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New in town. (open)

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#1Jun Nakamura 

New in town. (open)  Empty on Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:21 am

Jun Nakamura
The bus drew to a halt and the dust settled on ERA town when when the doors to the vehicle flung open. People clattered into the street pushing past one another to get wherever they were going, finally after everybody had gone, Jun stood alone at the exit of the bus looking upon the town with wonder on his face. He had seen a lot of places on his travel to learn but ERA town seemed different, this was the first place he had been alone, without his father. Excited by the prospect of this new freedom (despite being left in the care of his cousin, whom he had to yet meet) Jun decided to take a quick stroll around town, reasoning with himself that he was going to get to know his new surroundings.

As the bus pulled away Jun continued looking out across the town. The sky was a bright blue, brighter than he was convinced he had ever seen before though this may have been his optimism seeping through. Regardless he had a good first impression of the town. He set off with his bag flung over his shoulder, ready to explore when he felt his stomach rumble. "I've not eaten in a while" he muttered to himself. Jun hadn't eaten in over a day, underestimating how long his bus trip really was. it as at this moment the smells in the air starting pulling him towards them and before long his found himself at a bustling market full of insane sights.

The market had bread rolls piled sky high at the bakers stalls and the various meats on sticks sent their scent wafting through the air. but they weren't the only foods, there were desserts and cheeses everywhere. Jun truly felt spoiled for choice. In haste he decided to eat his way around. Firstly he started with a sweet roll from the baker, then he moved on to the meat on a stick he was told was intestine (after he ate it) but was convinced was heaven on a stick. He was having a wonderful time when he arrived at the cheese stall and started browsing.


New in town. (open)  Empty on Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:26 am

Vidarr wondered through the town, he had just arrived and he was literally starving it felt like someone was eating him. Well he felt like that a lot to be honest, along with his love of exercising cane with his love to eat, all foods really, and right now wahgever he was currently smelling smells really good.

Turning round a corner he saw a cheese vendor, which smelled amazing and was definitely what he was smelling, someone else looked like they were also sampling some cheeses, Vidarr strolled right up and grabbed a thing of sharp cheddar, smelling it he held up two fingers, ”I’ll have two of these.” he said. The vendor smiled and handed him another one to eat, he placed the money down and turned around to eat, he didn’t want to leave in case he liked it so much that he decided to eat it some more because it tasted so damn good. Vidarr peered over st the other guy who was peering at the cheese, he wanted to know what he would get, he always liked to sample things other people are to see if they had an interesting pallette.

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