolt struck, a humanoid figure had appeared in its wake, a fist crushing the temple of the troll's head with enough force to send him reeling to the ground.

"I apologize for my lateness Master, it took a while to finish negotiating with my wardens, but your humble butler Sebastian has arrived."

The man bowed politely toward her after descending from the troll before turning toward Alice, his expression soft as he stated calmly. "I apologize for intervening in your battle Lady Knight, but I could not have permitted such a fiend to possibly endanger a guest of the master."

Asmodeus smiled calmly as she returned to Sebastian's side and explained further. "Don't be too surprised Alice~ The relic was actually both a key and a catalyst to summon the good man to my side, but as he mentioned, while we were conversing earlier I had Sebastian negotiate his release with the Warden who was governing over his prison, so Sebastian... what are the terms?"

The butler nodded his head slightly in response as he replied in the same polite manner as before. "As you expected: We are permitted to engage in the defense of Crocus, and as long as we remain to contribute to the good of Fiore they will consider my presence pardoned."

Asmodeus hummed softly, seemingly a bit amused as she added with a grin. "Amusing how the church never changed in all those years. Either way, thank you for assisting me Alice, unfortunately with my magic the battle might had taken a while, leading to a potential endangering of little Esperia~"

#38Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
She felt as if her magical energy was drained, "Remind me not to like such things." she muttered looking at Hecate as she turned away and than she felt a lot of pain and lost her footing on the ground, she was hit by either the palm of the stone troll and more or less swept into the air and falling down, no! This was dangerous, how to fall properly without damaging anything? She would risk a broken wrist as she found a low hanging branch where she grabbed a hold off and didn't hit herself on the ground, she felt a crack in her right wrist and bit her lip to not scream in pain. She would drop herself on the ground, which wasn't a far fall and she could end up on her legs. She had seen a lightning shot and stared, now she hit the ground, the person standing there.

She walked a little closer holding on to her wrist and simply nodded, a bit lost for words. "Ah." all she said at first, Hecate and Jupiter seemed to be weary as well. She turned to look at the two of them in their conversation and stared at Asmodeus, not all too happy, at least she tried to protect Esperia that was a good thing, "Yeah I can imagine." she tried to be nice but there was no smile or nice ring in her voice. "If you don't mind I rather go back to Baska now."

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It was evident that Alice was displeased, but that, unfortunately, couldn't be helped. The Demon Lord nodded her head lightly, seemingly thinking about something when finally she answered her with a soft smile lingering on her lips. "Indeed, let's return to Baska, it might be a good idea to let the doctor look at your wrist~"

The demon lord took a step toward Alice's direction when suddenly the similar cocoon from before engulfed her, leading to the familiar obsidian-haired trickster to emerge from within, clearly concerned judging from her expression. "Alice! Are you hurt? I tried to focus really hard to figure out what was going on while she was in control but I could only see fragments, but I saw that scary monster and... I'm afraid I can't use any healing magic but we can totally get Doctor Gerard to use his 'magic'" the girl exclaimed happily as she gestured toward the direction Baska was in, gently guiding the injured knight along. "Hecate~ Juniper, let's go! The faster we get her to the doctor the better~ Can't have Fiore's greatest Rune Knight get injured, right?"

An innocent smile lingered upon her lips as she looked at Alice, clearly oblivious to the earlier conversation between the demon lord and Alice.


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