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Grim Reunion [Caius & Nastasya]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Grim Reunion [Caius & Nastasya] Empty Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:05 pm

Nastasya Crowe
Oak was boring.

The Vampire couldn't believe that she had loved this town and had stayed her for so long. None of her so called friends were here, her fellow guildmembers and that made it very boring. Again her meeting with Chi had been alright, interesting but not something that kept her grounded and well happy around this place. Apart from that the quest she had done for this Serena whatsoever had made her very grumpy for the rest of the day. She cleaned the corners of her mouth with the back of her right hand and let the person she was holding onto simply drop on the dark cobblestones. She didn't feel like cleaning it up and rolled her eyes to remember that she shouldn't put any attention to herself. It was already night barely anyone on the street and thus she decided that she would drink something else instead of blood. She sure was fine to mingle with normal people.

So she stepped over the unconcious body and walked towards the pub that she was familiar with. Perhaps there was a person to fight, she should take it outside though, not destroy a part of Odin his bar.. It would sure be a lot more interesting to fool someone to fight someone else and she could enjoy the show! That sounded like a plan, so she stepped inside and ordered a strong drink, hoping she would taste anything. She would sit at the bar and let her red eyes scan the people around her.

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Grim Reunion [Caius & Nastasya] Empty Tue Dec 19, 2017 6:34 pm

Finally his long journey from Dahila to Oak had come to an end. It took days to travel by foot across the country but in the end it would all be worth it. Now that he inherited this new power that the demon had bestowed upon him, there was work to be done. For now he would put his ambitions on hold until tomorrow. It was already the dark of night and he had to rest and recover his strength from his trip. There was no better place to do that then at the Swineherd Pub, a bar owned by a fellow Grimoire Heart mage Odin. He hoped he would find him there to see the look on his face when he told him he was a full fledged demon. Caius readjusted his travel bag on his shoulder and walked through the town's entrance gates.

Once he had arrived at the pub, he felt eyes glare daggers at him. It was the first time he had been to this location sporting his new appearance. The pub was a very close knit group of dark mages, thugs, and gang members that were regulars at the bar. They didn't take too kindly to new faces. Mostly because they tended to speak freely which involved their illegal activities. They couldn't trust someone new to keep it a secret. Caius just smiled at their empty threats and headed to the bar. Just then he noticed a familiar face. That long, elegant purple hair and crimson red eyes. There was no mistaking it. It was Shadow. Walking up from behind, he placed his hand on her right shoulder.

"It's been a while my dear Nastasya. Where have you been hiding these past few months? The guild could have used you in these past few operations." The question was not only as curiosity as a friend but as one of the guilds leaders. They had lost a lot of members but he was relived to see she was back. Waiting for her response he took a seat next to her. Name dropping the guild usually was a good way to get answers.

#3Nastasya Crowe 

Grim Reunion [Caius & Nastasya] Empty Sat Dec 23, 2017 9:33 am

Nastasya Crowe
She looked at the whiskey in the glass and lifted up the glass with her left hand and looked at the ice cubes falling aside and make a clear ringing sound. She had definitely lost a bit of touch with her normal assosiates and that had made it boring. Oak boring, that was a surprise. She threw her hair over her shoulder and took a sip of the drink. There was no burning sensation in her throat and the drink tasted a bit.. as if it had no flavour. She was sure Odin would work with fine drinks but it was just being a vampire. She still didn't have the hang of it to be able to get back her human senses or how it worked. She felt a hand on her shoulder and dropped her shoulder to get it off and turned her face to look annoyed at the person that dared to touch her. Probably thinking she was an easy girl or so.

However her annoyed expression quickly turned into a neutral one and with a short smile, "Black, good to see you." Did that nickname still work for him? He could be the only one talking that way to her but she certainly didn't recognize his looks, which made it a pretty good guess to say the nickname first, "Fixing some issues that I-.. youknowwho wanted me to fix." She almost slipped up in saying Icarus his name out loud, which was first of all a lie but she was sure Icarus would be happier with her being able to control issues instead of messing up everything. She also had no idea which operation he talked about, last one she knew was in Era, which had not gone well.

If they had really needed her, she was sure that Icarus would know where to find her. "Can I offer you a drink?" she asked casually, she certainly thought better than flirting with Caius after all.

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Grim Reunion [Caius & Nastasya] Empty Mon Dec 25, 2017 7:23 pm

"It looks like your vampire insight is on point. I've been through some body changes as well.". Caius laid an elbow on the bar table and rested his face on his fist with a smile. He listened to her excuse for being gone so long."Fixing issues? Well you must have had a lot on your plate then." He assumed by "you know who" was Icarus or Crowley. They had killed both the Blue Pegasus and Phantom Lord guild masters along with destroying their guild hall. It wasn't the intention to destroy the Phantom Lord guild master but he ended up being collateral damage. As the only other dark guild in Fiore, they were valuable allies. That's why he had arrived back in Oak. It was a tall task to repair relations after such an atrocious act but he knew most of them well. It was possible there was a chance to remedy the situation. Perhaps she was already at work.

