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Travel to Baska from Oak [Sera:Foot Travel]

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#1Seraphina Denaro 

Travel to Baska from Oak [Sera:Foot Travel] Empty Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:45 pm

Seraphina Denaro
A small task was given at hand by a random stranger met upon the streets. Did they know her father? Perhaps her mother even. It was questionable, but it was the only possible answer otherwise it was all futile. There, in her room she sat on the bed that had a firm feel against her buttox. Her strong arms/hands reached for her long beautiful brown hair and began to braid in fours -- two on the left and two on the right. Once that was finished she rolled them up into twin buns and got up to go onto the next thing. For her small travels, she was going to wear baggy pants with camo patterns and a white tank shirt. For shoes, she wore hiking black shoes with two inch wedges. ''Well, that part is done.'' she reported to herself with one last look in the mirror that belonged to the hotel she was in.

With one hand she gripped onto her bag that had some extra clothes, hair ties and other garments. The other hand gripped onto the letter tightly and soon wrinkled and shoved it into her pant's pocket. She will return to Kaede or find her when she was done with business as she had to find this one single girl. The woman herself was unknown, just some weird description, but why this one?

Not too long during her journey did she finally get to Baska and searched for this woman of violet-like hair and golden eyes.



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