Noticing the frustration of the taste of her drink. He decided to help her out. "No drink for me thanks. But it doesn't seem you are enjoying yours. This should improve it." Caius raised his left hand and bit his index finger drawing blood. He held his finger out and let a few droplets of crimson fall into the cup. It was a vampires favorite treat. He wasn't sure how she would react being that his blood was now that of a demon. If she tasted Yumi's she might notice the similarity. Now that formalities were out of the way it was time for business. "So is Lucifer here? I've been trying to gather up everyone for a job here."

#5Nastasya Crowe 

Grim Reunion [Caius & Nastasya] Empty Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:18 am

Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya had made a good guess to figure out it was Black, perhaps it was also easier because he was one of the two guys she interacted with and she was a hundred percent sure; it wasn't Odin. Because he was in Baska. "It might have been a good guess as well." She said with a little smile as he mentioned that her vampire insight was on point. "Yes well it wasn't easy, I might have taken a bit more time than I had expected but everything is alright right now." Nastasya replied about the workload that Icarus must have given her. It felt bad for using his name while it wasn't true but she kept reminding herself that Icarus also had not found her to get her back, he must have agreed with her finding a solution to this problem. "Lucifer already told me I missed a couple of.. parties." She looked around the bar for a second before turning her now permanent red eyes back to Black. It was really a shame, she honestly thought that and because of that she would have to figure out a way to quickly train herself and become better. Her spells were definitely not something she liked and perhaps she would have to pick up a weapon or so.

As she offered her colleague a drink, he denied but did something fascinating. She stared at him, she was so surprised about his act that it didn't even trigger her insanity at the moment, her red eyes started to glow immediately though as she could see and smell the fresh blood. She simply followed the gesture and the drops of blood in her cup made her bit her lip a little, okay instead of keeping it cool her insanity moment came closer. She took the glass as casually as she could, "I bet it indeed gets better because of this." How intruging were her so called friends, where Odin had said she would never have his blood, which was impossible right now anyway, Black just simply offered. She took a sip, staring at her cup as she had never tasted anything like that, sure it was a hell of a lot better.

She turned her red eyes back on Caius, "Lucifer had some unfinished business in Baska, so he isn't here yet. He planned to come or so he told me on our trip together from Dahlia." She took another sip quickly but tried to keep her composure, she said the job Icarus had given her worked, so she rather stay sane.

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Grim Reunion [Caius & Nastasya] Empty Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:38 am

Caius frowned when she mentioned that Odin wasn't in Oak currently. The good news is he was still only a short walk away in Baska. If he was desperate, he could always travel there to go and get the demon take over mage.
"Oh well there is no rush. The plan I have in mind is still in the works. I'm sure he will show up here eventually. He has to take care of his bar after all"

The bartender stopped by and dropped off a glass of water for Caius since he wasn't drinking alcohol tonight. Grabbing the glass, he held it out in front of him and watched Nastasya stared at his new mixed drink. Her eyes emitted a scarlet glow as she took a sip. It wasn't the first time he had seen a vampire feast on blood but it was always fascinating to watch how worked up they would get. Needless to say she loved the new concoction.

"I have a personal question for you Malice. What was life like after you were converted into a vampire of the night? I'm sure the first few weeks were tough." It was a question he initially wanted to ask Yumi seeing as she was a demon as well. However, transforming from a human to a vampire was similar. Caius' demon body was still fresh and he was adjusting to it. Taking a sip of his water, he would listen to her story before dropping the news of what had happened to him.

#7Nastasya Crowe 

Grim Reunion [Caius & Nastasya] Empty Wed Jan 03, 2018 10:18 am

Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya closed her eyes shortly as a silent agreement, "He told me he would be here soon, not that I'm waiting here the whole time, but it is a nice place to stay." she eyed the people in the bar and turned her eyes back to Caius, afterall Oak was a lot better than all the stupid towns that were full of the hypocrite good guys who still did harm to the world and yet pretend to call themself right and justice. She would roll her eyes but it was not needed and appropriate, she was in a conversation after all. "As you said he can't leave the bar alone for too long." She wondered how long it would have been since Caius had seen Odin, did he know he was a Lich? It wasn't up to her to tell him, so she would keep her mouth shut but it was a very interesting concept.

The flavour of her drink was so different, she didn't know exactly why though. Unknown to her, there was after all demon blood in her glass, but she only had the pleasure to use the blood of humans. She took another sip of her drink and looked at her companion in surprise, that was a strange personal question indeed. She blinked in surprise and looked away for a second and frowned, "Well the adjustment was a bit strange. It sure felt strange, I really started disliking waking up during the sun hours, but you get used to that at some point. I.." she trailed off a little because well here came the problem with her insanity, but she rather not tell anyone yet although Odin would know, he saw it. "Apart from a different sleeping pattern, the food tastes as if there is no flavour, except for blood. It's basically things that will get to you in a while." While finishing her sentences she frowned, "You don't think about becoming a vampire, right? I mean there are of course very good things with it, and I wouldn't mind staying a vampire but human had its good points as well." Here it came again, her benig called an idiot, like Odin had done so many months ago. She would be prepared, as she took another sip. Which made her realize, "Wait, are you even human?" She said in a hushed whisper, vampires were normal, she wasn't fan of lycans but with Erebus she knew enough about lycans.. than what was Caius?

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Strange. It was just one word but it described the transformation period perfectly. Though he didn't have issues with food tasting different, he did share the same annoyance with being out in the light since acquiring his demon body. There also seemed to be a constant pressure exerting from his body at all times. At first, people around him would shake in fear and some even passed out until he learned to control it. The aura was something that Yumi had tried on him before. It seemed only the strong willed were able to withstand it without consequence.

"I'm sorry that sounded like rough times but I'm glad you stayed strong. We need you." She would then would catch him off guard by asking if he was wanting to become a vampire like her. The thought of it made his mind spin. He already had one transformation and couldn't imagine another one taking a toll on his body. He laughed at the thought. "Thanks for the offer but I'm fine as I am. I hate needles and vampire fangs biting into my neck remind me of them. It makes me shudder inside."

He took another sip of his water as Nastasya would eye him down with curiosity. Finally it dawned on her."Oh saw through me have you? Did I make it that obvious? Clever.." Caius then would release his demonic aura in the vicinity of just the two of them. He knew Nastasya was B rank the last time they met so unless she improved the aura would start to overwhelm her.
"I failed the guild twice in our most important missions. That's unacceptable. In order to get greater power and prevent that from happening again, I sacrificed my human body for a demon one." He gripped his hand and relished in the new power that he had obtained. "I questioned Yumi at first but I have to admit this power feels pretty good. I hope you don't think less of me for it."

#9Nastasya Crowe 

Grim Reunion [Caius & Nastasya] Empty Sat Jan 20, 2018 3:25 am

Nastasya Crowe
She wasn't entirely sure how to describe the transformation any different from strange. The whole idea was that she had been hunting vampires for her mother's sake, after all thanks to them she died or so Nastasya believed. She was of course never sure how her live had turned out if her mother stayed alive but her father would definitely be a better father. She couldn't help but chuckle and turn the glass in her hand, looking at the liquid pressing itself to the side of the glass but never spilling, strong was perhaps not the right word and yet here she was still.

Because of the question she couldn't help but ask Caius if he had in mind to become a vampire, she certainly had not thought him the typ to want to change at all. Like Odin but look at that one now, things could change. She listened to him answer and couldn't help but laugh a bit too, Caius afraid of needles, interesting thing. But than again it made no sense for him to be a vampire, why ask about a transformation? Was it to make sure that his own transformation had gone alright? She looked at her glass, that didn't taste like human blood, she didn't know what it might be but that made her question out loud.  

She didn't feel a big pressure on her but she could feel it tickle her skin in a way that gave her goosebumps, she had felt this once before. Yumi. The idea that Caius, had failed the guild in missions, something Odin had talked about as well, made her feel guilty. She had not even been around. "Why would I think  less of you, the guild means much to me as well. I'm almost ashamed for disappearing like that." She would have to lie, she had other things to do and she had done if you can count it as her. If someone had to think lesser of another it was Caius of her, not being able to control the thirst and changing into something that could only be described as a beast. "If I would ever get such an opportunity, I wouldn't say no either." but she was fine with being a vampire, she only needed to get better control of her magic.

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Nastasya Crowe
She simply had a chat with Caius, which was nice, which made her realize that she wanted to return, not that she ever really left but that she wanted to try hard, get better in whatever she was doing. Perhaps that was it was as well; she felt like she was cleaing up the mess from some newbies that had joined their ranks and she could imagine Icarus wasn't always happy about them either, perhaps that's why he let her go for a while. She didn't say a thing about all of that. She didn't even know if that were her feelings. She took a big and last gulp of her drink. She wasn't entirely sure what she should do apart from getting stronger, work out some spells and perhaps best of all, work on her berserker thoughts as soon as she got close to blood.

Strange how she was holding on for now, perhaps that was the demon blood? It was surprising that she was actually able to get her hands on it in a way, it made her feel a bit more settled as well into Grimoire heart. Not too much later she would leave to go back to her hotel room, if she would wait much longer, it might even get light again and she didn't feel like feeling that and neither should Caius if he had just changed.. she wondered actually, having not asked that. Did Yumi ever get issues with the light? She wasn't sure, she doubted it. But it was nice to see them again, it truly did motivate her, or so she thought.


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Caius was relieved to see Nastasya accepted his new form. At this point that seemed to be a reoccurring theme. The entire guild seemed to have made sacrifices for power at this point. That was the type of resolve which made them great. They would go through any lengths so they could help the guild succeed. They may have failed in their last few missions but he had a good feeling about the next one. Caius finished off his glass of water when suddenly he started to feel a vibration in his pocket. Someone was contacting him from Grimoire Heart.

"It looks like we will have to cut this short" he would say as he stepped outside. It was a message from the guild. A hologram appeared out of the small disc and would explain the next attack that was about to take place. It was another assault on the capital spearheaded by all their members. Caius would smirk as he shattered the disc in his hand. It was time to test out his new demon powers on those light mages that thwarted their plans from before. He headed back to his hotel to make preparations for travel


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